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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 12, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 8 Winnipeg free March up photo Mill mishaps alarm workers Edmonton up when Oil rigs were claiming the lives of work ers during the booming Early nobody thought it could get any but workers on pulp Mills being constructed in Northern Alberta now fear Mill construction could be the safety Nightmare of the after 28 years As an Wayne Kwasney shudders at the safety conditions of construction workers building pulp he was injured at the Weld Wood Mill expansion in last fall after inhaling chlorine it was definitely the worst Job Ive Ever been he the government has got to Force them to have safer conditions or it will be the same As the Oil a week the provincial occupational health and safety depart ment halted work on parts of the Dai Showa pulp Mill under construction near peace River in Northwest Ern Alberta following the death of a construction worker there in Gebru it was the first time the govern ment ordered a rotating shutdown since sending message were sending a message said Joe a spokesman for the accidents and injuries Arent to be taken lightly any years ago that May have been the Case but that not the Case if we have to take Strong we the Weld Wood expansion and the new Dai Showa Plant Are among seven new plants or expansions either under Way or being considered for the workers say they will no longer tolerate poor safety both the Weld Wood and the Dai Showa projects have experienced work stoppages Over last workers at the Hinton construction site walked off their jobs because of Gas workers at the Dai Showa site staged Brief illegal strikes last june and july Over safety were definitely at a turning Point regarding construction and safety said Bill health and safety representative for in v pos Meech pondered politicians fear country breakup if Accord Dies pulp Mill construction offers the Northern Alberta building trades which represents construction weve seen a slide if health and safety has got ten workers have put up with crude conditions for economic in the Oil Boom of the late 1970s and Early they were willing to live in substandard work Camps and do gruelling work on the Oil pay was High but so was the number of serious injuries and but they Are now saying the pay int not Worth the were up there for not but its not Worth dying said one construction worker at the Dai Showa the trades Council is trying to convince occupational health and jobs and hazards for safety minister Peter Tryn Chy to set up joint company worker safety Vair president of the said it int enough to Sim ply require companies to provide safety were pushing for a joint site it has to have the ability to shut Down an area until problems Are Clendenning they want the authority to do not just relay their con Cerns to management and Hope there followed added construction companies say it is unfair to suggest they Are not concerned about the Alberta construction safety an organization which offers safety courses to construction has Given seminars to 150 companies since by John Douglas Winnipeg free press Ottawa a thick and heavy fog rolled off Meech Lake last week blanketing Ottawa in a deep depress while Manitoban seem almost Serene in their opposition to the constitutional Federal politicians for the first time lifted their focus from the embattled initiative and seriously began casting their eyes to the what they saw frightened every one of a Balkans Zed country with no one single purpose and lots of its no longer the Meech Lake Accord being but the breakup of said Secretary of state Gerry its a frightening not Only for those of us who have fought for a United but also for our children who we leave this country there is not one event that can be singled out for turning the Corner on the National Canada in crisis Early in the a Quebec poll indicated 58 per cent of Quebe cers favor sovereignty if Meech Lake in a cover the weekly newsmagazine Mac leans Canada in crisis How the nation could break prime minister Mulroney immediately followed with the suggestion he had done everything he could to win support for the Newfoundland Premier Clyde Wells then waded into the debate with a heavy suggesting that under Meech his province might be better off joining the United he quickly followed by giving Public notice his government was prepared to rescind its support for the Quebec maps retaliated with their own threats to Lead that province into a Union with its Southern neigh an action supported and endorsed by one of the country Lead ing Ghislain All the the clock to Meech lakes deadline continued to tick Down to its june 23 there Are now just 103 Days before it firefighters celebrate defeat of dump up they had a hot time in Hagersville this weekend and the glow didst come from the tire fire that made the town scores of their and others who pitched in during the emergency gathered Satur Day night at the firewall for a party they promised themselves after snuffing out the Blaze that burned for 17 we did something they said be local my Bob speller said to cheers from the noting smaller tire fires had burned much longer in the United i think we proved something not just to the rest of Canada but to those Yankees As added the