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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba U diversions Winnipeg free March 27 Premier to my april fool across 1 put through a colander s Light carriages 16 accumulation of fluid Omnia 19 jewish month 20 the Penta Teuch 21 columnist Carl 22 Childs word 23 italian Painter 24 san Antonio landmark 25 turn aside 26 baby Carriage 27 april fool pranks 29 double curves 31 perfect mod Els 33 Cycle or Gram Leadin 34 late Bloomer 35 bluish Green 36 cavalry swords 39 Dull pains 40 source of pikes Call 44 informed 45 teach 46 French author 47 cat hot tin roof 48 depend 49 Sweet liquid spelling 50 slovenly ones 51 Norse god 52 had a bite 53 summarize 54 crabs claw 55 rods for roasting meat 56 source of wards Call 58 edible mushroom 59 strip blubber from a whale 60 Washington office 61 Sandpiper 62 put on weight 63 City in county Kerry 66 word with Days or dressing 67 source of Cherry Call 71 Sharpens 72 actress Kane 73 City on the Moselle 74 concern of now 75 dutch com Munes 76 drawing room 77 affairs of Honor 78 Wagon or cart 79 the turmeric 80 shed blood 81 deck out 110 lovers 82 seductive woman 83 source of coffins Call 85 inebriated 66 Light or Power Leadin 67 Kin size Sandwich 88 ones feet is uncooperative 69 suede shoes 90 unassuming 93 narrow strip of leather 94 source of pages Call 98 College reunion attendee Short 99 Cooks Gar ment 101 computer screen images 103 Alan or bar Bara 104 its some times Busy 105 she wept for her children 106 famous jockey 107 City on the Oka 108 on your musical comedy 109 moslem title of respect meeting 111 turf fuel Down 1 famous Marionette maker 2 cartoonists Light bulb 3 Phylius Dill ers husband 4 its resorted to on april 1 5 plays for time 6 Call to attract attention 7 macaws 8 Anagram for May 9 source of brogans Call 10 obliterates 11 capital of Delaware 12 Cote dwell ers 13 Calendar 14 what Adam wanted to buy on april 1 15 come before the Public 16 Naomis Cho sen name 17 Gem Stone 18 football team 28 River in England 30 trick or Young Fol lower 32 double 34 misbehave 35 Mideast Gulf 36 one of the Church ills 37 vegetable Caterpillar 36 Large bundles 39 of the ear 40 Coral Island 41 chemical element 42 fixed Quanti ties 43 Clergyman Home 45 former siamese Coin 46 smooth and shiny 49 bristles 50 fragment 51 unfasten 53 splits 54 sea or color 55 More Cun Ning 57 natives of Warsaw 58 Juicy fruit 59 counterfeits 61 fortuneteller card 62 with Merri ment 63 unit of heat 64 Roundup 65 close by 66 Field or Rand 67 smash 68 As a prayer 69 Bay window 70 velvet like fabric 72 egyptian City 73 rotated 76 these peo ple didst joke around 77 source of the Medicine mans Call 76 source of Marsa Las Call 80 takes to court 61 Isles off ire land 82 american Indian 84 topics 85 talked on and monotonously 86 skeletons place 88 laundry in India 89 certain investments 90 Beer ingredient 91 Hodgepodge 92 Beach sight 93 City or weight 94 thin 95 fabled loser 96 Olive Genus 97 fur skin 100 new woman Lindstrom 102 Box or Cable Follower average time of solution 68 1990 by King features crypt quip cd Hyz forc base of adj Zarify Dja she Vixay cd ajar of Qvod v f Ajaj Earlc answer to yesterdays Puzzle Page 40 answer to today Puzzle appears err today crypt quip clue x equals i Annie not fear Fod the Nipios have superstition about Ocause ill that Coulp a perfect you accept the but hot Why she mar rib absolutely of but its Hal Price what do Vou think the style amp color is All crankshaft who Mot wev6 Gil Thorp 1 poem 7 All maps award that is if you 60 to the Thell take my away from my an i Pont want huge stamp volume leads to specialization by Hansen one of the fascinations of stamp collecting is the ability to do your own and collectors who do so Are often called a rather High sounding name for someone doing something they Ever since i left my first crude stamp albums i have been a i guess even when i began to gather my first Stamps together i considered myself a specialist in the Stamps of the no in my of it was in some ways not that difficult to specialize in the Many Young collectors tried hard to obtain one stamp from every stamp issuing not realizing the impossibility of the tried to specialize in collecting examples of every stamp illustrated in their first stamp this last task was impossible in Stamps most instances because album makers often illustrated their pages with rare and expensive Stamps crudely reproduced on poor Quality paper in poor Quality most Young stamp collectors soon began to narrow their Fields of inter Here in Canada Many turned to collecting the Stamps of the British a fascinating area of study that Many still when i was Young the British Commonwealth was particularly at Tractive because King George v was a popular King celebrating his Silver Jubilee and All the colonies were marking the event with an attractive set of Many other Young collectors specialized in