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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 19, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 6 Winnipeg free March Winnipeg free press Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights published seven Days a week at 300 Cartton Winnipeg r3c 3c1 by newspapers division of Canadian newspapers company limited Telephone 9439331 a member of the Manitoba press Council Arthur Wood publisher John Dafoe editorial Page editor Winnipeg free press est 1872 Winnipeg Tribune est 1890 Why liberals love the get few government proposals in Canadian history have been subjected to so much political crossfire As the proposed goods and services from the liberals and new democrats blast at the tax As a regressive and inflationary Burden on the poor and the from the Alberta tories and Preston mannings growing Reform party attack it As a Money machine which will Lead to More big government and relieve the Federal government of any need to slash its it is the right wingers who Are closer to the after a couple of Rocky years while it is being broken the get promises to provide the government with a whole lot of that Revenue could be used to reduce the preserve the fabric of Canadas social programs and to launch the new programs which new democrats and even conservatives Are the tax is but it can be made progressive by Means of refundable tax credits for Low income future governments could enhance its progressive nature by increasing the credits and Index ing them fully to the Cost of that is Why Many Canadian liberals spend the Day denouncing the get and threatening to do All in their Power to Stop it from being implemented but before they go to sleep every night to offer up a Little prayer that they should if the new democrats Hadl any Hope of gaining Power in the next they would say the same the Best gift Michael Wilson and Brian Mulroney could give Jean Paul Sheila Copps or whoever might be leading the Liberal party after june 23 would be a goods and services tax in place and raising Revenue on Public anger Over the tax would almost ensure the defeat of the conservatives in the next election and the election of the the fact that the tax was in place would ensure that the next Liberal government had the tax Revenue it needed to finance a whole Range of popular new social the goods and services tax is of the Only Way for the government to raise the revenues it will need to finance future social it could find the Money by boosting income and corporation it could close More loopholes for companies and i divid there Are still loopholes to be closed in the tax system but a wholesale increase in income taxes is Likely to harm the experience elsewhere and most analyses in Canada indicate that the get is the Best Way to raise Revenue while enhancing the economic growth which is the ultimate source of individual Prosperity and government that is Why social democratic governments in other countries have adopted a similar Preston Manning of the Reform party takes a More consistent he Doest want the government to have any More he thinks it has too much the Reform party demands a Lon term reduction in government those canadians who agree would be Wise to vote against the get and for the Reform those who believe that Canadian governments before Long Are going to have to concern themselves with preserving and enhancing medical with better child with a massive attack on child poverty with a guaranteed annual income might be Wise to think again about the in the Long it might be the key to those very ruler of a crumbling nation As soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev assumes the new Powers granted to him As president by the Congress of Peoples his nation is on the verge of economically and he faces Strong As the vote defining the presidents position indicated Gorbachev achieved the required majority by a narrow 203 the people Are discontented and disillusioned As five years of perestroika have worsened rather than improved their material Condi the communist party is in disarray following Gorbachev introduction of a multiparty political sys tem and its own inability and reluctance to implement Gorbachev the constituent republics Are at Best restless some Are openly rebellious and there is a Strong Prospect that the nation will break at least the authority now Given to Gorbachev is consider it allows him to propose legislation and gives him a veto Over Bills passed by he has the Power to appoint civilian and military declare states of emergency and govern by it also enables him to bypass the communist party apparatus that has always administered affairs in the soviet Union and to establish his own constituency by Basing the Power of the presidency on a More popular if he is Able to make the new office work As he it will help him in dealing with All three of his major areas of but it will be a hard the most pressing of these is rising nationalism in the the lithuanians decision to secede squarely confronts Gorbachev with a difficult he can attempt to talk them out of he can use his new Power to attempt to forcibly Block or he can negotiate terms of the first of these is the latter two but he will be forced to Deal with it equally difficult and potentially dangerous is economic there is no one really in control of the the Central planners Are in the reformers Gorbachev apparently among them who would move towards a More Market based Economy Are stymied by intense opposition within the system and the immensity of the the still waiting for the promised Are fast running out of empty stores and empty bellies diminish the popular demand for political Reform political Freedom is not the first priority of a Man with hungry children but it remains an imperative for Gorbachev because the communist party is he has already abandoned its ideology and stripped it of its monopoly on but he has yet to put anything in its the Progress of political change in the soviet Union has Given Gorbachev the Powers of a As beset As he he May be sorely tempted to use them that Many soviet liberals opposed Gorbachev proposals for exactly that and if the new system becomes it May pose dangers in the it May be that his