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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 12, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba U it u Mai my Winnipeg free press March Page 2 Julian provincial editor v i Gladys tech cd photo Smau town trying to ditch its dam repairs needed to Avert danger by Maureen Houston Winnipeg free press Minnedosa the aging dam that overlooks this Community needs at least in repairs to ensure residents Are not put at Accord ing to a recent report by the Prairie farm rehabilitation our biggest concern is the location of the dam in relation to the Duane Para operations because the town is situated downstream from and below the the Structure was Given Paras highest classification of Hazard Boutang said there is no immediate danger of the dam he said engineers were mainly concerned about the dam sitting on a pervious or Sandy which has been shown to be theres always the possibility that when water leaks through it could Start to carry away material As he if the void got Large and took enough Earth with All of a sudden the water could bust right in the spillway Structure above the Earth its not so were not going to be cascaded with Gallons of water in dam causing extensive damage in mayor Wayne cur Rah said there is Little Chance of a similar safety is our ultimate personal safety and the economic safety of businesses Down but theres not much danger of anything but he said the re port is not Good news for the which has sole ownership of the any unexpected expenditure is a Bur but if push comes to it repairs will have to be Para has among other building a gravel filter Blanket on the town Side of the dam to decrease the Chance of Earth washing the town undertook similar work in 1986 after the first extensive assessment of dam safety by which annually inspects the the town has tried for Many years to Transfer ownership of the dam to the Currah said the released to Council in Early will put new urgency into those Nego Marshall regional water manager for the provinces water resources said discussions on transferring ownership have been going on for about 20 the province has no real objection to taking it he it Doest seem like the towns been that the biggest obstacle to he has been ironing out details of land ownership at the dam we generally like to own All the land up to the top of the dam so that if there is a problem with its our land and not somebody sort of oddball Deal he called it a thorny Issue because there Are Many Small parcels of land involved and nobody really sure who owns the 600metre earthen dam and spillway were built in the Early 1900s by the Minnedosa Power which later handed it Over to the its sort of an oddball Deal because normally Para builds dams and the province takes them Thompson in the its probably in the Best interest for everybody if the province took it Over because we have the greater financial re sources if any major work was Deputy mayor Terry Drebit said the study was done partly because Levels in Minnedosa manmade Lake were significantly lowered last fall As part of a Lake rehabilitation allowing a More thorough inspection of the Struc its not As serious As some people make it out to he adding some residents have overreacted to the were not going to be cascaded with millions of Gallons of chamber of Commerce president Mel Taylor said he has not heard much talk among Mem Bers about the dam its nothing to be afraid he its just that the dam was built at a time when local people we rent As concerned about Engi Neering As they currently Are so no one knows whats in the Centre of the a former town said his main concern is that the town will not be Al Lowed to refill the Lake for the summer tourism season because of the dam it would be a disaster if its left the Way it is agriculture minister Glen Findlay discusses concerns with group of banners at farm management seminar in Miami last Arm by Gladys Terichow Winnipeg free press Winnipeg Miami farm diversification will have new mean ing in the Pembina Valley development manager Sam Schellenberg told a farm seminar Here late last the Silver Market and tourism will provide Golden opportunities for Farmers who take the risk of Radi Cally different he he Are known for being innovative and should use their kitchens and machine shops to meet the growing demands of seniors and tourists in the next you can keep on enjoy Rural but make Money from other he Farmers Are notorious for keeping All their eggs in one Basket you might break a but who you might come up with the perfect agriculture minister Glen Findlay told the seminar the trend towards Farmers earning of farm income will continue in the next value added industries and specially markets open new opportunities for he listing oat processing plants and organically grown food As exam if theres a Market and you think you can meet that Market and make a positive return doing that something you should he Morden farm management specialist Irwin Wiebe suggested Farmers buy of farm head Vised Young Farmers to begin buying registered retire ment savings plans at the age of it takes a lot of discipline to put Money away when your income is he but if you begin saving Money when youre you wont have to worry about Selling the family farm when you that the Best Way to ensure the farm will stay in the Wiebe predicted profit margins will continue to be slim in the 90s and that the biggest profits will be made by producers who understand the complexities of marketing he urged Farmers to join marketing clubs and recognize the importance of Good farm management prac production efficiency will contine to be of utmost attempt to Cross Lake fatal for two Cross country skiers he producers will have to be the Best to be this is certainly True when you have a High debt you cant be you have to be the improve management practices the attended by 100 graduates of farm business marked the end of the six year pro Gram designed to help banners improve management it was jointly funded by the senior Levels of Manitoba agriculture department Central Region director Brian Manning said individuals had graduated from the with so per cent of graduates from the Centra an important aspect of the program was encouraging farm couples to he adding 75 Pef cent of graduates were farm Elaine Edel of Morris said in an interview the farm business group had helped her and husband Melvin realize the importance of working together As farm they also Learned to look at their farm operation As a determine which operations were profitable and Deal aggressively with financial one of the changes they made was discontinuing their hog we took the course before the she that what helped us make it through the two Cross country skiers drowned while at tempting to Cross Oxford House Lake on Thompson ramp said last night the male skiers were crossing a narrow area of the Lake when they plunged through thin ice sometime on saturday of the ice had thinned because of moving the pair want reported missing until and the bodies were found yesterday ramp Are not releasing the names until notification of next of deaths classified death husband of Maria Georgina of Dorothy Ber wife of William Ernest George of of widow of edouard Hus band of Lei Arvind of Winni wife of Norbert Ger widow of Fred wid Ower of Katherine to of win wife of sol widow of Sterling Alice widow of Eric William Mit Helmer husband of Vera of widower of Anna of Douglas Dar of husband of Agnes of win formerly of wife of Oliver of formerly of Cooks formerly of husband of Olga Barry o Moose of mor formerly of wid Ower of Edith a f turn your the Western express Bonus just got and introducing the Bonus game that lets you spin to live on you could win an entry into the showdown Bonus to Bonus if your name is youll receive a trip for two to West Edmonton mall to spin the showdown wheel live on you will win a minimum of but you could win up to the wheel live

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