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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1990, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 4, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free March Cost to find new tax sources Tram Page 1 tax police Are Laid after an extensive study on effects of consumer taxes in to one of the biggest complaints 3 Fward about the tax too Many people can ask to see the books and always find tto vat value added tax really feared in it is this fear that Canada is hoping to capitalize on when it Intro fluxes its seven percent goods and tax in Ottawa Hopes to track Down and portion of the billions of dollars spirit in the underground Economy Ftping just part of this no re Cash Only Economy could reap he Federal government More than Billiott said Roger a professor at the University but like Wayne it tax partner with the a Hunting firm of Eloitte and Tou say the get will encourage More pitched Battles with Small time tax evaders because the tax Froni discouraging tax avoid this tax makes it Worth while the Little Guy to operate outside he said in Toron images on the size of the under i Economy vary from three to cent of the country Gross tic at its tilth said it could create billion of wealth a full Earth Manitoba director the federation of Independent said roughly one third of in the province Iso Competition from the Fth the tax will Force under ground entrepreneurs to either de Clare their income or absorb the taxes they pay on their inputs As part of doing director of the Fraser inst said the gets Complex invoice system creates a paper Trail that should make avoidance very difficult applied at each level of product participants must Register with Canada and provide the numbers of the Man wholesalers and retail Eris that they do business participants Are subject to fed Feal and provincial sales tax the government is hoping the fear of being caught and paying penalties who Force some businesses to join the nil system has Builtin incentives to flush out the Bottom feed Walker in order to col Lea tax firms will demand get invoice numbers from All the firms that they do business iat the very the govern maj try will be collecting taxes on a Small part of the underground econ Oray in the taxes that these people rust pay in order to do in new the government anticipated Between and businesses would Register under value added about businesses some of those were charities wild nonprofit new Zea folds former finance minister Gra Ham Holland estimates were that had not paid taxes the additional registrants resulted Juji Riore than million in Ungro revenues for the Fie said but Smith notes that Hunting Down tax evaders is expensive Ana often in Britain last authorities million administering the conducting audits to catch of businesses attempting to defraud of that is a Small portion of the billion collected under the 15percent senior research Asso with the Canadian tax foun said the largest portion of the underground Economy those who sett Weir labor and services will be missed by the tax will not really affect the Tiki used labourer who some work on the weekends for a Quick he said the Guys who Cut in a basement washroom or wire a garage during me no paper Trail to Fol Flome renovations has been a business in Canada for the last three growth has almost 20 per cent and is Vns Worth about billion to the Una Feltt Snow Ball Kelly Wynn checks the runner on first for signs of life she and her team were participating with 23 other teams in the Kings and Queens Snow pitch slow pitch tourney in the Windsor Park play was hampered by poor visibility As Millimetres of precipitation fell on the City which Means More than three centimetres of the Fluffy stuff was sparkling on the lighting stirs dispute extra Cost result of cooking Golden claims continued from Page 1 asked wednesday to approve an additional payment from the Trievel fund to pay for lighting for four softball diamonds at the com instead of just documents on file with the City clerks office indicate Light ing for All four diamonds was part of the original plan for the facility when the final phase of in funding was approved last a the documents also indicate that the original Cost of the project was expected to be but Only million was Al Golden a member of councils executive com said Friday he opposed the plan from the beginning because he knew it would Cost More than outrageous Golden said the lighting was definitely part of the original funding and has been Cut to make the project appear to be in better Finan Cial shape than it this is absolutely Golden he said he has questioned Council lors repeatedly since last summer and was assured the project was within its How can they keep saying its not Over budget Golden said he Doest understand Why councillors and mayor Bill nor Rie Are saying the additional lighting is a new enhancement that was not in the original everything was coming in higher than expected and Way Over budget and they had decided to build with out Golden they originally said they were to have All four diamonds ready and i am absolutely positive they were to be records show councillors on the Parks and culture Corn Douglas within Norrie enhancement Mittee approved the second stage of funding for the softball Complex on june it was then approved by Council a breakdown for the funding filed with the Parks dated june said of the lion second stage of funds would be required to Light four softball Bob chairman of Parks and culture com Mittee and a member of an and hoc committee studying funding for the softball said during an interview Friday the project is not Oyer things have come on Stream Douglas Funda its within our administration proposed a propos Al and we Are within Douglas and mayor Bill Norrie said Friday the plan had called for Only one Diamond to have Douglas could not be reached later to comment on the Norrie said Friday the agreement lotteries while most materials have been Tajad at eight per labor it Tab makes up 60 per cent of the Tutaj costs has not been taxed at daily yesterdays results Are Queen of 8 of 8 of clubs and Queen of a match of All four playing cards on one selection wins dines the a match of three playing cards wins 30 times the Wager and a match of two playing cards wins three times the win Tabio the winning numbers in yester Days win Tario Estip draw Are 35 and lotto the winning numbers in draw were 40 and the Bonus number was there was no Winner of the Jackpot prize of the Jackpot prize Pool estimate for the next draw will be the second prize awarded to those Matching five Reg ular numbers and the Bonus had five winners of the third Rise awarded to those Matching five regular had 48 winners of the fourth prize awarded to those match ing four regular bad winners of in there were Prises of awarded to those