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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 10, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba The Lowdown Rob Lowes career Resur fies after sex civil suit and embarrassment horror relived survivors and those who lost loved ones in the Dryden air Ontario disaster relive the horror doodling cartoonist Cordell Barker draws conclusions on renovations sideline heres your Chance to win a share of up to weather sunny today 3 Clear tonight 7 Cloud tomorrow 5 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets 759 Index Ann Jumble Jumble news and review 35 24 78 40 55 24 24 20 27 33 71 47 38 62 62 21 36 70 28 21 28 73 79 65 3 the provincial 5751304 gunslingers Ponder pushing pencils by Paul Wiecek at least two Manitoba ramp officers ate pondering turning in their guns or Sharp pencils and joining a special investigation unit being set up to enforce the controversial goods and services a Revenue Canada official yesterday denied the government is trying to create a tax police Force by recruiting mounties for the this will not be a tax they wont be police with be auditors with sharpened Bob a spokes Titan for Revenue said in an Telephone interview from Ottawa Quinn said the department sent a letter to an ramp official in Ottawa last september notifying the Force Revenue Canada will be hiring an estimated 270 special investigators to uncover fraud and tax evasion when the get comes into effect next we sent them one letter and put up a posting at the Public service commission and that Quinn denying the department is targeting ramp officers in the recruitment we told them we were looking for people with experience in commercial crime and if anyone interested in applying wed take a Quinn the Call for applications is common knowl Edge among ramp officers in ramp spokesman Wyman Sangster said he has heard two members of the Manitoba Force have already expressed an interest in joining the new in not sure How they found out about but its not some of our members have also joined their Gas and cigarette tax Sangster the investigative skills we learn As officers Are something that is valuable in that sort of Quinn said the department is expecting some people will attempt to defraud or bypass the system when the new tax comes into effect and the new special investigations unit is being set up in Quinn said two former ramp officers have already been hired to help coordinate the unit and another 29 officers from across the coun try have expressed an interest in while unsure what form the new units investigations will Quinn said undercover work is press weekly Home delivery in Winnipeg outside Winnipeg Home delivery 957osso classified 9562330 second class mail registration number 0286 free press vol 118 no 99 moving Bill Likely Downey defend decentralization plan by Zena Olijnyk and Randy Turner the provincial government will spend up to million in its massive decentralization program that will see 692 jobs moved out of Northern affairs minister Jim responsible for the decentralization acknowledged yesterday it will Cost millions of dollars to relocate people and find office space in the 60 Rural initially there will be some fronted costs associated with the in terms of relocating employees and he Downey said the costs will Likely be lower than the initially estimated in the Long with the lower Cost of services in these the govern ment will actually save he under the decentralization More than 593 civil service jobs and 99 Crown corporation positions will be relocated to More than go communities throughout the where workers Are the plan will affect 16 government depart ranging from the obviously Rural based programs like the agricultural credit to broader based programs like the education departments textbook two Crown corporations Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Telephone system also will be in Portage la Prairie Premier Gary Filmon said the provincial government had few other options to help turn around a sluggish Rural the infusion of government employees will represent a payroll of More than million into the local Filmon it will be a real shot in the Arm to these Downey said in Winni Peg Filmon dismissed concerns that the move will Hurt Winnipeg saying the see province Page 4 couple face separation or Job loss by Donald Campbell Graham and Marnie Somers knew the provincial government had some bad news for at least one of but the blow was twice As bad As they Graham a 30year employee with the provinces agriculture Learned yesterday he is being transferred to he sort of expected Marnie a 15year employee with the family services has been transferred to either Carberry or she had not expected its got us in a said Graham Somers its not that but its funny if you know what i Many of the 692 people who will be forced to relocate from Winnipeg to communities out Side the City will have Little trouble under standing what Somers the Manitoba government employees association says at least one other husband and wife were transferred to different see workers Page 10 Graham and Marnie Somers Are faced with separate Job 11 bombs Rock Santiago