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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - July 30, 1921, Winnipeg, Manitoba 22 Manitoba free july Holiday programmes at leading theatres Promise Good entertainment Festic Battle on the Walker screen monday films of Dempse Carpentier con test shows truthfully which was the better been said Abou the Apfl to Battle of the pm e Henelt y ont Cru and Only a Vershum of the the mos at Jersey to Tell Wilsor has film to he r next by Nola Oon Hare n to the Rusth Point of the by have each person to which is the 6 pcs wunes8 the As for these f the we feel the terrific 5 opponent Are All Charity any one of is six with m make the the can see that during the course of the Champion does not re Lorti into Clinch where he put All the weight of Selx m following it with c Walker n01es manager Edmund of the Walker returned thursday from a to new York and during which he witnessed a number of big Little girls in Benson states that he is sure theatregoers in Winnipeg will like the line Osho that has been secured Tor the Cumi it sea a change has been made in the Box of fice at the Walker Joe who has been critically 111 in will not be Back for some months and the position of treasurer it the Walker hns been Given to Harold who has been assistant in the Box Harold knows the Public of Winnipeg and has always Heen courteous and generous in his treat ment of patrons who Call at tha of outbox ins his opponent and hits him whenever he during the famous second when Carpenter had the freeness of movement he Bent a Hail of blows to the champions which seemingly had i he Champion this latter punch of carpenters was very noticeable and film shows remarkably Well How cached away under the Verit rain of even during the fourth round Carpen was not to be held Back by the plan Ful injury to his hand but sailed right in to the who used his info Ghens tactics to advantage in bringing Carpen mers end it is a and we have no Imit that it will interest people of All and will meet with the Hearty approval of sportsmen and the Public in by fab the in Winnipeg very own theatre will present All next week Elaine Hammerstein a scene in the Dempsey Carpentier fight pictures at the Walker behind the scenes just before opening by the whys and wherefores of the Box office Success Are sometimes beyond Fath take which is about to leave new York after an unbroken run three i saw lightning something Over two years i enjoyed thought it Well acted and very but for the life of me i cant see Why t should be one Whit More popular than were the Fortune Getrich Lulck or a tailor made choose a few Good comedies at it seems to me it is neither better nor worse than at least 25 plays that have come and gone during the past 10 out the facts Are hard to say could linger on a while in new York just As Well As so far As its financial health is con it starts West the first of and those who should know a there no reason Why Chicago j play genial Host for at least j one solid probably the advertising momentum gained in the course of the Broadway Triumph would carry it a even if the Public didst make a spontaneous drive on the ticket there Cornea time in the he of every big Success when people feel that they owe it selves and the children to go and find out what its All so will be patronized generously no doubt about Only i still cant help wondering Justa Why it should be so particularly shining Mark in the list of contemporaneous one of the theatrical weeklies has com piled an interesting set of figures to show just where lightning stands in the ranks of history smashing the it was first put on Janu Ary in it was taken off for slight but was not offered until August 26 of the same bowing into the gaiety with highest Praise from the ran without interruption until with by the actors strike starting August and it pleasure seekers business before pleasure is a very Good and Mary Murdock made of business a but Craig Winchell made pleasure of so just make it your business to let miss Hammerstein provide your pleasure in this charming play of optimism and extra Dempsey Willard fight actual pictures of the fight which first made Dempsey the Champion of Tele also comedy attraction today Only in ladder of week after next Dorothy Gish in remodelling her watch for Garricks big pictures the show is always Good All next week Earie Williams in the Silver car the most extraordinary automobile Story Ever a drama of diplomacy and a Story of sizzling last showing Humphrey wards English novel the of William closed soon after until when the strike was it now turns strike is responsible for the Only if Law in the run record of the records show a lapse of exactly three from the Date of but there were three dark weeks during the giving the play a run of 153 weeks instead of by August 27 the show will have played performances on which includes some 50 special matinees and 17 extra based on eight performances a the shows run Feally measures to 161 weeks plus three in addition to the of Light Nin has nailed a number of other re a conservative estimate of the total of the show places the Gross at Well Over for its first year it played to a top Price of the second year the scale was advanced to there it remained throughout or current with the exception the saturday night scale was advanced from s4 the nearest approach to lightning run record is held by the Gold which closed month at the new after playing for 90 weeks approximately 720 perform ances and which also closed in june after running 86 former run record was held by a trip to ran 657 so that is pushed Back to fourth lightning almost doubled