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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 22, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba March Impact of 1990 school taxes school division Winnipeg South Pott Garry vital for Wood River East seven Oaks Seine River Interlake fax on Home assessed fax of same Home last year w i increase Over 1989 source City of Winnipeg finance Paul free p concessions carry Day continued from Page i lines set by councils executive policy rather than a direction set by he also agreed to develop a strategy examining new ways to earn the City Money to decrease its Reliance on residential property there was a great Deal of movement in the mayors position and the position of groups within Council toward the Middle Mckee she said she also supported the budget because in cuts she had suggested to the overtime Bud get were i did achieve some gains at executive policy committee this time and i did feel i was listened to Norrie said in an interview that the City was already planning to develop a Revenue strategy and he was expecting a report on the matter he also said changes by the province to the City of Winnipeg act would have gone a Long Way toward reforming the budget pro Cess i think theres a learning theres a Point where new Council lors have to realize some of the things Treyve been talking about Are not All that Norrie he said some councillors Felt it was important to take another Stab at the so he does not feel the slight percentage change Means the review was a waste of Council has looked silly it will probably look silly Norrie you have to weigh the advantages of democracy against the Glen Murray Riveros borne rejected the idea that nor Ries concessions were already in the Why was it Only talked about today he the mayors commitment to re form was not guaranteed pre Murray adding Suc Cess with slowing the budget process this week should Guaran tee Norrie will follow through on the if he lets us we demonstrated two Days ago what we Are prepared to Murray also said he is satisfied with the tax increase because he cannot see the budget Cut any fur ther without seriously affecting jobs and Lillian Thomas one of two win councillors to vote against the said she was extremely disappointed with the Thomas proposed More than a dozen motions yesterday to trim an additional from the but Only totalling were she also suggested numerous ways to raise More but they were referred to committees for study and will not be part of the 1990 How could i support that Thomas i Felt frustrated because i Felt the in cuts i made would not have affected ser vices or existing Evelyne Reese Lange Vin was the other win councillor to vote against the she said she was upset that Council had not been Given enough time to develop More changes after the defeat on Remillard dubious continued of Hub Page i Premier David Peterson and prime minister Mulroney called the new Brunswick proposal a Good first step towards resolving the Accord Dilem but the governments of Newfoundland and Quebec appeared less if Newfoundland pre tier Clyde said he would proceed with plans to introduce a motion today to rescind his prov inces support for the Meech a in Quebec Gil Quebec intergovernmental affairs said the province would not comment on the Mckenna Reso Lution until Meech Lake is first in senator Lowell Mur Ottawa spokesman on the said it was essential that Mckennas proposal find sup port in which along with new Brunswick Hast endorsed the Meech Lake which will expire if not passed by june Premier Filmon in Manitoba is a key player in All of he if Manitoba and new Bruns Wick dont pass Meech and Premier Mckennas companion Resolution with perhaps some additions or amendments then nothing Hap speaking to reporters by phone on his Way to the Vancouver said Mckennas proposal is a Good first step toward ending the current but it was not in itself the i think it is a positive move in the right but certainly from Manitoba perspective it does not cover All the concerns we think should be he in Filmon cited the Lack of any comment on the Amend ing formula in the Accord which would require approval from All 10 provinces to introduce Senate re Manitoba is asking that such changes be easier to per haps with the approval of seven left f cantatas tells reporters the Accord cant be passed As provinces representing 50 per cent of the we have said that it is Funda mental to our concern and i believe it is a change that really needs to be made to Filmon he said Mckennas suggestion was a step Forward because it dealt with several outstanding issues and suggests concerns about Meech be dealt with by constitutional but Filmon joined with Manitoba opposition party leaders to question the Way Mckennas Resolution or any altered form would be new Brunswick is convinced that changes to Meech can be made while respecting Quebec insistence that the Accord itself not be Mckennas solution is to introduce amendments to the Constitution in a companion Resolution which in override statements in he said yesterday he would agree to sign Meech As Long As he has significant guarantees that his resolutions would be dealt with some time but Manitoba Liberal Leader Sharon Carstairs and new demo cratic party Leader Gary doer said they would need a lot More before they would agree to sign the a it has been Manitoba position that its demands cannot be met without altering the agreement it an understanding that the issues will be dealt with after Meech is signed is not Good Carstairs and doer also said Mckenna fails to ensure the Accord does not weaken the rights of aboriginal people and the various multicultural the guarantee must be included in Meech where there is concern about ambiguity and not just in the constr were Good after Burnini continued from Page 1 slapping him repeatedly in the the Schacter then began hitting the child with a eventually tying the boys hands behind his Back with a second Belt before continuing the the assault continued with the Man butting the child several times in the forehead with his own head and striking him in the the victim was then dragged downstairs by one beaten with a then dragged Back up to the bedroom by the other court was once the father pinned the child to the floor with his foot and continued the beating before holding the boy under a cold court the attack culminated with the who pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily