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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - June 11, 1953, Winnipeg, ManitobaPage 22 Winnipeg free press thursday. June 11, 1953 nil Caha to sever relations judge George w. Schilling master raconteur of racing Stor ies is Back in Winnipeg to act As presiding Steward at Polo Park Lor his 29th consecutive year. Judge Schilling noted As one of the top racing officials on the continent has played Many roles on the turf scene through the years but there is none he likes better than telling of strange happenings on the race tracks. The judge has Many claims to lame but perhaps the one in which the turf patrons have Given him wholehearted approval is his desire to present As Many races As possible Over the longer routes. And speaking of marathons the judge tells a recently acquired yarn about a horse called Lough Conn Over in Ireland. Hardly bigger than a minute he the judge relates. Did his daily ploughing on his Ballina farm. On saturdays he was hunted by his owner with the local pack. On sunday glory be he Drew the family trap to mass. He proved to be very Good at Point to Point racing so his owner was persuaded to let him take his Chance at punches town. In 1944 there was no petrol As they say Over there to transport horse the judge goes on so Lough Conn Cov ered the 150 Miles from Ballina to punches town by a very simple method. He walked. Next Day he came out in the punches town cup a three mile to the stands rocked with the judge relates when the Little Pony As he looked compared with the other horses dashed off As if the race was a five Furlong everyone waited with amusement for the Little horse to ease up after a mile or so. But amusement changed to amazement when Lough Conn won the race with ridiculous the next he continues he came out again in another three mile event the coveted ladies cup. Carrying 12 Stone 8 ibs., he set off again in front and was never headed. Then he walked Home to the judge concluded. There is nothing that intrigues the racing Patron like a betting coup and so the Story the judge brought from his be loved tanforan is timely. According to Senor Schilling a group of horsemen at the California course were spinning yarns when a distinguished coloured gentleman interrupted the conversation. I would appreciate he opened if i could take a few min utes of your time to Tell you about a betting coup that to my mind has never been the Date he said he could not recall. It happened so Many years he explained. But All other incidents he said were fresh in his mind. The Start of my Story took place at Charlestown he related. An owner named Owen pens had a horse named judge Wright. Judge Wright was an excellent sprinter. In the morning he could work As fast As horses run in the afternoon. But Pons did t want any Docker to observe How fast the horse worked so he used to get him out to the track around five in the morning which was before the dockers in those Days showed one he resumed judge Wright worked so fast that he did t believe his Stop watch. But on one other Point he was certain that being that he was the Only person present to watch and time the or. Pons was wrong. There was a Little coloured boy sitting in a hollow stump in the he smiled. He had a Stop watch and he was Able to time the sensational work just As Well As or. Pons. Convinced that the time was Ripe to put Over his coup Pons shipped judge Wright to Hamilton Ontario. There again or so he thought he worked the horse Early one morning. It was another sensational work. Pons headed for the racing Secretary s office to enter his charge for the next Day. But As he ambled along he noted a Little coloured fellow running like the wind. Suspicious Pons took after him and collared him. Young he questioned sternly just what did you see a few minutes Why the Little coloured fellow babbled i just see a horse you know his yes sir i know his name. His name is judge Pons pulled a gun from his Holster. He showed it to the now cringing youngster. This Pons assured him has six shells in it. And each one of these shells is going to land right in the Centre of your underfed stomach if you As much As breathe one word of what you saw or mention what you saw to one person. Now Tell asked Pons after replacing the gun just who were you going to Tell about what you Why sir believe me i was going to Tell one Man. Yes sir believe me just one and the name of that sir i was Only going to Tell Tom Shaw. Tom Shaw was then the biggest bookmaker in America and it was Long before parimutuel wagering became the Vogue. Pons then unceremoniously grabbed the youngster by the Scruff of the neck and dumped him into his Carriage. Then he drove As fast As he could to the sheriff s office. Lock this boy Pons ordered