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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 12, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba It u Winnipeg free press March paged Canada after Meech parents pensive Over birth Lack of quorum stifles arts advisory Council the Winnipeg arts advisory Council has not allocated More than 40 per cent of the cites 1989 arts project Grants because it could not get a quorum at any meetings for seven Bill chairman of the said vacancies on the combined with poor attendance by City councillors and Volunteer prevented any work from being done Between last june and this it has been a very unsatisfactory Situa Stewart he said of available for projects was not but he will ask the cites Parks and culture commit diverted funds draw criticism by Allison Bray about million slated for much needed parking and improvements in Winnipeg Exchange District was diverted by the Core area initiative for political the director of the Exchange District association politicians Are running around to make sure they can spend Money that they will get the most press out Angus Stone said Stone said slated for a Parade in the Exchange District and in general improvement funds was diverted from the Initia Tives budget for the area to fund the proposed German cultural Centre at the Forks and Spruce up Corydon Stone said a 15 Cai news release announcing that a Grant to build a Parade in the Exchange District was shelved due to Lack of private sector financing was a convenient excuse that Doest hold they didst want it to appear that a Brickman mortar project was coming out of a people he Stone said eight proposals had been submitted by developers to build the ongoing but the initiatives policy commit made up of mayor Bill Federal Energy minister Jake Epp and provincial Urban affairs minis Ter Gerry shelved the project after one Developer whose project had been approved with Drew his application because tend ers on the work exceeded projected in the Stone said a second Call for the parking proposal is being but the in Cai funding for the project will have to come out of the general redevelop ment budget for the Stone said parking studies con ducted by the City show the Exchange District is the area of Winni Peg most critically in need of parking the Lack of parking has been an ongoing he when we refer to the District As the most its not a phrase we just dreamed As he it was inappropriate to use funds that would have gone towards general improve ments in the downtown to fund a streets Caping project on Corydon that May fit the geographical bound Ary of the Core area if not the de Facto definition of the Stone said the withdrawal of Money slated for the area represents More than a tenth of the million in initiative funding for the tee today to increase the Iwu fund by to make up the he said the arts advisory Council has received applications for far More projects than can be covered by the available fund including several applications from 1989 that Are still dangerous precedent in the City received Grant applications totalling to be accommodated by the a report prepared for councillors by Bob commissioner in charge of said the arts Council should be allowed to keep the unexpended from even though it is against Council he was overruled by the rest of the Board of who said it would set a dangerous precedent if groups were allowed to keep unspent the onetime increase sought by the arts Council to the 1990 Grant is a Stewart it has the same effect in the Long he the arts advisory Council also blamed its problems in 1989 on its Lack of administrative support Jeff de free press councillors were to be asked today to approve a plan allowing the arts Council to spend five percent of its total budget to hire two employees and set up an Stewart said the arts advisory Council of volunteers has had no employee assistance to process and investigate he said the five percent level was set because the organization didst want to face criticism that too much was spent on admin we didst want to get into the situation where you have people accusing us of spend ing a lot of Money meant for he a report written by civic chief commissioner Rick Frost for Council said the administrative problems must be the problems currently plaguing the wac Are of grave concern to the civic administration inasmuch As a Strong administrative entity is required to keep the Grant allocation timeline on track and provide credibility to the granting Frost the problems with project funding in 1989 came about because almost half the Money was unallocated by when four of 12 Board members one moved away and two did not attend boost funds or face study says comparing contenders Len Anderson mulls Over which contestant hell Back in the upcoming Federal Liberal leadership past president of the vital provincial Riding was wearing a Cap with the humorous slogan in their Leader which Way did they go at this weekends Manitoba party 41 jobs depend on Dealership talks a Deal is in the works to save a Winnipeg truck Dealership from receivership and save 41 a com Pany spokesman said Robert a spokesman for Prairie Mack sales 1540 Saskatchewan confirmed the company is negotiating with a Possi ble Clements said the outcome of the talks should be announced i dont think it will disappear and i dont think anyone will lose their jobs Over that Why were in Clements refused to say anything adding he didst want to risk hurting the Rick president of local 144 of the Canadian Auto workers said the Dealership went into receivership last who works in Macks parts said Mack work ers heard last tuesday that the company had met with Mack Canada to see if it would take Over the local he said that by wednesday morn temporary layoffs had left Only eight unionized workers at the Dea with those eight being Laid off later that Wishart blamed the company problems on a slow truck by Pauline Comeau a 10monthold report coauthored by government officials says the province must increase base funding of family services agencies or expect cuts in the report also recommends a number of ways to ensure the Agen cies receive adequate base adding the existing policy of cover ing annual deficits ignores the Root of the the written in two parts by a financial analyst and a policy adviser in the family services department As Well As