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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 10, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 70 Winnipeg free March outdoors by Martin Zeilig special to the free press Alex Small will never forget Porky the he came in from the East along the recalls a Spry 77yearold native Winnipeg Ger who has been trapping wild Ani Mals since it was mating time and this big male was looking for a 1 used a snare pole to Knock him out of the tree into a big net about 25 feet porcupines Are like land on their sometimes they Roll into a Ball and Are hard to the but definitely not cud quilted creature was first spotted two weeks earlier on the lieutenant governors grounds by sharpened Security men during Queen Elizabeths october 84 visit to during the years Small has fear Lessly scurried up climbed onto roof Sand crawled under among other Pur suing problem representatives of wild a seasonal special officer with the department of natural re sources wildlife Winnipeg Smalls expertise is in High demand from april through he has averaged about 300 to 400 complaints during the past few Small even caught a masked marauder in a suburban couples bed room a couple of years this Raccoon came Down the through the fireplace and walked upstairs right into their boy were they Ever sur prism to find him in the he was staring at them from on top of a angered at being seized by the riled Raccoon left behind a stinking calling card in the bedroom much to the Cou Ples besides roving raccoons and peripatetic Small has also removed ground squirrels and Birds from both Pri vate and Public most of the wild creatures Are live trapped in cages Small has helped captured animals Are generally released in City Parks As with in areas far outside Winnipeg Boun occasionally the animals have to be especially if there is con Cern about Small 1989 was a bad year for raccoons because of a distemper i had to destroy about 20 of according to natural resources wildlife biologist Bill other wild animal species can also be found within including Snowshoe Jack Cottontail the occasional Coy 6avt Folk press Alex Small helped design cages for the live trapping of marauding evicting wild guests White tailed plus other Small Salaman Garter and various Bird species such As hungarian Partridge and Peregrine for the most Winnipeg human population coexists peace fully with local in Many cases wild animals have adapted so Well to City life that few humans Are aware of their says conflict Between Man and Ani Mal generally As Smalls experience whenever there is an infringement with a persons beavers Cut Ting Down Trees in raccoons or squirrels moving into attics and chewing holes in wires and ground hogs gobbling up your Gar Dens vegetables Are just some of the pest problems regularly encountered throughout Small stresses there Are solutions to dealing with problem wild people should understand that they have to live with these animals but should take precautions to avoid having the creature become a i generally wont go Back a second time if people dont do what i say initial i Tell them to put up a Fence around their Garden to protect against they should put Chicken wire around the base of a tree for Protection against or better yet a Chain link Fence flush with the ground because Bea vers cant Tunnel under Block the openings that would allow raccoons and squirrels an in trance Way into your and be careful about the that what really attracts volunteers deserve hard earned applause while it May be stretching a Point to bring Volunteer services under the umbrella of the outdoor it is about time the thousands who fall under this category get the recognition they most columnists will Tell you that More gripes Are dropped on their desk in one month than most people hear in a the largest percent age of such beefs will be unfounded and the rest some of the Calls 1 receive will have something to do with a provincially sponsored course or one of the multitude of groups or commutes scattered throughout the generally the caller will have a beef about the Way a program is being the attitude of the instructors or failure to get elected to a committe that is doing everything despite what these people seem to believe hundreds of associations and programs would never get off the ground and continue to operate if it were not for Volunteer thousands of people donate untold hours each year to wards such groups and from where i sit we should All be thankful these volunteers come enthusiasm although we take for granted the Many Fine groups that provide a multitude of services in the province a look behind the scenes will often divulge that much of the operation is conducted by Volunteer Many Well known organizations come to the very popular fort Whyte nature Centre exists with the help of a Small army of the same holds True for the Manitoba forestry the guided Tours at Oak Hammock Marsh and to a lesser the key men who Supply Field information for ducks countless Volunteer hours Are donated each year to self help firearm and fishing Semin guide training and a countless number of other the provincial government also benefits greatly from Volunteer workers and each year they Are recognized when the Premier hosts a reception in their the Manitoba big game trophy association hosts a trophy awards banquet at which time champions will be crowned in Many big game this contest has grown to the largest of its kind in the world and is organized and run by it is a major undertaking that requires a lot of work to run successfully and much like the world famous Rose bowl work on the next contest begins As soon As the current one has this is Only one of the major Volunteer groups in the province and there Are dozens of this magnitude and hundreds containing smaller without the dedication and hard work of the people almost All of these groups would flounder and Digap Over the years we have been involved with Many sporting organizations and almost All have been run by there would be members in the group who constantly complained about the officers who run the club and More the Way business was Many times these vocal members have been approached to run for office but would generally refuse for various some sound but most i have always found it curious that anyone would continue to belong to any organization if they were unhappy with the Way it was having been Given the Opportunity to change things by accepting a Posi Tion in the and it would seem logical they would leave and find another club that More closely fitted with their it has often been suggested that such an individual wants to belong to a group for the benefits they derive but do not want to shoulder any of the responsibility and will generally avoid most of the in a Beehive they Are known As fortunately there Are a lot of people out there who believe in Volunteer and without