who represents Buck chief of the Hagersville Volunteer fire arrived at the shindig after attending the funeral of his 82yearold resolve and hard that what put it he we went to work to Stop the fire and that what we there was also Praise for those who prepared stews and thousands of sandwiches for the 140 fire fighters who worked through frigid temperatures to extinguish the flames fed by millions of old it was tiring but Well Worth said one of those Debbie Inrig of while firefighters celebrated the 28 end of their those charged with cleaning up the toxic mess worked through the weekend at the Tyre King dump near this town 35 Kilometres Southwest of they continued to Drill holes to test groundwater for contamination and pumped oily Runoff water from the site into specially constructed said Michel Beland of the provincial environment the Runoff water will be pumped through a portable treatment Plant separates liquids and gases and tests each for toxins and containment erected at the tests results were still he Man drowns in bid to save dog from the Canadian press Toronto police believe a 19 Many Earold Man drowned in the cites Don River yesterday after he ventured into the swirling water in an attempt to Rescue his Rescue Crews called off their search for Brian Downey of Toronto in the late evening but plan to re sume the search police were contacted by two of Downers who said their Friend disappeared into the swollen River after going in after his the dog appeared to be pulled under water by a Strong protest creates delays a Campaign by Canada customs officers protesting their wage Levels created Long delays for bargain Hunters and March break vacation ers at several Border Crossings this travellers who normally wait about 15 minutes to Cross at Ontario Border Points in the fort Erie and Niagara Falls area waited up to 2y2 hours to Cross on there were also disruptions at other Border Crossings across the said Mansel presi Dent of the customs excise which represents customs in management at several Border said the Long delays were caused by heavy traffic due to the March school break and mild Medusa Man nabbed a to officer facing a two headed suspect arrested the Man but left the Snake Peter Moore and his part Ner confronted the unusual Quarry saturday when a Man wanted in a Canada Domestic dispute returned to an apartment trashed earlier in the when he showed there was something wrapped around his but we didst see what it was be cause he had Long said the next thing you this head popped out from his the head turned out to be the business end of a metre Long by son die in Lake a Man re turning from a Day of ice fishing drove his truck into open killing himself and his three year old police said five people were in the truck crossing foggy Loughborough Lake at dusk i guess they didst see open water until it was too Provin Cial police Peter Cruji said from James whose 29th birthday would have been was driving the his son Daniel and an other passenger were in the while two other adults were in the Back of the two in the Back and the passenger swam to Cruji life returns to Normal Edmonton native people and endangered animals can finally get Back to peaceful wilderness living now that Low level military flights in Canadas Northwest have been can Block open 9 weekdays 9 saturday phone 7868878 or 2333080 consult your while pages Page 75 for the office nearest Ajo in Uii Liny Welner expires if not passed by All 10 prov inces and the Federal Deputy prime minister Don Mazankowski admitted to the House the recent events have caused a greater sense of urgency around the some suggest Ottawa is simply trying to turn up the heat on Manito new Brunswick and newfound but if that is the the governments insiders have fooled not Only the opposition but its own throughout the maps from every province and every party stood up pleading for under standing and As we contemplate the frustrating discord to which the Meech Lake debate has now it is timely to reiterate our individual convictions that the Accord presents a unique Opportunity for Canada to become new Brunswick tory Bud Bird told the the weeks tensions brought opponents together in a plea for nation Winnipeg North Liberal Rey Page who stands opposed to the believes Manitoban will still reject it when they examine its implications for the but adds the provincial debate must be raised to the level of nation building otherwise history May judge Manitoba there is a great National Opportunity for All provinces to be together on this Issue if Only there would be a Little give and he Manitoba has to reexamine some of its Ross a conservative from Eraser British Columbia delivered a stirring plea for National he told the House that his Quebec born parents moved to Saskatchewan and Farmed there for 60 a depression he i know what drought and depression there is a constitutional depress Ion in there is a drought of ideas and we Are tearing ourselves he i would encourage All 11 of Canadas first ministers to consider their there has to be a Way of resolving our we must be equal partners we must do our utmost to find a Way to affirm who we Are and to confirm that we Are All equal part there is a place for All prov inces in Canada just As there is a place in the provinces for Liberal Leader Herb a 28 year Veteran of the House of com