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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 3

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press March paged Patrick City editor City urged to contract Job to disclaimer issued Over video merchants want classification system by Nick Martin its High time the provincial government took video shop owners off the Hook by classifying movie Village owner Dave ringer said it would be Good for it would let the video store owner know who he could rent ringer said in an i would like to know exactly what we can and cannot its not very Clear at times what we can and cannot said Jim manager of an Adis video outlet in the ramp raided six Winnipeg and one Brandon outlets of the adult Only video Chain ramp spokesman Wynan Sangster said mounties Are classifying and viewing tapes and magazines for re View under obscenity provisions of the criminal a Job expected to take at least two several mounties were sick to their Stom Achs while reviewing videocassettes wednes Day Sangster the Manitoba court of Appeal is to hear an Appeal of a court of Queens Bench ruling last August that some even though obscene under the criminal have charter of rights and freedoms Protection As Long As they do not show cruelty or forced most of what we carry is reasonably said mis Osborne Village shop has several dozen tapes in its Small adult i dont really have time to be looking at All the films i ringer his adult tapes come from British which has Liberal government regulations for he Sheldon owner of the Star time Foto video Chain and president of the Manitoba video software dealers said classification wont protect dealers from criminal charges unless the province censors looking at the Box portions which could offend the criminal Jeff owner of a that would be too expensive for tout the province and possibly Saskatchewan could cooperate in a joint venture with Ontario censor Gale Edwards said his adult videos Are pretty generally showing naked hardcore adult he show sexual often in Bruce owner of video zone on Academy said he values his family oriented reputation too much to Stock por they dont want their kids even1 Star time franchise on Portage refuses to Stock adult films despite customer 1 do a lot of business with i dont want to be known As a renter of por Nogra he said Many mainstream films depict the treatment of women in the same Way that is considered obscene in adult at movie the mainstream shelves included harem keeper of the Oil whose Box promised viewers would see Beautiful women degrade chained and experts unsure of get Impact by Janet Mcfarland consultants trying to assess the Impact of the goods and services tax on Winnipeg said yesterday they cannot judge yet whether the City will pay More tax after the get is Dan a tax planner at Eloitte and touche said the City will have to do More accounting and administrative work to adminis Ter the costing extra but Torbiak said there is nothing to indicate the get rebate rate for which has not been set yet by the Federal will leave Winnipeg paying More than its fair share of there would Only be one Blanket rebate rate for the whole Torbiak some people will maybe get Back subtly More some people will maybe get Back i dont know whether they Winnipeg will be getting Back less or More than they finance commissioner Bill Carroll and works commissioner Rod Mcrae said this week they fear the get could Cost the City millions of Carroll said he suspects the Feder Al rebate rate will be too Low for Carroll said he based his comments on advice from the de Lovitte and touche Torbiak said his company has not done an analysis of the get on but has told the City How it will affect municipalities he said he is not As pessimistic about the get As the Federal government has said it will give municipalities a rebate so they will not pay any More Federal tax than they now because More items will be taxed under the get than under the exist ing 13percent manufacturers sales the federation of Canadian municipalities has said municipalities should get a 70percent rebate on All the get they pay to end up with no Overall increase in tax John Torbiak partner at Eloitte and said yesterday he has received no indication where the rebate rate might be and said he Doest know what rate would be fair for until we could determine what Federal sales tax the City currently it would be really hard to determine whether the 70 per cent would put them into Don Ald Carroll also said wednesday he fears the cites operations might have unique elements that will make Winnipeg More vulnerable to the but Torbiak said he can think of no such harpers widow sues Cross Ken free press Rene an Amateur complains that historical artefacts Are being unearthed at the Marina funding unanchored the province has not yet approved funding for a controversial Marina project at the even though earthmoving equipment has been removing tonnes of soil since the minister responsible said the application was filed yesterday with the under standing there was agreement in principle to allow the project to go ahead without the appropriate paperwork being Liberal la Jim Carr yesterday demanded to know from tourism minister Jim Ernst Why funding haunt been there has been no application made for said Carr fort the reason Given for the excavation to go ahead now before the funding application is because it has to get going quickly because of the Spring that but what if its not approved wheres the Money coming from there flying by the seat of their Ernst said last night his in Antici pation of the being realized excavation would probably Start be fore All the papers were there was a preliminary agreement that project would be Ernst adding he fully expected the funding to be made available the to be known As the historic is adjacent to the Forks Market Plaza on the Assiniboine the port will provide Moorage for a minimum of 20 pleasure boats As Well As a Dock that can be used by tour the project was approved by the cites downtown design Board last Fol lowing a recommendation by the Riverbank management Carr also said his party is concerned that the excavation could be destroying items of Archeo logical we should be doubly sure and have an Independent expert look at the he an Amateur Metis archaeologist claims thousands of years of history is being destroyed by the truckload As a fronted loader and two bulldozers excavate the site for a boat Basin at the its making me said Rene Laroche As he watched tonnes of soil being excavated and dumped into trucks before being driven