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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 17, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free March books the roots of the Intifada by Arnold Ages Twenty eight months after the be ginning of the that Ara Bic word for two israeli famed for their dispassionate reporting and critical Analy have compiled a history of the Zeev Schiff and Ehud Yaari have produced a study in which they try to get behind the headlines and the statistics of the wounded and the dead now More than 600 on the palestinian Side and More than 20 on the israeli Side to ferret out the Bedrock political Story from which the turbulent events of the past two and half years according to the the triggering mechanism for the Intifada was the accidental death of some Gaza workers hit by an israeli operated truck in december of 1987 which was interpreted by the Ganzans As revenge for the killing of an israeli in that the seeds of the popular were present within the palestinian communities of the West Bank and Gaza just waiting for Schiff and Yaari suggest that israeli intelligence was As delinquent in not anticipating the wide spread disturbances after 1987 As they were in not being prepared for the 1973 yom kippur the signs were everywhere in both Public demonstrations and sporadic violence against Israel had occurred frequently in the previous two years but commitment to preconceived notions about palestinian docility blinded those who should have known during the 20 years that Israel occupied the in the Wake of its Victory against Egypt and Jordan in its political and military leaders with rare to ignore the Pov erty and indignities to which palestinians were the israelis spoke constantly about their benevolent occupation of the lands conquered in 1967 but appeared to be oblivious to the Day today liabilities to which palestinians were sex those liabilities included squalid living particularly in Gaza a result ironically of the Arab and palestinian refusal to permit Israel to build better housing based on the presumption that better living conditions would Render the occupation permanent degrading working conditions within Israel and Lack of career opportunities for University the israeli authorities also paid Little heed to the potential Lor violence that was festering in the refugee Camps and among the popu lation at Schiff and of to the upward mobility of some of the palestinians and Point out that Ganzans have More private cars than do israeli Many arabs on the West Bank More in Plush the Contact which the palestinians had with the Mumm Dettwi to Ltd front by Zeev 9chm end Ehud 352 new Simon israelis after far from Cement ing cordial say Schiff and served to accentuate the real Gap Between living standards in Israel and the it is a Well known Maxim that revolutions occur during a time of rising expect criticism of the is mitigated by the authors observations that neither the Arab governments nor the Plo was any better informed about the desperation quotient among the Palestin a jordanian delegation visit ing Gaza just before the outbreak of had even praised the israe Lis for several social development a conference of Arab Heads of state held in Jor months before the Intifada did not even refer to the palestinians in its concluding policy declarations which focused on the Ira Iraq the Arab world was As surprised As the israelis when the Intifada burst upon the Middle the authors also indicate that israels bungled administration of the Terri tories was not caused by malice but by bureaucratic in no one in the israeli govern ment seemed to be responsible for the governance of Gaza and the West responsibility was constantly being shifted from one Agency to in their audit of the events of the past two and half years the authors draw upon palestinian and israeli informants to document the comprehensive nature of the the role of nationalist and moslem fundamentalist elements in accelerating it and the ineptitude and occasional brutality of the israeli army in confronting the detailed accounts they give of strategy meetings where palestinians planned the various stages of the uprising is the authors also provide enlightening commentary on the Way in which the at first stunned by the extent of the soon grasped its dynamic and began to pour funds into the what is is that eruption of 1987 was a spontaneous explosion on which the Plo piggybacked the Intifada provided a tremendous morale boost for the Palestin ians because it showed them that while Arab armies could not ultimately disco fit the israelis in a popular uprising using Only stones and Molotov cocktails for weapons could have that effect in peace the Solidarity of the palestinians could not be broken by massive detonation of houses and expulsion of ring Lead perhaps the most effective weapon at the disposal of the palestinians was an information network which produced regular photocopied Leaf lets and pamphlets instructing the population of Gaza and the West Bank on appropriate conduct in demonstrations against the no matter How quickly israels Secu Rity services closed up one opera another would be functioning within a Schiff and Yaari Are journalists and True to their Metier they prefer facts and analysis rather than they suggest that As a result of the Intima israeli Public opinion has been strongly the value of the territories As buffers against potential Arab aggression is now questionable Given the volatility of the palestinians who inhabit that disengage ment through negotiations Between israelis and palestinians appears now More the say the will be a palestinian state with limited autonomy and virtually no military uprising in the occupied territories is Tough problem for a Long descent into madness by Robert Quickenden Paul Sayer works As a psychiatric nurse in a Hospital in this his first won the Constable trophy for it is an unforgettable and moving bristling with the kind of Paradox implicit in the a Book of hopelessness which nevertheless com Pells the Reader like the Eye of a the Book is a continuous Mono Logue by a patient in an he is catatonic and neither specs to nor acknowledges their to others he is a baffling Enigma the stiff old Cla boots with his Clay head and his old Clay a scarcely breath ing Hotch Potch of skin and who flexed not the smallest extremity who had not spoken a word in anyone living this is a fascinating