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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 10, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Ihbe Ink Winnipeg free press March Page 28 Chuck featured editor Magazine finally finds its Man Tom Hanks said Denis Quad said even Paul Newman said but when they got Down the list of Hollywood giants to Dot id toffs the editors of Cosmo Politan Fili ally had their Hie Veteran to actor has agreed to be photographed very nearly the magazines Ersary due in alter cinematic triumphs like Knight rider and what else is there for a Guy to do Odd and speaking of entertainment in the theres a report that an allude scheduled to set sail from Madeira on March 14 has been to seems that die sea splashed Celebration of nautical nakedness which had promised up to 150 couples an exciting combination of dining and Only half booked with just Over a week until said Europa cruise line Gen eral manager Fred it Doest fit our corporate image and the kind of attraction we try to Odd the Rich dont just get it they also come up places to store their even Jimmy Stewart was shocked last weekend when he reached into a pulled out a ticket and read the winners youre not going to believe the actor told a crowd of anxious its Bob it seems of ski nose had Pur chased five of the Charity Raffles tickets apiece wound up winning a a to Germany and a set of add fans of the award winning Abc sitcom might find this a Little hard to but Granni fied actresses Telle Getty and her onscreen Daugh Ter Beatrice Arthur Are actually the same whose work has earned her emmy As Best support ing actress in a said looking and acting old is just part of the if youre an actress there Are Spe Cial she the same Way that Beauty Queens make their eyes look i dont know How to put on makeup very but there Are people who can make you More gorgeous than you can possibly in Case anyone Hasselhoff will be featured nearly nude in people and they do it with Pencil and we do it with when i act somebody who is 80 years i know she Doest talk like she Doest walk like she Doest sit like i so what i do is Odd hardluck comedienne Judy who spent her Laughin years reciting the pop culture phrase sock it to now looks Back on two decades of drug failed relationships and tragic misfortune and wonders How anyone could have it socked to her As often As she Only i could have gotten busted for Coke at Heathrow Airport at the same time Princess i was filming a documentary on drug said who is attempting a Showbiz Only i could divorce Burt Reynolds before he became be every but compiled by Brad Oswald Golden girls Arthur Getty left Are same the far Side by Gary Larson should tenants pay for receipts and you Call yourself an Indian by Manfred Jager Are landlords allowed to charge a fee for giving out rent receipts the landlord and tenants affairs Branch of the provincial housing department says both the landlord and tenant act and the residential rent regulation act Are silent on the com plaints have been received by the particularly where tenants wanted Overall receipts cover ing the year for income tax mediation in these cases is available if you Contact the Branch at suite 254 Edmonton r3c Are Teeth an Extension of the jaw Bone there the three components of Teeth neck and Crown independently from in the enamel making up the Crown of the tooth is the hardest material contained in the human it covers the substance called which forms most of the Boelike substance of the in surrounds the innermost part of the the dental Are the skins of id i fruit poisonous answers there there just Tough to Chew and dont taste what Canadian province ended up owning la Brador Newfoundland owns in it is the main land Section of the the Labrador bound Ary stemming from 1902 when Newfoundland started issuing Timber licences for the Churchill River area and Quebec took has nothing to do with Labrador just with the the by the has never been surveyed and marked on the ground and is the longest inter provincial Boundary in the where in the Mouth Are the taste buds located according to one encyclopedia the taste buds Are located at the base of the on the the sides and the Root of the if you want answers Call 9422047 woe is Winnipeg scuttlebutt the up town the unofficial cheerleader of the Winnipeg chamber of has finally outdone the Freebie tabloid is urging City Folk to list the top 10 Best things about Winnipeg and mail them no this int a Uptown Edi Tor Heidi Quiring wants to Send All your offerings to the Tor of the report on which is the Globe and mails monthly seems in the March some name writer took the Opportunity to Savage our fair City in a Story on illegal shenanigans at the Winnipeg commodities it was gratuitous for openers the author said Winnipeg Doest mean much to most Cana if they bother to think of it at there was the piece made us out to be a National of its the writer and the editors of the Magazine who Are but acting like a Little Backwater and sending off a package of top 10 things about Winnipeg int about to get us anywhere but a guest shot on late night with David Letterman Odd fearless Fosdick him self on the Sec Ond anniversary of native Leader harpers Winnipeg police chief Herb Stephen and i were supposed to appear on abcs information radio and discuss whats happened to a relations in the past two we never Why not first the chiefs people told Csc that he would not appear opposite me in a debate then late thursday when Csc added a native Ste phen suddenly changed his mind according to said he needed two Days to ill let you be the judge of what All this says about a relations two years for the the City of Winnipeg personnel stats show that two years there were nine aboriginal police Gordon Sinclair officers on the member Winnipeg now there Are there Are another six aboriginal applicants currently taking a Core area upgrading course in Hopes of the Core area program officially known As the human Justice pro Gram came into being nine months after harpers