on arrival. He s a thief a Vandal carries a knife and is a most undesirable character. Pons then whispered for a few minutes to the sheriff. The lad was locked up. I Don t know How much Money Pons bet and those he told the Story Teller continued. But i do know that it was plenty and i know judge Wright won it must have been shortly after the the coloured gentleman continued when the boy was released from his cell. He was at once driven to the track and taken to one of the feed rooms. And the sight that he took in he will never forget. He saw on top of a Bale of Hay More thousand Dollar Hills than he thought could be found in the mint. Pons was there. He was Happy and he greeted the Little Chap like he was a brother. He said to him boy there was Only one Way to shut that big by w. B. Wheatley Montreal up National hockey league club owners cited wednesday to terminate the agreement with the Canadian Amateur association a far reaching move which affects All leagues and the governing Amateur body. It was understood the decision was taken with the possibility of some new agreement being negotiated. Whether this is Likely to materialize was not indicated. The notice of the termination will be presented to the Caha before june 30. Under the present agree ment two years must elapse be fore the termination is effective unless both sides agree to immediate termination. The decision came at the annual meeting of the nil at which owners and governors met separately. A working agreement Between the nil and the american hockey league was reached. None has been in effect since the 1944-45 season. At a draft session 15 players from the Quebec senior hockey league now the new pro Quebec hockey league and one from the maritime major circuit were taken up by clubs in the nil Ahl and the Western hockey league. Decision of the owners to end tie Caha agreement was reported As a move to protect investments in Amateur clubs with a View to More direct financial Benefit to these clubs. In the same connection the Canadian press Learned that a plan is under consideration where by a country wide Post season series involving sponsored Junior Amateur teams would be played. If this comes about the effect would be Sharp curtailment of the memorial cup the can Adian Junior per haps its elimination. An authoritative informant said the pros Are spending lots of Money developing Amateur clubs and the players. But when playoff time comes the sponsoring get nowhere financially. The Caha Steps in and takes Money to operate the Caha itself and to carry out the playoffs. Last year the Caha took from All senior and around but in the pop ular memorial cup series each club was allowed about a Ted Lindsay Billy Reay Bob Chrystal Bob cd Crystal also mentioned Lindsay rumoured on Way to Hawks Montreal of possible deals circulated in hotel corridors wednesday when the National hockey league moguls gathered for their annual meeting jut nobody was admitting any thing. One of the most startling re a rumours got no confirmation. Ports was that Ted Lindsay Ace left Winger of Detroit red wings would Wear a Chicago Black Hawks uniform next season. An other Rumor immediately cropped could be Gordie Howe. The the guessing was that if either Detroit Star changed clubs it would be Lindsay for a Hock of play ers including farm youngsters and a bundle of Cash. One of the most persistent re lorts was that new York rangers Lave made a Deal with Cleveland Barons of. The american hockey the rangers to get goalie Johnny Bower and defence Man Bob Chrystal. The presence in the hotel Corri Dors of Little Billy Reay of Mon real canadians was deemed sign i Vicant with the speculation that will become player coach of Ai minor league club. Reay was reported none tool anxious to leave his Montrea lome or get too far away do the he was seen in a quiet Corr con association said wednesday night or Fiffi with Parrick Hess _. To Terence with Lester Patrick Boss of Victoria cougars of the Western league. Principal Sparling dominates meet Royal Vale wins by Shade track winners taking firsts at wednesday s Junior High school track and Field meet at Sargent Park were left to right Sill Crowley principal Jack Macphail Kelvin and 2nd Lloyd Bell principal the meet was dominated by principal Sparling ath letes who recorded 27 Points. Crowley s time in the half mile was five seconds slower than the Canadian midget championship record. Bill Crowley runs speedy half mile Bill Crowley kicked up his heels another meet will be staged next in the half mile and mile and his school principal Sparling picked up the Points on the scoreboard to dominate wednesday s Junior High school track and Field meet at Sar gent Park. The 15-year-old speedster clipped off the half mile in and rushed the mile in Crowley