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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 25, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free March maharishi school included in package continued from Page 1 in not sure How it works exact but it has to do with the Way the Sun travels around during the Gerhard said any new develop ment also conies Complete with a maharishi school teaching students transcendental meditation twice a As Well As a maharishi health Centre where residents will be treated to neuromuscular integration and purification Gerhard emphasized that the meditation and natural health methods Are strictly you dont have to take part if you dont no gasoline powered vehicles would be allowed in the develop he in keeping with the pollution free residents would receive electricity powered carts to get around the Community and transport them to and from a parking lot on the outskirts of the i Barry a heaven on Earth said no such communities actually exist but the company has commitments from developers in several North american including to build the 50to 100home he said the company has entered into a couple of joint but usually the developers put up All the Money and do All the work while his company helps with marketing and serves As a the Cost of putting up the develop ments and the subsequent Price of the Homes depends on the local mar Scherr a spokesman for a Large local who didst want either his or his company name said he haunt heard anything about saturdays seminar and doubts there will be much of a this is a Little Farouk for Here or anywhere for that he i dont want to be associated with any of Larry a local said the idea of solar oriented Homes and Low density communities is nothing but he described the package the heaven on Earth com Pany is offering As App Moto u f u Quebec readies for next step a column of soviet Armor arrives at red army base in lithuanian capital government exile planned continued from Page 1 Early lithuanian sources the Convoy passed within about 100 metres of Lithuania parliament lithuanian leaders called the manoeuvres another soviet at tempt to rattle their nerves in the sofar peaceful Campaign for inde at a news conference last lithuanian Deputy prime minister Kazimieras Motieka warned soviet military political officers Are telling soldiers they May have to act to prevent a coup he charged they Are trying to prepare troops for attacking the government of Lithia lithuanian representatives passed a Resolution that would Transfer Power to the senior Diplomat of Independent Lithuania in Washington in Case the soviets prevent them from conducting government since Lithuania declared Independence from soviet leaders have repeatedly warned the Republic to return to the soviet Gorba Chev has called the move illegal but said he would not use Force against the Republic of million in referring to yesterdays Mili tary lithuanian presi Dent vytautas Landsbergis told the supreme Council legislature we Felt we were really in an occupied an alien Power sent forces and we dont know tension is rising with this Demon stration of military with this frightening of people with soviet Vilnius was quiet yesterday after the military column rumbled through at 4 local a parliament spokesman said he saw the column enter a military base at Shaures Mies telis on the Northern Side of the where it were not but we dont know what they and we dont know what they will do in the next few lithuanian prime min ister Kazimeira Prunskiene said at the Many lithuanians shrugged off the latest show of soviet we were and the marching of tanks is nothing for said Rune a graphics de we were afraid for 50 but not said Rimas a 56yearold there were no reports of soviet authorities moving in yesterday to arrest the estimated 900 deserters from the soviet continued from Page 1 its the next logical step if Meech Lake some Are hoping it does fail so we can get on with our a today search for a single person willing to stand up and fight for a United Canada in this town of More common Are Calls for Sepa its a sentiment one might rather expect from a depressed area a predominantly francophone but million in Industrial in vestment in the last five years has created a expanding econ omy in which has been dominated by English speaking que Beers for in this Region was totally against Mignault a year ago there was Hope the Meech Lake Accord would but now most say lets pull out and do our its amazing the change in que no one interviewed would accept the Label of Quebec All vehemently insist they rather re main part of but despite voting by More than 60 percent in to stay in Canada in most in the Region suggest a referendum today would result in a 6040 split in favor of its not the same As 1980 when everyone was sensitive and there were lots of Bromont mayor Pierre Bellefleur there Are no fights we want to stay in the we want to be but not at All Robert a Well educated multimillionaire whose family owns a development two a Golf course and a resort with 25 olympic calibre suggests separation May be an idea whose time has its like with the he they were needed when people we rent paying workers enough and conditions were today they have outlived their Quebec needed Canada 10 years but today we Are Strong enough to go on our Quebec Economy is like Bro Mont its a Strong horse that can do a lot of things Jacques a local Busi Nessman suggests Meech Lake is a historical document that rights past among the regions Rich and a flu Meech Lake holdouts new Brunswick and Newfoundland Are seens As a Bunch Desourdy admits he write 10 lines about what is in the Meech Lake but it Doest matter what is in the he adds in a Businesslike the Bot Tomline is that in 1980 we said yes to Canada and now we Are the ones being kicked we Are the ones being fired from the Desourdy said Manitoban and other holdouts should try to answer the same what does the average Manito ban not like about the Accord he fired they think Quebec is getting something special that they Are being deprived of they cant Tell you what clauses they dont like or How those phrases affect Gilbert a Strawberry Farmer and greenhouse suggested Quebec deserves special we believe that we Are a nation and should be recognized As such in the Constitution of he at Desourdy ski Hill and the instability of the fight is the biggest tourism is Down As american and Ontario visitors stay away in part due to the language he Desourdy finds the language debate an expensive diver diverting attention from Busi fluently he said canadians Are wasting valuable time and Energy fighting among them selves while the americans and Jap anese continue to do Back on the Hyundai Plant Assem Bly resentment taints the words of Blu Collar francophone laureat there he said of the three dissident these Small provinces Are looking for Rea sons to Stop Quebec from getting what they see As special without Meech Well have the Freedom to do tomorrow Manitoba get gives hospitals Case of adm trivia continued