study of a Man whose life is a sustained Retreat from but made compelling by its by the intense vitality which that soul within him retains even As it methodically destroys through Peters words we see the other characters of the Asylum a the comforts of madness by Paul 128 Mcclelland and major who befriends him and is obsessed with his silence a pair of sinister Young twins a Man who pulls out his hair and lines his room with later fashioning a rope from that same hair in order to hang but All these move around the Central character of Peter and the strange Comfort he derives from this slow movement into silence and it is Only when he is by a period of solitary to recall his that the reasons behind this destructive Choice be come through his memory we meet his a reclusive woman who wrote poetry which his father always her Hus band was a enigmatic Man with a calamitous passion for projects beyond his an sifting for Gold dust in the local car mechanics even though he could not after a nervous his wife leaves for rest in an Asylum but Dies after an unhappy love of Peters sister Alison flees a deteriorating Home leaving Peter alone with his father in an abandoned House by the All around them the houses slowly col lapse Down the eroded Here his withdrawal from life begins in Earnest frightened of he be comes obsessed with controlling his Fate somehow i was beginning to see my withdrawal from life As a Way of lifting myself above transcending the conflict around holding at Bay the demons that had come for my father and might soon come for his relation to his father is crucial to Peters Long Retreat into the collapsing cottage by the sea was an abandoned tourist a place of bad a silly kingdom that immediately captured my fathers Brittle his fathers schemes come to nothing in an unforgettable the son must watch his father take to his bed and slowly die in the acrid smell of his own wastes and physical Peter is aware of his father Only As a painful near the end of the Peter is Ahmadi moslem suffer persecution in Pakistan by Martin Zellig peaceful groups in any country especially those which have signed the United nations Universal Decla ration of human rights should not be denied their elementary human rights and subjected to the punitive apparatus of a modern in Many countries around the world intolerance As Sumes a brutally heavy As our nightly newscasts frequently the plight of some like Bahai in Are if brought to Public conscience and coercion Ahmadi moslem and orthodoxy in Paki by Antonio de scribes in Plain terms the oppression of Ahmad is in a reformist islamic sect founded in the late 19th Century by Mirza Ghulam a charismatic native of the Punjab in Ahmad is regard themselves As True according to pro Fessor of religion at Carleton uni Ahmad thought that he was the rightly guided one who will come at the end of the age to restore the religion of islam and Ahmad self designation of himself As a ran in the face of islamic orthodoxy that asserts that prophetic revelation ceased with the Advent of Ahmad also preached a nonviolent struggle in the promulgation of this Reliance on preaching and persuasion to Advance instead of Force and is another one of the issues that divided Ahmad is from sunni theolo the four million Ahmad is in Paki Stan today 10 million worldwide face harsh social As Well As religious who is interested in the problem of How people regard themselves and How others look upon travelled to in late general Zias death in when his military plane exploded and led to a democratically elected official harassment As Gual Tieri states it is depressing to note that the trials of the Ahmad is have not ended with the accession to Power of Binazir the pro Cess of persecution seems to have a life of its own Independent of changes in the political leadership of the constitutional amendment of 1974 under Zulfiqar All father of had legislated the Ahmad is out of their islamic Heri in april 1984 general Zias notorious military ordinances were incorporated in the Pakistan penal such As those stipulating that Ahmadi use of traditional moslem practises and professions were subject to penalties pre scribed by the criminal the Book chronicles the maltreat ment of Ahmad is at the hands of Mullah inspired mobs in collusion with government for no other reason than professing and left alone in the Woods and hears the wind in the he thinks he hears his fathers voice telling him to Rise and fight the demons in the but his Faith the voice cannons be his immediately he is lost i was a child and i was older than i could Ever have i saw myself lying prostrate across my own i shall drown in this i and somehow it would be no More than i he passes from childhood to death with no manhood in the courage that should have been Forth coming from the father is never Peters silence is a Retreat from the madness he sees around an attempt to create some private space in which his spirit is but he knows that one cannot choose such a life with impunity in the his strategy for survival destroys it is a measure of Sayers skill that he can create that Long descent into madness with such conviction and give it a disquieting trying to live the american dream by Chris Smith if you the High Point of your life being an appearance on the i love Lucy show As a cuban Singer and musician doing a guest spot with the Ricky Ricardo or i its the 1950s and cuban Brothers Cesar and Nestor living and working in new York City fronting a band called the Marabou meet Desi Arnaz in a club where they Are performing and he invites them to appear on his show As a pair of Ricardos the Brothers Are a contrast in style and the is very much the woman chasing Singer and he is the hard Liv ing Leader of the band and of the group of cuban friends in new the Mambo Kings play songs of love by Oscar Hijuelos 407 he struts and most of All thinks with his Crotch rather than his while no Novice when it comes to liquor and is a Brooder the quiet brother who is Over shadowed by his flamboyant Sib Nestor is nursing a heartache As big As Cuba loss of the love of his despite marrying in new York and raising a he is consumed by Maria and spends years writing and re writing a song titled Beautiful Maria of my it is that song which the Brothers perform on the i love Lucy the Book gives a vivid and for the lives led by the cuban immigrants in new or really any group of immigrants trying to make a place