Odd every dog has its Day the recently retired Winnipeg police is one of a dozen animals who have been honoured with awards of distinction from the Ralston Purina dog and cat Chow the Ralston news release mentions that the German Shepherd sustained serious knife wounds As a result of his repeated efforts to save the life of his handler during an Early morning attack at a fast food restaurant on Mitch now lives in retirement with the Man whose life he Boris d d d the last word predict last saturdays the burning question a be Hind the scenes look at Crema Tion caused some readers a lot of one whose parents have chosen said she cried for two hours after she read the interestingly her son and daughter Are in the funeral business but they always refused to discuss the the other woman asked Why i haunt at least talked about How dignified cremation when i told her that there is nothing dignified about it she said you should have i would rather have a column full of lies to some people chose some people would rather Bury their const Boris Luhowy and Mitch a cops Best Dick Clark is about not music when youre with this multimillionaire Finger Pointer he makes the rules by Amy Wilson fort Lauderdale news Sun Sentinel Miami the rules when youre with Dick Clark 1 he faces the nine out of 10 people in this country recognize Dick Dick Clark tells you he Doest have to Tell you that at least that Many feel they have a right to interrupt him when Hes 2 he gets photographed exactly As he no no shots from Dick is 3 you Only write what he though hell Tell you but everything is off the he trusts the although Hes been burned by Why he trusts them now must be another stay on schedule at 4 stay on if Dick can do you Dick Clark is a he Doest dance or sing or Tell jokes or even walk in interesting his Job is to Shine the Light on somebody else and to make sure that person is As prepared As cup be for the and that the spotlight is prepared for Dick Clark is a of other to there was one deathbed scene and it is to Bis eternal credit that he has never believed i dont thrive on its an addictive thing for performers to feel i Haven been when people applaud for its an acceptance or even on i knew the kids were the yet Hes become understand Turnt Dick is not about be is 9taut know you understand the it Why he is obsessing Over the right bread for the Philadelphia cheese Steak Sandwich it must be Cottony and if somebody Here cant make hell find somebody who it explains his fight with the food manager or someone Over Irish i Haven drunk Irish Coffee in this is the understand that Dick has gotten where he is because he cares about the Little if you watch the Little things if youre Dick Clark then big things one More fact with a number in it he is Worth the Little things add big things Are happening Here because Dick has wanted to do this restaurant thing for years and he wanted to do it right and looks Miami is not it is simply so Hes in town to Check his restaurant the one that will offer american eats in what will look like the set of american All while you can make your own recording or your own video or visit the gift shop or generally he is Here to make sure Treyve got it right a hard Rock cafe without the acid casualty ambiance but with All the marketing its very personal to and this is As personal As Dick about be has opinions and he Doest care who bears about he has he has he just Doest want to see them in i avoid because my personal opinion is music is so who cares what anybody thinks to was someone else who said that popular music is just he says he knew Michael Jackson would be a Star because be could see now the audience reacted to it is not it is something he Calls he knew that Madonna would make it because of the Buzz that was set off when he mentioned her i knew because of the and Reading people is what Dick he can Tell you whats in and whats out As if he were Usa he does it better he says watch what the underprivileged kids watch what the Rich kids they Are the Why no adult he wont Tell you if teenagers make idols out of the wrong he wont Tell you what he thinks of today he wont Tell you if he Longs for another he is too Busy As he puts for i dont Force opinions on others because in i try to stay out of in just trying to stay he says that those who make it in this business Arent necessarily the most they Are simply the Best not Businesslike they were not the most it was the proper its a combined in other its i knew a sister of a famous actress who said the problem with actors is they believe they Are the characters they when musicians try to Tell you How to vote or what to care about there misusing that which we gave in other they Are not acting he mentions names but we just know that he is not this Blank slate on which generations Heap their heroes and he blindly goes so Why Doest he say what he on the record because the Good Guy but he Doest have to be just when you think everything is everything there was says Clark nobody loved him enough to take care of maybe he was so big they were afraid maybe its because they were All on the payroll and they didst want to endanger Dick Clark Doest have to he has made no Public the magic of Dick Clark is that he has never he has never aged because he never and constancy is so we you should walk fast when youre with him because people Stop him and ask him for his Dick walks the Public loves what they and what they see is a Man whose very name Means Good a recent week with Dick Clark on he looked for the new Monty Hall for his new lets make a on he got a on he did five game on Friday he sold two snows to one for prime on he did a he came to watched saturday night woke up at 5 and told his wife about Home improvement ideas for the on he did a press complained that his Limo was got swept off to see his new restaurant and took off sunday afternoon to for a week of preparations for the miss Usa is he Ever tired in always Clarnc everything Oft record

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