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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - June 5, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaPrinted published Ouy except sunday Sty company Umstad. 300 Colton Wir mimic Manitou. R. S. Malone Public intr and editor in chief meter adj Stock Maurice Western executive editor editor r. H. Shelford general Winnipeg free press Western Canada s National newspaper Winnipeg saturday june 5, 1971 in Tom of Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights action Canada spreading trash having launched the frail barque of action Canada upon the rough sea of politics Paul Hellyer and his friends Are waiting to see whether it will float or sink. Of course they do not know yet. Nor do the politicians of the established parties. At this Point it is Safe to say Only that or. Hellyer has started a movement which will have in calculable effects on the nation s affairs or he has committed political suicide at an Early age. But whatever its electoral prospects May be such a movement led by such a Man reflects a deepening dissatisfaction among the Ca Nadian people with their government their opposition Par ties and themselves. Or. Hellyer proposes to organize these feelings of Dis Content by forming a new party or failing that to exert influence on the old ones. He is entitled to do so if he can since in his View the nation on its present course is bound straight for disaster. Someone he thinks must halt the Drift while there is still time and for this formidable task he offers himself with motives that May be entirely mistaken but Are certainly sincere. What else does he offer so far Only two definite plans but they Are enough in themselves to demand a reply from the government and the opposition. He would reduce taxes to stimulate the lagging propos Al already advanced by the conservative party and evidently under the government s Active consideration on the eve of the annual budget. But or. Hellyer sees asap patently Robert Stanfield does not that a tax reduction sufficiently drastic to have any significant effect on the Economy must further stimulate inflation to avoid that familiar Cycle or. Hellyer is the single politician of stat ure who has ventured to propose direct Legal controls Over profits and wages the major elements of prices. These two proposals fit together. In Short or. Hellyer would accelerate the Speed of the Economy but by compulsory guidelines would keep it from running off me Road. Thus the theories of professor John Kenneth Galbraith Are introduced for the first time into practical Canadian politics. As was to be expected those theories have been widely misunderstood both in Canada and the United states. To avoid unnecessary confusion or. Hellyer should explain what they actually mean As soon As possible. Clearly he does not suggest that the government must fix All prices As in quite unworkable system in peacetime. He seems to mean Only that wage increases in general should not exceed the increase in output per Man hour of work that profits should not exceed their historic average Over a period of years and that neither manage ment nor labor should chisel the Public. With production costs limited to the real economic growth rate prices could be safely left to find their own level in the competitive Market instead of being driven up year after year by the twin pressures of wages profits or both. However its merits May be judged this is at least a specific Coher ent policy deserving serious Public consideration. At first sight management is Likely to regard it As an attempt to restrict free Enterprise and promote socialism under a new disguise when in fact or. Hellyer has always believed in free Enterprise and rejected socialism far. More strongly than the government. The labor unions on the other hand Are Likely to regard his plans As an at tempt to coerce the workers when his objective apparently is to assure them jobs and stable instead of shrinking inflationary wages. If these Are his purposes he has yet to say How they can be carried out and until he can persuade the nation to consider them the rest of his program will mean Little or nothing. All his Hopes of full employment Urban renewal better housing and greater democracy at All Levels depend altogether on an Economy that can move for Ward at its full potential without skidding into the ditch of inflation As it has done so often in the past. This to be sure is a tall order and no government in the Western world has been Able to fulfil it but the Cana Dian government cannot excuse its own failure Tarbush off or. Hellyer s criticism merely by saying that he is a temporary nuisance in politics and his ideas too visionary. For even if this is True he has posed an. Issue that will not disappear at the convenience of any government. If he disappears the Issue will remain to be faced by one Means or another in the end. And up to now none of the existing parties has truly faced it. In the cutters of new York to View York the hand 11 lettered sign in the Tacky window of a run Down shop now being used for a rummage Sale announced that the Block closing and cleaning event is being postponed from next sunday to the following sunday. The Block is wast 82nd Street Between Columbus ave. And Central. Park West and it is lined with some of new York s Best examples of Brownstone architecture. But the buildings Are dilapidated some even abandoned and the Street has been an ave nue of rubbish for so Long now that it