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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - June 25, 2015, Winnipeg, Manitoba C M Y K PAGE A2 WINNIPEG FREE PRESS 1355 Mountain Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2X 3B6 Privacy policy and questions www. winnipegfreepress. com/ privacy. html CIRCULATION INQUIRIES MISSING OR INCOMPLETE PAPER? Call or email before 11 a. m. weekdays or noon Saturday City / 204- 697- 7001 Outside Winnipeg / 1- 800- 542- 8900 press 1 6: 30 a. m. - 5 p. m. M- F. 7 a. m. - noon Saturday Closed Sunday fpcirc@ freepress. mb. ca TO SUBSCRIBE — 204- 697- 7001 Out of Winnipeg — 1- 800- 542- 8900 ADVERTISING Classified ( M- F) — 204- 697- 7100 wfpclass@ freepress. mb. ca Obituaries ( Sun- Fri) — 204- 697- 7384 Display Advertising — 204- 697- 7122 FP. 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LOTTO 6/ 49 Winning numbers Wednesday were 9, 13, 15, 18, 21, 46. Bonus number was 25. The guaranteed prize draw number was 75254505- 01. WESTERN 649 Winning numbers Wednesday were 4, 19, 20, 32, 34, 48. Bonus number was 35. INSIDE LOTTERIES A 2 THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2015 winnipegfreepress. com S TRANGERS frequently come up to me in the frozen- food aisle at the supermarket and remark: “ Journalism must be very challenging for you, Doug, what with working on your home computer while dressed in a ratty old bathrobe.” “ Yes!” I always reply, scrunching my face to convey the concept journalism is extremely stressful. “ It’s very challenging.” But they never seem to believe me, so, to provide some journalistic insight, here’s a dramatic, completely true, minute- by- minute account of the actual obstacles I had to overcome earlier this week: 10 a. m. — I sit down at the home computer to write an educational and entertaining feature for our special Saturday section. 10: 05 a. m. — After staring out the dining room window at a large squirrel in the backyard, it dawns on me I do not currently have a topic for an educational and entertaining feature. 10: 15 a. m. — Our two dogs are staring at me with laser- like intensity to convey the notion I should probably take them outside. 10: 17 a. m. — The dogs wait anxiously at the back door as I step into my flip- flops. 10: 18 a. m. — WHAT??? NOT AGAIN!!! My right foot is now cold, damp and squishy, because, just as he does every ( bad word) morning, our small, white dog, Mr. X, has unleashed an angry torrent of dog wee wee on one of my flip- flops to indicate I have done something to displease him. 10: 19 a. m. — I fill the bathtub and step in, wearing my pre- moistened flip- flops, because you can never be too clean. 10: 30 a. m. — After the dogs randomly bark at invisible enemies on the other side of our fence, we go back inside, where I make coffee with our singlecup brewer, then park myself on the chair in front of the home computer. 10: 35 a. m. — The TV in the den is too loud, so I go in to lower the volume, which is when, beside the bookshelf in the corner, I spot an unwanted gift one of the dogs has deposited on the carpet because I did not get them outside quick enough. 10: 45 a. m. — After freshening the den, I stride back to the computer and, while en route, notice FIVE more surprise doggie gifts plopped in a stinky row under the dining room table. 10: 46 a. m. — I frown at Mr. X and Zoe, the miniature wiener dog, attempting to determine which one has lost control of its gastrointestinal system. 10: 57 a. m. — As a safety precaution, I take the dogs back outside to ensure they are running on empty. 11: 15 a. m. — Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! It is difficult to focus on journalism because my nasal passages are again under attack. 11: 16 a. m. — I spin around in my office chair and... SERIOUSLY??? HOW DID I MISS THAT ONE??? There, directly behind me, is yet another aromatic canine booby trap. 11: 45 a. m. — The dogs are snoring, and I sense I am finally poised to make a journalistic breakthrough. 11: 46 a. m. — BZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Wow, that housefly bouncing off the dining room window must be the size of a golf ball. 11: 50 a. m. — BZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Ha ha! I am not going to let a single fly ruin my day. “ Live and let live” is my new journalistic motto. 12: 03 p. m. — SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! I hammer away at the window with a swatter I found under the sink because, in hindsight, I am not a ( bad word) Buddhist monk, and I am pretty sure this ( a different bad word) fly has some sort of borderline personality disorder. 12: 15 p. m. — ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! While rooting around under the sink for a can of insecticide, I found my favourite toy — a battery- powered fly swatter shaped like a tennis racquet that lets you pretend you are playing on centre court at Wimbledon while electrocuting household pests. 12: 16 p. m. — AAAARRRGGGHHH! Here’s a helpful safety tip: even if you are really curious, never touch your tongue to a battery- powered fly swatter. 