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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1990, Page 3

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 4, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Rinn leg free press March Page 3 Paffie Glt edit Cic urged of review ties with Church ouster threat stops militia we by Catherine Mitchell ifs Friday and the fio thend social workers Are Halfway through their nightly waft on Winnipeg dark so far its been Lyburt now Andy Korobko looks up and sobs a cop frantically waving him into a Furby Street he and partner Audrey Lumsden Rush up to the third floor where six police officers have been keeping watch Over a party of waiting for the social workers to what weve got is a father who a Shes the baby got to be two weeks old and theres another one officer As Lumsden makes her Way to the baby the father catches her with his Hal open who this the mans thick Tongue spits As he Points to Luis she walks past that my child in he shouts and Heads in after two officers step Between Par ent and Korobko goes into the opens the refrigerator and finds pita Margarine and Enfa Lac baby forum that Hie place is cluttered with Gar Bage and dirty an empty Beer bottle Rolls Back and Forth in the narrow Hall off the living the two social workers try talk ing to the who Are hos the workers talk there taking the As Lumsden moves into the living room to dress the the father rushes demanding his child be left he is cornered off again by the in not were going to take the kid until everybody Sobers up a one officer the Little who cant walk or starts no nobody going to take my the Man having wrapped up the two Eskold in his Black leather comes in to talk to the he refuses to answer Rob Kos questions on the Childs medi Cal history Why his legs Are Para ill phone you Rob to phone me tomorrow the Man Hes my baby in the two officers have pinned the Mother to the her legs Are i said no i said i want that baby i the Mother Lumsden picks up the toddler and a bottle filled with a Clear yellow Korobko grabs the everyone moves to the stairs and babies Are one cop tells the watch out for the win Dow out Treyve got a Clear line of As the children Are bundled into the workers red the Drun Ken father pokes his head out the window into the frigid night hey give me my we didst do anything its difficult removing children from their Homes says now Back at the Northwest child and family services office on main youve just got to play it by ear and move As fast As you says the sitting on a Plush chair that swallows his tiny watches with big Brown eyes every one moving around coworker Pat cooing softly to the puts the confiscated bottle to his that Tea in says Luis the bottle is Hie volatile Furby Street encounter was routine to Nightshirt work of reports of fight ing and hostility toward the the refrigerator was almost the place was a the drunks could pass maybe with a lit cigarette in and the kids would be particulars on the two boys Are taken Down and one worker phones looking for a Hospital that might have medical information on the now there Are four children who tonight have joined the statistics of children taken into at the beginning of the two teenage girls made their Way to the one alone and one with both having left hostile looking out for the kids social workers take walk on dark Side Korobko carries baby from Home top checks fridge gets on phone right As Besant feeds infant one of the bruised from a strapping her Mother gave is particularly her Mother Doest want the liar and thief but her Stepfather says suspicion is raised when the girl wont talk about her relationship with the Only that Hes got a bizarre sense of everyone knows social workers often must take children from their but Only a few know the dangers o n night duty we dont Deal with we Deal with Emer says Doug supervisor of the closely knit Crew of five who cover three Agency Central and the City from 4 to the Northwest office covers the South and Central regions by agree the other three City agencies have social workers on what you see Here is not what you see on Ingram the City changes at night it sounds he the difference Between night and Day is it turns people into drunks and parents into dangerous Wayside social workers pick up cases opened at take Over other cases investigated by handle crises that crop up with troubled families and Deal with parents who usually Are those who have started drinking or sniffing intoxicants Early get meaner As darkness the night shifters sniffers Are much More danger Ous than the Besant they seem really there in agreement and then All of a sudden something snaps and then youre in real big Ingram watching your Back and looking for escape routes Are primal instincts for social says in its like second nature when you walk into the House and say theres a theres a theres a chair i can throw through the window if i have to get out of Ingrams got martial arts train ing but the Best he is staying away from the Handt hand theres not much you can do when a knife is under the child and family ser vices act the Agency workers can do whats necessary to protect Chil the legislation is based on the principle of keeping families Ogeth until that not every four the govern ment counts the number of children in some kind of residence with Foster group Homes used by the on March Winnipeg agencies had More than children in their Many of the apprehensions take place at says and the weekends after welfare cheques Are issued Are the As alcohol consumption increases the workers the first question people ask is who called you says then youve got to search the House and that ticks people she they think were being were not looking for dust were looking to see whether there Are three Guys hanging around waiting to jump As she notes you find kids stuffed into holes behind be Hind fridges places youd never think they could get child welfare tends to be the dumping grounds we get what everybody else wont Ingram damning the Lack of psychiatric services for and were the big parents will use us to punish the kids or punish each once a father brought his kid in because he didst get up for breakfast in time and said Here Hes your we do have to apprehend Ani Mals Besant if the kids Haven eaten for two neither have the another Call seven Oaks Centre for a locked facility for children who Are consid ered suicidal or a danger to has lost two teenage one recently knifed the other in the but they seem to like each others one girl is known to the Shes the kid that swallows broken right asks Korobko and Lumsden order a police escort acting on a tip from another head to a Young Street apartment Block where the girls runners been found the suite belongs to members of an asian gang that has been known to take in the girls Are identified after some play with pseudonyms and returned to seven its and it looks like Over time the children have been placed in various residences and All the nights events must be document Lumsden picks up a handful of Well lets have a race on the paper court ruling inspires chiropractors Battle by Donald Campbell a court fight May erupt Between the Manitoba chiropractors association and the College of physicians and surgeons of Manitoba Over ethical Laws governing Doc toss relationships with lawyers for the chiropractors association Are studying a recent court ruling against the american medical Assoc a the handed Down 8 in toe court of said the Ama violated monopoly Laws by declaring it unethical for physicians and hospitals to engage in inter professional cooperation with Manitoba chiropractors have complained for years that a similar policy outlined in the colleges code of ethics restricts a chiropractors ability to practise in the their association now wants to know if a similar Challenge can be launched Here under Canadas antitrust and if the decision can be used As a there is no question they the College Nave tried to create a said Brian head of the chiropractors association inter professional relations a lot of doctors work in Consulta Tion with chiropractors but its done under the but Ken College said it was unlikely the decision against the Ama would Sway the colleges approach to he also denied charges that medical doctors monopolize health care or obstruct patients from seeking alternative Brown said doctors and chiropractors will not work together until chiropractors demonstrate their theories Are based upon acceptable scientific physicians can Only support those theories supported by research and medi Cal he they cant espouse that Are unfounded if that applies to so be according to the colleges code of physicians in Manitoba should not professionally associate with per form lab tests or rays for give the results of such tests to chiropractors or involve themselves As consultants with the code explains that physicians should not obstruct a patients Access to Chiro but neither should they expedite last in a letter to the Mani Toba health services the col lege explained its position by stating that chiropractors Are not medical practitioners and should not be allowed to consult with doctors or relay medical Lecker said these rules restrict the abilities of Manitoba chiropractors to Best serve their they cant order med ical tests or enter hospitals to treat patients upon their the association estimates it serve roughly is per cent of Lecker said doctors and chiropractors should communicate about patients and patients medical he said such cooperation exists in Saskatchewan and but not in Alberta or if lawyers find grounds to launch a court the chiropractors association has ample financial resources to maintain a Lecker the Challenge was launched in 1977 by four chiropractors in different

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