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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1990, Page 2

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 4, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free March Oulu Cluj vi1 of j Foo bids expected in mortgage Sale of a a a it a Aniniba by Aldo Santon fire lose ends Suwon drug the failed place promenade Complex ate about to be tied senior North Portage development official said a mortgage Sale for the 376unit apart Namoni Metal will occur March Coop adding it is unlikely anyone a Fol come Forward with a Are necessary to Transfer title of the said chief executive officer of North its not Likely anyone will actually buy North Portage prevented a Public auction of the project 5 when it agreed to pay off the million owed on a mortgage held by Manitoba housing and renewal to become the Legal Coop it was necessary to foreclose again on existing mortgages and again place the project on the auction if there is someone prepared to pay All the costs that have built we would be glad to listen he if we become the the original Village at Portage place rousing have not made a Mort Gage payment or lease payment to North Portage since february North owner of the land on which the project is plans to hold onto the Money losing Complex and sell it when the apartment vacant rate Lowers to a level acceptable to private North development Compo Fotiou owned by three Levels of has maintained the building has a 20percent vacancy Industry sources speculated that figure could Range Between 30 per cent and so per and while North Portage claims the project will lose Only a others projected the fed Day mortgage land lease payments and parking fees will total million t Complex North Portage has always opposed Selling the Complex at auction and refused to Coop Erate with attempts by Canada mortgage and housing which insured the million Marc to bring in a private Developer to bail out the North Portage maintained that bringing in a private Developer before the rental Market would jeopardize its own million investment in the Ken Effiee of Tess former Federal pc chief Robert Stanfield left greets Filmon at Start of Meech Lake discussions trustee Calls for teacher cuts by Glen Mackenzie a Winnipeg school division trustee says taxpayers deserve a better Deal than the budget the school Board is Enid first elected in 1986 after forming the Winnipeg Home owners said she wants the budget Cut by Gillespie could be done by increasing the student teacher ratio to 16 to one from the current to a level she called the second lowest in the she said doing what she proposes would Cost the division the positions of 60 teacher aides and other Gillespie it will have to be done at some Point to save and trustees might As Well Start a student teacher ratio counts teachers and teacher aides As and also includes special programs for the Handi capped where the ratio must be kept very Low because of the Gillespie vowed she will vote against the proposed budget if cuts Arent trustees were told by administrators last monday they could save million by refusing to hire 24 More teachers and other staff to keep the student teacher ratio the the school Board voted tuesday to accept the report but took no Deci Sion on the trustee de finance committee said he support the cuts because he vote to Cut education Quality Over a relatively Small amount of Money in a he again blamed the provincial government for the boards difficult saying its Grants cover Only 61 per cent of division the Only trustee who voted against accepting the finance committee re port was Anita Neville said later she believed the finance committee could have done a better Job of looking at options rather than just dumping on the province she said she Hopes to discuss some of those options during the budget Gillespie said she doubts Neville will support her proposed she Doest like my Gillespie she Doest like anybody else options trustee Irene Haigh said Winni Peg school Board should follow the Lead of some City councillors who Are fighting to increase the property tax on businesses to ease the Burden on we need to talk about where our Revenue comes from and where it Doest come she we have a role to we need education Pic fires senior officials the Manitoba Public insurance has fired two senior officials closely linked to the Crown corporations computer Robert Vic president of human and information and Glenn manager of com Puter information were asked to submit their resignations who had been with Pic for three said the move caught him completely by they just gave the general Rea sons that things were not improving fast he who discarded 19 years and his position As Deputy director of computer services with the City of Winnipeg to take the Pic said a Severance package is being Nego he refused to comment on whether he was considering Legal an Pic spokesman said the Dis missals were an internal personnel adding they were not related to the corporations insurance policy who reported directly to could not be reached for second suit threatened Over towing Deal a second Winnipeg towing company is threatening to sue the City for unfair treatment in the awarding of a contract Worth More than Lynne owner of Majestic towing services and Donway said she is considering a lawsuit after an Appeal to the com Mittee on Parks and Cul Ture its been a Leah said in a recent weve proven to them that the reasons we were eliminated were totally wrong i think its a Case of preferential the City awarded the lucrative contract for the Winnipeg police department to Hook towing services the owner of als towing services made similar complaints and threatened a lawsuit last month after that firm lost a bid on a contract in another District to Majestic was one of four compan ies to submit bids on the towing contract for districts 2 and Leah said that the City used incorrect information to disqualify her company million bid on the three year we were the High bidder but we were the Only one to comply with All of the terms of the for her company was the Only one which had a within the contract she but a police department report indicated that none of the four companies had a instead the tenders were assessed on the basis of who Best met the other criteria As Well As which bid Der had a compound closest to the contract the report Leah also rejected the reports finding that Majestic Tow trucks didst meet the technical require ments of the losing the contract has been a serious blow to their she we cant compete Bob chairman of the pro Parks and culture commit said a review of the tendering process indicated Majestic was treated we prepared answers to All their questions when they appeared be fore the Douglas Grants Mill Stevenson when they filed the tender they didst file precisely to fit the re Ken free press Meech lobby fails to Budge Manitoban by Donald Campbell prominent supporters of the Meech Lake Accord from across the country failed yesterday to Budge Manitoba political Leader from their stand against the constitutional Premier Gary Filmon emerged from a Friendly discussion with 10 pro Meech heavyweights