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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 30, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press March Page 32 Chuck features editor cans future full of misery actor James Caan seems to be on the comeback and its More than a Little ironic that the film that could end his personal and financial woes is titled based on a Stephen King novel and directed by Hob the thriller tells the Story of a Downan Dout writer who finds Success and is then tormented by an obsessive fan who wants to control the plots of his cans character gets his legs crushed in an car becomes addicted to drugs while hospitalized and then has his ankle deliberately smashed by the crazed the actor says All that is just considering what the future held without i was getting Down to the nitty Caan told premiere i was about to go do some horrible piece of garbage in add Ivana Trump int asking for a divorce from billionaire husband Don Ald but she is demand ing a Donth Middle financial lawyers for Trump filed a complaint this week in new York people Nicholson Best of All time state supreme court asking for an equitable share of the property acquired during the headline grab Bing couples 13year in round that represents 50 per cent of this is not an action for either divorce or separa said Ivanas this is an action to obtain rights to half the Fortune which the Trumps built to according to lawyers on Donalds Side of the Trump signed an agreement in 1987 which limits her claim to Only a few Hundred million it is one of Donalds Law yers said of Ivanas latest share the wealth it is a tactic that any court will be Able to see Odd Jack Nicholson is the Best actor of All according the the readers of orbit video the monthly satellite Etc guide conducted a poll and Nicholson edged out Laurence Olivier for top spot among Catherine Hep Burn was voted Best actress far ahead of Bette Davis and meryl the magazines readers voted gone with the wind Best movie of All Odd after being roasted by the press for being Given a pair of Jaguar cubs As a gift during a recent visit to Vic president Dan Quayle was understandably cautious this week when Rhode Island con Gressman Ron Machtley presented him with a 30yearold rather than dropping it in a pot and serving it up for Quayle had the creature flown up to Washington where it now shares a tank with a 20yearold lobster at the National staff at the Centre have named the pair Dan and Marilyn and they reside in an enclosure next to sea turtles named George and Dave Caan plays Downan Dout writer in new a spokesman for the vice said Quayle environmental awareness is partly because he identifies with any Crit Ter heading for hot Nan onetime rolling stones Groupie Marianne faithful says her Early 60s involvement with the band had disastrous but she Doest blame anyone but herself for the Long Battle with drug addiction that Ive been quite Ruth less in putting a great Deal of Dis Tance Between myself and the Roll ing she said in still too diminished by that seductive Detour in my i let the stones get too and didst take care of myself and my that want their fault that was my and in still furious with i would not say my relationship with Mick Jagger or even Keith Richards was but i do not judge compiled from the news services the far Side by Gary Larson what country created the mile Zuk Utu that does Iii those who live in grass houses throw by Manfred Jager what country first came up with the principle of a mile for distance measurement the mile As such was first used by the it was about metres Long and contained each metres in the term mile comes from Milia the latin words meaning a thousand am i legally required to pay my wife Alimony even though it is she who left me the lawyer we called says who leaves whom is not what matters is if your wife has a Good career with an income that will allow her to live the same Way after separating from you As she did then theres no if separation Means Shes not As Well off or if she has no Job now or never had then she can show under the provisions of either the divorce act or the family maintenance which also covers child you could be asked to write the answers Are the celts considered to be the ancestors of the modern scots or of the Irish scientists say the celtic languages in clude Welsh and scottish in the oldest archaeological evidence of Early celts comes not from the British Isles but from the area of an austrian town near evidence there Points to settlements Active around 700 within the following 200 the among the first in Northern Europe capable of making had spread to Spain and the British after the romans conquered much of the Only celts Able to preserve their language and culture were those who had ended up across the English if you want answers Call 9422047 a dogs life aint so Tough Tummy can digest old tires but real ice Cream upsets him it All began when we were pushing a shopping cart through the Frozen food Section and Stock ing up on the Orange juice waffles fish Sticks Doggie ice Cream bet Ter grab an extra cause you never know whoa i brought the cart to a screeching Doggie ice Cream but there it was in a Blue Box decorated with a picture of some deliriously Happy something called frosty paws and billed As the worlds first Frozen treat for breath biscuits Mother of god i so its come Down to there actually making ice Cream for it want enough to have Doggie breath it want enough to have Doggie clothes and Doggie shoes and dog where you pay an Arm and a leg to Plant Rover and erect the kind of 60 metre Monument that would Dwarf Grants now they have Doggie ice Here the whole world is going to hell in a the Ozone layer has More holes than a fluorocarbons Are choking but its reas Suring to know that modern technology has at least whipped this problem of what to give the dog for or maybe this was indeed an environmentally conscious move on the part of the frosty paws maybe by marketing an ice Cream a dog can eat in the privacy of his till Cut Down on All those car trips every time fido whines that he wants to go to on closer Howe it turns out that frosty paws int technically Doggie ice real ice Cream upsets a dogs which i dont understand at heres your average right he can drink water out of the toilet with no he can drag dead Birds and old tires around in his Mouth for Days with no ill but ice Cream upsets his go figure that one instead of actual ice frosty paws is a fro zen concoction made among other dry soy and animal and vegetable sounds Kevin Cowherd no Wood shavings no sheep intestines no ionized Zinc particles and let me get this straight none of that the dry soy elmers upsets a dogs stomach the question that needs to be of is Why exactly does a dog need ice Cream am i missing or is ice Cream something dogs have been clamouring for for years was that what Lassie was try ing to Tell Little Timmy All that time with her Barking it want that the barn was on fire and 20 horses were lighting up like old Christmas Trees it want that Farmer de was trapped in Quicksand it was bring Back a quart of Breyer if they have it these Are for gods dogs they dont need ice you give pm a Bone and a pan of they figure they died and went to head the other thing that bothers me is where do we go from Here if the Doggie ice Cream craze takes hold Doggie salad dressings Doggie Yogurt Doggie breakfast cereals you think in kidding dry dog food Back in High i had a 70kilogram Bernard named watching this dog eat was like watching the Green Bay packers Chow so the Only thing i could afford to feed him was dry dog because if i Ever started feeding this monster i would have needed to buy a Chicago slaughterhouse to keep him Happy one with a break fast bar and 24hour room ser that All i needed for Holmes to develop a taste for ice he would have dragged me Down to the Dairy Queen daily and barked some thing to the effect of banana split a dog that big wont Settle for a Small chocolate even with sprinkles on the Baltimore evening Sun 24 hours Ogg wheel 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