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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 27, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free March 1990 be fifty flee Petess soviet troops seize baits continued from Page 1 seize the men they considered deserters if the men did not return voluntarily by last the lithuanian government contends the soviet military is an army of occur Lithuania was annexed by the so Viet Union in 1940 along with the other two Baltic republics of Latvia and the actions came after Gorbachev told senator Edward Kennedy he would not use Force in Lithuania except to save in a nurse said about a dozen of the men who had been staying at the Hospital escaped and that others were beaten by their they beat them with their a duty nurse said of the soviet soldiers who broke into the Hospital about 3 she refused to give her i was afraid they would shoot me the Interior ministry who did not give his and a lithuanian journalist said two lithuanian policemen also were beaten by the soldiers when they sought to inter Vene to Stop the an Abc news television Crew arrived at the scene while the troops were still there and was held at gunpoint and forced to surrender its Lithuania vytautas suggested saturday that the deserters seek Sanctuary in churches instead of the but few if any youths appeared to accept the some lithuanian leaders said yesterday talks that began the previous Day with soviet military command ers had eased tensions in the breakaway but others were not so lithuanian Deputy prime minister Romualdas one of two officials who met with two soviet Mili tary officers told report ers after coming out of this i can say the mood has it is evident the conflict will not be but Landsbergis was More Skepi he said he has not received Clear assurances that no More build Ings would be in a separate interview with the National Public Landsbergis said the situation has become very dangerous in the Light of Gorbachev reported re Marks to before he always said that he would not use Force in but now we have a situation where Hes qualifying that statement and set Ting a condition under which he could use soviet television said yesterday that soviet helicopters have been patrolling Lithuania Borders daily because of reports territorial guard set up by the lithuanian nationalist movement have been erecting Border a helicopter dropped leaflets on Vilnius urging people to attend an ant Independence rally this after noon in front of the parliament one set of leaflets was while another was signed citizens in the Republic of has a Large russian they Are pushing the lithuanian people into an abyss of ind Epen the leaflets think will we be free in this free state where the right to own property is Given again into alien hands soviet to reported last night members of a faction of the lithuanian communist party still Loyal to their Moscow based Parent party convened and accused the current lithuanian leadership of Antis Calist in ant soviet meeting with Kennedy in said he was committed she beat girl testifies flashing Blades Jacqueline lends a hand to her three Earold As they go for a skate with Liz and her daughter they were skating in the Sunshine yesterday on the rink at the Blacks throw up barricades of burning tires As Whites in cars shoot at random continued from Page 1 she just beat the girl re another she stems from the time her Mother made her eat vegetable which she didst she said she vomited on the Kitchen floor and was forced to clean it up with a i had to wring it out into a bowl and she made me eat it she said she threw up and was forced to repeat the she told the court she remembers being picked up by her Mother and thrown into a Brick Wall which ran from the front to the Back Hall in the under questioning from Kroft and defence counsel Albert Eyolfson about the time of the oven the girl said she didst know if she was walking at the whether she was wearing a diaper or How tall she i was Small enough to fit in the she court was told childrens Aid society was first called in 1977 when the girl was when the her aunt discovered bruises on her while giving her a testimony from paediatricians who reviewed medical records indicated the girl was seen on and had bruising to the on her jaw and a old scar on her another Hospital visit just Over a year later showed bruising to the front and Back of the head and possible fractured social worker Ihor Wenger in the child was examined at the Hospital after complaining to her teacher she had sore the Hospital found bruising consistent with being hit by a the mothers former Boyfriend was subsequently convicted of assaulting the Wenger he said that although the girl had been apprehended by the childcare Agency on three previous the decision to take permanent Cus Tody of the girl was not made until May he said various professionals had tried working with the Mother on different occasions to control her but after a conversation that it was Clear the Mother had not stopped using the daughter As a Scapegoat for family Call ing her a dirty Rotten Wenger he noted the girls older and Youn Ger Brothers did not receive such harsh treatment even when they were doing something How he one brother corroborated the girls Story that punish ment in their House took the form of sitting on the Knees for Long periods of time or having to drink a mixture of Pepper and Worcestershire the who sat stoically through the daughters and the professionals denied Ever having placed her daughter in the never saw Burn Marks on her and never made her eat she said the paddling occurred when her a Boyfriend disciplined the girl for breaking a lamp she said she used to have trouble controlling her temper Shes had counselling to control it and she might have hit the girl in the but did not recall doing the girl was always falling Down when she was starting to she explaining that As the Likely cause of the continued from Page 1 Keng and where police used tear Gas to disperse thousands of protesters who threw rocks at the municipal offices and police at police reported their patrols com ing under constant mainly by Stone throwing mobs in residents erected barricades of burning tires to keep authorities out of the and witnesses said Whites in unmarked cars were cruising the firing municipal offices and a service station owned by a Council member in Sebo Keng were gutted by the clashes came amid one of the bloodiest periods since the upheaval of 198486 in South police have reported More than 