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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 1, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba See Rice Winnipeg free press March pages 2130 business editor business credibility under attack former employee says firm May have overcharged clients by Paul Samyn Dun the Ven Erable information ser vices company that has been an Industry Leader for More than 140 is having credibility the leading name when it comes to credit checks is facing 11 Law suits filed in the supreme court of Ontario by companies such As Heinz of Canada and Wel Lington insurance for allegedly overcharging for last the Parent of Dun Bradstreet Canada agreed to pay million us admitting guilt to Settle a class action suit from clients who claimed they were grossly and Ralph president of Canadian credit consultants says More chinks in the Armor of the worlds oldest and largest credit company could come from Winni in a recent interview from said he suspects there Are companies in Winnipeg that have been overcharged by Dun As a d b Salesman from 1984 Sickinger is Well positioned to blow the whistle on what he alleges is a corporate wide Sickinger said sales representatives of d is Winnipeg office were at a 1986 training session he conducted that discussed Over charging they were Well aware of How to approach it and How not to get said who set up acc to advise clients How to save Money after being fired in who has also opened an office in has claimed to have saved 300 d b clients in Canada and the United states d b has taken a tight lipped approach to Sickinger no comment we will not be making any com ment at this John d is senior said from Toronto yesterday after Howard president of Ca Nadian did not return a reporters the Only comment came reluctantly from d is Prairie zone manager in i cannot comment on sick ingers allegations other than to say what went on in not reflected in Clive Mee son i have no lawsuits and no com Calls to a number of Winnipeg firms seem to support Arnold transport decided not to renew their contract last september after watching Abc televisions 2020 which detailed d is practice of misleading Ted the trucking firms credit Glade quickly adds Arnold never had any troubles with and their decision was based largely on the belief the a local Dun Bradstreet official says he Hast received any lawsuits or complaints said it is virtually impossible to keep track of How Many units of has instituted a number credit service was too Kent senior manager of credit administration for National equipment leasing said he immediately reviewed credit reports after Reading stories of lawsuits against Ive had no problem with those Ritchie adding he has found the Winnipeg office always Trevor controller for atomic transportation systems credit information have been but has no Treyve never overcharged from what in aware Silvera Wayne credit manager for Gardewine also has kind words for especially the sales rep that services the trucking if Hes been wide open and saved us Brown of new policies As part of its at tempt to improve its for now provides detailed usage statements monthly instead of the sum Maries now indicate what services were used and what the client Pur also sales staff now receive 70 per cent of their pay in base instead of lower salaries and greater bonuses for sales from local customers but Sickinger maintains that d b has still not come As he claims Treyve been snowing the its an absolute joke what these people Are saying to the Sickinger said once clients get the full they can see How Treyve been overcharged by d any big user of Dun and Brad Street is Able to reduce their con tract quite significantly if they Are Given the right Consumers will Benefit if Tariff proposal Nygard says by Mary Ann canadians May be spared higher Price tags on clothing if finance minister Michael Wilson quickly accepts a recommendation to lower tariffs on textile an International clothing manufacturer it would be a direct Benefit to the Peter Nygard said yes he was commenting on Globe and mail and Canadian press re ports that the Canadian International Trade tribunal has recommended Ottawa reduce the tariffs Down to the level of major Industrial coun particularly the United the tariffs run As High As 25 per cent and the Canadian press said the tribunal found tariffs would have to be Cut by about one third to bring them in line with textile tariffs in the United Wilson two years ago called for lower tariffs on textiles and asked the quasi judicial tribunal to find ways to reduce them to Levels com parable to other the cite report Hast been re Wilson has until March 23 to make the report the Canadian press quoted a government official familiar with the report As saying the tribunal found benefits outweigh the costs and suggested Consumers would gain some modest Price reductions in items such As the wire service report also Quot Relief not imminent economists Ottawa up canadians flinching from the latest jump in interest rates will have to wait at least several weeks for lower loan some economists said yes finance minister Michael Wilson pledged last week that his inflation fighting budget would pave the Way for lower inter est and he predicted Short term est rates would average about 11 per cent this implying a drop of More than two percentage but its going to take a said Patti economist at Burns Fry one economist questioned whether there will be any significant drop in rates after the Bank of Canada was forced to support a tumbling Canad an Dollar in recent the Central Bank which makes its weekly adjustment to the trend setting Bank rate today took a Small step toward lower interest rates in which led to a Steep slide in the Dollar to about 83 cents us from cents to restore Calm on Money markets and soothe pre budget the Bank of Canada forced rates even higher than they were in Early the Bank rate reached per cent two weeks ago but was lowered to per cent last i think the ques Tion is still if we will see some easing in