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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 14 Winnipeg free March grit Fos support critic says by Pauline Comeau Liberal support for a tory plan to repeal a controversial labor Law is not carved in grit labor critic Paul Edwards said last Edwards James made the comment after the new democratic party suggested an amendment to the Manitoba labor relations act that in maintain final offer selection legislation for a mop labor critic Steve Ashton said yesterday he is suggesting the five year Sunset clause in the original final offer Law be reduced to four Ashton Thompson said it is his Hope that by having the Law expire in 1992 instead of the Liberal party will change its plan to join the tories on their repeal at the same he it would effect of language ruling disputed by Zena Olijnyk Manitoba francophone say a supreme court of Canada decision on a Quebec Case this week further entrenches minority language rights but Premier Gary Filmon says it will have a negligible my preliminary advice is that it Doest alter what we have been Filmon told he made his comments after the court decided wednesday that legis lation preventing Quebec employees from striking in 1983 was unconstitutional because the collective agree ments it referred to we rent trans lated into the president of la society fran Comanito Baine said the decision is consistent with a 1985 Manitoba Rul ing that the province must present Cabinet orders Council in both official the fact that this ruling is so consistent with the Manitoba Case confirms our Raymond Bisson the province now has to reexamine its the society and the province Are now taking the Issue Back to the supreme court for a ruling on How far the 1985 decision extends the provinces obligation to provide French translation of we have worked in consultation to establish a climate of to do what is Filmon we continue to be open for discus but it has to make common Manitoba nip Leader Gary doer said the supreme court decision could Cost taxpayers millions of Dol Lars in translation we believe it could even double translation he adding that his party position is that pro Viding French language services in Manitoba is More important than translating government Liberal constitutional affairs critic Jim Carr fort Rouge said the fact the government intervened is its Odd the government would have chosen to intervene to reduce rights of the English speaking minority in Quebec at a time when the provinces Are hotly debating the importance of minority language he you cant separate the treatment of the francophone minority Here from the English minority in que leave the Law in place Long enough to allow data to be gathered to try and deter Sniffe whether the controversial form of arbitration is wot Edwards refused comment on the proposed but said he Hadl been interested in the Point of View presented by Many workers who appeared before the commit in terms of the Union presenta i have heard nothing he but what i have been impressed by is some of the i have heard a different Edwards said the grits will make a decision on what to do with final offer selection after All 107 speakers scheduled to make presentations Are in you never say he said of the possibility the grits might change their Ashton said he is proposing a fou year Sunset clause because that would be the minimum time required to do a proper final offer selection is a form of arbitration in which a government appointed called a is called in to choose Between the unions and the company final top court upholds mans criminal negligence acquittal by Aldo Santin the supreme court of Canada yesterday overturned a ruling of the Manitoba court of Appeal and up held the acquittal of a Winnipeg Man charged in 1984 with criminal negligence causing in a unanimous seven justices of the supreme court ruled that there was insufficient evidence presented during the trial to prove that the actions of Raymond George Anderson amounted to criminal neg Anderson ran a red Light in the late afternoon of May and hit another car killing a Pas 21yearold Denise a breathalyser test found Ander son had a blood alcohol level of almost three times the Legal in a trial a year the county court judge Patrick Ferg acquitted Anderson of the charge of criminal negligence causing but convicted him of dangerous Anderson received a 90day sentence to be served on weekends and was fined in May Manitoba court of Appeal ordered a new ruling that Ferg had erred because he considered the death of the Passen Ger to be irrelevant and that he had disregarded Andersons intentions when he got behind the the lawyer who argued the Appeal before the supreme court and the original Crown attorney said yester Days ruling will have Little Impact on cases be Filmon aide to teach East bloc by Zena Olijnyk Premier Gary Hilmons principal Secretary is off to Eastern Europe to give some lessons in democracy Manitoba its just an amazing Chance to see the seeds of democracy Greg Lyle said yesterday before he set off for two weeks in Hungary and ill be Able to use my experiences in Manitoba to give advice on How to make the transition is part of an International delegation of political consultants and experts who will be teaching the skills of democracy to the people behind the democracy movement in Eastern sponsored by the american based campaigns and elections Maga the 22member group will be giving today seminars in Budapest and Warsaw on topics ranging from running