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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 2

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press March Page 2 Julian provincial editor tests on reactor pose health lobby group says by Ruth Teichroeb experiments with the Slowpoke nuclear reactor at Pinawa Are creating a health risk by releasing Tow Levels of radiation into the in a Manitoba lobby group David spokesman for concerned citizens of said not Only does the operation of the slow poke require venting Low level radiation into the but a proposed Experiment would add to these scientists at the White Shell nuclear research establishment at pin Awa Are planning to deliberately damage a fuel Rod in the reactor and then operate it to measure How much radiation is hems there never 100percent sure whats going to hems were concerned about these experiments and How there adding to background radiation we should have a say in whats happen ing in this recent studies have raised con Cerns about the health hazards of Lon term exposure to Low level a he for a study released this month by a British medical journal found that children of workers at nuclear reactors had a higher risk of developing he another reason the 50member lobby group objects to the experiments is that they Are intended to promote the Sale of the Slowpoke reactor As an alternative Energy source for institutions such As universities or the proliferation of this reactor would mean More uranium More hazards associated with trans porting nuclear materials and More higly radioactive nuclear he we question whether the experiments should even be going metro the Slowpoke marketing director for atomic Energy of Canada confirmed that Low Levels of radiation Are being vented into the atmosphere and that plans Are underway for the damaged fuel Rod that Experiment would provide hard data about How much radiation might be released during an Acci Dent instead of relying on he dismissed fears if the atomic Energy Board wants some stronger then we will do this Dmytriw said in a phone but he dismissed fears about any health hazards related to the expert that a lot of he if they concerned citizens took the time to talk to they find that the Slowpoke experiments will re lease less than one per cent of the annual Canadian limit for radiation he Dmytriw also disputed the British study of nuclear workers saying clusters of leukaemia can be found at any icy plunge an unidentified ramp officer takes an unexpected the main Street ramp police and fire plunge into the red River yesterday while investigating Crews investigated the incident but could find no a report that someone May have fallen in the River near evidence that anyone had fallen in or Selkirk Hospital fails to serve local needs by Maureen Houston Winnipeg free press Teulon residents of Selkirk Are travelling to Winnipeg for psychiatric despite living next to one of the provinces largest mental health a social worker told the Rural health services task Force Here Ken Nattrass said Selkirk and Brandon Are the Only communities in Manitoba without a Community based mental health Leav ing people in the Selkirk area without assistance granted to smaller neighbouring he said the Selkirk mental health Centre is responsible for providing psychiatric outreach services to residents of Selkirk and the Rural municipalities of Andrews and those services Are the lowest priority on the institutions list of duties and Are often he there Are 12 Ward nurses who Are on any free to take Calls from the a the Interlaken mental health program if Calls come the nurses Are pulled off the wards As there the situation also Means at least 40 psycho geriatric patients Are left to the care of mainstream continuing care an inappropriate service for elderly people with men Tal he Nattrass said the availability of Only institutional based mental health care for the Community has been cited As a major problem by the Canadian mental health association and the local municipal gov its probably the 1 pressing concern in our he theres a Strong reluctance on the part of Many people to go to the mental health Centre for counsel they rather go to Winnipeg than Stepon the mental health Centre the regional mental health advisory Council for the Interlake has submitted a proposal to the province for Community based but Nattrass said no reply will be Forth coming until after the provincial budget process is the Council was set up several months ago in response to a policy paper tabled in november 1988 by health minister Don which recognized a need for Community participation in mental it is made up of healthcare pro mental health service users and their and representatives of related Council member Zeth Wiesenthal said the Interlake also has a severe shortage of counsellors for adolescent and child mental health he two social workers must Deal with a population of people under the age of Wiesenthal also said there is a Lack of residential alternatives for mental patients in the forc ing eight people to remain inside the Selkirk mental health Centre be cause they have nowhere else to Nattrass said each of those patients costs the healthcare system a several Interlake clients had to move to Winnipeg for suitable hous Wiesenthal told the task we need a program in place that will free up institutional Beds and Stop the flow of residents to Urban Lack of local control frustrate task Force told me naught Pontiac Buick Cadillac 634 Portage indoor Teulon staff a disjointed bureaucracy and Lack of local control frustrate Rural Hospi Tal boards in their attempts to formulate budgets and Long Range representatives of hospitals in Stonewall and Selkirk funding formulas for Rural Hospi tals roust be changed to allow local officials to provide More efficient and cos effective health Hospi Tal Board chairmen from both towns told a Rural health services task Force Here the Board and staff have found themselves dealing with a confusing mixture of overwhelmingly Complex organizational structures and bureaucracies involving the depart ment of health and Manitoba health services de chairman of the Stonewall and District health he said the Board is also confronted with jurisdictional problems of having More than one government department funding programs offered by the for he said various outreach health ser vices in Stonewall Are funded by the department of Canada mortgage and housing Mani Toba housing and renewal and various Misc divisions such As ambulance and adult daycare ser Broad discrepancies occur in these Bergen the policy of funding by level of care and activity for Rural facility based pro Grams is outdated and in most in stances penalizes those facilities that Are attempting to meet the healthcare needs of the Community by de institutionalizing Joe chairman of the Selkirk and District general Hospi said the current deficit funding formula does nothing to ensure that appropriate programs Are being provided at the lowest new system the Only he is to create a new funding system that allows local boards to develop Long Range strategic plans for health care in their own such he could save both tax Money and improve Smolinski said the current formula discourages planning beyond one fiscal year and is the primary cause of the present healthcare crisis in daily peal yesterdays results Are Ace of 6 of Ace of clubs and King of a match of All four playing cards on one selection wins times the a match of three playing cards wins 30 times the Wager and a match of two playing cards wins three times the with Good will be reluctant to invest time and Money in a planning process which they cannot directly relate to their operational he Bergen said legislation is currently in place to authorize a local Board to manage and operate a wide Range of but that Legisla Tion has been Given Only limited use Over the past few the current policy of yearned review and delay in finalizing Bud gets by Misc leaves boards in a perpetual state of confusion and causes cashflow he con its frustrating to even attempt to know where you Are in your budget from month to Ber Gen we must look Forward to new approaches and be but instead were forced to sit Back and react to he said he is not confident that Rural made up of appointed Community members who normally have Little healthcare Are even equipped to be Able to do the kind of research required to ensure programs Are keeping up with changing health without funding for a we keep putting our planning off from year to year until we have some extra but in not sure How Many next years Well Sale deaths classified death of of of Ronald widower of Olga of wife of Ekkehard of Edna of Winni Peg formerly of Winnipeg and widow of Edward of husband of Dianna Ulric of husband of Rita Barbara of of husband of Mary Kenneth of common Law husband of Mary to Kathleen Rose widow of John Patricia of daughter of Aron and Mary Robert of formerly of husband of Betty Mary of Winni James of pegu is Indian of the husband of Mary Fawcett of Kel 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