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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - June 20, 1946, Winnipeg, ManitobaPage 16 Winnipeg free press thursday june 20. 1946 wont Tell their grandchildren Dryburgh sees fight As dismal Flo Peroo by Dave Dryburgh new boxing fans wearing very red faces streamed out of Yankee stadium wednes Day night and vowed they would t Tell their grandchildren they had shelled out for a ringside View of Joe Louis chasing a harmless fellow named Billy Conn to an eighth round knockout Back in 1946. Better that things of that sort should be locked up in the family cupboard. As a fight it was a dismal Flo Peroo. As a spectacle it might have been fair enough but you Don t pay Lor spectacles even in these Days of inflation in new York. There was Only one scrapper in that Square of Light set in the Middle of the sprawling Ball Park. Joe Louis looked like the Champion he is. The negro with the mule s kick in his Mitt had that cold glint in his eyes. He wanted to mix it. But Irish Billy did t want a fight. He made no pretence of that. He just wanted to run away and hide Only there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in that rooted in Arena. The Joe Louis we saw on wednesday can Knock out Billy Conn every Day of the week and twice on sundays. The weighing in ceremony a noon was a straight tip off on wha to come. Conn looked Baggart and drawn like a Man in a Dea h cell. He must have known he could t Back pedal 15 rounds and stay away from those murderous Louis punches. When the Momen came he was almost cocky for few he danced away. But every time he looked up there Low rail fares for Dominion Day monday july 1st Between All stations in Canada one Way fare and one Quarter for round trip minimum fare 25c going 12.00 noon Friday june 28 to 2p.m., monday july 1st. Standard time if no train afternoon june 28, tickets will be Good on trains leaving in morning return leave destination until Midnight tuesday july 2nd Standard time sleeping and parlor car privileges at usual rates. Full information from any agent. Canadian National Canadian Pacific rowing him to the ropes Here was a left Jab that Vas shuffling Joe on top of him and bickering in his face. It seemed to Ewilder him. Here he was with yes glued on that explosive right f the Champ s and a left Mitt was lowly cutting him up and closing is right Eye. Conn just seemed to say Eck with it and gave up Louis was right mentally. He took Conn s dancing in his stride was t Ven annoyed when Billy obviously loaded him in the Early rounds and it on a show for the crowd. Of Ourse Joe was slower afoot but t 32 he in t ready to carry a Cane. That relentless stalking kept Conn within Range. The Champion never married or did he slow Down. It was just plod plod plod after n elusive target. How Conn Ever piled up Points n their first fight five years ago will forever be a mystery to this jul la iu1cvc1 a m observer and to dozens More in the press Box who did t see the other Olevery time he was within Range of Louis on wednesday he took he worst of it by four to one. You might have Given Billy an break in that listless first round when neither one landed a blow that would have jolted your 10 year old sister but after that it was Louis in Black letters. After it Over Conn said he would t fight again. He did t fight on wednesday either. For the first three aimless rounds appeared there was some Hopes of Conn s bicycle going the rounds there was none whatsoever after Joe cornered his handsome rival for the first time Early in the four i. He Hurt him then and immediately the Louis tabs started to find the target regularly. Billy was still dancing but not Ashe crowd started to guess the found it would finish and it might have been the fifth. Louis definitely had the Range then blows to the kidneys and lefts to the face landed repeatedly and they must have been More damaging than suspected Conn was prancing around again in the sixth and seventh but it a All he had left. Louis needed Only one opening to apply the icing to the cake. He did the Job Uke an executioner would pull the switch to Send the juice through the elec tric chair his left opened Billy wide up and staggering and then came that Short right flush on the Chin. Even customers in the Centre Field bleachers must have Nethat s about All the crowd can say they got for their Money they saw a Job Well done by an expert craftsman. The crowd was a bitter disappoint ment hitting Only 45.266 proves How strongly of resented promoter Mike putting the bite on them per new yorkers who stayed at Home and listened to. Their radios. It turned out they were the smartest people in town. The radio version was probably More interest ing than the actual fight. At any rate it could t have been any less entertaining. The Gate was t to be heeled at. Although even the most pessimistic had estimated a take Over two million. There won t be Many Gates of that figure. Too Man people have to pay too much Money of sit in seats where they get Only Birds Eye View of the proceedings. Radio and television have prob ably snuffed out All Chance of any pair fighters Ever surpassing that 2 that Dempsey and Tunney raked in at Chicago Back in 1927. The next move for Louis is some thing