another direction such As becoming being a topical collector can be just pick some subject you Are interested in and build a stamp collection around there Are now Many really serious topical collectors and this area of once looked Down on by More serious is considered Wor thy of being entered in International shows and can win the highest As the number of Stamps being issued All around the world in the need to specialize be came apparent and collectors had to narrow their interests one or two countries often became their main completion has almost universally been a goal of but sooner or later they become aware that this is really the impossible the Complete collection of almost any thing is now just about so specializing would often be Nar rowed Down to collecting the Stamps of a period in the history of a specific this makes perfect sense too be cause it is possible Here in As an to collect Only the Stamps issued during the reign of Queen that area of study could be narrowed even further to collecting Only mint or used those of us who do collect Only used Stamps Are Able to narrow our specializing Down in Canada Many collectors Are interested in cancellations of an individual prov Ince or Region of Here in Western Canada territorial cancels Are a popular area of this includes Stamps cancelled with Post Marks from British Columbia East to Manitoba and North to the Yukon and the Northwest u also includes cancels from the old territories of Keewatin and Assini railway Post office squared Circle and now the Klussendorf cancels have also been popular areas of special this same sort of narrowing Down of interest is possible in other countries As defeat Declarer with Trump Victory by Brian Pauls you hear this bidding s w n 1h p 2d 2s 3c p 3h p 4h end you Are West leads the Deuce of Spades and this Dummy is displayed North 4 974 f 653 akqj5 494 you hold East 4 a k j 10 3 f a872 943 your King of Spades wins trick one and you continue South Ruff ing on the third round with the nine of the King of hearts is led and your partner plays the How do you defend on this bidding South certainly has Bridge news five hearts and he will not be missing the Ace or King of the first impulse is to hold up twice with your Ace of win the third round then Force South with a causing him to lose but this is nothing but Wishful think on seeing the bad Trump break once he plays a second South has no reason to cooperate by Lead ing a third he knows you hold the Long Spades so instead he will Cash a top club and then play on picking up your Small Trump at his the Only Way to create a losing option for Declarer is to win the first round of Trumps and Lead another declares hand South 4 85 f k q j 10 9 82 a j8 with no reason to suspect that you hold four the Declarer is Likely to Ruff the fourth round of Spades in his relying on a 32 Trump break and believing that West holds a Trump higher than those in Dummy and then he will have lost As you Odd the Crocus Plains sectional at the ramada 1824 continues today with an open pairs two sessions qualifying at final and Consolation new entries accepted Tor the Consolation at a Novice game will be held in the afternoon a newcomers same 05 maps with tree entry in the the tournament concludes sunday with a stratified two session Swiss teams at 10 fit a fit b 0500 fit c 0200 a subsidized Brunch Bullet will be held Between d d d Bridge classes for All Levels will be starting in for details phone Sigrun d d d the Bridge inn will hold a nationwide Rook remaster pairs a Rookie is 05 for info Call Len Brand i i scrabble and scrabble Gram Are registered trademarks of Selchow in the Canada of Murtell Bezency ply lid in and of j Spear it pc word letter l add i get 50s words Ndow wow ssh rack Tota by Judd time limit 25 Milf directions make a 2to 7ietter word from the tetters in each i Points of each using scoring direct on at 7tetter Point Blanks used As any letter have no Point All Judd Are in the official scrabble players dictionary Merriam Toster a official scrabble words kudos Stout Ion to of United feature Goren on Bridge by Charles Goren with Omar Sharif and Tannah Flrsch what do you bid As you hold 4a84 9k6 087632 the bidding has proceeded South West North East pass pass 1 9 pass 9 what do you bid now both As South you hold 74 9aq10762 oa8 the bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 9 pass 1 pass what do you bid now As East West South you hold 9aq3 oak6 1098652 your righthand opponent opens the bidding with a weak two what action do you take neither As South you hold 73 994 oaj9642 the bidding has proceeded North East South West 1 1 what action do you take As you hold 64 99865 oq63 the bidding has proceeded North East South West 19 i what action do you take As you hold 64 99865 ok63 the bidding has proceeded North East South West what do you bid now answers on to Bune Media services i

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