s thursday As a preliminary to the coming Canadian championships july 3-4. Thursday s meet will be open to age groups from 14 years old and up. Events Are also sched Jules for Junior and senior girls. . Official Jim Daly reports that he has been suffering from head pains Ever since he opened Sparling half mile Lime was five seconds his mail wednesday morning. He off the Canadian midget Champion 1 was informed that the w.a.a., ship Mark. Principal Sparling reigned Over the eight other entries with a 27 Point aggregate. Kelvin was second with 11, followed by Prince Edward Machray 3 and St. James and general Wolfe Luxton Strathcona and Isaac new ton failed to place. Kelvin s Art Taylor was the Only other double Winner taking the 100 and 220-Yard dashes. The meet marked the second time that it has been held since its beginning three years ago. It was previously scheduled for three weeks ago but was postponed be cause of rain. More than so athletes participated in the nine events according to Winnipeg athletic association officials Jim Daly Gord Mclennan and Malcolm Murray. Which will be supervising the Cana Dian track championships at Sar gent Park will have to raise to cover Cost of 43 medals. Finkelstein a. Taylor 2. 1. 16 players in pro draft Montreal play ers fifteen of them from professional Quebec hockey league were drafted wednesday. Mouth of and that was to i the drafting was done put you behind lock and key hockey league t h e for the slight inconvenience i american hockey league and the caused you i intend to Reward hockey league at a sep he then handed the lad one meeting while the governors the thousand Dollar Bills Andlor the nil met in annual session. Warned him he could do anything he wanted with the Money except buy a horse. Very one of the horsemen Tol the coloured gentle Man but can you vouch for the i sure he grinned. You see i that Little and so two More tales of the turf Are added to the non ending repertoire of the judge. O Kim inn wins o Kum inn Beds thumped Winnipeg thistles 10-2 in a senior soccer league game wednesday night at Alexander Park. Illch Lump 1. D. Martin Prince de 2. D. Lloyd principal Leigh 5 it. 1 in vault 1. L. Bell principal spar a. .1. Macphail 3. D. Johnston general height s it. 9 in. Shot 1. G. Moore principal spar 2. W. Gudmundson principal spar 3. G. Kline general Dis Tance 40 it. 6va in. To Yard 1. Principal Sparling 2. Prince Edward 3. St. Tames. Time 39.4. St. Time 11.1. 1. A. Taylor Kelvin 2. W. Gudmundson principal 3. I. Only Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal canadians of the nil drafted players. The Leafs drafted Jackie Leclair a Forward from Ottawa senators. Canadians drafted Gaye Stewart Quebec Forward and Rollie Rous seau and Walter Clune Montreal royals flex Encelen. The who drafted these players new Westminster Ron mat thews Sherbrooke defence Man Pierre brillant Quebec Forward. Seattle Marcel Pelletier Chicoutimi goalie. The draft Price to nil clubs is and to Ahl and who clubs Art Taylor game. That s a losing proposition. Yet the Caha sets itself up a budget to around annually for its own most Junior clubs throughout Ca Nada have a direct or indirect sponsorship by a professional club. The professional Caha agree ment provides for Mutual recognition of player rights various lists to which players Are signed sus pensions and other matters. There is also provision for cer Tain financial contributions by the professional organizations to the Caha for the development of Young players. Last season professional hockey contributed 000. It has been As High As depending upon the number of pro leagues and teams operating. The rules committee changed one phase of the icing the puck Rule. A Linesman has had the authority to decide whether a puck hockey for life. Last year there were Between 50 and 70 reinstated playing with Amateur clubs. Once the agreement ends a boy will have to be pretty sure before he signs a professional contract that he is going to be Able to stay in professional ranks for at least four or five years. When the agreement was drafted More than 10 years ago Art Ross and Lester Patrick said that without it the professional clubs would not last More then thres years. That is my Ross is general manager of bos ton Bruins of the National hockey league. Patrick is a former Gen eral manager of new York ran Gers. Vice president of the Canadian Amateur hockey association Jimmy Dunn of Winnipeg said he could t make much comment on when shot Forward by the n proposals of the nation8l Ding team could be construed Asue to terminate it intended As a Lega pass. In with the Caha until he unless the puck actually is Furtner information on by a potential receiver the icing the matter Rule applies. J "a11 i know about the matter is it was. Decided