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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 22, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 6 Winnipeg free March Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights published seven Days a week at 300 Cartton Winnipeg r3c 3c1 by newspapers division of Canadian newspapers company limited Telephone 9439331 a member of the Manitoba press Council Arthur Wood publisher John Dafoe editorial Page editor Winnipeg free press est 1872 Winnipeg Tribune est 1890 Mckenna opens a door new Brunswick Premier Frank perhaps with a Little help from some friends in other provincial has committed the first act of statesmanship to be seen in the almost three years which have followed the adoption of the Meech Lake for the first time in those Mckenna has opened a door in the Wall which had divided those politicians who support Meech Lake from those who Are opposed to canadians must Hope that the door has not been slammed shut again by newfoundlands dogmatic Premier Clyde the great virtue of Mckennas modest proposal is its very unlike prime minister Brian Mulroney and Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa on one and Wells on the he does not demand that his ideas must be adopted line for word for word and comma for comma if there is to be a constitutional he has made his Resolution deliberately open inviting other governments to improve it or add to the parallel Resolution he presented to his legislature yesterday touches on some of the stickiest problems with the Meech Lake Accord and offers solutions to the proposals it contains have Merit in them selves and offer a reasonable Way for supporters of the Accord to accept some essential those propos als would establish the duty of parliament to promote Canadas fundamental character by recognizing the existence of French speaking and English speaking canadians in Quebec and elsewhere they would make Clear the constitutions Protection of sexual Equality they would give the Federal government the sole Power to create new removing the provincial veto that Meech Lake provides they would abolish the silly provision for a never ending series of constitutional negotiations about fish and they would ensure that the first ministers would keep talking about native self gov Ern ment until they got it there Are two great gaps in Mckennas there is no mention of Senate Reform and no Clear blueprint of How Ottawa and the provinces could Guaran tee acceptance of the further reforms he proposes once Meech Lake is in the failure to mention the Senate May Well be part of the new Brunswick premiers Senate Reform is a major preoccupation of Western Canada and both Courtesy and tactics would demand that it should be raised by a Western the Man to do it of be Premier Gary the essential need to include Senate Reform in the package makes the problem of process even More fixing the reference to sexual Equality or the duty of the government to promote Canadas fundamental characteristics Are relatively straightforward mat ters which might be adopted without much trouble by a significant number of provincial Legislatures before the june 23 deadline for approving Meech establish ing agreement on the shape and substance of the Senate Reform which would come on the heels of Meech Lake is much More there is no reason to be sure at the moment that All the premiers even mean the same thing when they talk about the chances of reaching an agreement on constitutional Reform have been improved by Mckennas initiative but they remain those chances will be a lot stronger if All the first ministers emulate Mcken Nas example of honesty and Good a chair that will Wear when Margaret Laurence was she was not legally a the status of person and its attendant rights were not granted the future and every other woman in until she was then three years Keith Louise Fulton reminded a pleased audience of that fact this week As they came together to celebrate another Victory for feminist thought and an institutional Fulton occupies the chair in women studies at the universities of Manitoba and which serves the Prairie provinces and the Northwest Terri the chair has recently attracted sufficient Finan support to ensure its this week it was renamed the Margaret Laurence chair guarantee that both the feminist thoughts of the writer and other women studies will be around As Long As there Are by the chair is now three years scholars in the last several decades have amassed a Large body of knowledge about women creativity and contributions Over the who once labelled it sectarian rubbish must now acknowledge that women studies will be taught and Learned for a very Long it is also instructive to other groups How feminists have gone so far As to gain a permanent chair in the the first of five in the country to Complete the first stage of a fundraising Campaign that secures its the Federal government agreed in the Early eighties to the notion presented strongly by women organizations that it should help universities put in place Good programs in women the method it chose was to put up for each of five if an equal amount of Money could be found to create endowment in the provincial govern ment pledged Over a five year period and fundraisers worked very hard to raise the remainder during a Public dinner from a handful of institutions and from a few dozen generous individual in the last women groups and universities cheerfully might have spent a Federal government contribution of