probably does t make much difference which single Day in the decade it gets tidied up for a few hours. The trash and the garbage and the broken bottles and the torn mattresses will accumulate again soon enough. And this in t hopeless help 1 e s s Brownsville Over in Brooklyn which mayor Lind say shows his Peers from other cities to Shock them into realizing not what can happen but what has happened in America s Metropolis. It is solid wisecracking Delicatessen studded French and chinese and hungarian restau ranted boutique and Church adorned Manhattan. Some Indian visitors who always thought Calcutta was the world s dirtiest City were shocked at the Side walks of new York. New York does have sidewalks but you have to look closely for the curb to Tell them from the gutters. Of course it is always said that new York in t Ameri Ca. But it is. It is an Ameri can City the biggest one and the National capital of finance communications the arts practically everything except government. It has the tallest shiniest buildings the richest shops the choicest cultural offer Ings. It has none of the wide Plains the Cool forests the craggy mountains which nature provided Long before the land was called America. But it has the prime of everything America produces some of every kind of people who comprise americans. And it lives hurrying or strolling or just calmly con. Tem plating amid As much human filth As is strewn any where in the world. Now and Ijar ton Usfo then someone grumbles about the dirt. Occasionally but very rarely neighbors get together and Clear up a Block. But mostly we just live with it not grovelling but pretending not to notice. Partly it is the fault of the City. Sanitation and Street cleaning like Many other services Don t work too Well any More. They per form in a haphazard kind of Way like a Sloppy housewife waving a dust cloth around the room and leaving it to Luck How much manages to get clean. Mainly though it is the fault of the people not just poor people but All the self respecting people who live in neat Homes and think Noth ing of dropping the remains of an ice Cream Cone the Peel of an Orange the wrap per of a Candy bar As they walk the dog making sure he won t soil the apartment. They Are people who be Lieve in the rights of the individual and free Enterprise and personal initiative. They Are also people who think it s up to the government to keep the streets except maybe on one sunday Block event every few years or so and therefore none of their responsibility for what gets thrown in the Street. Recent dispatches by american reporters allowed to visit China kept telling How clean that once Fly infested uttered country has become. Tillman Durdin of the new York times an old China hand went on to say of Canton that every resident was responsible for the cleanliness of the Street in front of his own Home and workplace. Canton is drab and colourless now or. Dur Din reported its glitter and variety swept away in the collective Monotony of maoism. But oddly that intensively collect sized anti individualist society seems Able to get its people themselves to look after the Street they live on. Individualist new Tor a glorying in its eccentricities and luxuriant Range of opportunities can t even keep peo ple from spreading their trash under their own noses. In the country of do it yourself there Are some Sim ple Basic chores of decent living that people won t do themselves. Except on one Block of West 82nd Street sunday after next when some will spend a few hours picking up what they be been throwing around All week and will go on throwing the following monday. That in t the system. It s the Way we be come to live. How have the mighty.? by Sham Heron Howd you like to spend two nights with a lord and of try you d be allowed to eat with them too. I Don t think can sleep with them but i have no information on the. Point and this May be an option. You can sleep in their House though for As Little As 88 pounds Ster Ling for two nights. I suppose you can sleep quite close to them maybe in another Wing of the House about 300 feet away. Only those who have never slept with a lady or a lord or near a lady or a lord can be fully unaware of what a Dull experience any of these alternatives is Likely to be. You can share All this with Dukes Duchesse and the like by getting in touch with cer Tain agencies say Nieman Marcus the department store in Dallas Texas. Write today. The English lords and ladies Are tactful about their private War on privation. You can t get their names keeps his seat Surprise Surprise or. Gustav Husak was re elected general Secretary of the czechoslovak communist party. Those who would talk of a rubber stamp decision should eat their words. After All or. Husak was among those czechs and slovaks who in 1968, publicly denounced the Warsaw pact invasion of their country. After that however he had travelled his own Road to Damascus or perhaps one should say Moscow saw the blinding Light of Leonid Brezhnev s benevolent concern for or. Husak s people recanted and has now been reconfirmed in his state of Grace. Some cynics maintain that or. Husak s conversion was due not so much to his Sud Den grasping of the marxist Leninist verities As interpreted by Warsaw pact tanks As to his realization that it is better to be in Power than to run a Remote Hydro electrical station a Fate worse than death reserved for fallen idols be they Georgi Malen Kov or Alexander Dubcek. Prime minister Strougal promised intensified integration of the