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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - June 1, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg prom Juri entertainment mime artist recognized by Talent Amie performs in festival at Gas station theatre by Adrian Chamberlain thousands of people have seen mime artist Jeanpierre Amiel on movie screens throughout the yet not one would recognize him on the Amiel was one of the performers in the popular childrens the dark created by muppet wizard Jim Henson in but amiels face never met the Glare of movie lights because he was encased in the hairy costumes worn by the characters in the while giving life to teas ties with names like seek and the Mystic Amiel was one of a team of actors that manipulated the larger Hanife the Swiss born mime says the trick was to coordinate Crews of up to five people wearing costumes weighing up to 50 one person might be controlling the another the and two others the natural look typical of amiels problems was attempting to make the movements of imaginary creatures called lands riders look the which looked like a Cross Between camels and Walrus were on three metre will display his skills and uncovered face wednesday at the International festival of con temporary mime at the Gas Sta Tion the festival kicks off monday with the French mime troupe theatre de la Mie de amiels in Jour la he translates it As one the Man is the same one that impressed Henson enough to hire him As Trainer and Recruiter for the dark Crystal in Jour has evolved so that its quite different from the Early explains a soft spoken fellow with a Strong French he describes it As a journey through the evolution of i Start As an and after that there is a big and then it is the Story of human the the Man who Dis covered in Jour la Terre is a simple Solo piece using newspapers and masks As with music provided by a to demonstrate one segment of the Amiel jumps into a chair at the dark and empty Gas station holding both fists next to his right he begins twisting his creating the illusion of a conversation going on Between Amiel says he once held the attention of an audience of by twiddling his Finger tips in this express something All the eyes Are on 10 he in with nothing you can express its the essential form of Amiel and his six person troupe have been continually touring for the past three visiting 40 one of his most enduring memories is doing a show for an Allback audience in Johannesburg last just before apartheid re lated violence heated after the show in the the came and just touched Why because the mime is says and recalling something Amiel again Springs to his he says the children did their own version of his grasping for the right Amiel shows what he Means by doing a fluid shrug of his shoulder and that mime he Amiel originally became interested in mime As a his a took the family to live in Africa and the boy be came fascinated with african he studied with mime masters Etienne Decroux and mar cel Marceau in who was 20 when he studied with mar says the Man was a Superb performer but a bad Hes an artist really an a when Hes not Amiel divides his time Between a House in Normandy and a 140yearold Cha let in the Swiss his a philosophy professor who teaches in sometimes helps with his mime she is i am More he we try to make the balance Between the the and the Mimi St Jeanpierre Amiel takes a break while preparing for Winnipeg performance Art show in London with Rabbit in fake grass draws complaints London up a live Rabbit is spending his Days crouched on a Green Square of fake grass for the Sake of Canadian the touring exhibit is costing the Canadian High commission this includes the Purchase of the Asye nameless Dwarf nether Lander Rabbit for the by Canadian artist Noel opened last week and has drawn complaints from visitors to the gallery in Canada House on Trafalgar Square who have objected to an animal being used in an Art inquiry desk personnel in the lobby of the High commission say they have told the complaining Visi tors to write to external mime ii civil of contemporary june Manitoba presented by 40 below mime a Gitlic ii Ector Giuseppe condello Gas station 445 River Avenue performances daily p tickets at the theatre Boi office or by calling 284 Ere Perie Patio now open for the summer from 11 30 daily Happy hour 37 we 9570221 but David cultural counsellor at the High said he has heard of no in an interview Peacock said he took precautions to avoid a controversy Over the after the sealing the last thing we want is any sort of said Peacock who called the Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in Advance of the the society approved the display but told Peacock that an inspector will make a Surprise visit to Check on the rabbits the live Rabbit int the first time hardings work has raised hackles at the High in a 1977 a Harding videotape of a woman stripping so upset part mar then High commissioner in Lon that he ordered it Cut from the Peacock defended the inclusion of the Rabbit in the latest from the artists Point of View it is an integral part of the he the called Blue forms the first element in a trilogy described As being a Monument to the new Blue Peter depicts a tramp step Ping into a plastic rectangle full of a Stream of water arcs from the tramps faceless head while the Rabbit described by Peacock As the figures Only Friend in the world looks the Rabbit has a few friends of his shortly after reporters arrived to View the a cultural affairs officer plucked the Rabbit from the display and wandered about outside the gallery clutching the animal to her and several of the Security guards make regular trips to the gallery to cuddle the dark Grey the one of five or six the cultural affairs Section of the High commission will pay for this year out of its runs until july it has already appeared in Sheffield with a different Rabbit and will be taken to Scotland later this year and next the who spends nights in a Cage in the cultural affairs Section and weekends at the