a year to Advance women studies like others who now wince at Federal budget cuts of million from women they would now be doubting their arts cultural and minority groups of Many sorts could gain this lesson from it May take a Little longer to get what is wanted when the pay Cheque comes from an endowment but the future is far More the women and men of Manitoba who did the securing have reason to be proud and to the late in All would have been proud no panic Over aut Opac Manitoba motorists who Are told that aut Opac has experienced a first Quarter loss 60 times higher than that of the same period last year can be forgiven if they Brace themselves for the other shoe to drop in the form of higher if the figures Are looked at in a different the consequences do not seem so there it is an increase of More than 400 in the number of accidents which took place during the period this year when compared to the value of claims Rose by the period being reported is traditionally the most costly period in Auto acs it begins in november and covers the time when Manitoba motorists experience the worst of the Onset of this year it included an unusually warm which produced hazardous driving conditions similar to those usually experienced in Early there is another ingredient in the the loss for the first Quarter a year ago was unusually just two years aut Opac experienced a first Quarter loss thirty times greater than last years Low and ended the year with a million there is nothing magic about automobile premiums simply reflect the spreading around of claims the worst period of the year pushes the average Cost just As periods of better driving conditions push it this years initial loss is higher than but it is not something that should panic of Vav a Marathon for 1 by Stewart Macleod Thomson news service Ottawa its becoming More apparent with each passing Day in the Liberal leadership Campaign that Sheila Copps is not Only should the candidates spending limits be much they should also be required to Tell us from where the Money the Campaign should be much what we now have is a Marathon for the and on june 23 some Liberal delegates will select a survivor who will probably have spent the none of us will know who really bankrolled the each candidate will give us a list of those who contributed to his or her but no amounts will be so we wont know whether a particular company or individual gave a particular candidate or but we should if the winning candidate becomes prime minister which is not unlikely it would be useful to know whether he or she will have any outstanding debts to Cabinet candidates this applies to losers As since they would be prime candidates for Cabinet with All the potential patronage available for a government to Dis Pense weve become familar with this Over the past few years it would be useful to know just who helped elect its when contracts Are awarded or appoint ments we could keep our y open for partly for this very its not going to happen for a party officials know better than any one else that if full disclosure is donations would quickly what it would in is that heavy duty contributors would effectively Cut the Selv of from future government reduce spending i think its probably fair to that most contributors expect u get something Back from their in this after is nut your Normal with Money More difficult to its Only reasonable that the spending limit be it May not be necessary for the to Cap individual Campaign costs at As the new democrats did Las but the limit should be Short of what this High roller exer i e Means is that candidates with Ivvie financial reserves and soutes a far greater Edge than their com in the present for Paul Martin and Jean can Are Able to mount National options that make others turn Giron with neither one will have trouble1 reaching the spending Copps says she in about million and she has d to detail All provide other candidates do the Natu therell be no such n w of ii a1 it to do a Solo act 1 i e to Vii the present Situa Ihei is that i y Are effect i the a i i Finan a to compete ii s a lib of relic in1 w he be in not he v but by he a life Par in that my Kidd in the current other Able but lesser known liberals who would undoubtedly in tit if they saw any Light at the end of the financial but when you have to spend at least million o be considered a serious its Little wonder the Field a i in would do i Why no need for ind nov its net to he Shuw face a or it e it tired of a s of before one is Sci Iii Init is by the Kis place in i tx1 is Pratt Tor a inherently n 1 like veil la Init being elect clean up act in Copps praised for keeping Cool free March Paul Martin is directly quoted As having said he kicked Chretien ass in reference to a pair of recent Liberal leadership we can ignore for the moment that Martin has seriously insulted a respected Canadian politician whom he should regard As a worthy col we can further for the that he has reduced comment on these debates to the level of typical barroom what should not be ignored is the underlying Lavisse Zaire attitude to wards violence which he has Dis played with apparent Canadian women Are currently leading our society in its painful attempt to rid itself of gratuitous if any prominent female had made such a her Paul Martin supporters would most Likely Rise in immediate if mar tin had included Sheila Copps name within the same there would have been instant reproach from sadly when a Man uses figurative violence to insult another we All seem Content