Way is the Best Hope of finding answers to what sometimes seem to be hopeless last soviet citizens in a poll named Mikhail Gorbachev the worlds most outstanding living if he can Lead the soviet Union out of the mess his predecessors there May be no other contenders for the a Calm reaction to intolerance Bonanza for broadcasting it is no wonder that simultaneous substitution is so popular with Canadian the government regulation which requires Canadian Cable companies to implement the policy promises to Reward them with revenues of million this at the same it is no wonder that simultaneous substitution is so annoying to Cable it regularly reduces the Choice of television programming available to the regulation governing simultaneous substitution requires Canadian companies to put Canadian signals on channels usually occupied by stations whenever the signals Are 95 per cent the the regulation actually promotes less Canadian Content by inviting Canadian television stations to ape the networks so that their commercials will appear not Only on their own channels but on the channels usually occupied by the stations they Are by aggressively seeking the advantages and the in come from simultaneous Canadian Broad casters often reduce the Choice available to Canadian viewers by three stations during prime time Canadian television is no longer a struggling it does not need to be supported by a regulation which reduces viewers by Wilson special to the free press Ottawa the efforts of the association for the Protection of English and actions of cities like Sault Marie in declaring them selves formally English Only have been widely reported As proof that old intolerance and prejudices Are still Strong in there of intolerance and prejudice in Ontario As there is in most places but it is probably still rooted More deeply in religious Dif As it was in the 19th Cen rather than in issues of Lan Guage or National the last major action of former Premier William Davis was to announce that in future the province would fully fund Catholic High which until then had received no Public financing beyond Grade that touched off a furious laced with prejudice and into but it seemed to be entirely related to old protestant Catholic the dispute never Cen tred on issues related to the Lan Guage of instruction of would be both English and depending on the Little publicity while Sault Marie and the 40 or so other municipalities Labelling themselves officially English Only have attracted nationwide Atten not much publicity has been Given to the municipalities that have refused to go along with a course that is falling far Short of a Stam some of these municipalities Are sizable others Small somewhat to my own mild sur prise i have just discovered that 1 have lived for years beside an Island of tolerance because i have simply thought of the nearby Village As a Friendly place with some very Good without giving any particular thought to questions of it is a Small place on the Rideau canal about 45 Miles from proposal declined like other Ontario municipalities this received a letter from Sault Marie inviting it to follow that cites example and declare itself a bilingually English which on an everyday Lan Guage of business and life basis it certainly when the saults letter came before the local councillors they declined to have anything to do with the on the urging of one Mem Ber appointed recently to fill a they decided that in a practical but very informal Way they would make the Village As multilingual As their decision was a response to the councillors ration Al observation that the purpose of language is to communicate in some a revolutionary no this a cultivated Man named Richard Byrne who is a specialist in the restoration of historic suggested that instead of becoming officially the Village should compile a list of Resi dents who speak More than one language and of the languages they have at their the he would Sim ply be to assist visitors who might find themselves in some emergency situation or lesser difficulty and have trouble most people in Merrickville would go out of their Way to he lets just commune that idea appealed to Village com Mon so Merrickville became in an entirely informal but effective Way multilingual in response to the saults proposal that it should be officially although it is on the Rideau and is not far from Ottawa the Village does not have much tourist on pleasant Days quite a few people drive out from Ottawa to look around until about a year there was not even a bed and break fast where they could stay there Are three local merchants would like to see More tourist Trade and now and then try to get some publicity for the villages attract its Calm reaction to the unilingual list Issue probably should not have surprised i live in a neighbor ing unique in that it has services and no municipal two or three years ago a fellow who thought of himself As a smart operator decided that Merrickville needed to be livened he transformed one of the two local bars by hiring strings of girls to dance completely naked from noon until closing goes bankrupt the local people were not Enchant they talked against the change but they never got around to doing anything decisive about the new they simply let it languish into bankruptcy and after about three months it closed its doors and the smart operator went the closure was viewed As All right there was still one bar where people could go for a swim program i wish to Call attention to Scott Taylors february 24 article entitled elite Talent in the Pam swim Manitoba pro Gram development is quoted As saying for an elite swimmer to he or she has to leave the province we just dont have a senior program As a member of the University of Manitoba bosons swim i agree that the province lacks a unified senior swimming program during the summer to say that no senior program exists at Howe is an insult to myself and my the bosons swim team is a univer sity athletic program geared to wards senior five of our men Are currently ranked among the top ten in Canada in their in the women Erin now in her third year with the Erin Murphy recently made the National team and competed in this years Commonwealth to say that Erin desperately needs