interest said George chief economist at Dri Cana the Bank of Canada is now tainted by their mid january debacle and As a result any action they will take will have to be very slow and very the Central Banks important Bank rate is set to Rise again today to about per if Short term rates remain unchanged from late yesterday Croft but the Rise is mainly due to technical factors on Money markets and Doest appear to reflect a new round of rate increases by the Bank of she Consumers and businesses were hit with a wide Range of interest rate increases two weeks ago when major Banks boosted prime rate generally charged on Loans to their top customers to per cent from per James economist at Deacon Morgan Mcewen Easson believes interest rates will fall gradually during the year by about two percentage but the de Cline wont Start until inflation shows definite signs of de a Trade analyst with a consulting firm As suggesting a on third Cut in tariffs could mean a thereto five percent drop in wholesale clothing Nygard estimated a Cut to the level of major Industrial countries could mean As much As a seven per cent if the Cut went into effect next january it could offset the proposed seven percent goods and services it would help to keep clothing prices in Nygard it is very important to have it occur next great there would definitely be an in crease in clothing prices if he takes a Long time doing Robert president of the Manitoba fashion a Mem ber of the Canadian apparel manufacturing said he haunt seen the cite he said if the tribunals Man Date is it would be of great Benefit to the Manitoba fashion Industry in attempting to Trade internationally a great Consumers Likely Benefit much because Canadian clothing prices Haven increased much in recent said who is also president of Western Glove it wont completely offset but it would have a depressing effect on he it wont Michael president of silted a textile Supply com Pany which manufactures As Well As imports cloth said the cuts would be devastating for both the Tex tile and clothing Industry in Cana in my opinion the effect of the no protectionist policy of the Cana Dian government will be another Nail in the coffin of the textile and cloth ing Industry in our Silbert in the Short it would appear to be a great Cost reduction he but in the Long term it will not resolve anything in the retail Sale of textiles or which now have no Federal sales tax be cause of the pending he key question the Canadian textiles Institute has contended too deep a Cut would leave its 70 members and their 000 employees unable to compete against cheaper fabrics from the third world key question in the the future of the textile Industry could be at Institute presi Dent Eric Barry told the Cana Dian the news service said the report didst recommend any special adjustment measures for the textile the Canadian apparel manufacturers Institute has argued it needs lower tariffs on textiles it imports from overseas to make clothing be cause of heightened Competition with the United states since the two countries signed the free Trade improvements in new and used housing markets anticipated by Kelly Taylor Ai ear free airtime see us for paths National term and conditions apply offer ends saturday March 6 expected drop in inter est rates and uncertainty Over the new goods and ser vices tax has prompted analysts to predict an improvement in both the new Home and resale housing markets in while the get int slated to apply to existing those people plan Ning on building this year to escape the tax will push up the new Home and put their existing Homes on the resale Possi Bly dropping prices and fueling de Mand weve sort of tried to ignore that in Case it Doest but were hoping that going to be the Case and it sounds said David president of the Winnipeg real estate but without the effects of the the Wreb still expects to see an increase in sales of existing Smith very significant were fairly sales of existing Homes Rose significantly in Winnipeg this january Over jumping 12 per i think that very Smith we dont see that quite january and february Arent big months in the so if it continues into March and it will be a Good he Manitoba increase is almost 13 per cent better than the National where Home sales declined per cent this january Over Goat Chen uncertainty the largest Factor contributing to the National decline is a slowdown in Central since increases in Calgary and Edmonton All averaged 68 per according to figures supplied by the Canada real estate of cities showing double digit in Winnipeg had the smallest at u per for new borne the Canada mortgage and housing corporation says uncertainty Over the get will pish up total Al though the Crown corporation has left the new tax out of its predict were certainly not going to publicly disagree with the finance department when they say there will not be an Impact on new Home prices with the but there is some uncertainty among said Richard the a macs senior analyst in Goatcher said that while Chc int prepared to speculate on the Impact of the buyers May decide to Shelve their uncertainty by building this year when they know what taxes will rising demand despite leaving any possible Posi Tive Impact of the get out of their 1980 Chc still predicts a brighter year for new Home build weve had a stronger Economy in 1989 Over 1988 and that made peo ple feel Goatcher he said he expects that Confidence in Winnipeg and a rising demand for new housing in the last part of 1989 will Cany Forward into but in other parts of the he says Hes not convinced buyers Are Overly confident Given the weak farm Economy Over the last two total starts in Manitoba Are expected to Rise eight per cent to in Chc expects single family starts to Rise per cent and multiple family starts to Rise 24 per the Crown corporation says in its annual National housing out Goatcher says because there was Little multiple family construction in vacancies should giving developers new opportunities to begin

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