representatives of family services was presented to the Filmon government in february and May the funding committees report suggests the Bottom line on the financing question was that govern ment must Stop funding Agency deficits As a solution and tackle the real problem of inadequate base fund the committee firmly believes that unless an adequate base is deficits will persist if ser vice Levels Are to be or service cuts will have to be made if the system is to have no noted committee members in part completed in february the reports authors said a pattern of paying off Agency which had become the Rule in the past few was particularly wrong head deficits Are not supported except As approved As an extraordinary they said under a series of there is no suggestion throughout the report that there had been any mismanagement of spending on the part of the the committee suggested its recommendations be implemented in last family services minister Charlotte Oleson announced that her department would fund the deficits incurred by the agencies during Oleson added a new provision and said that the Money would flow Only after the groups had handed in detailed plans on How they will reduce deficits next the move appears to reject the direction called for by the commit and instead reflects concerns raised Early last year in an audit of the agencies called by finance min ister Clayton the audit suggested that the child welfare agencies have been spend ing virtually in a recent Oleson said the government recognizes that pay ing the deficits is not the answer she it remains a teacher balks at due funded expansion i Winnipeg free Prei by Glen Mackenzie a Virden teacher thinks the Manitoba teachers society executives plan to make members pay As much As each for a building expansion with one floor devoted to nothing but a meeting room and an exercise room is a bit in a letter to the society monthly news Ray Vance said the proposed lion expansion of Mcmaster House society Winnipeg Headquarters at Portage Avenue and Harcourt Street Cost members a year if a plan to pay for it Over 20 years is Vance said 50 people now work at mamas Ter but the proposed expansion into the parking lot will have space for the society which has unanimously adopted the plans to rent space there to groups affiliated to the organi he but Vic president of fort la Bosse teachers said he expects the society will quickly expand its own staff to fill especially when a top society staff officer predicts higher school enrolment even though figures show Manitoba Popula Tion its provides us with a valuable and necessary he i believe the people we employ and who we elect do a Good Job and the costs could be controlled if anyone just wanted to take the but dont expect the initiative to come from your its that is like asking your son to set his own Vance also said in an interview that he Doest think one floor should have nothing but two a meeting room and an exercise society president Betty Husby said the plan has two lounges because the organizations support staff want one separate from senior Husby said the exercise room was included in the design because of the society Campaign of although adding its use would Likely be restricted to staff members rather than including it wont have elaborate exercise she and May not be established at its just a name on a Husby but when you you design for the the society executive recommended in a split vote in 1978 that teachers at the annual convention approve a but the convention turned it Husby said she want certain if approval of that would have met today the Manitoba teachers society building plans have come under she also questioned Vances statement that each teacher would be assessed for the current proposed saying no Deci Sion has been made on How to fund regardless of pay a year dues to the she necessity while the financial prob lems plaguing the agencies Are Exa it is not a thing that can be put into effect really she said of the committees Call for a focus on Oleson said that her focus now is to work with the groups to control specifically by guarantee ing that government Money is going directly to services for look at books for Oleson govern ment is looking at what obligation it has for funding such As facsimile machines or other office that cannot be directly related to care of but while the agencies took exception to the implications carried in the they say they do not fear Ole sons Call for a look at their books we have reexamined ourselves and Are confident that each one of us is Rachel presi dents of the Manitoba family ser vices agencies association there is no fat out victim savors Normal life by Ruth Teichroeb after almost three months in hos Tara Lynn Provo celebrated her Homecoming this weekend by going out on the town with who was seriously injured in a Winnipeg i Landrun Accident on is Savouring her return to a More Normal i went out to a bar with my friends last the 20yearold University of Manitoba psychology student said yesterday from her Home in Portage la it was i missed my family and friends when i was in the Hospi after emerging from a Medica Tio induced coma a month Provo underwent intensive treat ment at health sciences Centre until her release on saturday doctors induced the coma after the Accident to help relax her body and allow her punctured lung to the coma also wiped out any frightening memories Tara Lynn might have had about her weeks in intensive an unknown Motorist jumped the curb and hit her while she was waiting for a bus at Pembina High Way and Grant she was dragged about 47 metres before the car sped since coming out of the she said Shes worked hard to recover As fast As possible i just wanted to get out of now Shes enjoying the Small Lux uries of like not having to eat off a Hospital tray theres something about eating a pizza out of a Box that better than Hospital she i had my first pizza last daily physiotherapy sessions have helped her rapidly regain use of her she i can walk now with a Cane but my Muscles need she but until Shes fully Shell continue physiotherapy in Portage la she because her lung is still she suffers from shortness of breath As before she left the she presented a plaque to her intensive care physician Luis Oppen Heimer and other Hospital staff to thank them fur saving her

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