away Laroche claims Hes found several prehistoric artefacts on the including a human Flint knife and a couple of he said his finds have been verified by some professional but Forks site archaeologist Sid Kroker said he stands by his assertion that theres nothing of archaeological value at the its a garbage said weve found Railroad broken pottery with grand trunk and Canadian National logos on them from the a 1970 licence plate and Green garbage to alleviate any Kroker said there Are procedures in place in Case anything of archaeological significance is actually in i have the Power to Stop he adding he and an assistant Are on the site during the entire there is Noth ing id want to see worse than to see something i could have a team of archaeologists on the site by the next police Nab 675 Drivers without valid vehicle registration tabs Winnipeg police handed out 675 tickets yester Day to people who failed to get their new registration stickers on their licence plates in in told that More than police spokesman Eric Turner adding the depart ment also received More than the usual number of complaints from angry motorists protesting the i dont know what the problem is because theres really no its Well publicized every year and yet there still seems to be a number of people who just forget or refuse or whatever the reason Turner Turner said officers have been instructed to Hopes of keeping Plant open dashed keep an Eye out Tor the new stickers and told to Issue tickets if its not but Turner denied a charge the department is preying on the forgetfulness of were not picking on were looking for it because you dont want to have a Bunch of unregistered vehicles on the he Wayne free press by Allison Bray Hopes of keeping Varta batteries open As a production facility were Short circuited yesterday when the firms owners told Union officials the Plant would close at the end of they basically told us theres no possible Way of keeping operations going Here because they want to centralize it in Thomas Ron National representative of the Canadian Auto workers said whose Union represents about 175 Varta workers who stand to lose their jobs when the Plant said workers and Union officials had hoped Milwaukee based Johnson controls could have come up with alternatives to shut Ting the there was still some Hope we could stay but today they definitely told us there was no he said after a meeting with Johnson he said a decision on whether the Wellington Avenue Plant will remain open As a distribution Centre wont be made for another but he said he is not optimistic after learning officials from the provincial Trade and tourism which is collaborating with Johnson on a feasibility study for such a have not offered the company incentives to set it Johnson acquired Varta on 19 with the Blessing of investment can despite a letter of protest from the provincial Trade in vestment Canada approved the take Over by arguing Varta had lost million since 1985 and was on the verge of As part of the Johnson announced it would close the Winni Peg Plant to consolidate its Canadian production of automobile batteries at Vartas other Canadian product Ion Plant in Joyal said Johnson has agreed to give Winnipeg workers first shot at Job openings in he said it appears Likely the Thomas facility will but the Union wont know How Many jobs can be transferred until the Winnipeg operation is in the Joyal the burnout firefighters inspect damage in an unoccupied basement suite at 87 Smith Union will meet Johnson officials which was gutted by fire late yesterday damage in the which is under later this month to negotiate a d at closeout negotiate a my estimation by fire is estimated at approximately City face damage claims by Catherine Mitchell harpers widow is suing Winnipeg police Robert claiming he made 26 errors of conduct the night the Indian Leader was fatally in a statement of claim filed in court of Queens Bench Lois Janice Harper said the police officers mistakes included d failing to carry his d approaching Harper with his gun d interrogating the 36yearold native after he was told the much younger car thief he sought was already in d failing to give Harper immediate first As the claim said a Man in the Ordinary course of walking peacefully Down a sidewalk is not expected to be fatally injured by a Bullet emanating from the gun of a police widow says that Cross assaulted and battered Harper and thereby committed a trespass to his person which resulted in his the Winnipeg woman on behalf of her three children and her late husbands Mother and 15 Brothers and Sisters is suing police chief Herb Stephen and the City of whom she claims Are vicariously liable for Cross a was walking alone on Logan Avenue at about on March when Cross grabbed him by the a struggle ensued and the executive director of the Island Lake tribal Council was shot in the Lois Harper is suing for special and general noting that besides losing harpers companion the family has lost the care he the statement of claim noted Harper was earning a year As the tribal councils director at the time he Harry harpers said the mans widow has been hav ing a Tough time making ends but refused to discuss what has been her source of the family filed the suit to let the Law take its Wood we kept our silence for a Long the shooting sparked a massive controversy As natives and others claimed it was racially motivated and subsequently covered up by the Winnipeg police last Stephen conceded still on sick leave from the committed an assault when he grabbed Harper on the encounter took place while his partner and other officers were pursuing a stolen car driven by Melvin Pruden and a passenger fled after ditching the car in the Logan Cross came upon Harper while Chas ing the car theft while Cross and other officers who appeared at the aboriginal Justice inquiry insisted no revolvers had been drawn that three other witnesses testified they saw an offi cer running with his gun Cross has stated Harper went for his police revolver and was shot As the two of struggled on the but the widows statement of claim said Cross had no reason to interrogate her husband that because the officer already knew Pruden was in custody at the time of the the claim also said Cross should have rolled away from Harper once they were on the ground or kicked Harper in the Chest or else where to extricate himself from the the Constable also should have rolled on to his right to ensure his gun would not be pulled from its it no statement of defence has been

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