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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 11, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Free press March pet prejudices list includes anyone who wears White socks or owns Garden gnome news item a recently released study of bigotry in Britain has shed startling Light on societal according to the those most Likely to inspire prejudice include men who Wear Gold medallions or White real estate and Volvo others who made the top 50 include owners of Garden gnomes and Mobile and this you must a shocking indictment of narrow mindedness in contemporary just imagine being prejudiced against its Ahvay dismaying to come across a list of other Peoples prejudices particularly when you discover that youre on As a smoker who owns several pairs of White in suddenly feeling awfully Ive never encountered any overt prejudice on these a Good number of the people who Are pleasant to my face Are confiding behind my Back that they want their sister to marry i suppose its better to get these things out into the and to be its difficult not to share at least a couple of those British its important to be but theres really no excuse for owning Garden purchasing a gnome is lamentable enough in worse it starts so Many people Down the Slippery slope that leads to Pink in Reading about the British study is enough to make you feel like revealing your own secret to my i have quite a Long list of despite my efforts to remain i Harbor prejudice toward the occasional several and almost everyone named i dont like hockey players who say they give 110 per baseball players who say there or finance ministers who say anything at in particularly prejudiced against finance ministers who Promise Short term pain for Long term this sounds suspiciously like a claim that things will be much twos n no did my Aimu in begin 3 to ask myself Why your Mother ily gave me her Mink better once youre which of things May indeed be much better for everyone but be absolutely Lousy for since were All going to pack it in sooner or its also difficult to feel kindly toward people who devote themselves to trying to live longer than that Why my prejudice list includes aerobic people who ate oat bran before discovering it want Good for them after and people who drink Mineral i dont actually dislike people who drink Mineral i just find them Why spend on a bottle of water that fizzes slightly drink Beer and if you still want something have an Alk Seltzer next i detest Drivers who wait until the Light turns Green before signalling a left and Harbor a Milder prejudice toward people who capitalize the words new and age and then add movement to also on the list Are people who Dawdle at Bank people who get snippy when you try to sneak 12 items through the supermarket express and especially people who advertise self help regimens which will help you turn your life such people Are never if they they just Send the but hang this is getting awfully to even things let it be Clear that there Are lots of people i i like people who devote their time to worthy people who Are kind to and the few Brave rebels who still smoke in i warm instantly to those who play Golf and am deeply fond of any Man whose hairstyle is receding faster than mine unless he owns a Mobile in which to Heck with service Pigeon club eyes City Coop Winnipeg fancy Pigeon association is looking for a Home in currently operating out of the 100member club Hopes to find space some where in the City for a Small clubhouse with grounds to hold meetings and two Lawn shows per no Birds would be kept at the James resident Leonard who keeps 14 fancy pigeons in a backyard said its getting too expensive for members to transport Birds and cages to and from to the club Hopes to find a permanent Loca Tion in the City where the cages can be meetings and two outdoor shows held each that the Only time Birds would be he we presently meet sometimes at the Clifton Community but wed like something a Little More Perma members would continue to hold their an Nual december show where up to Birds Are exhibited and judged at the fort Rouge Leisure the club is looking at the possibility of buying or leasing Cit owned Hogg said the club is considering acquiring an existing but has enough Money to put up a prefab garage As its no flooding forecast in South below average snowfall and dry soil conditions have All but eliminated any threat of flooding in Winnipeg this according to the Manitoba River fore cast mid february Snow surveys show that Snow cover is Well below average in most of Southern Manitoba and in adjacent portions of North Dakota and a soil moisture Survey con ducted last november shows that the soil is drier than average in most Southern re while the threat of Spring flooding is generally the threat of worsening water Supply shortages looms Large for Southern water supplies Are already at re Cord lows in Many areas of Southern Manitoba due to two consecutive years of water Quantity and Quality could become inadequate on the red River and on Many smaller streams by Low lev Els on lakes could have a serious Impact on recreation and Doug planning Yolk shopping Seneca help clearance centres annual Winter clearance now 2 for blazers pants skirts blouses sweaters

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