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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - June 3, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press thursday june 3, 1971 2nd claw mail registration number 0286 by Alexander foot the upwind trapper breezed into the office with the summer Sun the other morning up South from his lines Down North and observed that he had stopped to Chat with a rancher near Gladstone. I notice you be got More cattle Here than the upwind trapper observed. We prefers the rancher said. Yes gang there will be a get together 71, progeny of the phenomenally successful get together 70 which last year amazed everyone with its Success. Dates will be july 31 to aug. 2, with the same bag As last sum Mer Portage Avenue blocked off exhibits Beer Garden etc., reports publicity Man Lindsay Phillips. This year or. Gani Zers also Hope for a. Giant costume Ball anyone under seven feet not Welcome and plan to invite special guests to the frolics. More work will be going into display place ment and traffic flow. This year we might add a Hope that businesses affected by the blocked Street get involved with such things As storefront bazaars rather than moan about allegedly losing business because of the festival because the six scheduled Harry Belafonte shows have sold out an extra seventh show has been scheduled . Friday popular sportsman Terry Hind has joined Cox Johnson International and will serve As show producer of the Winnipeg Auto show and the Winnipeg Home show. Terry has been involved in sport since 1954, with Winnipeg Gold eyes Winnipeg maroons Winnipeg whips and others. He now is director of the Canad an association for the mentally retarded of greater Winnipeg director of the Good neighbor club honorary pres ident of the greater Winnipeg Junior baseball league and commissioner for the Manitoba Amateur baseball Assoc a was a Ward two Alderman for two terms. What we re wondering Terry is. What do you do in your spare time social noughts visiting the Harry Enns Sun Day was Elizabeth Taylor a different Joe hearing Aid Bill detailed Bill 26, the proposed hearing Aid act is not meant to harass hearing Aid dealers in Manitoba but to protect the buyer and to establish professional Stan Dards health minister Rene Toupin said wednesday. Introducing the Bill for second Reading in the Manitoba Legisla Ture or. Toupin said it provided for a Board to protect the consumer regulating procedures to by be Borowski went canoeing sunday. He came Back All wet. The empty Canoe carried on retiring Pinkham school principal Frank harder will be honoured june 10 from 7 to . With a reception in the school auditorium at 765 Pacific Avenue the University of Manitoba alumni association seeks to add to an almost non existent alumni University archives. They seek old memos calendars course outlines staff lists directories photographs clip pings and reports. The older the better. Originals can be duplicated or reproduced and returned. Memorabilia keepers who wish to donate May Contact mrs. Susan cur Rie 474-9542, or mail to the alumni office University Centre u of m. On june 18 the mennonite children s choir of Winnipeg enters found two of Csc radio s choral Competition let the people sing. Manitoba rehabilitation Hospital could use Junior volunteers for the summer months and this is worthwhile work for girls who want to get involved. The tasks Are not demanding and involve Only a few hours time a week. Primary duties involve serving lunch and other nourishment to patients assisting in the Hospital gift shop at the information desk and with clerical work. Girls Are taken on a tour of the Hospital and hear Brief talks about career opportunities in the Hospital Field and having talked to some of these volunteers in the past we can offer Assurance that this is a Fine Endeavor for any girl considering work in the medical Field and who would like to know what she might be getting into. Anyone interested May Call mrs. W. E. Barnard at 775-0181. Carried out by Manitoba hear ing Aid dealers. I decide on educational requirements for those who Dis Pense hearing aids. Enforce its own regulations and the various other provisions of the Bill. At said or. Tou pin anyone who can secure one or two brands of hearing aids can set himself up in Busi Ness and Call himself a hearing Aid but just As an optometrist must fit eyeglasses properly so must a hearing Aid be properly prescribed or serious physical and mental harm May result or. Toupin said. He said the consumer has a right to know that the person fitting his hearing Aid has met professional standards of to do so. Under the Bill people fitting hearing aids at present would be Given a temporary which would be certified after they pass examinations set by the proposed Board. I am or. Toupin said that within a very Short time hearing Aid dealers association will approach the government of Manitoba requesting that tills act incorporate further additions to ensure their higher Inez Trueman pc fort Rouge adjourned debate. General Hospital appoints director for youth clinic by Esther Tennenhouse mrs. Yhetta Gold project director of the Community Wel fare planning Council of greater Winnipeg has been appointed director of a youth clinic to be administered by