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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - June 5, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba14 winning Fobe piss saturday june 5, i Jamaica Beautiful at summer prices Page things Jamaica has to offer occur Only in summer. The Independence festival comes to its Happy Climax in the first week of August. Dance dramas music and colourful local celebrations Are to be found every where on the Island. Flowering Trees yellow Povi Scarlet Ponciana and Golden Cassia Are among summer s glories and the Queen of Tropi Cal fruits the Mango is in season from april to August. The prize Bombay Mango is found Only in Jamaica in the Western hemisphere some hotels close for a few months but Hie majority keep their doors open wide at prices reduced from 35 to 50 per cent. Even car and fun buggy Ren tals Are less particularly when reserved by the week. All the attractions new since Rose Hall and Devon House last year the rafting at Martha ranch near Montero Bay the Plantation and great House Tours the restored mansions of Brae River the Jamaica safari will remain in action. Beach Bonus jamaican Beauty Kingston summertime does t change the buoyancy and incredible clarity of the water at doctor s Cave Beach the Sun glances through the foliage at Dunn s River Falls with the same Cathedral like radiance in june As it does in january. Greenery and Flowers Are everywhere the beaches Are uncrowded the Mountain air Cool and fresh. It simply costs less to enjoy Jamaica Between May and december. This Means that families wanting to spend summer vacations together can have the fun of renting a Villa with All the trimmings often including a private swimming Pool for As Little As per Day per person. Groups or couples can Combine their resources and Sample Lux Ury resorts that might Cost Al most double in Winter. Young secretaries school arms kids the retired any one on a limited budget gets a break when the rates go Down and from some cities in the and Canada there Are special combined air and accommodation plans known As group inclusive Tours . That help solve the problem of where to go on vacation this summer. It s also easy in the Long Caribbean summer months to hop a plane on Short notice so that the need for Dull planning in Advance is eliminated. The Young idea of following one s impulses becomes a practical one As Well. One of the questions usually asked about sub tropical islands in summer is does it get very hot in Jamaica certain areas do get hot in August and sep tember just As some places in North America do. However the Topography is amazingly varied for an Island. In its Square Miles there Are mountains Over 7000 feet High and even the Foothills above the City of Kingston Are always Cool in the evening. The shores of the Island receive a perpetual sea Breeze called the although most Beach hotels offer air conditioning most Don t really need it. Tropical showers that suddenly arrive and disappear again just As unexpectedly also serve to maintain the average temperature of 78-90 degrees. Another question frequently asked do the Best attractions close Down during the summer the answer is that some of the most typical and important tourists discover s. Korean charms by Bernard Krisher Seoul 18 years ago South Korea was a nation thoroughly devastated by War. And Many North americans still think of it that Way Dusty dirty and ruined. But thanks to a combination of foreign Aid and korean initiative the land of the morn ing Calm has been resurrected to a Point where it is now one of the prime travel attractions in Asia. Last year More than tourists visited South Korea pouring million of vital foreign currency into the econ omy. This year the figures will certainly be substantially higher. South korean government officials like to maintain that what draws tourists Are shops Selling Silks textiles Handi crafts and semiprecious stones historic cities like Yongju and the pseudo excitement of the hostile drama that continues at Panmunjom where . And the North korean representatives Bicker about their Long standing truce. But what in fact draws Many t o u r i s t s is another National asset South Korea s charming and exquisitely Lovely women Iyall Odds the prettiest in the Orient. Korean Maidens come in All varieties from the demure refreshingly naive Volunteer guides eager to meet foreign ers and show them the. Cities sights to the talented Gregari Ous Aisaeng answer to japanese Geisha Only younger and to the Blind masseuses who provide an incredibly relaxing hour s rub Down before the client retires. Less reputable kinds of women Are available too of course but most providers of female companionship Are affronted at the suggestion of anything less than respectable. We Don t want to provide that kind of says Kim Han to head of a private firm called the Korea tourist re search Centre. We