forcing the child to hold three lit matches until they burned his the boy was apprehended by child and family services officials the next Day after the father refused to allow the child to go to school because of severe a medical report later showed the child sustained two Black Haemorrhaging to the White of one bruises in the hollows of his ears and further cuts and bruises to the arms and we did not assault the father said when questioned by so Cial workers about the boys in we Are Good in his defence counsel Stephen Katz argued his client be jailed for the citing reports prepared on the Man that indicate the problem appears to Stem from his cultural a social workers report on the Man also indicates a socialization program educating him in Canadian parenting methods would be More beneficial in helping the accused curb his behaviour than a jail sen Katz said the accused had been raised in a religious household where severe while also a Means of keeping a child in were also meant to show care and when youre raised a certain Way for 30 years and told that it is not the right thing to its hard to break out of Katz he also noted the Man is attending a parents support group to help him learn to Deal with the situation at Guy is to deliver his decision april open every til to 6 bitter licence fight feared Driedger pledges to consult All sides continued from Page 1 he said this could also end the speculation that has occurred in a limited Norquay said the Board also wants a Superior class of taxi service with cars no More than a year with air conditioning and other Fea Tures for which passengers will pay a fare 20percent he said this is where the increase in the number of licences will come Norquay said the Board thinks the majority of passengers Are satisfied with the service they get but the idea is that there is a Market segment that is not being he the demand is out chopped Norquay said current operators will be Able to apply for such licences and that Drivers who dont get one wont be Hurt by an increase in the number of taxis in the but Manny spokesman for the Winnipeg taxi Drivers safety saying it is just a scheme to increase the num Ber of licensed operators when Many already have trouble getting Dhillon also said it will Lead All Drivers to improve the Quality of their thereby eliminating the special he said if the Board wants better cabs in Winnipeg it should give operators Money to buy what do they think we Are continued from Page 1 doubted he would be Able to Deal with the technology of modern Auto do you need policemen in can Ada he he said he will remain in East i cant imagine Leav i started in this its and this is where i want to in too old and once you Wear a uniform of the no one in the West wants a fit looking Middle ago Man with a moustache and one missing tooth that showed Only when he said he has a Friend who left East walked away from a House he had spent Cdr Marks building about can but a Small Fortune in a country where average monthly pay chopped liver Dhillon it is like they want Middle class and upper class taxis with us As the he also said the boards plan to Issue new licences is nothing More than a Way of increasing its Revenue by charging for Dhillon said a High licence fee is justified when it is sold by one operator to another because Many operators use the proceeds As retire ment the boards report has been submitted to transportation minister Albert who is responsible for taxicab Driedger said yesterday that while the a quasi judicial has the Power to implement its recon he wants to meet Indus try and operators representatives to hear their Dhillon said Driedger and the Board will have a real fight on their hands if the number of licences is he promised to consult with the Industry before increasing i Dhillon Hes Only hearing one Side of the during Public operators threatened violence if licences were the Board noted this in its report and said such attitudes Are understandable when operators Liveli hoods could be but there was no basis for their belief that the Board was against the Industry and had made up its mind on certain the report there was no justification for the extreme actions taken in a concerted Effort to destroy the open and demo cratic Public consultation process being carried on by the the Board has also recommended that taxi companies be required to provide a minimum number of wheelchair accessible taxis at regu Lar fares to fulfil their obligation to accommodate the Norquay said this would be in creased gradually up to nine per cent of John executive director of the Canadian paraplegic associations Manitoba said the move is Long overdue and will be an important part of a Modem transportation very in very pleased with Lane Albert president of the greater Winnipeg handicapped transportation group which represents firms that transport handicapped said such a change would Hurt those Crundwell there will always be a need for a service that can pick residents up at the door and get them to the vehicle rather than simply operating a specially equipped Bob uni City taxi Gen eral said he would com ment on the 114page report today after Reading Peter Duffy taxi Gen eral be reached yesterday for berliners is about and now plans to re his daughter moved into an apartment and his wife met a Man and moved to he lost he said that until recently he had been required to report All conversations with foreigners to his super other rules prohibited East Ger Man guards speaking to one an the belief was that guards who became friends might not shoot one another should one decide to jump the Wall and escape to the it was different last the guards chatted and joked and when Manchu sky refused to say who he voted for in the election one piped up for the Beer drinking and they All laughed together like old Manchu sky said the hardest part of his Job had been coping with the boredom of eight hour shifts without conversation locked up in a guard Tower watching the he said he made some arrests in his thank god i never had to shoot he Jan the Serviceman said that As recently As february she feared for her life when she passed near East German guard towers and watched soldiers watch ing her every move through Binou and Here we Are carrying on a it was a Balmy about 15 the Breeze smelled of which Are Blooming of Green grass and Trees covered with the first Pale leaves of Winter is Over in

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