Winnipeg general Hospital this summer. The 24-hour clinic located in the general Hospital area was due to open this week Accord ing to Hospital officials. The service will be open to the to transient youth expected in Winnipeg this summer. Peter swerhon executive director of general Hospital said the Manitoba health ser vices commission has agreed to fund the project until oct. 31. Operating expenses of have been provided he said. He emphasized the clinic will be detached from the Hospital building but will be located on Hospital property within two blocks of the institution it will be run in close co operation with the committee representing youth problems today he said. The clinic will be directed by mrs. Gold who has a leave of absence from her position with the Community welfare plan Ning Council he said. Or. Swerhon said the Hospi Tal is recruiting a research coordinator medical students and youth Contact people to staff the Dinic. Physicians services will e volunteered by Hospital Doc ors and one nurse will be on duty at the clinic at All times. Drug testing will also be available through the clinic he said. The clinic project will be run with a 15-member advisory staff Council including representatives of c.r.y.p.t., the Community welfare planning Council and physicians appointed by the province. Chairman is or. Colin Gillespie vice chair Man of the Council drug com Mittee. D r. William g. Lamberd. Director of psychiatric services at Winnipeg general Hospital said the Hospital feels its first task is to get the clinic into operation soon enough to handle Young transients now arriving every Day. He said the project will pro vide 12 to 15 jobs. We were very delighted to have the Opportunity to be reaching the problems in the Community and Are very appreciative of government or. Swerhon said. Free press meetings the following meeting will be held at 8 . Friday in the free press building clubroom Winnipeg Amateur movie makers. Photo by Gerry Cairns summertime and the Coolin easy might be the theme Sony of Jamie Huddlestone of Lenore Street who turns three next month. As the Wea ther warmed up he sought Solace from the deep freeze at his local Popsicle outlet. And the Weatherman says the local Cooling will be go ing full tilt front now on because it looks As though the heat has finally arrived even if summer does t really get Here until june 21 at . Glue sniffing saddens Veteran police officer by Barry Mullin after 26 years on the Winnipeg police Force detective sergeant William Hrycyk has seen first band what drugs can do to Young people but still believes that glue sniffing is the most serious problem fac ing Young people today. And each time he sees a Young person who has sniffed solvents As he prefers to Call it Spivak expects considerable debate on Auto insurance chem lab blast inquiry launched a wide ranging inquiry has transportation of injured per he can t help but feel sorry and disappointed. I have seen the repeaters and the deterioration that has taken place not physically but mentally. You can t imag Ine what youngster it s like and to see a i be seen been launched at the University of Manitoba into an explosion tuesday which ripped through a chemistry Laboratory sending two graduate students to Hospi Tal. A second inquiry is expected to be initiated shortly by the University safety committee. Or. Robert Betts head of the chemistry department said thursday his department now is conducting an inquiry into the sequence of events leading up to and following the explosion. Three graduate students were preparing a cleaning solution involving sulphuric acid when the solution exploded Shower ing two of them with acid and broken flying Glass. Or. Betts said University officials no doubt will be looking into the provision of More Gas sons from the Campus to Winnipeg general Hospital. Results of the chemistry department s inquiry perhaps will be known within a week said or. Betts. Weather report morning bulletin Tow provinces warm we Tami wetly i uttered shown will i weft int today. Ai i Law Pra Uura by Stem Tai great like of lightly Motet invade Northern Alberta Tway an4 North Ern Raikar Chowan fray. Film Rte on the map indicate Alfh Dumpor Turat today by Ron Kustra progressive conservative Leader Sidney Spivak predicted wednesday there would be considerable debate in the Legisla Ture on the principle of Bill 56 when the particulars of the a topic legislation Are introduced into the House. Or. Spivak said that he still believes that the government did t have to enter the Automo bile insurance Industry and de Prive people of their livelihood. Probably an american insurance company is co insuring the provincial government s plan he also suggested during a noon hour meeting with red River Community College Stu dents. Taxi natural Gas and milk forecast for a tatar Winnipeg the and red River it front occasional Cloudy Parodi today and Friday with the Shower in the late afternoon 01 evening. Low tonight near 50 Alfh fray near so. Following Are High temperature recorded yet verday Low temperature for Utt 12-hour period which ended at 6 . Today and precipitation for the 24-hour period which ended at 6 . Today Vancouver 51 Calgary 71 43 Edmonton 77 49 Regoni 78 47 Brandon 73 49 the Pas 79 so Thompson 76 49 