220 deaths and incidents of unrest throughout the country since president de Klerk legalized the african National his governments chief 2 and freed Dave free press Nelson Mandela from prison nine Days Over the As townships buried two dozen Blacks killed last week in faction fights and confrontations with 15 More people were killed in continuing strife Between rival Black groups in Natal anti apartheid leaders blame the wave of unrest on the frustrations of people who until recently have been denied the right to publicly protest their dismal living conditions and corruption in their township leaders of the an aligned mass democratic move ment and United democratic front have called for peaceful demonstrations to keep pressure on the but so far they have been powerless to halt the the trouble seems certain to further delay the lifting of the 45monthold state of Emer which the Anc has demanded As a precondition for negotiations with the government to draw up a new Constitution that would end White minority led desecration shocks congregation from the rabbi Hornstein and Israel Ludwig Tell of coffin continued from Page 1 dining the judicial Hom Stein Turner said police Hope witness testimony will be sufficient in court without exhuming any of the 150 an exhumation at this time could Only make matters worse for the deceased Rosh Pina rabbi Judah Kogen jewish Law emphasizes concern for the deceased he we consider the human body to be created in the image of god and consider any damage to the body in death extremely he sex exhumations happen Only in exceptional cremation is not autopsies Are Dis and even Organ trans plants remain Kogen we Bury our loved ones with the Sanctity of jewish its very disturbing to learn such May not have been the Hornstein he said the incidents involve most of Rosh Pinas burials since protecting relatives privacy will be Hornstein adding that clergy Are prepared to counsel grieving family it is a very sensitive he Hornstein said staff members now supervise All burials after mourners leave the the 150 Graves show no surface evidence of he Rosh Pina officials declined to discuss the accused Turner would not reveal his Back but said police Are not checking out any other police investigated last month after hearing from a concerned i Dividu he charged is Ronald William of family offers support continued from Page 1 to the the letter went on to say that both pickles and his wife would always be there for Davenport if he Ever needed to talk to its been hard for both he said in an interview he added both his son and the accused had been Good friends for about two years before the adding the families occasionally went camping Crown attorney Bruce Mellon told court a Pas Senger in Davenport died in stantly last 26 after being thrown from the vehicle during the Mellon said was driving North on Olive Street around when he ran a Stop sign and slammed into an oncoming Davenport vehicle then continued on and struck a causing Woodman to be thrown from the breath samples taken from the who pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death and bodily snowed he was slightly Over the driving limit at the time of the the accused later admitted to police he drank two or three Beer shortly before the Brodsky also asked for leniency on behalf of adding the Inci Dent was the first Runin with the Law his client an otherwise respected and hardworking citizen had Ever every Case should be tied to the circumstances of the he Reading from higher court decisions on similar Rubin despite Brodsky he still had to consider Public deterrence in such cases to make it Clear even in extenuating circumstances that drinking and driving would not be tolerated by the Davenport was also put on super Vised probation for 18 he will be allowed to serve his sentence Kennedy later told reporters the soviet Leader indicated to me that the position of the soviet Union was that there would be no use of Force unless die lives of others were Threa and that he was committed to a peaceful Safeway worker bags knife wielding robber a Canada Safeway employee sub Dued a Man armed with a knife after his store was robbed Winnipeg police said a Man armed with a 24centimetre Butcher knife walked into the Safeway store at Maryland Street and Sargent ave nue and demanded Money from a cashier at when the Man fled with the he was pursued by a male who eventually caught and subdued the the stolen Money was Mccrae confident Law to stand up continued from Page 1 while the number of licence sus pensions and vehicle impoundments has been he said the High numbers also show that the problem with impaired driving is he said the province will be in a better position to assess the effectiveness of the Law by next Mccrae said that a spate of court challenges to the which the Liberal opposition predicted and the government has failed to two constitutional challenges one related to a licence suspension and the other to an impoundment have been launched to Date and court decisions have yet to be made in either we await the outcome of we Hope and feel confident that we have made a Good he he said to 16 of the 873 suspended Drivers and 121 of the motorists whose cars were impounded have appealed the decision with out launching actual court Chal Lenges to the one of the 16 licence appeals and 64 of the 121 impoundment appeals were he under the vehicles Are impounded for 30 Days at the owners expense unless the owner can prove he did not know the Driver was the owner has to pay impound ment fees of at least the Law also makes it impossible to have a Drivers licence restored on the grounds that it is needed for work licence suspensions can Only be lifted if impaired driving charges were Laid in the impoundments and licence suspensions Are i addition to any penalties the courts impose for impaired driving or driving while us Ive tried countless since i lost 65 with i am proud of Ive always been but thanks to i Learned to eat properly and i feel great the diet works because knows what there in not afraid to take my shirt of in Public except in a special thanks to the Kenaston Centre our Tom local radio lost 65 comprehensive weight loss program includes easy and permanent weight professional supervision no calorie counting it loss centres Grandin 1921 Village mall 1881 Grant James Portage it Moray 8321343 seven Oaks Square 2230 Mcphilips Oglw crossing Regent it Lagimodiere 6630269 it not of vital Square Dakota 2568446 w i i

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