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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Lawyers critical of decision continued Foin Page i Island Lake tribal Council during the said the Crown might have handled the ease differently if Isaac were not a police is certainly Lucky lies not a Wolch with other be it lawyers or it seems they just Lay the charges and then worry about it he Wolch was referring to defence lawyer Jeff Gindin who was charged earlier this week with obstruction of Justice after a convicted drug dealer told Crown attorneys the lawyer bribed him not to testify at the murder trial of Roger in not saying the Isaac Deci Sion is right or wrong but i am concerned by the fact they seemed so willing to put All this time and thought into this Case but not into other cases where other professions Are Wolch Winnipeg lawyer Harvey who represented the Harper family during the Justice said last night he was surprised and disappointed by the crowns decision not to Lay in surprised this would be the result of their deliberations Given what led up to this Pollock Pollock said there is a Prima Facie Case for laying obstruction of Justice charges against he rewrote his notes and he did it after the event in he that in itself should be in dramatic testimony to the aboriginal Justice inquiry last Isaac admitted he had used re copied notes from the night of harpers death on March Isaac apologized to the inquiry commissioners for providing the re copied notes rather than the original notes the inquiry commissioners had he added he had used the revised version while testifying at the inquest in april a month after Harper was he testified he offered his Resigna but the divisional commander refused to accept in his original Isaac wrote that he heard Over the police radio that a car theft suspect who has since been convicted was wearing Grey in his revised he wrote the suspect was described As Wear ing a Black while the suspect that evening was wearing a Grey Harper was wearing Mccrae said two weeks officials in his department told him no charges should be Laid against that decision was arrived at by five of our most senior Crown prosecutors in my he they Felt no charges would be and unanimously they were ready to let that be known Mccrae said he then decided to seek an Independent re following the recommendations of former court of Queens Bench chief Justice Archibald Dewar in his report on the ticket fixing Dewar had suggested there Are certain cases where a More Independent View should be i asked my staff is this not one of those cases Dewar dealt with in his and should we not be looking for outside Mccrae Mccrae added he is confident that the department has done everything it can to ensure there is no appear Ance of protecting Isaac from we think weve taken the proper he no person who examines evidence could come to any other Wolch conceded any decision Ren dered by the Crown in the Isaac Case would have been controversial but he said much of the blame for that rests with the Crown attorneys everything they do these Days is treated with suspicion because Treyve mishandled so Many cases be it ticket Gate or Jeff Treyve undermined their credibility to the Point where its difficult for them to do the he cafeteria conversations prime minister with his lunch on a prepares to join a students table in a College cafeteria yesterday in his Hometown of baie co Meau where he downplayed language tots cries get parents in trouble Toronto up a crying child is at the Centre of an eviction Battle Between a landlord and the tots the trouble began when Stefanie Lazarevic and her parents moved to an apartment building in suburban Etobicoke West of Toronto last it seemed like they had a Bunch of carpenters up there building a complained tenant Bill who used to live below the Lazarevich and their 22 Mont hold the crying was bad enough to make me move he outside Mira Lazarevic defended her she was teething and she was upset for a Shes in her terrible twos but Shes very Happy and but neighbor Myrel Pardoe was also upset by Little Stefanie id say she cries a she Pardoe testified at the landlord and tenant court hearing into the eviction building manager Gary Jinkerson told the court he once saw Stefanie hurl toy building blocks at a Wall while scream she never stopped screaming and throwing things All Over the Jinkerson told District court judge Roger Ive asked them several times to keep the noise but All i got was abusive he during Jinkerson the alleged cause of the commotion slept peacefully in her grandfathers who was scheduled to testify said the allegations Are in they said she screams and Bangs the toilet and she i dont even let her go into the Indian army kills dozens of Kashmiri protesters by Mark Fineman los Angeles times new Delhi the Indian army shot and killed dozens of demonstrators in the embattled Himalayan state of Kashmir yesterday after nearly a million protesters gathered in the state capital for the largest Ever rally endorsing Kashmiri state run television and radio announced from the strategic Border state that at least 29 protesters had been killed and scores injured after demonstrators stoned an army con attacked buses and tried to grab weapons from the partisan sources in the state capital Srinagar called the Days carnage a and children had been by said women hauled off buses and shot in the head by they put the death toll at and said none of the secessionist protesters was the Indian government expelled All foreign journalists from Srinagar last month after the Indian army was deployed to suppress a growing Independence movement in the which Borders India traditional All requests by journalists to visit Kash Mir have been denied in new and the Only news from the state has been from official government Media