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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1957, Page 37

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - July 13, 1957, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press. Saturday uly 13, 1957 Page St the music makers by j. M. G. Panorama of american both transmit that love in in i Lar mus c by Darid pp., new Fork front it hell. Fat ital of opera by Henry a Simon 704 pp., Toronto. Doduc Day. Books on music in Days gone by were for the most part written for serious perform ers students and that select school of music lovers referred to by the rest of the world As Long through cold print in an entertain ing manner. There have been Many thick vol Umes outlining the stories of the More popular grand operas. None of the popular ones to our know ledge has been quite so thick or contained the stories of quite As Many operas As does or. Simon s latest the festival of opera. Here Are the synopses of 129 operas dating from 1594 to 1955. Whether these be the familiar recent years have brought in operas of Verdi Puccini or Wagner contrast a surge of books written where some people draw the line with the authors prayers that or be they the More modern works they might have popular Appeal of Richard Strauss Menotti or some did and some did not. Some Berg or. Simon s summaries Are were tone Only an excellent guide to too Slick and some let s admit it i those who would follow broadcasts were excellent for recordings of the operas i they Are Good Reading As Well. Two writers who have done much to they stories of the most intricate operas or. Simon has injected sidelights and anecdotes on historic perform ances on great singers who have been identified with the particular operas. All in All it is a delightful Book spiced with attractive Illus for the cause of music their Many readers like it Are Henry w. Simon who writes about grand opera which in spite of the appellation is popular music in much of the old and David who Nen of in fact has written the whole Gamut from Bach to Irving Ber Lin. Or. Simon and or. Ewen have at. Least two things in common. Both obviously write about music psalms to hit songs or. Ewen has covered a wide territory in his Story of popular american music starting with William Billings psalm composer of colonial Days who injected a new if crude technique to the because they love it and live it. Psalmist s Art and carrying by the Way i have been wandering around Southern Manitoba for the. Past two weeks. It is a plea Sant land to live in and a de Light for the wanderer who re turns. Low rolling Hills reach to a horizon that is near at hand great Groves of Trees mingle their varying greens with the greens of the grass lands and the growing crops. It is a land of contrasts. The san Hills North of the Assini Boine River recall the age1 of retreating ice when the wide Valley of the Assiniboine drained the glacial Lake Souris into the glacial Lake Agassiz spill Ling Sand Over its Banks to build up the Delta that is now Manitoba s desert. It is a land of sparkling lakes and Ponds that lie half hidden among the tree Clad Hills of slow moving Rivers and streams that wander across the floors of age eld valleys. Southern Manitoba is also a land of Flowers. The wild roses every Woodland Trail gleam with delicate Beauty. Black eyed susans added a touch of Glamor to Many a Weed infested Roadside and hidden in the tall grasses Caping the Eye of the swiftly moving Motorist i found the Bluebell the Daisy and the cow slip. Not All the Beauty was hidden. Standing straight and tall swaying in the wind i found Many a Tiger Lily. Once when i paused to photograph one of these Prairie gems i was scolded by sleek Catbird Busy feeding her family four in a near by Thorn Bush. This was not the kind of vacation that encourages read ing but 1 was fortunate in my Choice. My one Book was a slim volume of poems the Boatman by Jay Macpherson and published by Oxford University press Toronto. The Tamarack review introduced me to Jay Macpherson it is an introduction i have never regretted for miss Macpherson is one of the finest of our younger poets. Her poems will enrich your poetic experience her voice is Youthful it has Melody and it is always Clear. Like the Prairie Flowers some of the Beauty of miss Mac Pherson s poetry is hidden from the Swift Reader. Once found however All lovers of poetry will return again and again. Here is poetry that is distinctly Canadian original and Many sided. If you read the charming Lyric Coral you Are not Likely to forget that it shelters shiny fishes and Leggy Cru Stacee. Welcomes whatever wishes and shines a perfect tree of Coral in the sea. From jacket design of is a tidal of opera through to the hit songs of the movies and such Broadway shows As my fair lady. The chapter headings indicate the Range of the Book the people sing Folk Gonna sing All Over god s heaven songs of the or. Tambo and or. Bones the minstrel rag Ime blues jazz tin pan Alley the revue becomes sophisticated Hollywood. These Are just a Lew of them. Or. Ewen has Given us the color of succeeding musical eras he abandon of