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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 22, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Per it u age of Blind Faith takes a severe beating Winnipeg free match Hie age of Trust was a time in parents Lite Days of never Locking the front door and believing crime Doest pay was another it was a time when anything was possible if you worked and if the Federal government said then it was it has taken one stolen a watergate and a purse that i Dangle Between my Knees to Ward off muggers to convince me that if crime Doest it makes a pretty Good Down payment on in not really but lets just say i question facts that i used to regard As fake the Story i read in the paper about first lady Barbara she was quoted As saying she Hast yet started to read Nancy reagans my give me a is she telling us she Hast had a minute to thumb through the Index and look under Barbara and see what pages she is mentioned on excuse but i dont believe Shes propped up in bed Reading Charlottes web and theres a boy in the girl bathroom when she has the Galley proofs of my turn on you know what else i dont be Lieve the woman on television who pops prunes in her Mouth every 15 who Are we kidding Here no one can eat that Many if she eats prunes As a shed be on the run More than the Energizer i dont believe airline food can make you it can make you but i have never believed the Erma Bombeck rumours that it causes mood swings and genetic it stretches my credulity gland to see former raiders coach and sportscaster John Madden hanging out in a hardware Andy maybe in but Madden Doest seem like the kind of Guy who would turn his Carport into a rec and every time i see Cher walk into a fitness gym and i feel like a 1 expect a cell Jite Kliven army of women to attack her with Blunt if she walked into my aerobics class with a body like she come out 1 dont want you to think Ive Given up on the there Are a lot of things i accept on Blind i know in my heart that Jane Goodall is a Good Minnie Pearl would sit Down and Chew the fat with Beverly Sills could cheer me i believe people talk about me if my glasses have water spots and my children will Trever forgive me for feeding them cheap Peanut and i know that i can lose weight while i sleep and eat anything i want if i didst believe i go on Universal press Syndicate Ken Effiee pass jewelry course yields prize Job Doherty teaches jewelry student Aliza by Manfred lager by the time they Allan Dohertym students Are in High de Mand for jobs All Over the coun they Start at about a says the Winnipeg but theres still such a shortage of them that their income usually grows fairly if you end up becoming a Dia mond you can easily make As much As a year very depending on whom you work for and directs the jewelry arts program at Sturgeon Creek regional secondary school in it is the Only such program Between Toronto and jewelry making is not an easy Field to get Doherty manual resourcefulness and motivation to serve the customer Are and half the students dont Grade Doherty says despite their a Parant vulnerability to the Community economic jewellers have surprising Job Market Resil people will always buy it Doest have to be made of pre Cious stones and even though we teach that of the three year open to any student who has completed Grade has four components making jewelry from scratch Gem setting casting and jewelry re to my mind jewelry repair is the most important part of what we says who has been in charge of the program for nine its where people learn a moneymaking skill for the Job entry repair is the jewellers bread and butter its also the most he the student has to learn How to he or she is dealing with other Peoples prize possess its finished jewelry quite often they have to figure out How a piece was made so that they can then repair its also expensive stuff of sentimental value far beyond the actual Price Doherty says he tries to teach his students to be ready for the emotional pressure this will subject them to when there on the whats they Only have one if they damage a few their professional reputation can be Down the Drain pretty teaching repair is the most difficult thing for the do Herty motion picture theatre association of Manitoba Academy awards contest trip for two to Courtesy of travel smart plus expense Money Best picture born on the fourth of july d dead poets society u driving miss Daisy d Field of dreams o my left foot d bust Kenneth Branagh Henry v d Tom cruise born on the fourth of july d Daniel Day Lewis my left foot d Morgan Freeman driving miss Daisy d Robin Williams dead poets society d r act Isabella Dajani Camilla Claudel d Pauline Collins Shirley Valentine d Jessica Lange music Box q Michelle Pelffer the fabulous Baker boys d Jessica Tandy driving miss Daisy d supporting actor Danny Aiello do the right thing d Dan Aykroyd driving miss Daisy o Marlon Brando a dry White season d Martin Landau crimes and misdemeanours d Denzel Washington glory d blast supporting actress Brenda Folcker my left foot d Angelica Huston enemies a love Story d Lena Olin enemies a love Story d Julia Roberts steel magnolias d Dianne West parenthood d rest Oliver Stone born on the fourth of july d Woody Allen crimes and misdemeanours d Peter Weir dead poets society d Kenneth Branagh Henry v d Jim Sheridan my left foot d b k p t o Rig n a 5 c r n p a i Woody Allen crimes and misdemeanours d Tom Schulman dead poets society d Spike Lee do the right thing d Steven Soderbergh lies and videotape d Nora Ephron when Harry met Sally d 0fst song after All chances Are d the girl who used to be me Shirley Valentine d i love to see you smile parenthood d kiss the girl the Little Mermaid d under the sea the Little Mermaid d Best foreign film Jesus of Montreal Canada d Camille Claudel France d Paradise Italy i the Story of his new life puerto Rico d Waltzing Regitze Denmark d costume design the adventures of Baron Munchausen d driving miss Daisy d Harlem nights d Henry v d valmont d heres All you do use an x to Mark your Choice for the various Academy award categories in the Box Deposit your ballot at any of the theatres participating in the Academy awards contest or mail entries to Academy awards con Kildonan place Regent Winni r2c 4j2 or ballots May also be dropped off at these travel smart locations convention 2nd and 131 Provencher and 81549 marys additional free ballots Are available at your neighbourhood the free press will publish additional ballots during the these Are the Only official ballots and All others Are the contest rules the 1990 Academy