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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 27, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press March Page 26 Chuck features editor Tyler describes dugout Bottom now that there Back on the Lead Singer of Aero Smith Doest mind talking about what it was like to be at the Steve Tyter who joined his band mates onstage at the Winnipeg Arena last weekend says when the Veteran rockers were at their drug addled they be came Little More than a parody of a real life Rock so much in that they were the inspiration for the 1984 Doc spoof this is spinal Aero Smith was we were like a boat going Down that movie was Way too Way too said the who now boasts a xxx drugs philos our last album was Rock in a hard which 10 copies spinal tap did stonehenge and our album cover looked exactly like i i took spinal tap real add former heavyweight Champion people Rooney marry in Mike Tyson Doest like to be kept when he took his Ferrari 328gts to a Manhattan car dealer ship for repairs Iron Mike was told it would be a few hours before the work would be rather than sitting Tyson walked through to the handed Over and drove off in a bran new add grateful dead drummer Mickey Hart May be starting a trend among environment minded authors with the demand he made to the publish ers of his drumming at the Edge of magic which will be re leased in Hart got executives at Harper Row to agree to have a tree planted for every tree used in publication of the the drummer insisted on the contract clause after learning that it would take Trees to produce copies of the 200 Page add matrimonial Veteran Mickey by had this to say recently when asked about his Many marriages i am a firm believer in getting married Early in the that if it Doest work out you Haven wasted a whole add Jamie Lee Curtis has worked hard to gain credibility for her acting but the Star of Blue steel and the Abc sitcom anything but love says it Doest really bother her when people keep asking about ear Lier like trading where she got her biggest reaction for taking off her my breasts Are and Ive got to Tell Treyve gotten a lot of attention for what is relatively Short screen she i make no excuses and have Aero Smiths Tyler says band was parody of real life no regrets for my past work in in very proud of the work i did in trading and if my breasts have become the topic of dinner conversation at frat god bless Odd people Magazine has come up with its list of nine for the movers and shapers who will define the spirit of the new Prince Charles Heads the list because of his concern for the the Environ ment and the Queens also on the list Are China Beach Star Dana Baltimore first Black Kurt 18yearold Vio Lin virtuoso cheers Star Ted basketball Star David first lady Barbara Environ mental activist Jason Clay and sing Redance choreographer Paula compiled from the news services Curtis proud of work the Arsine by Gary Larson How does Rob set ticket prices i dont billys bean having trouble in and Sallys always having some sort of i Tell its not easy raising the dead by Manfred Jager on what basis does the Royal Winnipeg Ballet determine its season ticket Price increases Jane the ribs development direct says the average season ticket increase for 199091 is in tune with the country five percent inflation she Range from per cent for certain matinee subscriptions to 11 per cent for the last Row of the Balcony As for the most desirable seat sections for Friday and saturday evening subscriptions were hiked per to from the says is simply whal the traffic will the Winnipeg symphony orchestra has increased ticket prices an average seven per further to physiological recovery from the effects of smoking researchers at the Boston University school of Medicine say women who quit answers smoking can virtually eliminate their otherwise increased risk of a first heart attack if they stay off cigarettes for More than three after that period of they stand the same Chance of heart attack As if they had never smoked at what percentage of canadians and is smoking increasing or decreasing its definitely in 1966 in per cent of men and age 15 or were in the last Canadian census this had decreased to per that same by the Manitoba was below the National average Only per cent of people age 15 or older were if you want answers Call 9422047 Northern hospitality Oak Ridge boys find out what Winnipeg is All about Winnipeg gave Nashville a taste of Northern hospitality on the the Story goes this Steve Sanders makes his living with his Mouth and sunday night at the Centennial concert Hall the newest member of the Oak Ridge boys had a pain in his talented Oral it was a of a temporary Bridge had come unglued and Sanders was begin Ning to feel a bit that Way him less than 45 minutes until what to do by backstage Security guard Bob Webb had already contacted a dentist who had agreed to fix up the problem was getting there and Back within 40 stage Krcs Boyd who had just introduced the Warmup Kozak volunteered to drive Steve to meet 62yearold Northend dentist Sidney Fleisher is a Story in him in having lost his Job As a Fleisher decided to become a a formidable Challenge under the Best of Cir but these we rent anywhere near Ideal Fleisher was married with three Chil and he haunt finished Grade he made now it was a question of whether Sanders Kozak had no problem finding Fleisher it was at red Wood and in what used to be a drugstore that his wife Francis jerked sodas in when she was on the Way Kozak gave Sanders a Brief history of Winni pegs North the place that welcomed so Many immigrants from so Many As they were walking into the Kozy Sanders Gordon Sinclair realized he didst have any Money with Kozak told him he had and if it Cost More he was sure Fleisher would just Send a of come come Fleisher said when Sanders Aras Kozak remember red Fleisher put him in the but most of All he put him at Fleisher was informed that the Oak Ridge boys were supposed to be on stage in half an of this wont take Long at he assured and he set to work fixing the but hold whats this Fleisher soon discovered that something else was off in Sand Erss musical the singers do you Wake up with a stiff neck the dentist Sanders said As a matter of he so Fleisher set to work grinding Here and there and setting the singers bite when it came time to pay the Fleisher told Sanders there be any All he wanted was a few Oak Ridge boys autographs for some of his Sanders believe its that old Northend Friend remarked you can say said just Tell them to re member of in Case you were Kozak got Sanders Back to the concert Hall on and who said theres no such thing As the tooth fairy Sanders second from right with the Oak Ridge of wheel of Fortune g Ossam Hyfeld of generation eth Al Les Nouvelle a Kiddo be announced Rahte Cynd first news mgl night court tsim news Omi Canadian sport fishing it who to orc Caribbean echoes a Jaheid Bob who the Dehunter Faisao Raphy babe Ruth offstage i heroes nightly business report ib2s new wilderness Gus 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