from Page 1 the there will also be an incredible amount of admin Istria via necessary to Deal with the he Janzen said hospitals and other health centres will have to change their accounting systems and May have to hire More staff to Deal with the complicated it will be an administrative even for bigger ins Titu said Frank vice president of finance for Boniface general unless the province Steps in to help offset the Cost of the i dont know How we will be Able to provide the same level of added Robert executive director of Thompson general the Eloitte touche study looked at the effects of the get by using financial data provided by four institutions the health sciences a Large Urban teaching hos the smaller seven Oaks Gen eral tache nursing Centre and the Rural Hamiota District health the firm examined every budget item in their 198889 fiscal records to determine if the tax would then assumed a 90percent rebate rate for All except the tache the Persona care Home will receive Only a 50percent rebate be cause the government has said All Lon term care institutions will be treated the same Way As charities and other nonprofit the report concluded that All four institutions would pay More sales tax than they do it said the health sciences Centre would pay More on expenditures of seven Oaks More on spending of the Hamiota Centre on total expenses of and tache extra on total outlays of its very said Doug of the Amant a Lon term facility that cares for disabled in our were looking at getting a lower exemption than other healthcare Ryplansky said it seems silly to Force healthcare institutions to absorb a great Deal of administrative and even hire More to give Ottawa a relatively Small amount of get Revenue after the re it Doest seem Worth the so Why not exempt us completely he Dan a Eloitte Tou Che consultant who prepared the said the 90percent rebate used in the study at first seemed to be a conservative now it seems we May have been too optimistic and that the rebate rate will Likely actually be some where around 80 per he Bob another Eloitte Tou Che added that there will be a lag Between handing Over the tax Revenue to the government and waiting for the that Means the get will Force institutions to increase borrowing to tide them which Means higher interest he the report estimates it will Cost the health sciences Centre 000 More each year at prevail ing interest rates to cover the rebate assuming the Money is refunded on a monthly in a letter to provincial health minister Don Orchard last mho chairman Gordon Holland said the tax will not Only increase administrative but will also cause healthcare unions to demand get related wage increases Over and above traditional demands to cover without funding ser vice cutbacks to remain within provincially funded budgets Are in Evita he Holland asked the government to fight for methods of avoiding the administrative problems of the As Well As a provincial Assurance that All is related costs will be reimbursed to prevent erosion of the healthcare Farmers predict Long fight want first bite at bankrupt plants assets continued from Page 1 Albert also a Farmer who delivered the cattle from his feedlot to he came out of bankruptcy and hed just got Back into this could Force him to give it up Klass Friesen said Hes taking a Waitan see theres not that much Money in the cattle business that a Guy can afford to absorb that kind of he Bezan said the Farmers will be Lucky to get anything out of the East West its going to be a it May come Down to whether theres a place in the heart of Toront Odomin Ion for the he Toronto Dominion is owed More than million and the Federal business development Bank the of bib has a first mortgage on the the province holds a Secu Rity Bond from East West to protect As it stands that would pay the banners less than 25 cents on the Dollar for their Klass Friesen would get a Little More than for his Worth of live and his brother says the the Bond is a the bonding is far from Ade beef producers should never be made to feel their cheques Are secure when there he a spokesman for agriculture min ister Glen Findlay said the province is still trying to determine How Many Farmers were Hurt in the East West Bezan said he expects More Farmers to come East wests Only assets Are some meat products in the the Plant itself and its property in the Boniface Abattoir Bezan said the packing plants equipment is old and probably int Worth were going to have to be awfully Lucky to get he we thought the Levins East West owners Jack and Louis Levin were going to just phase Down the Plant and we didst expect Eloitte touche has been named the the firm would not return phone Bezan noted that several Farmers had sold East West Only one or two for a loss of a couple thousand As some Farmers moved quickly to reclaim carcasses before Tine bailiffs moved in and seized one Farmer had reportedly delivered 80 cattle the Day before the and then turned up at 6 the next Day to reclaim the car the Mcpass lawyer maintains the Farmers who reclaimed animals were within their Legal Bezan six Earold palestinian shot in head Jerusalem a a six year old palestinian boy was shot in the head yesterday and critically wounded As his family was tilling land near a jewish settlement on the West Bank of the Jordan an israeli array spokesman Tarek Mustapha Elhalabi was rushed to Mok Assed Hospital in Arab East he had surgery to remove a Bullet that entered his Skull above the left Hospital officials Elhalabi parents said they were working their land near the Village of just South of the West Bank City of when two jews shot their Arab reports said the settlers opened fire after palestinian youths stoned their also israeli troops backed by helicopters raided the West Bank Village of Anatta and arrested dozens of the army lotteries daily Deal yesterdays results Are Queen of 6 of 9 of clubs and 6 of a match of All four playing cards on one selection wins times the a match of three playing cards wins 30 times the Wager and a match of two playing cards wins three times the win Tario the winning numbers in yester Days win Tario extra draw Are 29 and lotto the winning numbers in yester Days lotto draw Are and the Bonus number is further details were unavailable from the the free press tries to ensure the accuracy of these supplied readers Are advised not to discard their tickets before Phon ing 9472225 or checking the official list with their dealers or in Luck outlet liquidation starts tomorrow 2 Days Only special shipment has arrived from factory for this special Sale More than 100 new hondas have been shipped to Winnipeg Honda for a special record breaking liquidation preludes and even demos will be available to the general Public at special Roc Bottom All vehicles will be available for immediate financing and entire inventory of 1090 hondas to re liquidated All models in Stock will be available for this special nothing will be held an Opportunity to save even highest 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