awards contest is open to everyone except employees of the motion picture in travel the Winnipeg free and their immediate winners will be determined by the results of the motion picture Academy awards As announced March 1990 from in the event of a winners will be drawn until All prizes have been prize winners drawn in the event of a will be required to correctly answer a skill testing 4 ballots must be deposited in the contest boxes rated in the lobbies of participating theatres or mailed to Academy awards Kildonan place 1555 Regent r2c 4j2 or ballots May also be dropped off at these travel smart locations convention 2nd and St 131 Provencher and 81549 St marys the theatre manager has the right to limit the number of ballots taken by any at any Given entries close March 23 in the theatres ballot no mailed entries will be accepted if Post marked later than Midnight March All entries will be pending in the custody of Pannell Kerr Macgillivray chartered who will select the winning selected Winner will receive transportation for two from Winnipeg to Hollywood los Courtesy travel smart head to be is sued by december 1990 with All travel completed by january 1991 plus spending this transportation award will be during seat Sale periods taxes and insurance Are May eight Consolation awards of a motion picture theatre association pass for to any Cine Lex Odeon or famous players theatre in Winnipeg or or any participating Rural association member theatre until december will be neither the motion picture theatre association of or the Winnipeg free will enter into correspondence with contestants regarding conduct of the Entrance by official ballot by contestant Means acceptance of the All above judges decision is final in All Deposit ballots at the following locations contest boxes located in the lobbies of participating theatres or travel smart locations 2nd convention 131 Boniface and 81549 marys vital or mail to Academy awards contest Kildonan place 6 1555 Regent West Manitoba r2c 4j2 name league holds rummage Sale address postal code please print phone John Cantius Council of the Catholic women league will hold a rummage Sale today Between 10 and 2 at John Cantius educational 852 Burrows euro linguistic programming Manitoba will hold a the secret of creating your today and tomorrow Between and 5 at the Blue Gold 1465 maroons department of entomology will hold a control of Lepido Petrous pests through mating today at in room animal build University of Xana business and professional women club will hold a Coffee party today Between 11 and 2 at Eaton Assembly Canadian club of Winnipeg meets today at at the convention members nonmembers a Little lunch recital series featuring Barit Onist Robert will be held today be tween and at holy Trinity anglican Graham Avenue and Donald Canadian diabetes association will hold a meeting for seniors living with today at 2 at Lions 610 Portage Manitoba association for rights and liberties will hold we Are rela a dinner and today at at the portuguese cultural 659 Young and panel discussions and Tomor billboard announcements for this column should be received a week in Advance of the Send them to Winnipeg free fourth 300 Cartton r3c they Are made free of Row at 9 at Sonja Roeder 271 Archibald tickets seniors and students children 12 and under group and families United Empire loyalists association meets today at at 202 Hansard Charleswood family 3692 Roblin will hold an information How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will today to May 3 Between 7 and 9 club 614 will hold a Bingo today at 7 Assiniboine Garry Community Parks and recreation Branch will hold a being a Good today Between 7 and at Vincent Massey 975 Dowker registration fee compassionate a self help group for bereaved meets today at at the Community services 685 William ave Boniface school divisions French school will hold a concert today at at College James Assiniboine Council Cal will hold a talk on elder by Marguerite issues chair person and Pas president of the Mani safeguard your furs Coats the Bays professional furriers will inspect and assess All your precious furs before summer they will with no obligation to repairs and treatments to renew and safeguard your furs for Winters to insurance compare the Bays insurance for furs our comprehensive program is often less expensive than equivalent coverage offered with a homeowners storage and fur care by 7832112 for Winnipeg Toba society of today at at Paul the apostle 2400 Portage Manitoba Section of the Canadian Institute of food science and technology meets today at in room Ellis University of Winnipeg Northern studies group will hold a feeling Good and getting smashed the symbolism of alcohol today at in z201 Duff Roblin University of University of Manitoba school of music will hold a concert by the University of Manitoba symphony or today at 8 in Eva Clare syda foundation will hold a pro Gram on the teaching of the siddha today at 8 at the Winni Peg Art 300 memorial Bou Goren of Bridge by Charles Goren with Omar Sharif and Tannah Hirsch finessing to Victory both South North 4 q j 98542 0763 q j 8 4 West East 4 10 985 476432 j 9 6 3 9107 0 q 9 0 k j 10 10 7 5 k 6 2 South a k 9 a k q 0 a 8 5 4 2 a 93 the bidding South West North East 2 pass 2 0 pass 3 it pass pass pass opening Lead ten of 4 Bridge is a game of never ending when we first saw this situation it cropped up in in a slightly different Guise some years souths sequence showed a balanced hand of 2527 with All primes and a five card suit souths hand was Worth considerably More than its nominal but for the duplication of Spade shortness the contract would have offered no Declarer was unlucky to receive a Spade on any other Lead Declarer would have been Able to cede two Diamond tricks to the enemy and coast Home in but now the defenders were a Tempo ahead with Only seven fast Declarer had to develop two More tricks while surrendering the Lead no More than the first suit to tackle was hearts if the suit broke evenly a Long card would set up in Dummy and an entry to the table could be forced in East discarded a Spade on the third killing that South found an intriguing Way to develop two extra tricks in the club he led a Low club when West followed with the Declarer finessed the boards eight if East took that trick with the Declarer would have no problem collecting three club so the defender to no Declarer used that extra entry to run the Queen of when that held South bad three club tricks in the together with the Tribune Media services

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