also that t Nave heard on the Radlo and team May dress 16 players and d the papersi., he said goalie. Last season the 16-and-l applied Only for teams on their Home ice 15 and 1 on the Road. The annual All Star game was set for oct. 3 at Montreal. A change this year reverting largely to the set up of several years ago will have the Stanley cup winners Montreal opponents from the rest of the league. As far As i can see it might help the game. It might work out in much the same manner As the Allan cup series has done. The smaller club who has no professional tie up might be Able to sur Vive. There is also the possibility that under the new set up it might work out the same As the Alex for the last two All Star Ander cup be reps has done _ be the first All Star team augmented come a Complete failure. I can t by players from clubs in american see Junior hockey in this country cities met the second All Star team augmented by players from Canadian clubs. Being run on a pro basis As a country wide proposition. It May be All right in Ontario and Quebec Intra league draft regulations but j. Don t think it would be in re changed. The number of provinces like he con players who May be protected by i eluded. I provinces like he con a club was changed from 20 and two goalies to 18 and 3. The Intra league draft Price was increased from to selections Date was changed to the time of the Semi annual meeting the Sec Ond week in september instead of immediately preceding opening of the season. Nil Given 3 years to live without Caha Kemptville ont. Or. Dunn said he would be Able to comment More fully when he receives More information on the proposal. B. Baldy George president of Canadian Amateur hockey Boston Royal Vale staved off late bid by Larry Ell favored a terrific s wednes Day to score a half length Triumph in the 19th running of the added Massachusetts Handicap at Suffolk Downs. The five year old English bred with Veteran Jackie we Stripe in the Saddle was 10th in the Field of 11 As they went past the grand time in the stand for the first i i mile test. Larry Ellis with Tohy Despir Ito up was second and count turf the 1951 Kentucky Derby Winner that National hockey league clubs will not last three years beyond the ending of the agreement with the association. The league club owners decided at their annual meeting in Mont real wednesday to terminal the agreement under which on signing an Amateur player they pay a sum to the Caha to be used for the promotion of Amateur hockey j the notice of termination will be presented to the Caha this month and the agreement will end two years later unless both sides agree to the immediate Termina Tion. X or. George said it would end the present system of a three game tryout of Amateur players with professional clubs and i Tiger ettes tip Elmwood 5-3 West Kildonan Tiger ettes Defeated Elmwood pats 5-3 in a Junior girl s softball league game wednes Day night. Libby Klein and Jackie Cameron were the winning pitch ers. E. Manson hurled for pats. Pat Heath with two nits in three attempts and i Pollock with a Homer starred for the winners. Marie Hebert rocked a two run Homer for Elmwood. My Iatha a Liepins principal time 26.3 Hall Milr i b. Crowley principal 2. .1. Macphall 3. Gorrell time mile i. B. Crowley c principal spar 2. G. Cornell time 17.5. Brond jump j. 1. Liepens principal u. principal b. Pase distance in. Should not be surprised if the association decided that any player who signed for a professional club should be suspended from Amateur Wally Karbo in Middle of muscle Primo camera and Butch Levy Are a pair of sizeable men but they weigh a Quarter ton Between them they Don t match the ave Dupois of Al and tiny Mills the Camrose Lumberjacks. And tossed into the Middle of the works for Frida night s wrestling show at the auditorium is poor Little Wally Karbo a fearless sort who will Attar rpt to keep the four under control. Camera and Levy meet the Mills Brothers in the main event of Alex Turk s promotion a main event which is Well supported by Tony Baillargeon and big Bill Mcdaniel in the Semi Windup which in turn is supported by what looks like a tremendous match Between Joe Pazandak and Farmer Don Marlin in the opener Mike Clancy meets Hardie Kruskamp. Grapple time is . Polo Park the of Canadian Darby starting saturday june 13 to 20 june 35 to july 2 Zeke o Connor Back to Argos Toronto Zeke o Connor signed his 1953 contract wednesday with Toronto argonauts of the big four. The six foot four Inch native of new Jersey played his College foot Ball with notre Dame before turn ing professional with Cleveland Browns of the National football league. He played part of last sea son with Dallas texans before com ing Here in mid season

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