new Orleans Honky onks where was born the blatant animal music which stemmed out into ragtime blues and finally jazz the frenzied song shops of Union Square where hits were ground out on tinny pianos the opulence of the stage extravaganzas of Flo Ziegfeld. Here Are the stories of the com posers Stephen Foster George Gershwin Jerome Kern Sigmund Romberg w. C. Handy Cole por Ter and a Host of others. Here Are the stories of their songs and in the marvellous Index you will find the titles of almost any song you May recall from your child Hood be it before the turn of the Century in the twenties the thirties or forties. In Many cases you will learn How and Why the song came to be written. It s a fascinating Book. And you Don t need to be a Long hair to appreciate it. Review t i books and old wasteland to wonderland the lion s Sham by Crow Mir 320 pp., Toronto Smith in separating the myth from the fact can sometimes make for a Dull but accurate Book. Not so in the Case of the lion s share in which the eminent new York times film critic Bosley Crowther examines the history of metro Goldwyn Mayer. Or. Crowther has set out to examine the colossus that took shape on the wasteland of Culver City not so far from Hollywood. In doing so he has started at the dim be ginnings of films in new York shown How through merger and financial dealings my of emerged but has not forgot ten the stars and the tempera ments that make film production so fascinating and volcanic. It has undoubtedly been an exhaustive and thorough Job of research and the errors Are few. But being a Man with an Eye for. Dramatic insight he does t grow Pedantic. He manages to intertwine the Busi Ness manipulations with the personal element and make them both interesting and revealing my a like other film conv panties in the United states had its origin in the minds of businessmen who saw a Chance to make a fast Buok out of the galloping tintypes men like Marcus Loew. Louis b. Mayer and the rest. They got into production primarily because they owned theatres and needed a product for them. It was a Case of supplying the demand just As a grocer needs Stock. It is significant that All through the lion s share the Public was generally ahead of the people who ran the Busi Ness end of it. Time and time again they were forced into improving that product because the pub Lic had become satiated with mediocrity and were turning to other mediums the arrival of radio for instance and later on to. The Queen Bee the hero of the lion s share if it has a hero is boy Irving Thalberg whose uncanny instinct for put Ting his Finger on production troubles resulted in the most memorable years of my a s life. For his heroine or. Crowther has undoubtedly selected Norma Shearer who married Thalberg and reigned As a Queen Bee in a hive of celebrities. One senses that in consult ing miss Shearer Crowther has been partial to her Side of the various questions. Certainly her ability to draw top what we do Canadian Trade Index pp., in Canadian Maat fac turn Toronto. Year s Issue of the can Adian Trade Index has list Ings of about More companies than 10 years ago the current total running to company names and addresses in f. A. M. Roles during her reign must have been a Thorn in the Side of other feminine stars and when they got a Chance to show their claws it seems human to have done so. Through the Book however the various stars who up my a roster. The real Story of the arrival of Garbo her Romance with John Gilbert the discovery of Marie dressier the uncanny 1 Way in which Thalberg utilized the talents of Lon Chaney Lillian Gish Rudolph Valen Tino Paul Muni Luise Rainer Mickey Rooney Judy Garland a Greta Garbo and John Gilbert in Flash and the Devil 1926 from the lion s share Grace Kelly Greer Garson Ramon Novarro Lana Turner Elizabeth Taylor Jean Harlow and All the rest they come alive As or. Crowther tells of their discovery. Roughly the history my a can be divided into three parts with a fourth pert dimly emerging As the Book ends. Its great Days were in the regime of Thal Berg when stars were manufactured. Thalberg was succeeded by the Era in which Louis b. Mayer was King pin and then came the comparatively brie reign of Dore schary. Schary was ousted his pockets Well lined with Gold and now the company faces an Era in which its stars Are depleted and it must compete against to. Louis b. Mayer runs through most of the Book a strange Man with a contradictory nature. One suspects that or. Crowther has been harder on him than he has on Thalberg. Despite their ability to make films All these men were out for the almighty Dollar and time and time again you see them demanding and get Ting fabulous salaries through manipulation. All of this is told in a vividly interesting Way. How gone with the wind materialized How Marie dressier was discovered in obscurity and poverty. The storehouse of anecdote is inexhaustible. No one can read it without getting a clearer picture of that Complex Community Hollywood. The voice was matchless the memoirs of ieniam1no, Gigli inn Sletis from by Darina pp., Toronto j British Book strict. By a w. I comprehension. Of course i