the run of and Irene also beating during the run Bacon has never been out of the cast through will Cressy played the Lead for two Milton for Days and Percy Winter for two while Bacon was taking a Nocles was out in the Road company last season and will again tour in that being the Only company to be sent out in addition to the lightning will be seen in Winnipeg next popular stage girl at Garrick Elaine the Beautiful leading lady in pleasure seekers Elaine the Beautiful actress is sure to become one of win Nipges favourites when she has been seen in her latest plea sure seekers Mies har Merstein wears Many different some of which Are most others Are simple frocks in delightfully Rural Gingham the Story concerns the career of a Young girl who lives with her grand an aged in a Small the Story by John Lynch demonstrates that a tiny country is very Likely to be the abiding place of More rear happiness than the great White Way of new Ham Merstein will portray the part of a quiet winsome girl who succeeds in turning a profligate youth from his constant search of pleasure he never she does this by marry ing but it is then that her real problem obstacles she has not counted on Are but in she quietly eliminates them one by one until the Road to real Hap piness and pleasure is beautifully staged with Many Charm ing exterior scenes made at Compton Lake in the Orange this Brilliant photoplay is said to carry an atmosphere of refinement and optimism that is most Many patrons will receive during the week autographed photographs of miss these will be Given out to Lucky ones at both matinee and even ing As a special attraction will be shown the actual fight Between Dempsey and which made Dempsey the Champion of the world there win also be an excellent comedy on the same providing Garrick patrons one of the very finest entertainments they have Ever showing for the last times today is the Ethel Clayton ladder of no More directing sister dorothys remodelling her husband big task for Lillian Lillian the pretty screen was never More weary in her life than when she finished directing her sister dorothys latest remodelling her which will come to the Garrick theatre week after the picture marked Lilian Gish de but and Farewell a it All about when she happened to wander onto the set where vivacious Dorothy was Makins preparations for her new Lillian offered a few shrewd Why not direct the picture Dorothy tour do a wonderful i so Lillian just As she does in her work on the she put every ounce of Energy she had into she worked All Day and late into the in spite of the fact that she is of a frail delicate when the last scene was Ehe sighed never she to off for a Good Lone directing is a mans Job and til do All motion picture work in front of the camera f three coming successes the week after mat the film adaptation of the Well known stage Flthe Fortune starring mar Jorie is to to the Rambeau Madea Success inthe stage play last and in the screen version has Given another character ration that stamp sit As one of the Suc of the witching Elliot Dexter latest feature is another interesting film to he shown at the lyceum Elliott has a splendid of witching what you will see on pantages screen manager Walter of pantages theatre announces that he has completed bookings for his comedy motion one of each in regular rotation to come before each Theodore Roberts again Theodore Veteran Parau count character is again conned o his bed by but his physicians say there is nothing critical about his condition though he is undergoing considerable suf come Early week of August 1 scoop scoop Charlie Murray in person Mack sonnets famous howled Levi on the screen he is funnier in person three White Kuhns rising generation Rose and Moon and the allege Oor Church and main its two gilded Lily with Mae Murray noted screen fun pantages Charlie one of sen Netts leading to appear in person next Charlie famous Sonnett found his for nine years he has been eloquent of celtic comedians before the Public but he has been has been a film through the Enterprise of Alex Ander the hilarious Munster Haa been restored to these of his vocal which is to that he Haa been engaged to tour the pantages Cir Cuit and will arrive at the local pan Suffes theatre for the week beginning the last time Charlie Murray was seen on the stage was one of the principals in the big York production of where do you live in which surprised and delighted the leading critics by the skill he revealed in a legitimate it will be remembered by be olde Tymer that 20 years when a Mere he was senior partner in the firm of Murray and convulsing audiences in All parts of the Conti nent in a hilarious production called Finnegan a Murray is billed As the famous Mack Sennett and his offering is titled movie land Goa prominent mention same Bill is due the rising a spectacular As presented by Maud with 10 of the most gifted kid Dies in featuring Mary Caro line character Impersonator of the Golden West Buster the famous boy Modeller and Marie famous child the three White Kuhns Are Clev Ersling ers and singing their own song in their original also playing Bass viol and and their original interpolation of jazz and rag time certainly is a revelation to theatre Lee Ross and Kathryn assisted by Jess Button at the will give their own a Story in song and a harmonious blending of songs and artistic together with Beautiful costumes and Dainty set j Agnes Johns and har l company will i be seen in a comedy melodramatic play let entitled the unexpected with a Slang woman detective and a judge As Harry a Young Man from the land of the will open the Bill in a series of Equils bristle