Lor the future. Certainly they la never have the audacity to put Conn in the same ring with him again. No Over stuffed Light heavy weight will Ever beat Deadpan Joe. There is too much dynamite parcel led up in those fists and they can t run away from him forever. Billy Conn hoped he could bul he made a bad Job of it on wednes will pay Lump sum . And reach hockey player agreement Hannibal named exact round Frank Hannibal prominent Winnipeg sportsman was the Only one to pick the exact round in which world heavyweight Champion Joe Louis would put away challenger Billy Conn in a pre fight poll conducted last week by the free press. The former president of the Blue bombers and the Manitoba Amateur hockey association climbed out of a sick bed to Tell a reporter that Louis would win in eight forty four people were quizzed in the poll with 29 selecting the Brown bomber 13 picking Conn and two Neutral. Almost All of the 29 who named Joe said he would win by a Knock out. Ray of vacs win fourth straight Lou Lucki s steady hurling guide he torrid Ray of vacs to their Fourt straight senior men s fastball i beating cordite 4-0 wednesday night at Osborne stadium. Globe Lites snatched a 3-2 win from ram Biers with a two run blast in the last inning. Lucki struck out eight cordite walked one to score his secon shutout of the season. His mate tallied thrice in the first inning o two walks Hank Greenberg s sing and an error. Greenberg hit Agai juin Tiiu tin a Iii jut Agai for two of Ray of vacs five for Mai inc Ducat. It was t a Manhattan re. Visitors re far outnumbered boys jobs for High school grads there is real Opportunity for you in one of the largest retail organizations in Canada. Carve your future from a fascinating business that offers e permanent employment advancement commensurate with ability Good wages e pleasant working conditions write now to Box 1533, free press and Tell us All about yourself. If you show from your letter that you have the requirements you will be called for a personal interview. Hits. Ramblers this Little group in the Porter s social and charitable association 817% main Street edges closer to the radio As their great Champion Joe Louis moves in for the kill in the eighth round of his heavyweight title fight with Billy Conn. Seated Are left to right g. Claiborne and Ernie Hicks. Standing Lef to right e. Ward and Warren Hayes. Winnipeg s Harlem celebrates Kaye Winnipeg s miniature Harlem Community North of the 2.p.r. Station was deliriously Happy last night when their great Dol and Foremost athletic representative of their challenger Billy Conn away for keeps after a sudden flurry of those dynamite Laden fists in the eighth round. Celebrating the Brown bomber s victories was old stuff for most of them. But they got an Especial kick out of for Many doubting Thomases said he could t come Back after a five year Lay from Competition in the . Army. E. Waving a big Straw hat around in the Breeze after the curtains came Down for Conn whooped Joe certainly Ain t lost much of his old stuff. He just popped him a couple times and Down goes Harvey Bailey former Light weight fighter spotted a free press reporter who interviewed him in a pre fight quiz. Did t a Tell you he exclaimed. Last week Bailey told the reporter this slowing up business will do More harm to than puncher. My prayers will be with old Joe next wednes Day Bailey admitted after the Light that the Brown bomber did t need any help from him in putting Conn away. Throng which listened to the broadcast of the bout in the Cluj rooms of the Porter s social and charitable association Street emptied out onto main Street after their Joe had said his usual Post fight piece. Practically All of them realizing Joe in t getting any younger would like to see him retire undefeated some Day. But As Long As he s As Sharp As he appeared to be last night they see no reason Why he cannot go on for a while yet. At least there s no opposition in sight. New York deadlocked ver the 1946-47 schedule the a Lonal hockey league s Board of governors adjourned wednesday ight to attend the Louis Conn heavyweight fight with Little pros act of getting out of new York before today. On the third Day of their annual meeting the governors owners and managers elected officers discussed by Laws and got to work on drawing p a new Constitution. The question f the league presidency contrary o expectations did not come up and will be set Over until september when president Mervyn red Dutton s contract runs out. Major accomplishment of wednesday s meeting was an agreement Between the . And the can Idian Amateur hockey association and the International ice hockey association which provided for the payment of next season to he Amateur group for player drafted into the major Loop. Or. George Hardy of Edmonton president of the said tha last year the . Was Pai Only for . Player drafts Hanson Dowell of Middleton president of the . Said the . And his body also discussed Rule changes and the handling o Junior players. Under the Amateur professional arrangement a playe May be signed by a pro team when he is .16 but cannot jump to professional company until he is 18. Wherever possible the rules used by the . Will be used by . He said. Other Amateur officials in Atten dance were