a government and building coalitions to dealing with the Media and making Contact with the group includes 12 americans republicans and eight canadians including conserva nip and social credit party one Argentine and one West the seminar in Hungary will be Given just two weeks before citizens cast their votes for parliamentary a prelude to a presidential elections in Poland Are slated for while citizens of Czechoslovakia will head to the polls in Lyle said he will be giving two presentations at each of the Semin ars one on the accountability of the other on How political parties can form coalitions to accomplish their Lyle said he Hopes to use the experiences of the minority govern ment in Manitoba As a springboard for explaining the need for political parties to go beyond the rhetoric to keep governments Lyle said in some of the countries hell be the need to live within a coalition government will be for in More than 60 political parties Are involved in an with the most popular one Only representing 18 per cent of the in this the need for coalition building will be v questions re Oil plus your children Are grown would you Tod Home a Safe and maintained from More Leisure p i i and act vines to j i cd Community but you have to be at least 50 real horizon Village could be the answer for you too find out today Why Over villagers in Western Canada Are thrilled with their new life horizon Village River Park South in will be Well built Homes in a caring Community Call today 4522424 information Centre 584 Pembina Highway Junction horizon Village cause new Laws have since been Crown attorney Rob Finlayson said that in 1983 he had Only two choices when prosecuting Anderson charging him with criminal negligence causing which then carried a maximum sentence of life imprisonment or dangerous drive which had a maximum sentence of two Finlayson said he opted for the tougher and he said that today an Derson could be subject to Crimi Nal code provisions of impaired driving causing death or dangerous driving causing lawyer Rocky who argued Andersons Appeal before the supreme said Ottawa effectively plugged the gaps in the prosecutions with the the supreme court said the a peal court had misinterpreted Fergus adding that Ferg had not erred but that the Crown had not proven its Mineral rights threat forced Severance Deal by Zena Olijnyk and Bob Lowery Lynn Gold resources has agreed to provide its 220 former employees with a Severance but Only after the province withdrew the com pants Mineral rights in Northern As mines minister Harold Neufeld said the province has agreed to write off about million of the million the com Pany owed the province As part of the former Lynn Gold employees said they were pleased with the but had hoped for a better Well be waiting to see what it looks like when we get the Money in our Tony president of United steelworkers of local but its better than the package for employees was part of a lion Deal the province negotiated for the Mineral which the province withdrew in the two major shareholders of Lynn Gold wished to have their Mineral leases Neu Feld said in an to do they were pre pared to pay about of the package will go to paying workers 100 per cent of the vacation pay they were owed when the Mclellan mine closed in another will go to wards Severance though Only representing 35 per cent of what is actually the proposed agreement Falls Short of the million in sever Ance payments the United steel workers of America say the work ers would have received had the company not gone into As part of the the province gets the remaining of which is Money it paid out to Lynn Lake workers in in writing off the the province decided to cancel Money the company owed for numerous including pay Roll workers compensation and capital corporation our first priority was to ensure that employees receive a fair share of vacation and sever Ance benefits that otherwise would have been lost As a result of Neufeld while he would have preferred to see a larger Neufeld said he is satisfied the province struck the Best Deal it Are we Happy youre Only really Happy when you get Back everything you Are but i guess were he Access to Ore Neufeld said he has also contacted Federal employment minister Barbara Mcdougall asking that unemployment Bene fits not be reduced As a result of the workers getting Lump sum we dont want this to happen like it did when the province gave each employee in Decem he Lynn Gold announced last sum Mer it planned to close the mine unless it could work out an agree ment with the among other it wanted Access to a nearby Ore Deposit partially owned by the governments Manitoba Mineral resources the province offered Mil lion in property and but negotiations broke Down when the government insisted that million in interest free Loans would have to be talks resumed in but collapsed after Premier Gary Filmon accused the company of using the employees of Lynn Lake As buy famous name Brand Quality products at Cost and below store wide Spring clean up liquidation till March Builtin dishwasher Frost free refrigerator 30 deluxe Range easy clean downdrafts Builtin Grill stove High Speed plug out elements appliance outlet v deluxe yes choices of f Builtin ovens Wall panels for roof shingles f White Sci Barker panels for yes Cera Maute m Tun now now d48 1 7 Chest Freezer now every reduced Reg 1 4 piece living room1 we know Competition Sells this for Over to look 00 is Nett i in mat 2 piece 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