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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - June 2, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Ant drunk Driver program Aims directly at teenagers Cathy Guisewite Edmonton up Western Australia ant drunk driving pro Gram is shockingly explicit but its intended to be Tough on says program spokesman Harry youve really got to sock it to Oxer said of the a combined my and live theatre presentation similar to one that had some Success in new it shows the bloody aftermath of a fatal car Accident in which the drunk Driver emerges virtually unscathed but the crash leaves one passenger dead and another they can take but we found at the end of it that there were some kids who were pretty shaky As a result of medical director of Johns ambulance service for Western said in an inter View after addressing a symposium for emergency medical they didst realize that if you chose to drive with someone like that a drunk the consequences Are not necessarily just but Parala Zed for life or injured More some Blase while High school students who saw the program were Blase about they hated the idea of being disfigured or said the Grey haired the realism of the program was such that one teenager said its the next Best thing to having your own Oxer he said the produced last Aims at changing behaviour by changing it tries to persuade teenagers to resist peer pressure to drink and drive or to ride with an impaired no results yet its still too Early to assess the results in Western but the program in new zealand has reduced deaths and accidents involving Young impaired Drivers by 18 per he the Australia program Cost More than but new zealand Esti mates it saved million by avoid ing the costs including medical Bills of Auto said but there is More than Money to be we cant go on wasting a Valu Able resource like our Young peo he Oxer said More people have been killed on Australia roads since the second world War than have died in All the wars in which the country has More than half of those deaths involved in the alcohol and drug study says depression hits younger people More Philadelphia a de pression is More common in younger than older people and largely goes untreated despite availability of studies of More than people in families and five communities across the United states an estimated 11 to 12 per cent of americans suffer from said one author of the new Myrna Weissman of Yale universe women experience depression twice As frequently As and the illness is most common in people aged 18 to Weissman reported at the recent annual meeting of the american association for the advancement of the part of a Large Effort by the National Institute of mental health to determine prevalence of mental illness in the identified a variety of factors that increase a persons chances of suffering from those most at risk Are the Young females those who Are divorced or unhappy in their marriages and those with a history of depression in their Weiss Man fort five per cent of women who say they dont get along with their spouse Are in a current episode of major she among men who say they dont get along with their 15 per cent Are suffering from she the studies also found a variety of factors that were not related to income and occupy for did not affect rates of nor did Weissman is an equal Opportunity the family studies showed that depression is two to three times More common among people whose immediate families already include depressed other ailments Weissman reported that children of people suffering from depression Are More Likely than other children to suffer a wide variety of other they have More head in accidents and More difficulties in even though their intelligence is perfectly for reasons we do not these children Are at High risk for having bad things happen to Weissman the risk factors that have been identified do not suggest simple Means of preventing these risks cannot readily be modified As in the Case of diet or smoking for cardiovascular she the risk factors Alert physicians to the diagnosis of she in another Kathryne Jacobs of the Centre for infant study at the University of Maryland displayed a series of photographs suggesting Why babies born prematurely Are More Likely than full term babies to become depressed As premature even those otherwise completely were shown in photographs to be unable to maintain Eye Contact with their parents or cuddle normally and lacked certain Normal this combination of abnormal be Havious can Lead parents to that their children dont love them or dont want to be with Jacobs that could affect the babies emotional makeup for the rest of their she focus on new protect your Aries for june 1986 Aries March 21april put your energies into new protect an original idea with a copyright or a important papers surface in a mysterious you might be better off not finding out Taurus april 20may act purposefully with new clients and they will give you More computers can save you a lot of spend Quality time with each of your Chil gemini May 21june an old Romance can be but you will have to use great being reticent about your business dealings is a Good tact helps you Avert a lovers cancer june 21july change your plans to accommodate your kindness will be richly an excellent Day to tackle a project requiring intense Dou Olecheck All facts and figures sup plied by an interested Leo july others look to you for try out new the time is right for a change of plans or travel enjoys highly favourable