czechoslovak and soviet economies and since this Means intensified Short Ages and intensified shoddy Ness he also preached the need of a Gigantic Effort to re educate the working masses. Here he said enor Mous tasks still await the party. After 20 years in Power he must be kidding. And addresses into advertise ments or on to lists that arc distributed to potential customers. Instead you get Little capsules commentaries on each lord and lady double act which tells you what they like what they Are like schools regiments hobbies and that sort of thing so that you know whether to bring your diving suit or your Tennis Racquet with you when you come. But i can Tell you who one of these chaps is lord Hert Ford. More on him in a moment. The european lords and ladies who have As a matter of fact always looked Down their noses at English lords and ladies because the English have never had a real aristocracy in the european sense these european lords and ladies Don t seem to be half so Reti cent about having their names published As the English is and is. Their agent is a Baroness. Well by adoption. She married a dutch Baron and carries it Well. Before that she was a or person for a car company and did that very Well too. Now she s doing the same class 61 work for a classier kind of client. She once sold fuel injection systems for diesel engines and in a sense you could say she s still doing it but about lord Hertford. Through Nieman Marcus he got As one of his honoured guests a very Good looking girl from Texas who is also very Rich. Her name is mrs. Steinhagen and one of the Little treats she enjoyed with the lord was to drink Cham pagne on the sidewalk out Side the 21 club. I mean lords do this sort of thing All the time. Mrs. Steinhagen loved it i hear. Gamut on Bona Vutura Island off he Gist coast1 car plight of Tho cities Urban gloom in the . Washington Public figures involved in the United states Urban crisis Are speaking in increasingly grim tones. Kenneth Gibson mayor of Newark new Jei sey Points to the appalling racial and social problems of his City and says bluntly we have hit Newark has the nation s highest per capita crime rate the greatest percentage of slum housing the highest percent age of welfare one in three the worst incidence of Ven Ereal disease and infant mortality Boston mayor Kevin White who has described his racially troubled City As a tinder recently joined other big City mayors in a tour of the desolate Brownsville area of Brooklyn and afterwards commented this be the first tangible sign of the collapse of our whatever the Over All Prospect or. White s words were clearly not inappropriate to the immediate situation Brownsville was soon to be shaken by rioting touched off by cutbacks in welfare and other services for the poor who remain amid the decay and rubble of demolished buildings. The Brownsville rioting was consistent with a warn ing by the National Urban coalition that dangerously explosive conditions were developing in Central cities across the country As a consequence of hard economic conditions and the dislocation of Federal anti poverty programs with which the Nixon administration is unhappy. The coalition noted with alarm the very High rate of unemployment 40 firecracker ban there cannot be any Sensi ble opposition to the request of the association of Ontario mayors and Reeves made at its annual meeting this week that a total ban be imposed on the importation of fire crackers into Canada. The proposal was first made by Toronto City coun received wide support f m other municipalities. The damage done by fire crackers includes lires to property in Toronto lire lighters were called out More than 280 times in the past Lour years to douse fires set by firecrackers and More seriously Burns and in jury to children. Some municipalities have a ban on firecrackers. Others permit them so that Chil Dren in areas where fire crackers cannot be sold can often walk to a neighbouring area and buy them there. A total ban on their importation is a drastic Way of meeting the problem but it has much to commend it. Remembered words from to my inconstant mistress by Thomas Carew when thou poor excommunicate from All the Joys of love Shalt Sec the full Reward and glorious Fate which my Strong Faith shall Purchase me then curse thine own Incon Clancy. Decided what to do. I m going to work within the system Fop changes until i m disillusioned like everybody else i Tim Traymor per cent or More among inner City teen agers. The latest figures show no Abate ment of unemployment in the country As a whole in a move reflecting apprehension about the Short term prospects the administration is seeking funds to expand fed eral programs to provide summer jobs for almost youths at per hour. The mayors would have cause for extreme apprehension about such places As Brownsville even if general economic conditions were less Adverse. Month after month All the familiar debilitating processes Advance concentrations of Black poor become greater new streets Are abandoned by Whites fleeing to the suburbs new areas and schools Are touched by racial friction. The flight of the Well off to the suburbs and even More the swelling outflow of suburb bound businesses diminishes the tax base of cities faced with mushroom ing costs for wages welfare Urban renewal drug treat ment and crime control. And increasingly affliction begets affliction. The squeeze on revenues May Force layoffs of civic employees As in new York and curtailment of medical police and other services