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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 22, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba A Uiki riot Milf 3 to Trot Pavo monthly Noemi Winnipeg Mirandon 7286640 Ted few 18003921388 Rice Winnipeg free press March 1990 pages 2132 Philip business editor business by Murray Mcneil Bill Moore Stop smiling As he watched three coworkers put Giraffe through its paces yester Day in the parking lot outside Prit Chard machines Bannister Road Giraffe is the nickname Given to what Pritchard general describes As a Neofa kind piece of equipment the company has developed Tor the tantalum mining corporation of Canada the company had 90 Days to produce this specialized piece of equipment tracked Aerial lift which tantalum will use at its Bernic Lake mine near Lac do to come up with a machine that met tantalum rigid require ments for and Rug Pritchard combined 1950 military technology with 1990 european Aerial lift technology and 1990 Canadian Hydraulic tech first it went to Oregon and Pur chased a surplus 1950vintage military which it converted into a tracked Carrier for the a then it looked to Finland to acquire a Hydraulic Al a operated Aerial it was the Only one we could find that would come anywhere near to meeting their require Moore and the company turned to Pritchard Hydra motion an other division within Winnipeg based Pritchard engineering to design a hydrostatic drive system to replace the existing mechanical drive system in the tracked car yesterday Pritchard machine staff were out in the parking lot putting their end which is valued at about through a final series of test runs before turn ing it Over tomorrow to Tanta Long hours it was obvious from the smile on his face that Moore was pleased with the performance of the com pants latest not Only had Pritchard come up with a machine that Hes satisfied will meet All of tantalum require but it did so in 10 fewer Days than one of the reasons the staff was Able to do Moore is because Pritchard machine had developed a although less machine for Tanta Lum Back in the late we had experience with so it helped while 90 Days want much time in which to come up with a next generation the Short time Frame didst create any in surmountable he but it created a lot of coordination and scrambling and a lot of Long he noted that the main components for the machine the Mili tary tank and the Aerial lift didst even arrive in Winnipeg until that left them with Only about 60 Days in which to make All of the necessary Altera Wayne free press Giraffe lift one of a kind Winnipeg built machinery will enlarge tantalum mine y v s a Bill Moore was pleased with the performance of Pritchard latest tons to the Carrier and the Aerial and to put everything Ogeth so we were really going at it full among the differences Between the new Model and the old which tantalum is still Are a longer Aerial Boom 27 metres As opposed to 18 a More sophisticated drive added safety and improved control and Moore noted that with a hydras tatic rather than a Conven tial a technical drive the machine operator has fingertip control of the As he can separately control each of the two tracks on the Moore so you can virtually make this thing turn on a its an interesting Combina Tion something that is very Rug ged where it has to be and very sophisticated where it has to he he said tantalum will be using the machine to enlarge the main Cavern in its Bernic Lake to scale away Loose Rock from the Walls and ceiling of the and for Rock bolting a procedure than involves securing unstable sections of the ceiling to ensure they dont break away and fall on the men and equipment he said tantalum officials initially tried to find a read made Aerial lift that would meet their they went to All the Aerial lift people in North but they came up dry because most conventional Aerial lifts Are mounted on rubber tired rather than tracked Moore he added that Pritchard machine was the Only company to submit a package design which met enough of tantalum require ments to be Given serious consider officials for tantalum mines were unavailable yesterday for business personalities dear Are you a business personality who owns a business or holds a title in corporate management a personality with a Success Story to Tell or do you have men and women in your company whom you wish to acknowledge if you then youll want to include a picture and Success Story in the Winnipeg free press business personalities for As an integral part of our business the business personality pages on april 1990 will focus on successful business people in today business sales leaders and a Host of other careers will be represented in display advertisements featuring their photograph and a Brief the charge for this special feature is per space an increasing number of business personalities Are recognized As Vita contributors within the business they play important roles in the continuance of Many of our most progressive feature or your company achievers before a thursday Winnipeg free press audience in excess of plan now to include your Success stories in business personalities on april for additional please phone me at the number listed thanking you for your interest in this special yours Bonnie telemarketing Southside plan hinges on owners cooperating global Trade trillion Geneva Reuter global Trade hit a record trillion us last but it grew less rapidly than in the previous year and seems set to slow further in the world Trade forum Gatt said in a preliminary estimate the United states regained its place As the worlds leading exporter after three years in second place behind West Japan retained third Trade volume in 1989 Rose by an estimated seven per compared with per cent in the report Gatt added that the Outlook for 1990 was generally optimistic with no world recession in but economic growth was expected to slow in advanced nations to just under three per and the Rise in Trade volume could ease to Between five per cent and six per even that rate would equal or i Trade performance in seven of the past 10 the forecasts were part of a report by the secretariat of the 96nation general agreement on tariffs and Trade based on data available in late the assessment is routinely updated when Fuller Fig ures become discussing the Sharp slowdown of growth in value in the report said higher Petroleum prices and moderate inflation in