Sang singers often Are not the germans. I Sang for the giants but Many of them English and for the americans achieve pomposity by Ore u Sang under the fascist govern tending to be. Not so Beniamino As i would have under the Gigli the Little italian with the bolsheviks or anyone else of nor Linuart Silver and to be Italy. I Tenor like liquid Silver and the somewhat unorthodox figure who by being industrious and affectionate and by carrying out to the Only activity he pretended to with that Don t see How that makes me a traitor the important thing riot War but singing. His con Cern was not with enemies but Only activity he pretended understand singing became i he Sang for candies or when one of the most loved was in rage or in love work like a Squirrel counting i Hoard of nuts in the Winter i trea sure their applause in my Mem besides an almost perform Ance by performance description of his career augmented by appendices and illustrated by photo graphs of Gigli in a somewhat unfortunate assortment of costume Book contains fond Rel Perenc to Many of his famous contempt Aries. Toscanini Caruso Chal Apin Puccini Are All diverting there and we Are Given first ban accounts of debut performances by Galli Curci and Lily Pons and of the temperamental shenanigans More kissing Kin p. Homing by 272 pp., Toronto Lon Quant his is the seventh novel in the Williamsburg series and the Reader will meet All his r her old friends carrying on the traditions that the Days and Spragues have held for Lions. Evadne is Back at. Her Warden s Post in London Stephen has a new Mobile canteen Jack is off to War and Sylvia joins an animal first Aid Post Virginia opens Farthi Gale to evacuees and Fitz and Back in the states keep the old Williamsburg Home Stead open. But this is the Story of Mab Virginia s thirteen year old grand daughter. Torn Between her de sire to visit Williamsburg and Ter duty to stay and help out in wartime England Mab struggles with the problems of adolescence arid her love for her kissing Best Sellers new York special Nyht the weekly coast to coast Survey of leading Book Sellers by the new York her Ald Tribune Book review Sec Tion shows the following books currently at the top of the Bast seller list. The number in parentheses at the right of each title is the number of weeks the Book has qualified As a Best seller by being reported among the 20 most popular in fiction or non fiction fiction 1. Peyton place by Grace Metalios 43 2. The Scapegoat by Daphne Dumaurier 21 3. Blue camellia by Frances Parkinson Keyes 25 4. Silver spoon by Edwin Gilbert 11 5. The durable fire by Howard Swiggett 5 6. The wonderful 0, by James Thurber 5 7. Compulsion by Mever Levin 33 8. The last angry Man. By Gerald Green 22 9. A Houseful of love by Marjorie Housepian 2 10. The Short reign of pippin by John Steinbeck 12 non fiction 1. The Day Christ died by Jim Bishop 8 2. The innocent ambassadors by Philip Wylie 10 3. The hidden persuaders by Vance Packard 8 4. Stay alive All your life by Norman Vincent Peale 5. The turn of the tide by Arthur Bryant 7 6. Rascals in Paradise by j. Michener and a. G. Day 4 7. Faith on the March by a. H. Macmillan 10 8. Profiles in courage by John f. Kennedy 77 9. The nun s by Kath Ryn Hulme 44 10. Take my life by Eddie Cantor and Jane Ardmore 6 there is a bit of fantasy Woven into the Story when Jeff realizes hat Mab is the reincarnation of heir Mutual ancestor to Abitz Day. The family has Long been aware of Jeff s own remarkable Keness to Tibby s husband jul Ian. Frightened by their unusual problem the family tries to pre vent Mab from discovering the Rulh of her almost compulsory at traction to Jeff for despite his deep affection for Mab Jeff is a to happily married Man. However most of the problems of the tale Are solved by convenient deaths Here and there which pave the Way to an eighth volume in the Williamsburg Story. To anyone who is not familiar with the series i recommend a trip to the Library to dig up the former volumes. Reading Chrono logically is the Only Way a series Book can be appreciated. If you Start in the Middle you cannot but expect the frustrating feeling that the characters Are carrying on behind your Back you will be aggravated by a Book you might otherwise have enjoyed. The Williamsburg series not by any Means among miss Thane s Best works is nevertheless Amus ing Light Reading of Especial in Terest to Young people. A. Elswyth Thane author at homing the seeds of dissension by f. S. M. Of the age. Jing As a Telephone operator Jer fat to be sure his biography is full Sang Over the wires to Young of a direct and childlike vanity at times it reads like a romantic answer to a fan letter. But he is vain Only about his voice and since his voice was matchless the vanity is justified. About his other talents he is modest to the Point of self Ridi Cule. He admits he was slow in the few grades of school he com ladies he had never seen on a Tram he. Sang to Drunken Young rowdies Bent on violence and reduced them to stunned docility. A satisfactory Job was one which i was left with the impression that Beniamino Gigli was a great Little Man for a lot of reasons for