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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Do to on Winnipeg free March 1990 33 dont Settle for first plan of attack both South North Academy award nominations i s i r n i his actor Kenneth Bema i thrilling a blazing new Henry v los Angeles times two thumbs up a 0 4 2 s1skel Ebert the Samuel Goldwyn company Renaissance flac Pic in Moc Buon with the bbl Proem Henry Aifa Penl from it by by Ouam Shakespeare starring Kenneth Branagh Paul Scofield Derek Jacob Ian Holm Emma Thompson Alec Mccowen Jud Dench Christian Bale Comorat Der Patrick Doyle puff Cowd by City of by Ungham symphony Owh Etra conducted by Simon rattle a Mettle producer David pah tit Eit Ewla product Stephen Eva dim Tel by a nth Branagh parental guidance for a great promotion Check Cine Lex Odeon Cinema guide for Sho Wilmea one of the decades most fill s Diabo ucal concepts to of movie horror 10 3 13 q w4 74 i East 8 7 4 q 5 8 6 South kqj96 9 6 0 a k963 4 k9 the bidding West 5 2 10 9 0 j s 0 10 0 South East 4 0 West North pass 3 it pass 5 it pass pass pass pass opening Lead five of 4 by Charles Goren with Omar Sharif and Tannah Hirsch it is a Lazy habit to Settle for the first plan of attack you once you have Good idea of How you want to look around to see if the Overall Campaign can be norths jump to three no Trump described a hand of 1618 Points and a 4333 when South showed an unbalanced North jumped to five no Trump to indicate an absolute maximum with too Many aces to initiate a Cue bidding Iii dealers has a lot of zip and much More fun than Wall Street li2 Toronto Sun there Money Market traders in London financial Hes a Bullion Accident about to Shes the one person who can Stop the fast Lane can Paul Mcgann Rebecca Demornay rank film distributors Euston films Paul Mcgann Derrick Oconnor Richard harti1y emt Afman Andrew Brown John Hambley Andrew Maclear William Bucksey to sati p it u e s now playing Pakh fal Accomma mint required of 19 a kettles clock Cine Lex Odeon Cinema guide for How Tymn with at least a King More than a minimum opening bid South elected to contract for All the West led a Trump and Declarer saw no problem with the Trumps were drawn in three rounds and South was All but ready to claim the rest of the tricks when East showed out on the second with two diamonds to get rid of Declarer was forced to take the heart that was not to the combined 32 Diamond split and heart finesse offered about a 90 percent Chance of but there was yet another possibility suggested by the High Trumps on the a Dummy after winning the opening Lead in Declarer should Cash the Ace King of discarding a Dia mond from hand and then Ruff a heart if the Queen of hearts comes Declarer can draw Trumps and when the lady Doest Declarer returns to the Board with a Trump to the ten and when both defenders follow he can virtually Declarer ruffs the last cashes the Ace and King of clubs and ruffs a a Diamond to the Queen provides the entry to draw the last Trump and the Ace and King of diamonds take the last two Tribune Media veal cutlet dinner 5 9 not valid with any discount offer lunch Buffet including dessert Friday Viscount Gort 1670 pmtme7750451 Stepfather itt group in group 1ekry Oquinn m step Fath Xii Carol int win ams n Jim mane Pat r can Jack la Kus Carw Lam Man Darin Scon v1luam i Kab John k Brian Daft Miu Donald f West last Burr now playing Towne restricted Noim Dame and winces 947m4a Check Cine Lex Odeon Cinema guide Tor show Lea Academy award nominations Best picture Best actor Tom a Nix Best Ductor Oliver Stout Best sue play Oliver stoic 1 Loo Kovic presents a Mivi Stoneii Tom Cruse born on the fourth off in we due Jerry 1b1ne my Hwan Stone g is Fol Ift he Guaito restricted Garrick gc1amt Paiik Check Cine Lex Odeon Cinema guide Tor show limes americas 1 comedy hit you simply and newer Darken my door or my a Gall Winner it m Fer i saw it Lowr turn Kiln one to Star i pod Pic Rufati Fumk Jdc a tick one Lex of Jodi Cinema guide Tor Henry v 4 parental All May not suitable for Vona children revenge 4 no admittance under nne of my left foot parental accompaniment required under age of Lanau aae a Mynal i in kit courage Mountain All Mav attend born on the fourth of july no admittance under age om8 now showing at Garrick now showing at Grant Park Kevin Costner Rebecca Demornay Paul Mcgann the fast Lane can be Cost Triumph of spirit i no admittance under Ana of 1h Madhouse i parental All May not suitable Lor Vona children More powerful than love born on the fourth of july no admittance under Bob of revenge a no admittance under age of 18 dealers War of the roses i parental accompaniment required under age of controversial social Content parental accompaniment controversial Ufi Ime now showing at Grant Park now showing at Towne look who talking parental accompaniment required under age of controversial lifestyle ski patrol t parental All May language Walno always i parental All Mav attend wizard Only parental All Mav attend music Box 4 parental All May language warn Nal Back to the future ii parental All May not suitable for children now showing at Towne now showing at Eaton place courage Mountain All Mav attend Dafoe Epsaro James Olmos Robert Loggia no Good Field of dreams 4 4 Only parental guidance a Mav attend a love Story s parental guidance required under age controversial lifestyle restricted no admittance under Aoe of 18 Madhouse parental All May not suitable for Vona children Grant Towne tremors 4 dealer 4 accompaniment required under of controversial lifestyle a Back to the future v parental All May not suitable for children look who talking parental accompaniment required under age of 15 controversial Lila state Stepfather h 4 Cash sat parental accompaniment required under age 15 brutal language warning mow Wmk he at gabb1ck singing heralds arrival offspring by Neil Harris the sound of singing and playing in Winnipeg is a sign of Spring just As surely As is the melting Snow and kids splashing in of the 72nd that sound of singing and playing Means the Winnipeg music Competition Festi Val has As it is the youngsters from the schools who get first go at but by the time the Rose bowl Competition takes place on March Young singers and performers will have demonstrated what they have Learned this past there Are 11 adjudicators at this years Ruth Wiwchar is the adjudicator for the school singing and is Well trained in the Orff system that is so much a part of schoolroom music these after graduating from Brandon she received her Orff teaching certificate from Hamline University in she got her Orff master level at Mem Phis state University and Kodaly Levels 1 and 2 from Brandon univer the Orff Schuwerk ensemble classes Are being held this morning in pantages playhouse theatre with the school recorder ensembles per forming this afternoon at the same there Are no competitions Tomor Row or following Are the results wednesdays Competition with the first three competitors listed in order of wednesday pantages playhouse theatre class school classroom Grade adjudicator Ruth 1 Ralph Brown 2 Stanley Knowles 3 class school classroom Grade 1 1 Dogwood 2 Tyndall Park 3 class school classroom Grade 3 1 John de Graff 2 Angus Mckay 3 class Annie Puller trophy Ralph Brown from class class school recorder in grades 1 to 6 1 Birds Hill Only class school recorder in grades 4 to 6 1 Riverview Only class school recorder in any Grade 1 Riverview Only Medavoy named tristan chief los Angeles a Mike me who recently resigned from a top spot at Orion pictures after overseeing a string of Bozof fice has been appointed chairman of tristan also will become a member of the Board of Columbia pictures he will be responsible for Overall operations of including the production and marketing of a week Medavoy announced his resignation from where he was executive the tristan Job was held by Jeff a who left to became presi Dent of lbs 2373775 True lists Small change love on the run Cinema Ellice 8hehbbook 78j10s7 Centre Cul Tuiel Fiak 340

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