the prices of most traded goods were offset by the deflationary valuation effect of the dollars appreciation against a number of the report said no estimate was yet available of the value of world Trade in commercial services such As passenger and port ser travel and other private ser a draft report commissioned last year to come up with a Market strategy for the beleaguered South Side of por Tage Avenue was released this it is hoped that it will help create a consensus on what to do with the four lock strip that is gradually being abandoned since the construction of Portage place in but the study recommendations for action rest on a structured cooperation among Independent building owners that is almost with out the conclusions in the draft re prepared by the coriolis consulting of Are that Street level storefronts on the South Side of Portage Between Vaughan and Hargrave should concentrate on that is hardly it suggests three at the same time reasoning that Only one is feasible on Street retail that can be characterized As Dis Independent or preliminary indications from some of the interested parties on the South Side Are probably not encouraging for a Blanket acceptance of the Type of coordinated leasing approach the study the idea of moulding the tenant mix in a retail area is what shopping malls Are All but shopping malls have the obvious advantage of having Only one the purpose of releasing a draft before the final report is so that North which commissioned the can get interested parties together to talk through the propos perhaps eliciting some new ideas that will ultimately Speed up the recovery a meeting will be scheduled within a the study sets out in no Uncertain terms what the viable options Are for the it takes into account the current vacancy rate that Rose from about 13 per cent in 1983 to about 60 per cent the Overall retailing Market in the City generally considered to be with Between 16 to 18 Square feet of shopping Centre space per compared to about 10 in Vancouver and the current negative Public perceptions of the its findings Lead the authors of the report to until there is a much higher occupancy rate on por Tage there is Little value in launching advertising or special events the primary need at this time is to attract not Kent senior executive with North says hopefully we will get an agree to position on the future of the what is perhaps most discouraging about the relative to the is that the author downplays the emphasis that Many outspoken Southside landlords and building managers advocate construction of elevators and Access Points to Portage place and the skywalk sys in conversation with three differ ent property owners on the South they maintain if they can get the people Back to the South the business will in an the study Jay says that if a Campaign to get people Back to the area is launched those people will be disappointed and May not come the draft also lays out How the North Portage development might Best spend the million it has but so far has re fused to on a Southside revitalization Martin Cash the recommendations include for tenant 000 for participation in escalator construction and for a ten ant recruitment coordinator for two Odd a new voice will be included in this round of the debate on the future of the South Side of Portage the downtown business improve ment a business organization formed last year through legislation and funded by a tax Levy on Busin esses in the has now opened its Harry former senior development officer with the North Portage development has been appointed executive who has a masters degree in City planning and about 18 years experience in the Urban and Rural planning will undoubtedly help galvanize the Biz into a Force to be reckoned he sees the bids role As one of acting As a unified voice for Down we also have to help make things happen to get people Down one of the things Finnigan is starting to get people talking about is a downtown new years eve called first night he has taken part in a similar event in and it also has become a new years fixture in Finnigan is As every one Elso interested in waking up Winnipeg downtown should with the openness of the bids elected Board of one of the first initiatives he is working on is the establishment of a Community drop in Centre focusing on the youth in the non mergers among professional firms in the City have mostly been centred around the chartered accountant talks have been underway for a few months Between a couple of the cites More prominent Law spokesmen for both Buchwald Asper Henteleff and Mcjannet Rich have confirmed that the two Law firms Are talking about a but neither Side would say there was any urgency or schedule for doing a Buchwald has about 35 lawyers and Mcjannet about both firms Are known for having Strong com Mercial but neither Are considered especially Strong in the litigation Finnigan director Reebok withdraws bungee Ord to and Boston a officials of ree Bok International responding to parents have pulled a television commercial which some said could give youngsters a danger Ous taste for the to spots of 30 and 60 which made their debut featured two men leaping in slow motion from a Bridge with an elastic Cord tied to their the jumper wearing Reebok bounces Back while the other in a pair of nikes continues the free the pump from Reebok it fits a Little better than your Ordinary athletic concludes the com Mercial that has appeared on the and Fox Bernadette Vic Epresi Dent of marketing for the Stoughton based athletic said Calls had come in from around the coun try from parents concerned their children would try emulating the the company also heard from net work officials troubled by the Dis claimer extremely dont try the message appears briefly at the Bottom of the television bungee Ord jumping is consid ered a daredevil an Abc spokeswoman were concerned about the safety Issue and we have asked Reebok to make the disclaimer bungee jumping originated in the South Pacific islands As a test of boys were required to leap from Bamboo towers with vines attacked to their Mansur said the which has pulled the and for is examining ways to resurrect the which could include making the warning bolder and scheduling the spot Only after 10 the athletic company has been battling for first place with which had us billion in sales last year compared with billion for

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