his voice his warmth of heart his Long service to music the in release his language. He confesses mat his Fame owes plated that his funny shape was As much to unashamed wooing of a trial to him and the exercises he his Public As to the Beauty of his gave him the Barest of life s Nec distinctive Wisdom which told him Cesi ties and time to sing. Singing his size his limits and per was his Comfort his Power his Are catalogued and there is a i Tail of politics. Wealth of other information in Practised in the Hope of minimizing its a heroic proportions were that As an opera Star his Success depended on communication through his singing for he was no actor and that he has never been Able to make head or eluding location of Branch offices principal products Export representation and Trade Marks. There is a Section on producers shippers and exporters of agricultural produce. As Well the Index describes priv ate and government services for or anyone else the combination of his political naivety and his vocal vanity reduced Europe s despots Hitler Mussolini and Goebbels to Little Mere than big name members of his audience. He had proved time and again that the world was his Oyster and an Oyster with split Canadian exporters. G. S. T. Camps were something beyond his laughter in the Glen of sheep and mfg by x. B. To Bartton jc9 pp., Toronto land and t unless you Are in the Busil a Ness you might be for Given for not expecting a Book about sheep raising to be particularly interesting. But in a ill owe now from of. Sheep. And by p. Meu the Case of or. Robertson s Book nothing could be farther from the truth. Of sheep and men is completely delightful entirely enjoyable. The author is a Scot. His wife is an american. The Book is an account of the time they spent in a Small Glen in the scottish Border country near the River Tweed. There they lived in a cottage in the heart of one of the Best known sheep districts in the world. During their sojourn they Learned a tremendous amount about sheep not forgetting their habits and their need for obstetrical care All of which or. Robertson passes on to the Reader in a manner that is As entertaining As it is edifying. But they Learned about much More than sheep. They slowly came to know and even More slowly to be accepted by their dour neighbors the Shep herds the tinkers the Barten Der at the local House of sin the Parson the school master the local Squire. The became conversant with the Lowland scots Tongue and with the technical but very descriptive terms that Are part of the sheep Industry. They helped to Shear and to dip the flocks. They attended auction Day. They found out what makes a. Harris Tweed jacket smell like that How a sheep dog is trained How to take a Salmon illegally from. The River in the dead of night. They observed How the locals took visiting Ameri can tourists. They also Learned a Good Deal about the state of the Kirk in Scotland and one of the most hilarious chapters de scribes an excursion with a Good part of the to Glasgow to hear Billy Graham save Scotland. Or. Robertson s first Book of whales and was the outcome of his services As senior medical officer with one of the largest Antarctic whaling expeditions in 1950. It was deservedly a Best seller. Of sheep and men is if anything even better. It is warm human humorous and perceptive. To an expatriate Scot it is almost As Good As a trip Back Home. A singing. Perhaps half is devoted to description and evaluation of audience reaction. He often courted critical disapproval to insure Success with his listen ers. In the last chapter he writes hit show say Darling in Richard 301 up. Toronto Brown. Jack Jordan working for the family business in Indiana a novel. It was a great Success and Jack was summoned to new York to help turn it into a musical. While there he had Many humorous adventures. He had a pleasant love affair with the Star of the show while his wife looked on understanding in. Evidently this is not entirely the product of Richard Bissell s imagination. Or. Bissell himself is a Veteran of a. Family business in the hinterlands. His own novel cents was turned into a hit musical the a Jama game. Whether in the process or Bis sell had a Romance with the Lead haps even for the Good humor with which he accepted the americans calling him Beniamino Gigli books received the True North by t. C. Fair Ley and Charles e. Israel 160 pp., Toronto the Macmillan co. Coll Ilau Al i or Ivy Pic _ ing lady is none of our business. Crooks Are human too by Dan n a he does note however that the Pel j. Campion Myron m. Characters in this Book Are fiction Al. They Are too lovable hear gues to be otherwise. Fictional or not this is a very witty Book and a worthwhile one. -J.G. The poisoned Crown by Mou Druon translated from Finch in humps dirty Han 224 pp., Toronto British soak service. As Philip in the fair the energetic King of France 1268-1314 centuries ahead of his nation s temper Many histor w taking researches that form the basis of each Story. This was a fascinating period with the Middle Ages laboriously changing the Middle classes slowly rising to Power but human life of a sergeant at arms