to accept is As a harmless figure of All literal or whether directed by or towards a male of a is deserving of general Martin should clean up his George Gibson divided nation As a person who had witnessed the partition of a nation and its agonizing aftermath in our i View the outcome and the possible failure of the flawed Meech Lake Accord with fear and deep failure of Mulroney to involve this nation in the full discus Sion of the Accord of such historical and fundamental importance from its very inception and the inflexibility of Quebec politicians has spawned rising misunderstanding and bigots in this i wish these people would read the pages of history of once unified nations that were later divided on the basis of language or participants who believed that they could March into the future with a sense of destiny have been proved to be division was always Fol Lowed by loss of blaming the other bitterness and even in this eleventh it is High time to put aside politicking and come to the discussion table with a spirit of understanding and Compro Canada May not be Able to escape the similar and bitter Fate that befell other divided a Prabhu Winnipeg letters the Winnipeg free press welcomes letters from writers must give their name and names will be used and letters Are subject to editing disrupting lives deplorable in response to Canadian physicians for life spokesman Paul Ranalli comments that a 12year old girl raped by her father should face the pregnancy rather than i take incestuous or rape of any is an horrific assault that cuts through the very Fibre of ones a child raped by her father will feel far More guilt and humiliation than Ever can be expressed in a 12yearold child is just a an incestuous rape has added enough brutality to her life without insisting that this child Bear further humiliation by having her fathers allowing the 12yearold child to be further victimized As a Means of drawing attention to the Issue is Carolyn Schroeder Winnipeg a Good move this is written in support of the governments plan to move some offices and personnel to centres in Manitoba outside of Winnipeg to place some agencies for which town and Rural Folk pay so that they May not Only from having a visible government service in their but also from having the support and expertise these people will bring with them As an addition to their it is time Winnipeg realized that it alone int Manitoba that there Are As Many living outside the Boun Daries of the City As Contri buting to the Well being of our prov i think it is recognized that the Grain Trade Laid the foundations of the in Saskatchewan the football club is known As the Saskatchewan roughriders in Manitoba we have the Winnipeg Blue also the Winnipeg symphony orchestra thank goodness for its the Winnipeg Art gallery the list is one must acknowledge the Manitoba theatre Centre and the fact that the Winnipeg general hos Pital changed its but we Are a bit of a pig with a very curly the reason that we Are Well fed to a Large because of the rest of the the government has faced up to a plan of action it thought How often when we discuss government programs that we cannot and that should be Cut do we conclude by such an action would be unpopular and no govern ment has the intestinal fortitude to undertake so situations that should be corrected Worsen to the detriment of the country As a Here the government has taken action that could be unpopular with but in their Wisdom it is to those leaving Winnipeg i am sorry for the disruption in their but there is much to be gained from life in a smaller i grew up in one there Are those who say it is much the better setting in which to raise a i also spent the last four years of my working life a provincial civil servant working outside of i had thoroughly enjoyed my work in i had to leave a Home situation in which i was very Happy but Circum stances Over which i had no control dictated a it was a difficult change but not a Frances Mills Winnipeg what kind of stupidity has provincial government enter cd with their i in a time when cutbacks so oui their main task to reduce Del they budget to spend Hundred thousands of tax acis move staff and change Over the they appear to have no whatsoever for staff which 20 or More years Sauna experience and educating u selves for betterment in at a time when a families have both houses they have no regard for the tur caused in having to decide who has they appear to respect for feelings of camaraderie developed withal surely this government could More humane ways to 1 their Rural vote than to disrupt the lives of at school Reform i am writing in response article by Ken Osborne school free 1 1 quite agree with Osbo assessment of the Manitoba i school As Well As his tons to some of the Nesses of our educational attn is absolutely Correct Whatu be that what we need is a re Ului in our educational system a Cal Reform of our High but what 1 find article is any mention of a process by which could take fur a re occur in education there my t seems to a Radical Structure of decision v our Imo of d i a in How decisions and makes i kinds of decision Iii to be made to ivies rent be made ple if a piously commit know i ii Pri in Power do in in the or will 1iii of Nail Gas to a complot a re i that prod u e i of pm ii n when he to our Educa la c is in a i a fixin Pamental u Structure of i in our education ii i that 1huit to u else that the right Kish of that have to it nude it ii Lude

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