George Dudley of mid land ont., Secretary of the ., and Frank Sargent port Arthur past president. The . Announced it had extended its draft agreement with 1he United states hockey league a professional Loop West of the missis Sippi but said negotiations with the american hockey league had broken Down in 1946-47. As in 1945-46. He two Agues will operate without agreement As to territorial on and there will be no player raft from the . President Button said the Applina Ion of a Philadelphia group to Perate an . Team next year lad been turned Down because the eague Felt it would be impossible o build a suitable rink in Phila Delphia by dec. 1. Gardens corp orator ruptured new patented Dobbs truss question of the . Entering the Pennsylvania City is the train Point of disagreement Between the . And the . After a War time absence the . Will resume operations in Philadelphia next year. The election of committees and officers saw Only one major change. Clarence Happy Day coach of Toronto Maple Leafs replaced Frank Selke on the Board of Man of ferment selic retired from the 1 holds the Muscles together with a soft concave pad. Keeps ruptures tightly closed at All times working lifting walking or swimming. Light weight touches body i n but two places. Cannot l 1 p. Reason should teach you not to place ii bulb or Ball in opening of rupture keeps muscle spread apart. Bulb less Belless strapless is Sanil Ary can be truss demonstrated without obligation single. Double. Western artificial limb factory pm. 94 708 199 main St. Hours daily mondays to pin. Closed saturdays 1 for recreation try for refreshment. Canada dry first game. 200 000 Glo elites 010 000 4 1 Nyznyk and Bullock. Petrow and pro Cyk. Second game cordite 000 000 5 3 Ray of vacs 300 001 Appleby Harkus. Luckl and Boyle Canoe club Tennis sees More upsets there were two Winnipeg Canoe upsets club in the Tennis Noble King wins Polo Park feature one of the better Handicap horses running on the Prairie race circuit Noble King owned by the popular Sam Ross Cal Gary came through with colors flying wednesday to capture the feature race at Polo Park scoring by 1 1-2 lengths from Adenois. Seven year old gelding who tournament wednesday. In the ladies singles Little Evelyn Olson confused the experts by turning Back Marj White 8-6, 6-2. Ray wild Oose scored a stunning upset when he downed Peter Monk in straight sets in the men s singles. There were several other Fine matches particularly in the ladies singles where Helen Hutton and Dorothy cramp battled through two sets. Miss Hutton emerging on the Long end of the score 7-5, 6-4. Polly Riley turned Back Mary Mustard 8-6, 6-2, in another Good match. In the mens singles Eddie Mckrush making his first appearance in the tournament took turf matches in the mens singles the first from the second from who d believe Jim is to parents and grandparents a know and value the health giving properties of Eno s fruit Salt for the whole family. For generations Eno has helped millions of people to attain that vigorous buoyant health which most always comes from inner cleanliness. Eno helps Settle an upset stomach by assisting nature to free the system of food wastes that often cause constipation and headaches. Eno is gentle but effective in its action Safe for Young and old alike. Take pleasant tasting Eno in a Glass of water before breakfast when needed. Buy a Large economical bottle today. Ends fruit Salt Useo years the Jack Brown and Blair Fenton. 5.30 . Mens singles j. Hawryluk is h. Har Man. 6 . Lens a Niles w. Graham is r. Eager Williams is Leyden. Dies sin jets h. Dundee is p. Clarke. Mixer p. Riley and l. Hol is b. Campbell and j. Bow Nan. 7. . Is m. Camsell is e. Olson. Ens singles r. Wildgoose is e. My Tush. Doubles f. Riley and d. Cramp s p. Clarke and p. Clarke. Mens doubles w. Fox and w. Appleby s h. Sloan and j. Mccallum j. Hawry us and o. Jones is j. Dupas and b. Mcgregor. Mixed e. Parker and b. Fen on is m. White and h. Harman v. Ainge and a. Emby is m. Mccroskey and a. Rheaume. K Adies Winner h. Dundee and Clarke is m. Mccroskey. Adies doubles s. Bem ister and e. Crown is e. Parker and e. Olson m. White and v. Ainge is m. Mcgregor and f. Harvey. Mens doubles e. Mckrush and o. My Kush is j. Bowman and w. Bowmans k. Wakefield and r. Harman is j. Wll iams and k. Mcconnell. Placed fifth in his first Start of season Here monday was much the Best in the eight horse Field always Well up among the leaders never being worse than fourth the gelded son of Nepp Ernan Valley Park maid took Over the Lead from top note rounding the stretch turn. When they hit the run for the wire it was Noble King s race All the Way As he had Little difficulty in holding off a Strong Challenge by Denose. Spangle cock who appeared to be out of it Early on closed with a great Rush to grab third Money from Fay mate. Eric Johnson who Rode three win ners tuesday had the mount on Noble King. It was his Only win of the afternoon. Great Leader turned in a sound Effort in winning the first by three quarters of a length from Vee pee with Lee Somers closing fasl for third. The outsider. Battleford copped the second with the result the daily double returned after turning in a Fine performance on tuesday but failing to get first Money when he was car