such sup port Many of the worthwhile organi both sporting and would at a time when everyone seems to be waiting for a handout it is re freshing to see there Are still lots of people out there who Are willing to give of volunteers take a f add the Bow Hunters awards night March 17 at 8 will be held at Lasalle recreation Centre in la events include a trophy Dis dance and awards for the eighth annual big game compete with Only 175 tickets youd better get yours Early from Silver Arrow Archery lanes and affiliated Bow Hunt ing tickets Are per per starving Moose Start dropping in for dinner Vampire bats share blood meals by Casey Burro Chicago Tribune Alaska think what it would be like if a big hairy animal wandered into your front Yard and ate the tops of All your shrubs and or if it decided to stay and charged every time you tried to get to your or if it trampled your leaving it covered with Hoo prints and cowering in that what its like to live with a starving if youre an you really dont mind very it comes with the they take care of us we take care of said George Macwil who lives 15 Miles into the wilderness from where he was doing his grocery for Many alaskans who a Moose is a full years meat this is a bad time for the Moose in a 190mile corridor along the Parks Highway running through the Sustina Valley North of heavy snows forced hundreds of the animals Down from the mountains in search of food and places where they can avoid the exhaustion of wading through eight feet of even in the they Are Start they Are also being hit and killed by cars and trains at a record this is Why few alaskans be grudge sheltering Moose in their front despite the we hate to see animals Start said Leo who has been keeping an Eye on a Bull Moose calf for about 10 its Mother and the calf has been fending for but is if the Mother int around to break a path through the they dont do so explains with Moose stories abound in Wasilla and nearby Ive had them in my said Ward Grinnel of look at the All the tops Are that what they one came out of the Woods and started stomping on the neighbors a full grown male Moose can stand about seven feet at the Shoul Ders and weigh though they can survive tempera Tures of 45 below their encounters with modern technology can be its terrible driving at said Kris who works in the Wasilla sport because that when Moose Are most Active and most Likely to walk in front of a car or a there Are silly stories about and some not so if there is a lot of Salt on the the Moose lick your vehicle and you have Tongue Marks All Over your Swift swifts Curt said a Moose cow and her calf walked right into the parking lot yesterday and looked at us through the front like they were trying to get wish i had a on the not silly a starving Moose often loses its normally docile usually they Are inclined to run when but starvation changes there aggressive because there said Ellen Lynch of weve had several people whose cars were one Fel Low on a snowmobile got kicked in the another Willow Man was injured when his dog team encountered a which attacked the if one fails to zoologist finds the Washington Post Vampire bats not Only drink they share it with other if a Vampire fails to feed for two it starves to but University of Maryland zoologist Gerald Wil Kinson reports in the february Issue of scientific american that the Vampire bats of Costa Rica have developed a Foo sharing system that allows a starving Bat to live for a few More thus the unfortunate Bat gets another Chance to find blood on its the Foo sharing is a Type of behaviour that biologists Call reciprocal reciprocal Al truism implies that the donor will one Day be repaid for his or her acts of among Vampire Wilkinson found that on any Given night about seven per cent of the bats from a Roost fail to secure a which the bats get by using their razor Sharp Teeth to Nick a cow or even a sleeping and then Lap quietly away at the running bats that fail to feed solicit a free meal by grooming and Licking the which regurgitates some Wilkinson Learned that the bats that share Are often and at the very the sharing bats Are Many of which form groups that stay together for Long Wilkinson believes that among Vampire it pays in the Long run to and so the behaviour evolved through the Force of natural fish stocking to proceed As soon As ice is off lakes Niue a dec do acc Dave free press examines fish at West Hawk Oaks by Manfred Jager the sport Fisher men who drop their lines into Manitoba lakes this sum Mer have a Good Chance of Landing something to eat that no fish the department of natural re sources is in the final stages of preparing vast stocks of fish for dozens of lakes throughout the province in hatcheries at West Hawk Lake and grand the fish will go in this Spring As soon As the lakes Are free of that when conditions for Stock ing lakes Are the water is cold and food is John superintendent of the provincial governments White Shell fish hatchery at West Hawk says his operation re leased no fewer than Trout in lakes All Over Manitoba last and if youve never Beard of flying read sometimes the lakes we have to Stock Are too far or too Remote or our the 58yearold manager that when we Stock through air Ziemanski government aircraft carry the fish aloft in a tank and then open a Hatch to allow the fish and water to fall into the Lake who supervises five permanent employees at West Hawk and More when things get hectic during says operating the hatchery costs about a not including a All the water running through tanks and raceways to keep the fish healthy flows by Natu ral which eliminates the need for expensive electrical pumps and adds to the hatchery efficiency Gary head of the fish cultures Section in the fisheries Branch of the department of Natu ral counts the Good news in there Are Rainbow Trout from fingerlings to two Jearolds measuring up to 24 centimetres waiting for their summer habitat he As there Are Brown Trout and Brook All coming from West Hawk Lake the provinces other fish Hatch Ery at grand rapids has Rainbow Trout yearlings measuring nine to 12 centimetres plus Lake Trout Fry As there Are a Cross Between Lake and Brook about 20 million Walleye try will be released All Over the province from the grand rapids hatchery by fish stocks ready for depositing in Manitoba but since Small Fry survival rates Are relatively no More than about 1 million fish will actually swim the lakes to be lured by lures later the who supervise the hatcheries and stocking operations and regional fisheries managers from All parts of will get together next month to make some important read reports of Low oxygen Winter kills of fish in various and look at the popu Larity of certain lakes last year to see which ones need new stocks most Analyse feed supplies in lakes from water Sam Ples taken during the then decide which lakes will be

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