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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 25, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Free press March 1990 m Isi cals abound mania is running wed v All Over the City Are hearing their High school will be presenting Little shop of horrors in keep you eyes and ears open for further Vincent Massey collegiate will be presenting funny girl in Grant Park High schools production of something in the air feels like tomorrow will run from May several fort Richmond collegiate students will be taking an an Nual overseas trip during the Spring this year the trip is to France and runs from March 21 the Grade 11 class at College Jeanne Sauve attended a work Edu cation seminar at Chi Chis restau rant on March marys Academy students Are collecting Money to raise funds for the cancer All funds raised will be donated towards the Pur Chase of a traditional Symbol of Grade 11 John Taylor collegiate student Helen Hillius left on March for a three month Exchange to where she will continue r Garden City collegiate recently Neld its spirit activities in student notebook Marni Wiseman word Sleuth leading ladies f r w i k i n f f i r g i o o h k e r e spree Sara k i c h r h c e i r f of Eisaku i Aap s f e i s k Iok Chesney m i Dreer Seaton find the listed words in the they run in All directions Down and today unlisted clue hint Kathleen Hershey Sarandon close Rossellini Cher Fisher Farrow Spacek Keaton Kinski Derek Griffith Weaver Midler Streep crossword eluded air Battle of the and different dress up theme Oak Park collegiate held its Bat the of the bands last All the various school bands competed for two Cash Maples collegiate held its Grad fashion show dress for Success on March Boniface diocesan hosted the Norwood division science fair on March Stephanie Venus Janice and Raquel Delacruz had projects that were chosen to be displayed in the National science fair held in May in results Are in from provincial aaa basketball the Glen Lawn collegiate freshman girls team won the first place trophy on March the varsity girls Basket Ball team at Oak Park collegiate beat Brandon Vincent Massey collegiate team by a close score of 53 62 to bring Home first place to by Thomas Joseph 1980 King of Tatum across 1turf 4 beyond 8 Fly High 0 american novelist 11 Fry lightly 12 byzantine Empress 13 go wrong 14 heat source 16 nigerian City 17 moslem title 18 parched 19 newsman Koppel 20 minimize 22 thrice 23 Ordi Naire 24 Slammer 25 townsman 26 up contain 29 brio 30 31 concealed 32 mining find 33 chefs need 34 just get by 35 Wrath 37 Colorado resort 39 depart 40 nocturnal animal 41 family or Liberty 42 tyke Down 1 phlegmatic 2 Grain 3 German City roman statesman 5 chalice veil 6 add an inducement 7 burnable material 8 Beetle Baileys assailant 10 progeny 11 Sigil 15 vase 21 rest 22 make lace 24 touch 25 wind instrument 26 scary word 27 compare 28 sir Anthony 29 Anthracite 30 drinking bout 36 All about 38 canals crypt quote the solutions to today word Sleuth and crossword Are found on Page 14 heres How it works Means Longfellow one letter simply stands for in this a is used for the three x for the two single Are All each Day the code Here is today Puzzle Buz by spa Yew jul so pm Cru us Jyz Al spa Yuqu by w Uzi via sex Muf Zobs dreams of falling scary dear Merlin lately i have been remembering my the one that is bothering me is the one where i keep on falling off a 1 always Wake up before 1 so i dont know if it is disastrous or i feel very scared by do you know what this Merlin scared dear scared in not that informed on but i managed to find out some the fact that you dont land is a Good i would need More details of the dream to Tell you but i do feel because you Are so this dream is about overwhelming concerns you Are having about your other possibilities about the significance of the dream Are temporary upsets or a danger of false Nan dear Merlin my daughter is in ask Merlin her late thirties and it seems that she still has not grown we used to be very close a Long time but in the last five years she has become Moody and playing on my sympathies and using me for her own she Only comes to see me when she has a hard time and needs but other times just ignores i have always worked and supported myself and i have my own in the past 20 years i have helped her with Money and bought clothes for her but she does not want me around the she feels very threatened by me and is always suspicious of my i do not know Why and she will not Tell can you see an improvement in our relationship my patience is running out and in losing Motherly love dear Motherly love your daughter has gone through Many troubled and stressful which is Why she is Moody and Short tempered she feels threatened by you because of her Lack of Faith in the cards say you always have done your Best to accommodate at this there is no real drastic change in the the Queen of clubs says your daughter has a Strong love for you and just Doest know How to show Merlin is a Winnipeg psychic questions about your future May be sent to Ash do Winnipeg free press 300 Carlton so r3c not every question can be answered but All win be considered personal replies cannot be

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