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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 16, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press March Page 32 Chuck features editor staying with Van Halen Bertinelli says Maples chemistry actress Valerie Bertin eff says its a Challenge trying to keep her marriage to Rock Star Eddie Van Halen from breaking up while the guitarist fights a Long running Battle with he Doest abuse me he hurts said the 30 year old who stars in the upcoming lbs he has a problem in not Happy but i bring stability to his and be i love its my some people Are addicted to in addicted to my she that the 33yearold musicians problems have put a Strain on i cant say that were really great dont have a hell of a lot in common Well always be connected like brother and that helps when the Romance comes and in proud of ill support him in every Way i i feel More sorry for de than i do for if worse comes to i can always pick up and but Hes still stuck with his Nan Fox network personality Mairy Pov feh has been handed a second assignment by the fledgling network in addition to his work As Anchor of the tabloid a current he will be Host of an afternoon talk show starting in the fall of there wont be a band or a said the 50yearold who is mar ried to lbs reporter Connie in a news that other stuff scares i got chills up my spine when i was on Arsenio Nan the Mother of suddenly famous Model Maria Maples has publicly stated theres a certain chemistry Between her daughter and billion Aire Donald but the elusive Young Starle Tobes father says there ought to be some i said everybody but the family is Mak ing Money off her and it was time for her to get some monetary Bertinelli stands by her Man Van Halen despite people Stan Maples said of the advice he gave Maria last she no with he Trump being such a Good person could she do that to and that just shows you what kind of person she add Veteran actor Dean who has a full time Job these Days in the Tim travelling to series Quan Tum says this sort of offbeat program fits nicely with his self taught approach to his the process of acting i work the same Way i worked when i was he told premiere i work exclusively with imagination and in in not a studied i dont i dont i dont do any of the things actors Are taught to in not saying its the Way everyone should do it works for if its not dont fix Nan Brady Bunch member Susan who these Days plays a grownup Cindy now a radio disc jockey in Cess not Sone the had an eerie experience recently when she appeared on a radio talk the real life deejay who conducted the interview was Danny an other former child Star he played Danny Partridge in that other 60s family the Partridge family who trying to make a we talked about being kids in Holly Olsen and he gave me some pointers about playing a he still has tha red hair and Hes still very caustic and Bonaduce made a to comeback of his own last week news programs when he was arrested last week for buying crack cocaine in Daytona compiled from the news services the far Side by Gary Larson not Barf at less better what does bund Estehr mean god creates the by Manfred Jager what does the name bund Estehr mean and does it Bear any relationship to the word Wehr Macht of second world War Fame the Wehr part of both words is the of it stands for staving bund Means bund Estehr thus stands for the defence of the Macht Means so wehrmacht simply meant defence before the nazi emergence from the ashes of the old Weimar by the the German army was called which meant the defence of the the How Long after quitting smoking will it take my lungs to recover to full health the Canadian lung association says research shows that smokers Are 10 to 20 times As Likely to die of lung cancer As Are depending on How Long and heavy they their breath ing efficiency recovers and the risk of lung cancer goes Down after quitting As for heart the other great health smokers answers Are three times As Likely to die As their risk can drop to nonsmoker depend ing on How Long and How much they How old is Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa born in Montreal july the Premier turns 57 this How Many volunteers of the peace brigades International have died in the line of duty while protecting Central american Public figures from assassination not a single according to a Volunteer coordinator in the brigades Canadian Headquarters in the official says dozens have served since the groups inception nine years eight Are on duty in Guatemala right if you want answers Call 9422047 the pitifully powerful Lack of women Speaks volumes about our leadership so you were wondering who the people with the Power Are a couple of weeks Back i passed along a list that was supposed to contain the names of Winnipeg 25 most influential according to a business people sur to refresh your they in order Gary Jack Bill Arthur George Kevin Kavan Charles Sharon car Tay Del Jake Robert Hersh Albert Barry Richard Campbell Alan Gary Clayton Martin Ami Art Walter Durowec and Bill at the i let slip a hint that i didst agree with All the names on the list and left it at then this week Brad who was the publisher of record when that Issue hit the news dropped me a he allowed that there May have been some names you might be interested in the second those who almost have or those who Al most made the Accord ing to our Hughes listed them Dave Gerry Jim Dorothy Al Gold James Gerald Murray Reech Julian Nick Dia Dennis Donald Fen Don Herb Peter Sam Sandy Robert John Gary Jim Alan Graham Hague and Stewart Hughes then proceeded to make an observation about the fabulous what i find really interesting is that the depth of leadership in this Community is so and so dominated by we have Many very successful business people in Winnipeg who keep such a Low profile that they never appear on any of these the Point we were trying to make with the list was that those with influence need to step Forward and be they should use their influence for the positive betterment of the Winnipeg desperately needs leadership from the private and Public sector when i finished Reading the letter i had some both about the and Hughess la Gordon Sinclair ment about there were a couple of things that struck me right away about both conspicuously absent Are i counted two women among the both of them Politi and where is the news Media radio and newspapers have More influence than half the names on the list lumped for is Job open line Host Peter Warren where was retiring free press publisher Art Wood or Csc regional director Marv perhoch the lists obvious inadequacies what Hughes says in the letter is whats it Points out How the depth of leadership in our Community is so and so dominated by the fiasco at the Forks is the most deplorable and current sex theres leadership on it like there was leadership at whats missing is the planning of the which should Crown our cites Crossroads with is turning the historic area into a potholed Why because when you mix business and you get what you and my fellow Citi goes for lists of powerful there Are leaders of vision in this people who think that business can make a Buck and a contribution at the same business people As Hughes has have come Forward with plans for the future that could make this a better last Sam Katz tried with a softball Complex that made too much sense for City when he struck the vision impaired umpires should have been tossed out of the we reelected mayor 3 on business peo Ples list of most in sad to de serves its reputation As a National not because of weather or bit ing because its pow Erful people Are so Floo Cluj 24 hours news our of Flywheel of Fortune g sky news hour q family feud o How to q provincial aaa basketball to inspirational Momenta ibm3dcknd first news of night court bad genes Jiw world of horse rang business report go sinew wilderness tic Korea Patsy Cline a Colfax h2 Nouvelle Europe Ennes is 5g doctor who if 3 about time country set role a video private members business r jeopardy g a 34 current affair d size Small Island 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