spherical sur the easy and Graceful manner in which he presents the most difficult tricks Stamps him As one of the Cleverest balancers in vaudeville the blood Barrier and Chaplin at the Monarch Sylvia Breamer and Robert sup ported by an Allstar cast Are at the Monarch theatre for three commencing in the blood the Mere fact that Cyrus Townsend Brady wrote the Story is recommendation enough that it in a tale of Romante and the plot of the blood barrier1 revolves about a triangular and the efforts of a foreign Agency to recover valuable Dye a jealous Hus band and some Clever spies raise a blood Barrier Between two staunch Stuart Blackton produced and directed the picture for miss Breamer enacts the role of the wife whose love for her husband turns to hate because of Bis insane Gordon plays the part of a major in Possession of secret Dye formulas that belonged to Wil Liam Dunn is the villainous husband Louis Dean and Margaret Barry Are and Eddy Dunn and Gus Alexander play a Large part in the working out of the also on the special Holiday programme in a Charlie Chaplin and the twelfth episode of the avenging Arrow Whitney and Rubye de Remer in a scene from the Cosmo Politan production the passionate Paramount show ing next week at the National screens the Silver car Earle Williams makes three big leaps and introduces spectacular Earle Williams makes three Darins leaps in the Sliver which will be shown at the National theatre next in one of the Early scenes he leaps from the rail of an Ocean liner just As it leaves the Liverpool he lands on the wharf later the action Calls for the Star to leap from the Bough of a tree onto the of or a moving and on another occasion he is required to leap from a Cliff nto the Harbor and awl to a Man War anchored close Williams has always kept himself in one of the requirements of a motion picture Star is that he shall be a Allaround and As Earle Williams believes that nothing can written in script that cannot be enacted in he funds it necessary to keep up his he is an accomplished High diver the leaps were Childs play the Story is one of mystery and there Are several big spectacular scenes which will hold the audience mixed programme of enjoyment at Monarch manager Henry of the Mon has selected a mixed programme for his patrons for Tom mix in a Western shoot lne up the mov the fourth episode of tha Diamond serial starring Eileen sense Wick the guilty featuring Jack Perrin and a two reel comedy starring Jimmy entitled his Jonah this is a programme which will Appeal to especially the tras Canada notes Albert Decourville personally will Arrivo in and will remain in Canada for five or six making a tour to the Pacific coast with to study Canadian Ruth Chatterton stars in barries play Mary i will be an August attraction at i the Walker i in newest sir m Mary in which for Many m past she hns been appearing in v i York Empire Ruth will come to the Walker theatre for beginning Monduy evening among the younger Start Nonelon sure of an Enger Welcome nere than Al i my the com Matlon or v delightful player and a new a should prove irresistible to t in the most Happy Maryniw is said to Combine All tic barrel qualities recalled in my is plays the fantasy of Peter pan is whimsical situations of a Kiat Tor i the exquisite love Story of to i Little the Lender humor s what every Poinan and gripping interest and Appeal of his Story has to do with Young fir who mysteriously a Sannan into the Depths of a Little in spouse to a wondrous to return ears absolutely unchanged w but to find All about her Uranga and and herself Well nigh forgotten Fay those to whom she was Moat Star k the delicate handling of this situation intense in its sympathy and Felsl plays barries consulate Art at its Belt the great Day at College the great Hugh Fords mount production Mado in Europe scold k a Triumph at the College theatre on s la initial presentation there last it an excellent and the scenes in the Swiss Alps As Well As those in parisian underworld Are is lady Forbe Robertsons t tour Date announced lady Forbe Robertsons tour across Ca has been set Back to open at Christ Mas time in owing to her Suc Cess in South Africa and to her inability at the present time to satisfy herself As to the plays Moat suitable for her Cana Dian Beautiful British actress at the Rialto of All the available stars of the British Marjorie Hume was chosen As Best qualified to play the feminine Lead in the great a Superb British made Para mount picture which will be shown at the Rialto theatre the week Arier this Brilliant Young screen Star has endeared herself to the British Public and won the Praise of the keenest of London miss Hume scored a Biff hit m the revival of the Man who stayed at my Ladys dress and the maid of the it was during the run of the Las named play that she first began to act for the one week beginning monday August 8 matinees and seats 50c to both 50c to Charles from Man presents Ruth in Mary Rose by sir Barrie miss Chatterton in the role in which she has achieved the most emphatic Success of her in barries Best and surrounded by positively the same Superb cast seen during the entire seasons engagement new York Empire including members Oil the original London Haymarket theatre Norman Neils special incidental enlarged orchestra and Walker All next week performances at 1557 and 9 Oclock about the the famous gat2pemtiees right applied id Dempsey Sajja Wolfl the see it in the Jovitf s of prices lower floor Balcony gallery tax inclusive Box office open from to do not miss this Opportunity of witnessing the Battle of the cer Itury

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