or of a King still of Little account. Louis a called be Hutin Quad ians believe that he was and had his adulterous wife that his innovations carried with them the seeds of future Dissen ions. His successors who tried to turn the clock Back and to return to the ancient order of things by their bungling brought about the Hundred years War. And left a heritage of discord that is plaguing to these very Days. Maurice Druon one of the Gal Axy of talented French writers to emerge in Post War France has selected this critical period in French history for a series of historical novels. Hailed both in France and in England As quite outstanding or. Druon s books Are remarkable both for their vivid and easy style and for the pains blood in Africa the red Rock wilderness by Els Pihi hat Ltd 25t pp., Toronto Clark Irvin. Whether it is read As a sort of sociological and. Political treatise about what happens when the mind of the White Man meets that of darkest Africa or Sim ply As a straight thriller this is an outstanding novel. In Many ways it bears a Strong resemblance to Laurens Van Der Post s Flamingo Feather of a new York Pren couple of years ago. That is not sheep dog bom of. Shup and Hin. Tice Hall inc. 1001 valuable things free by Mort Weisinger 122 pp., Montreal Bantam books inc. Shoot a sitting Duck by David Alexander 152 pp., Montreal ban Tam books inc. The Cross of Iron by Willi Hein Rich 437 pp., Montreal Bantam books inc. The royalist by Edward Grier son 245 pp., Montreal Bantam books inc. Harry of Monmouth by a. M. Maughan 328 pp., Montreal ban Tam books inc. The package Deal by Willis t. Ballard 227 pp., Montreal ban Tam books inc. Yankee from Olympus by Oli ver Wendell Holmes 322 pp., Mon Treal Bantam books inc. West of the River by Charlton Laird 217 pp., Montreal Bantam books inc. The year of the tempest by Peter Matthiessen 21b pp., Mon Treal Bantam books inc. Meade m.d., by Elizabeth Wesley 123 pp., Montreal Bantam books inc. Square in the Middle by William Campbell Gault 122 pp., Montreal Bantam books inc. Loven and by Joyce Marshall 246 pp., Toronto Long mans Green co. Your wonderful body by Peter Pineo Chase m.d., 391 pp., new York Prentice Hall inc. The red Rock by Elspeth Huxley. 256 pp., Toronto Clarke Irwin co. Ltd. Surprising As like colonel Van Der Post mrs. Huxley knows Africa and its problems Well. The hero of the red Rock wilderness is a stubborn Young Scot named Andrew Colquhoun who wants to write the life Story of his hero a Schweitzer like Fig ure Ewart Clausen. Clausen is a world renowned biologist and Nobel prizewinner who has with drawn from the world to Luala a Remote settlement in the French in route to Luala however and after he gets there Colquhoun finds that things Are not As Sim ple As he thought. Clausen s ref Uge has become a rend yous for unscrupulous african nationalists who use the old Man a screen for their plotting. Does Clausen a Man of great integrity permit himself to be used for these ends that is the mystery Colquhoun with the help of Gemma Secretary to the head of a powerful International Cartel sets out to solve. His one horror Ridden great red Rock search ends night on the the sacred Rock at Yamili. This in an exciting and terrify ing novel that owes much of its excitement and terror to -the11 restraint shown by the author. It is a bloody Story with a minimum of bloodshed. The Are More horrible because much is left to the imagination of the Reader. Meter having read it the Reader will be More aware of some the problems that Are brewing in dark continent . With an enduring wrecked Many of Margaret strangled in prison so that lie could marry the Beautiful Clemence of Hungary. Within the first six months of his reign he and his chief adviser Charles of Valois who was the King s ambitious Uncle and whom Dante hated hate had Philip. In s outstanding achieve ments. The Treasury was empty the Countryside starving the Barons warring among themselves and at court the two branches of the Artois family were intriguing for Power. Clemence the new Queen who despite her name was born and bred in Naples was not Only Beautiful but also very understanding. Had she had the c h a n be she might have transformed her hysterical husband and him into a tolerable ruler. But the stakes were too High and Louis considered an obstacle to the schemes of the redoubt Able countess Mahaut of Artois was poisoned. The interplay of the numerous interests both Between the branches of the Royal family and among the lombards who financed most of the King s administration pro Vides As dramatic Reading As does any modern novel of modern times. Or. Druon s novels Are Short Well told and skilfully translated. It is a Joy to hear that the author has changed his mind and instead of closing the series with the pres ent volume will devote another Book to the reign of Philip v the Long the Only intelligent ruler of France in the 30 years that Fol Lowed the death of Philip the fair. The earlier books in or. Dru on s series both reviewed in the free press were the Iron King and the strangled Queen. Mig bar Frank Vandiv 7

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