ried wide at the stretch turn Nee sir Claxton came Bac of946 1 f la l strongly yesterday to scored in the Hird race. Easily the Best in the Field sir Claxton Given a sound ride by Vic Bovine who incidentally Rode to winners won going away form adore Moi and Medicine hat. To Vine s other Triumph was on flying us in the sixth. Top of the meet thus far was provided when Token s first sur prised to cop the fourth by 31-2 lengths from Camp Spur. On top from the Start the 4-Ycar-old Geld no paid ?43.65 for a nose bet and across the Board. Flying Suwon the sixth while Honor and to much combined for a Quinella return of y running one two in the seventh horses have been entered for the Western can Ada Handicap for a purse added on by cum laude last year those entered arc King s Honor baby Broom Sto Black his York. Bro Dcamp pal v me to entry Spangle cock the Jackson of Brockington and Kora Floyd Masterson to much and the Kilroy entry of Gwynfryd and kor double Pool was 002 with 158 tickets Quinella Pool hit Mccance joins Hayman s club Lew Hayman in t letting any grass grow under his feet in his attempt to put Montreal Back in the big four Rugby spotlight. Last night it was revealed that the Ace Eastern Canadian coach had stolen a Gem right under tha noses of the Winnipeg Blue bom Bers by luring Ches Mccance to line up with his Montreal Louette squad for the coming season. Mccance a standout with the bombers for the past seven years Deer Lodge curlers Golf event saturday the members of the Deer Lodge Curling club Are holding their annual Golf tournament saturday at the Selkirk course. Buses will eave the clubhouse at 1.30 and the tee off time is set for 2.30. There Are numerous prizes so that the average golfer among the Deer Lodge curlers club has As Good a Chance of getting into the jewelry As the Low Handicap Man. Refreshments will be served in the Selkirk clubhouse during the evening when the prizes will be to the winners. Horace Thomas b1973 is in charge of the tournament. Soccer tonight the undefeated scottish eleven will be gunning for another vie when they play Carleys n a senior soccer encounter at Wesley Park. The kick off is set for 7.15 o clock. The and finally succumbed to tempting offers of Hayman his Henchman Joe Ryan who showing Little love for the team he helped to build. Ches will leave for the Canadian Metropolis at the end of this month. Loss of Mccance will be s damaging blow to the Blue bom Bers like Montreal Are go ing All out to build a Strong term in an Effort to erase last Decem Ber s defeat in the National final. The big fun Lovine Chester said he was going to retire from the Carrie after last Vear s Grey cup final. But he could t keen Awa from the Gridiron and turned of for a few workouts under Nev bomber coach Jack West the recent Spring training sessions but never took part in any scrim Mages. Mccance s first games in a Mont real uniform will be played in i old Home town when the Louette meet the Blue bombers in a two irame exhibition series Here lat in August. Transcona edges Norwood legion 2-1 lefty Hewitt pitched his trans Ona teammates to a 2-1 decision ver Norwood legion last night a Transcona to increase their first Ilace margin in the senior baseball eague. The railroaders tallied their two in the first inning with nor Wood getting one Back in the fourth a Spike wound to Alex Robertson Norwood third Sacker marred the contest. Robertson was forced to eave the contest after suffering the injury at third. Tonight . Blues travel t St. Boniface for a game with the saints at Provencher Park. Trans Cona plays the legion at Norwood new Home grounds behind the Heather Curling rank Friday. Norwood .000 100 9 Transcona 200 000 9 Dixon and Roche Hewitt and Blac schedule changes a change in the Junior base a schedule involving two games be tween Columbus club and nor Wood has been made. In the schedule. Columbus club will Norwood tuesday june 25. On the Norwood Home grounds behin the Heather Curling rink who the same two teams will meet for Day june 28. On the St. Bonifac grounds. Led by newcomer lome Cook pitching. Stan Evans orioles Toppe Columbus club 6-3 wednesday night at Wesley Park in baseball cheques come to this Street every month. The Fosters for was wounded at Vimy. Now his Veteran son is taking technical training on re establishment Grants. Other families receive family allowances. It s so to cheques to the Bank around the Corner. An extra Cheque every second you May receive government cheques. You can Cash them without charge at any Branch of any chartered Bank in Canada. In one year some thirty six million cheques were issued for family allowances the armed services their dependents pensioners employees of Crown companies and the like. More than one for every second of the Day Jund night can you imagine Oliie expense to taxpayers if this Money had to be distributed in Cash through thousands of special pay offices and the inconvenience of having to go to such offices to get your Money taken in stride your Bank performed Many such Public services through out the War and is continuing to do so. It is theses additional tasks in stride competent to play its part in meeting Canada s needs of the future. To a a Kcjr

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