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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 20, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Please give generously to the kidney foundation of Canada Winnipeg free press March 1990 pages 2944 Chuck features editor Laws Drake pleased with direction show has taken this Tempo by Greg Pindera a Young couple with coiffed Fine garb and the wide eyed expectation of seeing and being seen by the Beautiful people of Monaco on the red Steps shyly off the elevator and into the old world elegance that is the seventh floor of the hotel fort As the lineup in the lobby checks out the Youthful Glamor seekers and nods its collective the plot of their pos adolescent fantasy takes a sudden twist under Crystal casinos facade of class and style stands a crowd of balding and bespectacled Bingo types in jacket and maybe the Beautiful people stay Home on True Canadas first full time Casino does have its share of High its a service and Security conscious establishment that delivers on its Promise of old world but the brochure never explained that its the elderly patrons not the decor and games that Are the old world we senior citizens like to explains one woman in the slots Shes a retired aut Opac skip tracer on her first Casino thirty loonies Are jingling in the plastic Margarine Container she holds in her right which is wrapped in a Tensor Bandage because her arthritis is acting up waiting for Friend Shes hunched Over a Slot struggling with bad eyes in a dimly lit room to locate the insert Coin and waiting for her Friend and her friends 89yearold father to join her for a night on the excuse Young i cant see where you put the coins in she says to the player at the neighbouring the skip racers a prudent she plays the ponies for buys 649 tickets weekly and figured shed give Crystal Casino a its i like the but i wont stay she then she asks if there Are any Steps she cant see on the Slot room then carefully shuffles off with her loonies to try her Luck at another Casino staff say theres always a lot of old timers we have one retired lady who been in every night for a week and a says one she stays All night and always plays the same she says if she wins the progressive Jackpot Shell give it to her grandchildren so were All hoping Shell another of the Black tuned legion of hosts says a lot of them seniors go to they like it Here because its their Little getaway and they dont have to its either Here or potentially dangerous half the fro lickers around the slots Are pulling in pension even around the Blackjack Blu haired Babas Arent an unusual sight about 30 per cent of the players were dealt their hand in life 60 years ago or they May be but distinguished gentlemen or ladies adorned in precious Metal there there just Hal executive director of Winnipeg age and Opportunity says gambling is a potentially dangerous form of fun for i think for Many it is a recreational thing As i think there tends to be that sense maybe ill get Rich so i can have a retirement he i would think some people you know in not going to Able to earn and 1 wont be Able to change my but i just might have a shot and Ive got a couple of dollars in my so Why dont i buy a couple of these lottery tickets or Why dont i pull a Slot machine a few times Verf wired elderly find risk losses feeding quarters to slots but they face the same dangers As everyone else it can be addictive and they can actually end up dipping into the Money that they would normally use to live but gerontologist Carolyn Rosenthal says rather than becoming More willing to take risks As they enter lifes people tend to turn i doubt that people turn into gamblers late in my Hunch would be that its a sort of carefully fairly inexpensive form of says the University of Toronto my Hunch is if they do Gamble they do it for smaller stakes you my Mother inlaw used to play poker and her idea of a real win is if she came Home with not going to vegas and blowing Bob manager of the Lew Miles charter service which has been flying Winni Eggers to Las vegas for 24 years says generally half the passengers Are senior the trips Appeal to retirees with limited incomes who cant afford to Fly to Hawaii or Mexico but still want to get away from he go to vegas so for they can go to get some see some shows and do some cranking of the Slot at Crystal five elderly a Man of about 75 and a woman in her 40s Are huddled around one of the Blackjack happily chatting and exchanging advice on their frugal Down the lushly carpeted a 70yearold woman in a Pink knit dress and a string of pearls is playing the 25cent Slot machine and showing the ropes to a woman of equal age on the next i find the machines Are Good in not an expert player or i never played before until a week the woman its a Nice 1 Hope they keep its not its its very Well run do anything for its so much better than the convention i was scared to go Down she came to the Casino tonight because its better than sitting Home its just an she says then adds she wants to remain Anonymous because i dont want anyone to know in especially my More news for inuit use legends in plays up a Terri fied Young Man in a Toronto Blue jays Cap strains to free himself from the Bonds of the White its no he tells a Friend who is trying to Rescue him the ropes Are too around the swaying Robed figures sing hypnotically of the unbeatable Power of the White spirit and Tell the Friend to forget about the despite the Best efforts of his the Young inuit Man is losing a Battle against drug and alcohol the evils glamorized by the seductive White the tables turn Only when a handsome mask is torn away to reveal the spirits True monstrous the scene is from searching for a a production of the to Noonis theatre group from Pond a tiny settlement on Northern Baffin some 700 Kilometres above the Arctic modern messages the play was about substance but it was written in legend explains David who has acted with the seven Mem Ber to Noonis company since it formed in we didst show the actual sniffing and that on the says is to use traditional inuit images to convey modern messages about family the Baffin Region is Rich in source and Dunoon in has performed in nearly every settlement on the weve touched a lot of a mania pronounced Gamma Neek said during a hotel room interview in the Southern Baffin town of to Noonis began As a Way of warn ing youngsters about the dangers of dropping out of abandoning the traditional inuit Hunting lifestyle and turning to booze and we decided to form a group so that we could get information from the elders about How they used to live and How hard it was and present it to the Young a mania right word his Home town is a Remote outpost of some 800 but he look out of place on any Southern a Par time worker for the Hamlet of Pond the 29yearold actor sports Doc mar tens a Crisp White Pullover Cotton shirt and a Black Stone washed bomber he pauses frequently to close his eyes and rub his forehead As he searches for the right like the other to Noonis Daman is first language is the guttural Tongue of the the troupe usually performs in inuktitut but has translated some plays for English performances at expo 86 in Vancouver and the Edmonton Folk festival last there planning a tour of Baffin Island this Spring with a new play about personal entertainment news that hits Home chem Lynn Lake has always had to dig deep to for Gold mining enabled the Northern Manitoba town to now residents must dig deeper if they Hope to save their tonight All that diners with up Many feel that Lynn Lake has bottomed is the exodus or people leaving a dying town in its Wake tomorrow the Silver lining those who remain work hard to build a future for their their prospecting skills May serve As a Model for other towns in join sky news hours Jackie Shymanski for fighting of def a two part special report on the plight of Small town

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