want to give the tourist a kind guide like his own Secretary. We want to take him to the less expensive shops and restaurants. We want to help him get away from the hotel atmosphere where the prices Are Kim in t kidding. I once tested one of his guides by telling her that though i was t free to sightseer that afternoon i would i. Ivs1 v act i increase tcmheka1vie mkt thu nut Intoc Walls Aad other to reflect the Polar Tun eat a Mase the temperature of new towns within the Arctic circa by As much As seven decrees Tass news Agency reports. Singapore renter a to Newte Tomoi her three chimera from the 12th floor of a apr tempt Bvrd Zuj then tied suicide note to her wrist and jumped after them a Coroner was told tuesday. The woman and two of the children died. A two year old girl sur Vived. In Mackle s sat try Britain and Europe now Jack be s Nave Short Tours or Long Tours from Montreal or new York or London be free in the evening. She arrived dutifully at the dinner hour took me to a splendid inexpensive restaurant showed me some sights and then de parted saying that if she did t get Home soon her father would scold her. While Seoul s nightlife is hardly on a Par with that of other Oriental or european capitals an evening at a Aisaeng party is an experience so pleas ant arid relaxing that it often makes repeaters out of distinguished guests like Hubert Humphrey. The evening begins with a typical korean dinner that May run up to 25 courses. The food is uniformly Good but Only the Foolhardy would ask aptly the dishes contained since an answer that translates roughly As sea slug in t designed to whet an appetite. Aisaeng girls serve food to guests with Silver chopsticks Light their cigarettes rub their backs and generally make them feel As if they re the last of a dynasty of Imperial rulers. After dinner there is always dancing depending on the predilections of the guests either ancient court dances or modern go go routines. The most elaborate pleasure dome in the land is Walker Hill a million government owned resort Complex 30 minutes out Side Seoul. It caters to everyone from wealthy South koreans to Gas to foreign tourists offering five bars a Aisaeng House a gambling Casino turkish Baths a Bowling Alley Tennis courts horseback Riding boating water skiing skeet shooting and even a children s play area. Despite a general feeling of unease about the impending . Troop cutbacks in South Korea the Economy continues to grow faster than any other in the world 15.9 per cent in 1969 alone. And though the govern ment of president Chung Hee Park is worried about military confrontation when a third of the american troop contingent leaves it in t letting the tourist Industry suffer from the fear. Twenty new hotels have gone up in the past year and every one from american airlines to the Holiday inn Chain is Dicker ing for a piece of the action. I spent 10 years learning one South korean girl told me. Now i have to Start All Over again with at least once everybody should experience the Joy of an Ocean crossing. Sail to Europe on the Empress of Canada Call your travel agent or up ships a league world travel a Snail s Pace tour of Canada s most relaxed City is a tourist treat Victoria offers its visitors boarding a horse drawn tall Yho. Mac Fife s offer their emf experience in travel american express representative Mackie travel 285 Garry St. 942-3423 310 Broadway 953-5501 University Centre 269-4173 More than 35 years travel experience in Winnipeg Moi Jere going to scandinavian waste your time _ through Montrea there Are basically two ways you can go to scandi Navia this summer. One Way is direct from the West with us. Atlantic 71. Every week flights leave Winnipeg and Fly direct non Stop to non Stop Western Arrow service. The other Way is from the places like Montreal or new York go that Way and youth get time consuming flights frustrating Transfer hassles a new Yor terminal change and waiting around. So obviously we re the most convenient Way to Scandinavia is re the fastest Way out of the West for starters and we re the Only airline with non Stop service. But somehow it seems to us that an airline should be More than just convenient so Atlantic 71. An All out Effort from All of us at air Canada to make sure that if you re not coming with us because we re the most convenient you la be coming because we care for you More. Ask your travel agent about it come see what you be been missing. Air the Only airline direct non Stop to Scandinavia from Winnipeg. From return. "29-45 Day return Economy excursion fare june 1 August 31. Farei even lower during remainder of year. For immediate reservations Call 201 323 Portage ave., mpg. 2 phone 942-0246 world Trafley 175 Carlton St. Phone 947-1151 Ere to co travel service for full details Contact Eaton s 8th downtown 943-2591 lower level Polo Park 786-6861

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