do something special to please Virgo your creativity is at a Peak you display a special flair for go slow when making important common sense makes you a Winner Romance could result in an engage Libra sept take time out to Analyse your financial or prop erty a great Day for dealing with Large corporations and red shortcuts could prove Scorpio oct lower profits or earnings cause look for ways to reduce do not let impatience drive you into acting travelling salespeople find Many new Horoscope by Jeane Dixon Sagittarius a get together with relatives or close friends proves both enjoyable and Inex pen your coworkers May be in a critical avoid direct confrontation by keeping a Low Capricorn family members will not accept some of your agree to marital arguments Are Best settled by Compro make a special Effort to keep your business and personal lives strictly aquarius be care Ful not to take work frustrations out on your loved Cut expenses by performing More services for family life becomes More rewarding when you spend More time witly off Pisces 19march make a list before going shopping and you will probably save you Are most productive when you work taking a walk at lunch time boosts your your birthday today you get an unusual Opportunity to improve your finances through Par time an inspirational Book or video helps you stay a Complete Busi Ness turnaround is Patch up any differences with a longtime Romance could be avoid issuing Ultima tums would be a you gain a big advantage by remaining Calm when others blow off celebrity birthrates Jefferson presi Dent of the confederacy nightclub Star Josephine actresses Paulette Goddard and Colleen de poet Allen actor Tony 76ers coach Billy Cun los Angeles times Syndicate abuse commission has also tried a persuasive although Tele vision advertisements Lack the graphic they try to encourage teenagers to make the most of them selves without relying on youve got to avoid Oxer were trying to do it not by preaching but by saying you teen agers Are taking on some of the responsibilities of growing up and that includes making he you can make a decision to not go in a car with people who have been drinking you can make a decision to go in but youve got to know the consequences and then its your decision and your Oxer said he Doest believe the program is a Quick solution to the problem of drinking and but rather another step in the continuing Battle to try to change attitudes and diminish this appalling Road weve got to try All the time with every Means at our the written in language teenagers can May work for another two or three but a new approach will be needed after Oxer its ust continual work the whole time to make people aware of the consequences of choosing to drink and drive or to go with someone who drinks and he youve always got a you could Al ways say in Wolf Mph it tits of tic unit now if it 1 a Lett Hopfl you can w hour find this kind of Ful ouf Tuv it m wet 1m of fish to Mil a tuft doctors rate snoring As dangerous snoring can be and not because those who More make nearby sleepers heavy snorers Are More Likely than quiet sleepers to suffer High blood doctors in its most extreme snoring can cause and nerve dam As a medical researchers Are paving serious attention to the noise we make while said specialists at a recent scientific con Ference in snoring is related to weight and they have it occurs three times More often in obese people than in thin said surgeon David Fairbanks of Wash among those aged 30 to per cent of men and five per cent of women by age 00 per cent of Man and 40 cent of women become habitual snoring is caused by vibrations of soft tissue in the collapsible portion of the air the condition can disrupt family provoke and disturb sleep patterns for the scorer and anyone else in the said fair a professor at George Washington University medical he and other sleep researchers spoke at the annual meeting of the american association for the advancement of exaggerated those attending heard about investigations into the most exaggerated and dangerous form of snor ing known As obstructive sleep As part of that the air passage sometimes closes periodically and breathing actually stops during patients with a Long history of the disorder have poor work performance and serious cardiovascular such As High blood pressure and a heart ailment called angina at the University of Oklahoma medical Willard Moran performs surgery to help Correct obstructive sleep he May reduce the size of the increase the size of the Oral cavity and adjust the position of the lower at the Scripps clinic and research foundation in la More than half the patients complaining of severe daytime fatigue were found to suffer from sleep said staff researcher Merrill sleep Apnoea causes inefficient people with inefficient sleep can sleep eight or nine hours every 24 hours and still not feel fully Mitler efficient the californian is constant and free from frequent disturbances even Brief scientists know that As Little As four hours of undisturbed sleep will permit better performance than eight hours of sleep with Short Price Sale on Over metres of selected items in our stores Spring summer fabrics at super prices gathered quilted printed rib printed exercise Cotton decorator Cottons tropical crepe de Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price 1 Price Price uniform upholstery Vinyl upholstery drapery open weave fancy fashion sewing fashion and lingerie Blanket Robe 1 Price 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