Home of a staff will retire to Somerset after his stint at Canada said High commission Caroline who helped organize the said Harding is one of the bes known Canadian artists in but so far none of the British newspapers have reviewed the exhibit by the 41yearold Brit is born artist who divides his time Between Amsterdam and foxhall said about 60 visitors a Day visit the Janmichael Vincent gets sentenced to 30 Days in jail from the news services actor Jan Michael Vincent has been sentenced to 30 Days in jail for violating probation imposed in 1963 for Drun Ken Vincent was freed until june 25 so he could have time to look for a municipal jail that will accept him so he Doest have to serve his sentence in the crowded los Angeles county the sentencing hearing was the latest in a series of court appear ances the air Wolf Star has made on charges that included Drunken drive disturbing the peace and felony suspect spills off Bike what happens to the oily Carelli in the Agatha Christie Mur de mystery Black Coffee is a be but an unfunny thing happened to him on the Way to the Kent who plays Carelli and is one of Many suspects in the mystery at the Shaw fell off his bicycle and broke his it seems he was carrying his tue for the after opening and part of it got caught in the sending Staines Buthe car ried on in the opening perform Sellers admits theft Victoria sell daughter of the late British comedian Peter has told court that she stole from a cocaine dealer and set up another dealer for a beating in her Holly Wood the 21yearold who posed nude in the april Issue of Playboy admitted to using cocaine since she was 17 and said she used up to five Grams a Sellers was the first witness against members of a drug ring headed by her former Reed she pleaded guilty to reduced charges earlier this week and agreed to testify for the govern Sellers said that earlier this she lured a drug dealer named Richard Lump to the apartment she shared with Wallace so Wallace and associates could beat him up for crossing the ring in a Nashville Complex country music stars Johnny Cash and Way Ion Jennings have announced plans for a entertainment com plex in Complete with a 200rpom hotel and a at a news they said that although financing has not yet been fully they Hope to break ground on the project in two to three in addition to the hotel and the plans Call for an office a television a com plete radio production two production and recording shops and Cash said that although the hotel will be geared toward people from the entertainment it will be open to the Public and will be family were even going to have a child care he Joes Bingo group Bingo every monday in 2 locations 493 College 290 Dubuc Etty Bird Over you goes help pipe Bingo so pm lace for 20 gum 3 Hufcut 3 drip my sssh400 on Sale now Rainbow stage 86 the july 826 August s23 reserved tickets plus Agency fee discounts children under 14 accompanied by an adult group senior citizens sunday performances i tickets at Bass ticket outlets Eaton live Ifie atre thai sags All ticket Pur Comert eligible Tor our Early Bird draw remember sunday june 15th its easy to wish him a Happy fathers Day with a message in our dads Day greeting and hell certainly be touched by your thoughtful Ness on his special whether your message is fanciful or hell love you for Thrift and rates apply a five line and is Only just phone Well Bill you after it Call deadline Juno Yachtsman author to set sail again after 76 Days adrift in a life raft London Reuter a yachts Man who survived 76 Days Drifting nautical Miles in the Atlantic in an inflatable life raft plans to set sail across the same Ocean again next i have nowhere else to go but to the Ninet five life is not for Steven Callahan said in an interview in which he recalled his Lone fight to survive after his yacht was sunk by a whale in mid Atlantic Watt of the Canary islands in owner of a Small Boa building business in Indian Metis sunday night Bingo 465 Early Bird 7 24 regular Fuh Houm 1200 500 must go empty How 1250 in 46 must go 11c it 14aab f Novelty Patio set plans to leave on june 8 from ply bound for new in a two handed race with 60 other the ordeal he faced when he last raced Solo across the Atlantic is described in a Book published in Britain this like similar stories of survival at by men who drifted for weeks in the Pacific after whales also smashed their Callahan Book describes what has become an almost commonplace he ate raw drank distilled sea and rain water and battled cold and de Spair As his tiny Craft pitched Wes Tward until he was rescued by fish Ermen off the Caribbean Island of Marie near Little observed Calla Haji Learned How Little is observed from ships at seven vessels passed without spotting Callahan claims to being unique go beyond the fact that nobody be fore him had survived alone in an inflatable raft longer than a his Story is Likely to become a classic in what is called positive in that sort of situation it is essential to convince yourself that you Are going to make Callahan if you think in not going to survive you definitely he believes preparation was a vital Factor in his As All yachtsmen but not All he had prepared for the Day he might have to abandon his tiny Napoleon when the time came in heavy seas in the Middle of the he managed to react quickly enough to Salvage several vital items such As a Spear used later to catch ingenuity also played its a simple object like the handle of a Fork became critical in helping to repair the Callahan a philosophy and psychology University Callahan believes Pencil and paper also with them he recorded his ordeal and kept a log of his estimated Posi besides Lively accounts of the grind of staying he turns his experience into a brooding study of mans relationship to his Environ to live in a life raft is living he even those Lovely scenes Beautiful swim of the the swirling fluff of Clouds becoming the explosion of sequinned galaxies at night All Are views of heaven from a seat in

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