for them selves in that glorified melt ing pot while clinging to aspects of their own culture for both Security and families open their Homes and hearts to new arrivals and help them find jobs and eventually their own the Castillo Brothers gets them jobs in the meatpacking Plant where he enabling them to survive while they find work As the of is bigger in the eyes of its members than in but it did Issue a few rec ords and generate a but driving Home one nes Tor loses control of the goes off the Road and who was in the Back seat with one of his girl the survival is questionable because cocky Cesar loses some of his and changing musical tastes mean fewer and less prestigious musical a Short stint As a club owner fails because he is too generous with the bands and cuban exiles he hires and be cause he foolishly borrows Startup Money from a local mobster who claims to have found Cesar slide into old age is Well detailed until we Are left in 1980 with a sick Man playing Mambo Kings records to himself in a room in the hotel scene of Many of his amorous Hijuelos has written an engaging novel of the Brothers and of a time when Hopes were higher and it was easier to believe in the Ameri can conscience and coercion Ahmadi moslem and orthodoxy in Pakistan by Antonio 126 practising their personal Faith the abuse was worse that Gualtieri had he several examples of mosques being desecrated or completely people have been physically at tacked and even Aqil bin Abdul a prominent and very Well respected Ahmadi Eye surgeon in was murdered while sitting in his car waiting for the door to his garage to be opened for the assailant had thrust a Dagger into his neck twice and then fled Down a the medical the pub lie and newspaper editorials condemned the members of a fanatical ant Ahmadi element have been named As prime How the police were instructed by higher authority to close the Book on the Gualtieri was Given an sex elusive tour of the Babwah head quarters of the Ahmady a move ment where Many of the faiths foreign missionaries Are he also visited the the spiritual Leader of the Community who is now in exile in London because his life would be in peril in the Ahmady a Community is i highly trained and has a Hundred per cent literacy Ahmadi adherents include Abdus 1979 Nobel laureate in physics and the late Mohammed Zafrullah Pakistan for eign minister and president of the in general Assembly from Gualtieri reveals the Hydro critical nature of religious repress Ion by noting that the late general Zia relied on Ahmadi doctors be cause they Are Well and regarded As because Ahmadi lawyers have a reputation for giving the Best possible they have As their clients fun Darnen taoist l yet Ahmad is Are still denied Job opportunities because of legislated discrimination against the evolution of democracy in Pakistan does appear to offer some Hope for one important step Forward occurred in when prime minister Bhutto reprieved the death sentences of All condemned including four although they still remain in the Book concludes with an Irivin tation to moslem to cleanse islam of the blight that is represented by the persecution of the Gualtieri also appeals to non moslem to exert their influence on the government of Pakistan to reject co option by the fanatical mentality exhibited by certain conservative and fundamentalist jurists withing pales shades of Holmes by Tom Saunders Sherlock Holmes has proved a difficult character to kill his Oman attempted without Success when Doyle it was assumed that Holmes had perished with Howe has not been the Holmes is currently being resurrected by a who teaches school in is her third novel Fea Turing Doyles famous the first two bore the titles the Case of the Raleigh legacy and the Case of Sabina this reviewer has read neither of them but Accord ing to the blurbs on the dust they have received favourable re views and have even won the approval of the Conan Doyle it takes some courage to disregard All this As one considers Green Woods third Holmes Sherlock Holmes and the Thistle of Scot not that this Book has not much to commend the author is obviously a keen student of the Doyle style and has done her Home work on Many details of the London of Doyles and Holmes but the novel is flawed on several not least by its Saccharine ending and the Ira plausibility of both the crime and its the Thistle of Scotland is an amethyst in a Silver setting and is valued at pounds a great Deal More in today since the amethyst is Only a semiprecious its unusual monetary value has to be explained and the explanation is As follows it was a betrothal gift to Queen of from one of her the infamous lord Daley father of James i of who became James i of As the Story the amethyst has come Down through various peo ple Over the generations until it becomes the property of the Penni less daughter of a penniless English her who has been try ing to marry her off for some has her offer the amethyst As dowry to a Money rubbing Man who does not love her As she does not love but who needs the Money because he is in a tight spot Finan after an Earl morning wed Sherlock Holmes and the Thistle of Scotland by 205 during the wedding the amethyst in its Silver setting which the Bride has been wearing in her mysteriously at this enter Sherlock Holmes and after the better part of 200 pages some of it quite interesting the crime is solved and the amethyst returned to its at this the Bride decides she wants to have the marriage an instead of offering the amethyst As dowry to a Man she does not she Sells it to get the Money to open a Tea shop Conan Doyle could never have offered anything quite so one wonders Why she didst decide to do this in the first it would have saved her a Good Deal of bother then it would have denied Greenwood her As for the implausibility of the crime and its i leave that for the Reader to discover on i can Only add fearing Wias of base in my judgment of this like a Good doctor i asked for a second opinion frown another member of my family who reads and reviews i was relieved to discover that her View on the subject was even More condemnatory than my a Book record place Wrren Smit Haie libraries estates purchased 91 Albert 9437772 ii is a Good alter Reading a new never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an of one in 174m Porte 8319555 567 so mire 2374949 304 9435668 7741297

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