an elite senior program is a discredit to her coach and we Are striving hard to become recognized nationwide As one of Canadas top University swim pro and the fact that we Are now attracting National calibre athletes from other provinces indicates Sone degree of by saying that there is no senior program in Mani Pam Wylie seriously damages the image of our not Only to the rest of but within our own where Many elite swimmers Are just reaching univer sity i Hope that before these promising Young athletes decide to swim with High calibre University teams else where in Canada or the they realize that one exists right Jason Smith Winnipeg soiling the Forks regarding the article German Centre hits City free March memorials Are supposed to Honor human material the intention to Dis play parts of the infamous Berlin Wall at the Forks smacks of political and moral those who want to exercise their democratic rights to buy Berlin Wall cow dung should do so by displaying it on their own front the Berlin Wall was the product of morally defective Pseud Politi displaying part of that Wall at a cultural Centre will be highly Offen Sive to All visitors and taxpayers of the regardless of their ethnic a big bouquet of roses to All those who refuse to let parts of the Berlin Wall soil the or any other Public place in schwes1nger Portage la Prairie letters the Winnipeg free press welcomes letters from writers must give their name and names will be used and letters Are subject to hockey hooligans i with a mixture of amusement and a report of a hockey game Between Edmonton and los Angeles in which minutes in penalties give or take a few thousand were handed out to both in other the teams played some hockey Between Central to the Battle Royal was an incident in which one player broke the Cheek Bone of Why did he do it evidently he believes in John Waynes Pithy a mans gotta do what a mans gotta he had to support his buddy who was brawling with the other Fellows the other fellow put up his Dukes the scenario of grown men acting like fools would be laughable were it not for its serious Side for apologists for hockey hooliganism have slathered on that fighting is part of the game or that fighting serves a useful outlet for aggression its better than stick you know in my these statements Are absolute in convinced that if there were a will to do fighting and other Gross infractions could easily be eliminated from the of is the nub of the there is no will to eliminate the equivalent of Street Corner rumbles after they sell incidents like this one disgust me for a number of one of which is their harmful effect on the Type of behaviour displayed in this game encourages far too Many Young hockey players to adopt a belligerent win at All costs it serves to create an atmosphere which is leading More and More youngsters simply to quit the is it any wonder that the number of participants in hockey is Dimin Ishing every year Bruce Dryburgh Winnipeg games mascots it was wonderful to read about and the Manitoba Winter games held in the free i was especially thrilled in your March 9 edition you made mention of the games ready and and gave this artist credit for their thrill turned into astonishment when i read further that Heidi and mascots for the Calgary were also my brainchild Dren they Are i can Only take credit for ready and Heidi and Howdy belong to another thanks for the Kelly Rothwell Carman misinformation our class had a guided tour of Robert Houles everything you wanted to know about indians from a at the Winnipeg Art we feel very strongly about Randal my Lloys review of this exhibit and think that it contains misinform we do not think that the tribes named above the Par Fleches in this exhibit Are if Millroy is our Cree tour guides and some of our classmates Are from an extinct we recommend this exhibit and Hope to see More work by Robert Lori Enns 17 other names Dalhousie school Blitz at Forks the German Canadian Congress acc is to be commended for Pur suing the plan to build a German cultural Centre in Howe to push for the location at the a special ground Laden with culture and May incite a new wave of ant German resent the acc obviously is blinded to wards these sensitive their action is Best described As a Blitz if one considers the Lack of thought Given to the importance of the Public process in this As for the proposal to display a piece of the Berlin we dont need this display of history waste to remember the loss of Freedom and death of so Many unfortunate much More like these showpieces might become a hindrance to the process of reconciliation in the Wolfgang Heidenreich Winnipeg misguided Zeal i see that yet another lobby group has formed to defend Meech Lake and wonder How Many More will be brought Forth squealing and kicking in panic and misguided Zeal before the june and Why the individuals concerned whether absolutely sincere or with visions of Polit ical sugar plums dancing in their Heads fail to realize that the Point they ultimately make is that there must be a Heck of a lot wrong with a constitutional document which re quires such special the pattern is familiar and Omi Nous for the democratic process an Issue citizens with opinions Are Given an Opportunity to deliver them fairly and openly in the hear ing of All in at by the Premier if not in Canada at Large by the prime they do then turn to other matters in the Assumption that the Issue has been decided and their duty but wait now come the ones who know the cussed the ones who treat with condescension or contempt the considered opinions of the who arrogate to themselves the right to be right and reasonable and Good and patriotic and there Are too Many of these lobbyists about these a pox on pity the poor citizenry just on the verge of imagining they might actually make a difference some must we now gird our loins and form Antip Rometch friends of Canada and enemies of Meech Manitoban who con Sider Meech Lake a recipe for disaster i Hope Wells ill come right out and say tru Deau i take my hat off to you for your Long suffering steadfastness and restraint with the stubborn and the benighted and the Alan Osler Winnipeg i Ihrk youve got the wrong Donald

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