Mother of dead child Calls sentence a joke Santiago Reuter eleven bombs exploded late yesterday in the chilean capital two Days before the inauguration of president elect Patrick and one blast wounded a Man near the police a police spokesman said the explosions in different areas of Santiago hit government private the Home of a military officer and a mormon no one claimed responsibility for the bomb which took place despite Tough Security measures enforced by chilean military authorities before tomorrows Vic president Dan Quayle is due to arrive today for the he is also scheduled to meet outgoing military president Augusto who was Defeated in balloting after 16 years in by Terry Weber a teenager who ran Down a seven Earold boy in a Drunken attempt to steal a car was sentenced to three years in closed custody but the victims family says its too Little too late to help heal the Gap in their lives left by the its just a said Mary whose son Damien was Why is there a court Case at All its just a waste of i expected something i thought that people were provincial court judge Wesley Swail said yesterday he had no hesitation in sentencing the 17yearold killer to the maximum allowed under the Young offenders calling the crime one of the most brutal and tragic the life of an innocent child has been taken As a result of a Drunken theft of an automobile by the Swail told there is nothing the court is going to do today that is going to change during the the dark haired who pleaded guilty to sat quietly As Crown attorney Don Slough see runaway Page 4 males hacked to death in South Africa Johannesburg Reuter fifteen people were killed and 150 injured when raiders hacked and snot men and boys in a Black town and police said yesterday they had arrested dozens of Black and in a bid to quell South Africa worst political violence in four Community groups said the dead in thursday nights violence were Vic Tims of a War Between two rival groups of taxi operators feuding for two weeks Over routes in East of at least 40 people police confirmed six deaths earlier in the week and seven thursday the taxi business is one of the few lucrative enterprises open to impoverished Blacks and generates in tense fighting has been so fierce Many of the residents want South african troops to restore african National Congress Leader Walter Sisulu has appealed directly for Calm in the the Kat Lehong violence has been some of the worst in a wave of unrest that has swept South Africa in the past five Security sources said that 63 some of them political Active were detained in predawn swoops in two provinces police also arrested 67 Whites in Orange free see african Page 4 if s murder on the Ukraine express by Gerald flood Winnipeg free press aboard the Bratislava to Kiev train the trip by train to Kiev begins at night in Viennas dim and dirty South where beggars and weird people abound and then goes downhill from the major form of passenger transportation in the soviet trains Are shunned by a travel agent in Vienna adding she had never before issued a ticket for the trip to Kiev in Central Little imagine walking on to platform 6 toward a modern Blean Silver austrian passenger train Lwft discovering your car is not one of out rather the Green relic emblazoned with the a cup booked on at of Ftp i pts a bad an austrian Porter explains that the a rising the curtain the Iron curtain that once enveloped the countries of Eastern Europe is rapidly free press reporter Gerald flood is there to observe the change and the implications for the people who live vision from a 40yearold will be towed to the czech Border and then attached to a soviet until the doors will be locked to prevent movement from the soviet car to the austrian including the restau rant outside the an officious soviet conductor is arguing with a clutch of rough looking Young he is a potbellied whose Broad bad smudged fat Tiev striped shirt with Collar ends curled shabby Grey coat and peaked Cap Are the stuff of the who refuses for two Days to give his Speaks Basic he it smells like rotting you but Tell yourself it will the passageway is so narrow that people must flatten against toe Wall to let one another when an immense woman in the Blue and Gold uniform of soviet customs police enters the theres no Choice but to Retreat to the Wash where the steel floor is wet and the odor berth 3 is six feet five feet wide and eight feet three berths attached to one Wall Jutt Halfway into the and a sink that does not work fills the in what Little space a sad Middle aged ukrainian has dropped his suitcases and a bag containing two stereo cassette his treasures from a trip to see his father who fled Ukraine after the second world War and lives in Vita ii is sitting on the lower blowing his nose into a Towel and he has a terrible which he after some two sets of Luggage Are stowed in the compartment and we sit together on the lower silent and and then a pretty 23yearold ukrainian computer Programmer and it becomes Clear that passengers Are thrown together in these intimate spaces without regard to sex or she has More which All but Eli i see train Page 4

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