12: 38 p. m. — SPLAT! Victory is mine. When all else fails, flinging an old phone book at the window is an excellent method for dispatching unwanted airborne house guests. 1: 15 p. m. — It’s surprisingly quiet. The dogs are snoring on the floor. The remains of the fly have been flushed into a better world. 1: 30 p. m. — I’m sure a topic will occur to me eventually. Like I said earlier, journalism is packed with challenges. doug. speirs@ freepress. mb. ca Journalism like navigating a minefield of doggy doo In the Doug House Doug Speirs M ANITOBA has the third- highest proportion of families with two working parents at 70.7 per cent, Statistics Canada reports. Saskatchewan ( 73.9 per cent) and Quebec ( 72.8 per cent) have the highest proportion of dual- earner families in Canada. Alberta has the lowest proportion of dual- earner families ( 65.1 per cent). The study looked at employment patterns of families with children and compared the 2014 data with 1976. In Canada, 69.1 per cent of families with at least one child under 16 had two working parents in 2014. That was up from 36.1 per cent in 1976. “ Whenever I see studies like this, I think they’re really important because they give us that big picture,” said associate professor Karen Duncan from the department of family social sciences at the University of Manitoba. “ But they raise a lot of questions, I think, in terms of the people who are living the experience and that variety of families that are in that demographic group of being a couple with children under the age of 16.” The study states the 70.7 per cent of families in Manitoba with two working parents is up from 39.2 per cent in 1976. There were 2.8 million families with at least one child under 16 in 2014 and in 1976, the study showed. Among such families, the number with two parents earning income jumped to 1.9 million in 2014 from one million in 1976. With these numbers showing more families with both parents working, Duncan said spinoff effects for families can be stress, pressure and increased responsibilities. “ We’ve got more couples in the province now who are feeling rather stressed by the challenges of balancing work and family life,” Duncan said. “ We can look at it and say there’s an indication here that there are lots of families who are likely having challenges ensuring that they’re meeting all the obligations from work and from home. “ They’ve got young children, under 16, so for some, it’s finding suitable daycare. For some, it’s the challenges of parenting children through those teen years. What we don’t know from these data is how many of these families are blended families? They’re maybe balancing more family demands that way.” She noted some families have two parents working because they are also responsible for the care of an elderly relative in addition to their own children. The study also looked at working patterns of families with children and found in 2014, singleearner families in Canada made up 27 per cent of all families with children, down from 59 per cent in 1976. In single- earner families, some had a working parent and a parent who was unemployed, going to school or permanently unable to work. Others had a working parent and a stay- at- home parent. Pat Wege, executive director of the Manitoba Child Care Association, said more working parents increases the need for quality daycare. “ The study confirms what we already suspected — a majority of young parents now choose to remain attached to the workforce, and they expect affordable, quality, licensed child- care services to be there for them when they need it,” Wege said. ashley. prest@ freepress. mb. ca Majority of Manitoba parents both work By Ashley Prest Third- highest proportion in Canada, statistics show From Russia, with jumps Members of the Russian Swing Artists rehearse their performance for opening night of Cirque du soleil’s Varekai performances in Winnipeg. For a review of the stage spectacle, please see Uptown, C9. PHOTOS BY PHIL HOSSACK / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS See video at winnipegfreepress. com ¥ CANADA POST SALES AGREEMENT NO. 0563595 Recycled newsprint is used in the production of the newspaper. Please recycle. GIMLI council has rejected a contentious bylaw that bans dogs from its beachfront boardwalk and lawns. Deputy mayor Peter Peiluck confirmed council voted 4- 1 Wednesday evening in favour of returning to the town’s original bylaw, which restricted dogs from the beach area only. “ It’s now exactly as it was before,” Peiluck told the Free Press . In past weeks, the idea of banning dogs from the boardwalk, grass and beach riled up people on both sides of the debate. Supporters suggested the ban would have been beneficial for hygiene and the general safety of beach- goers, while opponents thought the ban was too strict. — staff Gimli cans canine ban on boardwalk A_ 04_ Jun- 25- 15_ FP_ 01. indd A2 6/ 24/ 15 10: 26: 01 PM

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