Winnipeg to 54 Bay 74 44 Kenora 78 59 Ottawa 58 Toronto 61 52 Montreal 73 55 Montreal 73 55 Halifax 73 48 Chicago 75 58 Miami 82 74 los Angeles 68 57 Minneapolis 74 55 new York 71 61 Phoenix 87 57 to to to he d Friend who s always running around in circles Winnipeg temperature comparisons Max. Normal min. Mean 81 45 63 73 52 63 49 46 56 highest on record 90 in 1934 lowest on record 28 in 1888 rates Are controlled by govern ment regulation and regulations controlling automobile insurance rates also could have been set he said. If his party is elected to of fice in the next provincial elec Tion the government insurance corporation would not be Dis banded but would enter into Competition with private insurance companies or. Spivak said. Dissolving the government Enterprise would have displace ment effects similar to those the government takeover of the private Industry is now having he said. Five Hundred to 600 civil ser vants about nine per cent of the provincial service would suffer by dissolving the govern ment insurance company As such this would not be the humane thing to do he added. In addition there is such a thing As a continuity in govern or. Spivak said. For example although John Diefenbaker was against air Canada he did not Force it to Stop its operations when he became prime minister but instead allowed the Canadian Pacific airline to compete. Besides if it the govern ment insurance corporation is so Good it should be Able to he said. In deriding the present government action in implementing compulsory insurance or. Spi Vak said that even though not enough information is yet available Manitoban will save Only about per insured car. This must be considered along with the disruption to individuals and their families plus the loss of the corporate tax base. Manitoban will never really know the True Cost of operating the government insurance scheme he said. Medicare will hide the medical costs which the insurance companies must now compensate for and Legal fees can be hidden in the attorney general s department As they had been in Saskatchewan he said. Or. Spivak found it ironic that when discussing the air Canada cae industries crisis Industry minister Leonard Evans had asked Why the cae employees should be Laid off when they had every right to expect they could live in Mani Toba without such disruptions to their livelihood. The same could be said for the private Automo bile insurance Industry he said. A number of insurance agents have declared or will declare bankruptcy he said. It is imperative that compensation to the agents be adequate. Many of the agents Are being employed by the govern ment automobile insurance corporation government spokes men have made Clear Premier Schreijer did t completely understand insurance when he went into or. Spivak said. Replying to a question or. Spivak termed meaningless and silly the free Enterprise versus communism and social ism arguments. If social Reform Means socialism then Duff Roblin was a socialist every year of his Asper swings at anti Rock move by Arlene bill1nkoff j could be used to discriminate Liberal Leader Izzy Asper has supported a group of Young people in their efforts to delete a Section of proposed Legisla Tion which might discriminate against Rock festivals. The Section appears in a Bill to Amend the municipal act and refers to the right of municipal councils to refuse to Grant per mits for the holding of certain events. An event is defined in the Bill As an entertainment or a recreational activity at which More than persons attend or Are expected to attend on any single the Section gives a municipal Council in its absolute disc re the right to refuse to Grant a permit. Daniel Bron Stein a greater Winnipeg Stu Dent who is one of the organizers for a Rock festival planned for this August said the Section is discriminatory against any such festival. Or said his concern about the Section was More broadly based. Ift an interview wednesday at the legislative building he said the Section against any Large gathering the Liberal party wanted to Lold a picnic at Harry Enns s ranch or. Enns is the progressive conservative la for t h e municipality could veto it s not just the Rock festival said or. Asper. It s the unfettered right to assemble. The it during the debate on the lib eral Resolution for a Bill of rights. He termed the Section of the Bill which Grants councils absolute discretion an obscene them from anywhere from five years of age to 19 who knows something is wrong but who does t know what s happening to him mentally from sniffing the Veteran morality squad officer told the rotary club luncheon in the hotel fort Garry wednesday. See Story on Page 9 glue sniffing he said can Lead to brain damage and to destruction of Bone marrow. In a Short but punchy speech often laced with humor . Hrycyk listed his feel Ings about the various drugs heroin is the end of the Speed pills kill quickly. The average life of a Speed Freak is six he said. And he explained that taking Speed is like causing instant High blood Ltd is a terrible drug. You simply Don t know when you la have a Flashback and go on a trip of the same intensity As much As six months after you took the hashish and marijuana. These Are As common As Ogden s tobacco was in the de pression