including former tory Leader Robert Stan Quebec business tycoon Claude Castonguay and in rail chairman Brian Smith and said he could not change his mind unless the Deal is conference urged the arguments that i Ive heard said who urged prime minister Mulroney to hold a first ministers conference to Settle the another pro Meech headed by Liberal my Robert a met with opposition Leader Sharon Carstairs and members of the Liberal but both groups emerged from the meeting frustrated with their Lack of in very critical of the Mulroney government for letting this come to a crisis Kaplan its hard for me to visualize at this late that there is any Choice but to take Meech Lake or leave it i Hope they take but neither Carstairs nor nip Leader Gary who also met with a pro Meech said they could accept Kaplan Multi they say to accept the Meech Lake Accord As it is and wait for future but that is not an acceptable Carstairs no one has come up with any Way in which the impasse can be its not due to a Lack of ideas on the part of the ant Meech Lake its due to a Lack of willingness by the pro Meech Lake forces to sit Down and talk about those the meetings were part of a Day Long conference held at a downtown Winnipeg hotel by a new group known As Manitoban for Meech disguise denied the featuring prominent local Public figures and brought in about 50 pro Meech supporters from British Columbia to Nova Scotia to assert their Side of the Manitoba and new Brunswick have not passed the which must be adopted by All 10 provinces before june 23 to become the pact is a constitutional amendment to bring Quebec officially into the Canadian which was Patriate in 1982 without that provinces the conference began with speeches by Alex head of Alliance Montreal journalist Gretta Caston Guay and Quebec multiculturalism minister John All warned of the dangers associated with the collapse of the Meech Lake and All tried to allay fears that the Deal is sovereignty association in former Manitoba nip attorney general Roland Penner opened the conference by proposing a process Accord to break the Penner suggested the first minis ters enter into an agreement that ensures Meech Lake would be passed As but also binds the premiers to negotiate issues such As Senate minority provincial status for the aboriginal rights and women there must be Hope if we Are to see some Light at the end of this very dark offered now Dean of Law at the University of on the basis of such an or something like the governments of Manitoba and new Brunswick May find it possible to pass the Meech Lake Accord it major move Quebec intergovernmental affairs minister Gil who listened to the said the idea May be acceptable to his As Long As we dont change Meech of course we can Dis cuss an Accord concerning the pro he to go to the negotiating it will be important to us that we Are sure we Are Able to make a major to just confront the we Are not Filmon shot Down Penners idea As he said its my firm belief that Meech Lake cant be passed without Meech Lake does not answer the needs of the country at the present its Sid effects could Lead to alienation and More serious problems in Western Canada and the doer also said he doubted a pro Cess Accord could satisfy All the concerns that Manitoba needs to have resolved before adopting the Meech Lake despite the Lack of Dele Gates to the conference said they Learned More about Manitoba Posi Tion during their and Many of those who met with Carstairs and doer All thought they detected Hope that a solution can be not said Winnipeg lawyer Patrick who organized the and that was very encouraging to deaths classified death Lynne Leah says her firm lost contract for wrong Esther of Winni husband of Emma of Winni husband of Elizabeth of wife of word of widow of John husband of Louise Lydia Beryl of wife of Alfred Ralph of Toron widower of Katharine Virginia wife of Ken Marion of widow of Morton red tape ties up parole Union says Bald Santin Ottawa preoccupation with paperwork is preventing parole officers from doing their says a spokesman for the staff Union and the John Howard Phil Trottier said Winnipeg parole offi cers increasingly spend More time filling out reports for superiors in Ottawa than observing the 350 parolees in the this has become a serious regional representative of the Public service Alliance of the paperwork is More than just an it is serious enough to cause some Graham Reddock said Ottawa demand Lor paper forced the John Howard society of Manitoba to abandon its traditional parole if we agreed to Ottawa we would spend All Day filling out the society executive the amount of paperwork is Hor Federal parole officers Tell us they Are strapped to their desks most of the Trottier said Ottawa is aware of the problem but is refusing to do Cord corrections Canada District manager for said there has been a greater emphasis recently on evaluating inmates who Are about to be re leased into the have always done we have a Case management approach which requires a very comprehensive Docu Holloway Trottier said parole officers now spend so much time assessing inmates still in they cannot properly Moni Tor those already Holloway said that a review of proce dures has shown that much of a parole officers written report on an inmate merely duplicates reports already prepared by prison institutional the new he were an attempt to comply with parole Board re quests for data on we have always done this assess he but to comply with the parole Board we have to explore areas More Holloway said parole officers prepare thorough assessments on an inmates Crim Inal the programs they participated while in and the extent of Community support available following re Reddoch said the increased paperwork resulted from the few parolees who have committed sensational crimes in the past couple of essentially Ottawa is just covering their he there making sure All the things get checked Ottawa demand for closer be Means the parole officers do not know what the parolee is really doing Tat the it used to be that a parole officer would visit a parolee in his Home and talk to his or at work and talk to his Reddoch its just a 15minute interview in the officers office and it becomes More difficult for the parole officer to get an assessment of what the Guy is Trottier said Public safety is not jeopardized by the inability of the parole officer to properly work with the but he added that the situation makes it difficult for the officers to ease the parolees integration Back into More time should be spent counselling and working with parolees to ensure they adjust Back into Trottier Reddoch said it is essential that parole officers work closely with an inmate immediately after his he said that because of the growing demand to fill out parole officers no longer can spend time helping parolees find a if he can get a Job within 60 Days following Bis then Hes a lot More Likely to stay out of red Doch if he Doest have a its very easy to Drift Back to the old Circle of when the John Howard society contract expires at the end of he the workload of the Federal staff will Proba Bly

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