the upshot being a general deterioration of conditions More departures for the suburbs and an increased demand for welfare. On to this May be superimposed As in new York a non Urban backlash against the diversion of state tax revenues to the City. Recent surveys have come up with expressive in formation. New York s Urban renewal Agency is so Linan Dally hard pressed that Many of the properties it is supervising pending renewal Are As ill kept As those held by slum landlords. As a result of the exodus of Busin esses the number of jobs available in new York declined by Between february 1970 and february 1971 in Detroit such Busi Ness mainstays As the the troit news and the Detroit Lions Are relocating in the suburbs. The census Bureau recently reported that in the last de Cade Manhattan lost 15 per cent of its White population Chicago 18 per cent Detroit almost 30 per cent St. Louis 31 per cent Newark 36 per cent and Washington almost 40 per cent. Buildups of police forces have dampened crime in some cities including Washington but i the majority the crime rate continues to Rise. A Survey of Harlem concluded that 90 per cent of All businesses there had been robbed at some time the condition of Urban schools contending with drug and racial problems was investigated by the Wall Street journal it found a Worsen ing climate of violence As for instance in new York where serious physical at tacks on teachers jumped from 193 in 1965, to 287 in 1970, and in Philadelphia where Between 1968 and 1970 there were 108 youth gang killings. The mayors Are urgently appealing to Federal authorities for financial assistance but As yet it is Uncertain what Relief will be forthcoming above and beyond pro Grams already under Way. A housing act passed last year provides funds Lor construction of new towns under both private and Feder Al auspices and for in creased subsidization of various Public housing and Urban renewal schemes the Nixon administration talks of boosting Aid to the cities within the context of plans for substantially expanding the role of state governments in disposing of fed eral tax funds Revenue Shar cities would have a Freer hand in spending funds which Are currently channelled through Federal anti poverty programs but they would also have to reckon on a deepening struggle with state Legislatures. Congress Tor its part has taken a different and antagonistic tack. The Powers that be Are Loath to diminish con Gressional authority Over fed eral funds and will Only entertain Revenue sharing in a greatly modified form. The dispute on this is Likely to be lengthy and in the mean time the cities main Hope is that some variant of the president s welfare Reform package will be put into effect. As of now they can probably look Forward at least to a freeze on City Wel fare costs at present Levels. But she wanted something More. So they took the Rolls Down to a London pub called the Prospect of Whitby there Are lots of them and sat in the Rolls and ate fish and chips. Julie which is mrs. Steinhagen s name said it was wonderful to see the real England. The thing the Baroness runs her name is Baroness Vockrodt de to erode but when she was or for the other fuel injection systems people knew her As Vera is called the grand tour. The Dorothy Gray Beauty Salon has created a hair style for the tout. It is called aristocratic. I am told and i m still weighing its credibility that Vera s Agency also provides copies of the times of London for eating chips out of. You certainly could t ask certain people to eat their chips in a Rolls out of the daily Mirror. One thing you can say about All this is that Abbie Hoffman in t the Only demo cratic believer running around Europe and America these Days. When you have a big House to keep up sooner or later you have to accept the Magna Carta and admit that a Buck is a Buck is a Buck. A Mark on the other hand is a Good looking and very Rich texan. Birthdays Herbert Wylie Winnipeg born Belfast Northern ire land june mrs. Elsie Schreiner Minto Manitoba born Minto june 5, 1887. Mrs. Louise Harrison St. Vital born Monroe Wisconsin june new sep Wal Lowers i n nostalgia have a great treat coming up on the Magazine Racks this summer. There looking just As it did in the old Days is the saturday evening Post. The front cover is by who else Norman Rockwell. The Magazine title is in the same old Type. The Small Index of features at the Bot t o m of the cover reads Alexander Botts All Mcgraw Pete Martin Ted key Paul Gallico Ellery Queen Burt How did Mcgraw and Bacharach get in inside Little Lias changed except the ads. The Hall Page Black and White illustrations today s scripture prepare be the Way of the lord make straight in the desert a Highway for our god. Isaiah above Story titles Are in the Type they were always in. The stories articles and illustrations have none of the gloom and doom of so much contemporary writing. As the Lead editorial beneath old Ben s portrait on Page 92 says we Are frankly tired of panic of fearsome fore casts of deep despair in these pages you will find in formative articles and delightful fiction. You la find fun. You la find sentiment. In Short you will rediscover an old old of course tilings Aren t quite the same. Some of us remember when the sep was a weekly Selling for a Nickel. The new sep will be a quarterly and it Sells Lor a Dollar. Time indeed marches on but it is fun even at the Cost of a Dollar to Stop now and then and take a look Back. F

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