or Lon distance phone conversations with Srinagar one such source said this morning the army had massacred 16 among them women and in a bus near the Srinagar and an additional 48 demonstrators near the cites Zakoura District were shot Down in cold several other sources reported that the Days death toll exceeded although official radio and television asserted that the army had killed 29 and injured 45 others in firing aimed at thwarting a Well knit plan by Kashmir underground quoting from intelligence the state run Media said the pro secessionist Jammu and Kashmir liberation front was trying to Kidnap school children from the buses when the army opened fire near the killing the official account said the army killed an additional 14 in Zakoura after protesters stoned an army Convoy and tried to snatch arms from soldiers trying to break up the dem reacting to the official one parti san source in Srinagar they Are just lies from the Indian sources in Srinagar said yesterdays huge demonstration included educators and reflecting an expanding grassroots support for the move Indian have la belled All the secessionists As police contract eyed by cupe continued from Page 1 Friday and saturday when they Are most Oshaughnessy said Campbells projected total salary increase May be off because so much depends on the Cost of the councillor also said the Deal ratified by association members wont be a Benchmark for other unions because the City saved Money by winning conces such As the on member patrol Len Secretary of the United fire fighters of said his Union will Settle for no less than the increase Given Smith said he knew of nothing his Union could give up to win pay raises above no concessions asked he said the current contract re quires four firefighters per pumper truck and four per Rescue and these provisions Are there As much for Public safety As for fire a couple of negotiating meetings have been but the City Hast asked for concessions on these Smith other major City such As the Canadian Union of Public pm local the amalgamated transit Union and the International association of machinists and aerospace which represents Winnipeg ambulance have three year contracts that expire late this year or Early in but Howard a cupe staff said the police settlement will definitely affect con tract talks for next we consider the police to be fellow City he Matthews also said cupe workers Haven matched inflation in their last three multiyear so such an increase is Long the police association had pro posed that a full time psychologist be hired to handle members stress Campbell the fact the police department has proposed this to City Council ended its importance As a contract he said the police contract also has a provision allowing civilian members the right to and the City will top up maternity pay ments above unemployment insurance benefits to 93 per cent of salary for 17 compared with the current 63 per the association failed in its at tempt to improve dental benefits and he but proposals that the City pay Legal posts for officers preparing for and attending inquests and inquiries and that police be Able to Park in City lots for a month Are still under interest on Back pay was also but Campbell said the fact the tentative agreement was reached so quickly after the 23 expiry Date for the previous agree ment made that our members wanted a con tract and wanted it he we got and we got Good Campbell said the membership will vote on the contract in about two Marina called environmental threat continued from Page 1 pleasure As Well As Docking facilities for larger tour the corporation began excavation for the project Peltz is representing Amateur Winnipeg archaeologist Rene Laroche and greening of the a Citi Zens group trying to Stop development of the Laroche and greening of the Forks have opposed the boat Basin of the basis that in addition to Hame it will destroy an area of great Archeo Logi Lif Oche has claimed the Corpora Tion has irresponsibly discarded Law fill from the Forks site contain ing a wealth of archaeological Arti the corporation denies any 939 of True historical value will be melted by Algu said that under the prov hw6 environment recreation and tourism developments such As marinas Are subject to Impact As Peltz said it is Clear the Basin will result in the dumping of fuels and other materials into the this can have a significant effect on the it would appear to be something subject to some prior review and he said representatives of the Forks renewal argued in court yesterday the boat Basin project want technically a Marina and be subject to the environment but or anyone who has studied the design of the boat it is Clear by any definition it a Peltz the act Speaks generally about recreation and tourism develop ments like he and if you look in any a Marina is an Esplanade by the or a Basin for the Moorage of he said if this application is Suc it would be followed up with a request for a permanent injun Justice Sidney Schwartz was expected to Render his decision on the application this Elton said working in favor of the application is the fact the new which came into effect just prior to the last provincial can be broadly applied to Many different kinds of whether something is a develop ment or not depends on a fairly detailed Elton but you can classify almost anything or the purposes of the Kent a spokesman or greening of the said applying or the injunction on environmental grounds is just the latest in the groups attempts to Stop what it feels is a destructive ill Tell it was devastating to be on the site and see those diggers taking be 1990 caravan be 0h4982 plus incredible used car wifi lamp 1990 Daytona Shelby leather rear wiper Power mirrors and l4630 3171 Portage 8882343 4

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