said the current crisis in National Unity May be More serious than the language crisis of the late 1970s that sparked Quebec Only referendum on where every Region searched for a solution to the language problem and publicly told Quebec to say yes to Canada in the Gray said most provinces Are doing nothing this time there is a greater willingness to sit on their he i think that the majority of canadians Are very concerned about the future of Canada but they just Haven yet identified the Meech Lake debate with an Overall vision of Canada As a its not just an Issue of its an Issue of canadians living Pagtakhan challenged provincial leaders to lift the narrowly focused attention of the Accord to a broader vision of the speedy death for Accord urged Vancouver up the Best Way to prevent the disintegration of Canada is to allow the Meech Lake constitutional Accord to die constitutional expert Edward Mcwhinney lets All Start talking again after june 23 and i am sure there is no need for a constitutional upheaval to keep Canada the Simon Fraser University professor Newfoundland Premier Clyde Wells says he will move to revoke newfoundlands approval for the Meech Lake the designed to bring Quebec into the must be ratified by All provinces by june 23 or it will Manitoba and new Brunswick have not approved Premier Bill Vander Zalm and other premiers May find themselves under tremendous pressure to pull out of Canada if Quebec Breaks away Over the Mcwhinney if Quebec Brit ish Columbia and Ontario will be examining degrees of disengage and this is the sober he in a Canada without que we would be paying More for the have not Mcwhinney said British Columbia and even Alberta May opt to join the United states if Quebec pulls out of Wells has driven a very Large Nail in the Meech said Vic Toria political analyst Gerry Kris but if the demise of Meech spells the demise of will be Wise to go it alone rather than join said whats the difference being one of 10 prov inces or one of 51 states unless a Compromise is Canada is in serious said Law professor Andrew Petter of the University of who has studied Meech since its even if Quebec took no drastic such As reviving the threat of the death of Meech would politically rigidity the state of affairs in he say peace and disarmament the groups were celebrating Sun Day after learning the b52 cf18 fighter planes and another five military aircraft will not be flying Over the federally approved route this in absolutely the effect those flights had on the Environ ment was absolutely said Patty Hartnagel of project plow goods and services tax credit you May be eligible to receive the new goods and services tax credit payable in at her Block Well prepare the application form to be filed with your 1989 tax if youre Only filing for tax credits this Well prepare your re turn for a special Low theres no need to be confused by the eve changing tax put us to work for correction re monday flyer March due to supplier problems the Koss headphones will not be Avail the 20001 fish for the Minolta Maxum camera kit will not be Avail Able at this sorry for any inconvenience caused our valued National defense defence National warning Shilo ranges Day and night firing will be carried out at the Shilo ranges until further the Range consists of and controlled property lying approximately 20 Miles be from Brandon and n of the Assiniboine River in townships 8 and 9 Range 14 townships 9 and 10 ranges 15 and 16 and townships 9 and 10 Range 17 Wpm in the province of if a detailed description of the Shilo property May be obtained from the base construction engineering officer at Canadian forces base All entry roads and tracks into Cleary marked and posted with signs indicating that there is to be no trespassing and that Hunting is by permission of the base commander Hunting permission May be obtained upon application at base building Canadian forces base stray ammunition explosive objects shells and similar explosive objects Are a Hazard to life and do not pick up or retain such objects As if you have found or have in your Possession any object which you believe to be an your local police and arrangements will be made to dispose of no unauthorized person May enter this area and trespassing on the area is strictly by order Deputy minister department of National defence Canada 1 7r3o77 the Sears Eaton attention proud parents when you place the birth announcement for your new Addi Tion to the in the Winni Peg free press for two you will receive a special baby gift pack first two weeks free diaper service from diaper service no Boll Simon a complimentary facial from Beauty by a subscription gift pack from Winnipeg free press to place your birth announce ment please Call 9562330 monday to Between to or sat to Rural Manitoban May Call toll free at 18005428900 or fax your and to us at we look Forward to serving Canada is your child underachieving in school does your child become frustrated in school exhibit Low self esteem achieve below expectation despite at least average intelligence if consider the laureate Academy Small structured 5 to 1 Success oriented grades new provincial Public information night March 367 Hampton Winnipeg for information Call 8317107 the laureate Academy setting the Standard in education

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