years. But to my knowledge marijuana does not harm you physically but i Don t know facts to the however he added using marijuana or hashish simply leads the user to try something stronger after the Novelty of the Milder drug wears off. Putting in a plug for the undermanned morality squad of the Winnipeg police depart ment . Hrycyk said the 27 members Only 15 of whom can actually work two shifts Are responsible for enforcing All masks in labs there should have been More at the scene on tuesday he the number of Access Points to other labs and the general safety situation in the Parker chemistry Laboratory building. He said he was pleased with the Way University and fort Garry fire officials handled the situation tuesday. But he said he was still distressed Over the conflict of jurisdictions involved in the robbery charges dropped charges of armed robbery against three men in concern ing a theft april 5 of from the Buffalo credit Union were stayed during a preliminary hearing wednesday in Winnipeg magistrate s court. The men were Joseph Guy Girouard 24, 282 Forrest ave nue James Williams 25, 725 landside Street suite 3 and James a. Dunn serving a 14 month term following a pre Vious conviction. They were charged after the armed robbery at the credit Union office at 225 Victoria ave nue East when the including in cheques was taken. Federal court opens the. New Federal court of Canada has set up operations in the Law courts building Here. The Federal court of Canada r e p 1 a c e s the old exchequer court of Canada which was the body to which a citizen complained about treatment received from Federal boards commissions tribunals or other Federal bodies. It is the first major change in the High court in 84 years. Starting tuesday the Federal court of Canada absorbed the exchequer court and increased its jurisdiction i an attempt to relieve the supreme court of Canada of some work and to improve the system. However appeals will still go to the supreme court. One advantage of the system is the change which enables a person to approach new offices in most provinces in Stead of having to go to Ottawa. No sitting of the court has so far been scheduled for Mani Toba. Deputy clerk of the court is Al Rouse. Fairly Good after stabbing Harvey Beaulieu 33, of 403 Furby Street who suffered a knife wound in the Chest in a stabbing incident Here wednes Day was reported in fairly Good condition thursday in Winnipeg general Hospital. Winnipeg police said the Stab Bing took place during an argument Between or. Beaulieu and another Man on Ellice ave Nuoc near Balmoral Street. No further details were Avail Able. Chief visits polish sex combatants Here piece of legislation it s a disgrace to put something like that on the the Liberal Leader said his group will move for deletion of the Section and also will discuss it during their Resolution for a Bill of rights. Or. Brons Din said he would go through regular channels and try to convince government officials about the necessity of deleting the Section. However if that does t work a group of phases of the liquor control act get to sit and watch All the erotic nightclub prostitution and vagrancy of s e n i t y and morality cases missing persons and juvenile delinquents gambling and the narcotics control act and the food and drugs act. The most rewarding thing about his profession said det. Sgt. Hrycyk is busting a drug trafficker. He told rotarians that the drug problem is increasing slowly but More Young people Are becoming aware of the Dan Gers of harder drugs. He said there were no narcotics prosecutions in Winnipeg in 1966. However in 1967 there were 19 and the next year there were 69. Figures Rose to 114 of fences in 1969 and last year people May protest Friday at there were 148 narcotics prose tie legislative buildings. Cut Lons. . G. S. Kopanski head of the polish sex combatant association arrived in Winnipeg wednesday night for a three Day visit with his fellow countrymen now living in Winnipeg. The highlight of his visit Here will be a banquet Friday at . At the Andrew Mynarski legion in general Kopanski s Honor. The sex combatants association is an organization roughly analogous to the Canadian legion Gen. Kopanski said at a press conference wednesday night. But it is an International rather than National association of sex polish servicemen with its Headquarters in London eng land. He said there Are poles spread throughout the world who decided not to return to Poland at the end of the War because it was and still is without at least 10.000 of them found Refuge in Canada he added. Much of the general s time is spent visiting various associations around the world but when he is not travelling he makes his Home in London. There he said he does historical research on the military. Although he has been to Canada a number of times this in his first visit to the Western provinces. When he leaves Here on sat urday he will tour Thunder Bay St. Catharines London Toronto and Montreal. Despite the 30 years thai Poland has been under russian control Gen. Kopanski was optimistic about the freeing of Hia native country. I still believe that one Day. Although i cannot say when bul one Day we will have an in dependent Poland once

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