Matching three regular num there was a total of Worth the free press term to aware the accuracy of Keve a pitied readers Aye a Meea not to discard their tickets be fore Phon ing or checking the official with their dealers or in Luck is a Good what there looking at is really enhancing the original Norrie i believe the feeling is lets do it now while were at it and get a full and Complete finished the softball Complex has been the subject of debate and controversy in the councillors originally planned to build it in West then suggested an Industrial Nark area in Boniface and finally settled on John Blumberg plan the City rejected a softball Complex proposal by Deve Loper Sara Katz wanted to build the Complex in Exchange for 92 hectares of Cit owned land at the Boniface Industrial the Blumberg site was chosen by Council without a soil Douglas the report prepared for Council lors said the Cost overrun is due to the salinity of the soil at which is making it difficult to grow a consultants report said the extra Cost of upgrading the soil would put the project Over the report said other unspecified reductions in other parts of the project took the overrun Down to the first phase of funding for the approved in june was supposed to provide million Tor Ward the construction and upgrading of faculties for the Western Canada summer the second approved in August provided million to upgrade other sports and recreation facilities in the softball Complex was Given under the first and an exception was made to provide the rest of thug million in the second even though most of it was for the Western Canada summer in Sam la a Nate cars destroyed can Flthe of for we talked to him and determined he int the erne were looking pc aftos adding an investigation is the Marathon firefighting session began shortly before 3 when a fire was started at a garage at 112 strand ills the Blaze caused an estimated damage to the building and its five minutes firefighters were called to another garage fire at the rear of 104 Dun Raven ave the fire caused an estimated damage to the building and a Ford Ltd parked fort five minutes a fire was reported at a garage at the rear of 222 Roger the garage and a 1900 Pontiac grand am were destroyed in that dam age was estimated at ten minutes firefighters were called to two garage fires at the rear of 210 and 221 Eugenie a 1984 Mazda parked in the garage at 210 Eugenie had about damage while a 1078 Oldsmobile and the garage at 221 Eugenie suffered about at a fire was reported at a garage at the rear of 226 Horace the Blaze caused an estimated damage to the garage and a 1088 Mercury Zephyr Twentyfive minutes a fire broke out in the basement locker mom of an apartment at 21 Encher the fire caused about damage to the room and ten minutes two fires were reported on Rue de la a or Okte Nobile and a garage at de la Morenie suffered about damage while about damage was caused to a car and pickup truck parked at 509 de la firefighters were called at to a fire at a garage at the rear of 225 Marion about damage was caused to the roof and Walls of the Raftis said police didst know whether one or More persons set the but it is believed the Inci dents were he said preliminary indications Are some sort of flammable sub stance was used to Start the the fire commissioners office and the departments arson squad Are he police and the fire commissioners office Are also investigating a fire at an apartment at 200 Pritchard Avenue which started shortly after 8 Raftis said arson is also suspected in that which caused an estimated damage to the Walls and contents of suite 269 second expedition clams to Complete walk across Antarctic continued from Page 1 the crossing was by far the Lon Gest of its Type across but apparently not the first without motor on italian Mountaineer Reinhold Messner and West German adventurer arved Fuchs completed what they said was a crossing on without the use of sled they Are expected to arrive in Frankfurt later this month to provide details of their Etiennej team is scheduled to return to France for welcoming celebrations March they then head to the United states for ceremonies in Minneapolis which along with Paris served As expedition head in where president Bush is expected to meet them at the White in a congratulatory Mes said your spirit of International Friendship and cooperation not Only helped make this Fantas tic journey possible but also set a wonderful example for the world Community of the undertaken at a Cost of about million us after three years of was intended to build support for Antarctica preservation and demonstrate the Power of International Antarctica int threatened by its still Virgin and Etienne said in a Hookup with report ers in All countries should forget their partisan interests and offer it to the world this continent belongs to he described Antarctica As huge and sometimes in seven he the Only other living things seen by the team were their sled dogs and three experts at expedition Headquarters in Paris praised the performance of the sled which were trained by All but one of the 36 dogs used on the expedition and a special High utri Tion diet appeared to have kept them in excellent the journey began july 28 near the tip of the Antarctic which reaches out toward South on the team reached its Halfway becoming the first to reach the South pole by dogsled since norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen in it had been feared bad weather might strand the adventurers on the continent for As Long As a month and jeopardize an elaborate International tour to tout the but High winds pushed apart ice that had blocked the Mirny leaving a path for a ship that will take them to new soviet Antarctic officials in Leningrad told Cathy the expeditions Man Ager in that unless conditions loading of the ship will begin the wind was howling at about 110 and the temperature was near c when Funatsu left a soviet Mobile Home where he was meeting with a French film Crew spokesman Jennifer Gasperini said from when Funatsu did not arrive Back in his tent for team members tied themselves together and searched the area for several hours before giving up because of dark Gasperini the search resumed Early and Funatsu was found about two hours she Etienne said that when expedition members passed Funatsu calling Keizor Keizo Keizo he jumped out like a mushroom from the he was in very Good he had survived by digging a Hole in the Snow and just As the dogs do each night to stay said who received the news from support trans Antarctica expedition route a 8t 611 trek by explorers from six from chivas great Wall station on King George Island on july 1989 on the first time by dogsled Tjoe Roald Amundsen la chafed the pole in mount the continents highest spot Antarctica at the soviet

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