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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1915, Page 9

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - July 7, 1915, Winnipeg, Manitoba Section to Winnipeg wednesday it july 7, 1915. Fec published every sunday by the Manitoba free press company limited at their offices. 300-302-304-306 Carlton Street Winnipeg. Man. B. H. Macicha president and general Kane ser. Telephone Calls. Main 6340 private Branch Exchange connecting All departments Day and night Sumaya and Public holidays Chicago office Henry Declerque 800 Dialler York office Henry Kle Bahri room 306, no. 1 West 3-Lth Street. Eastern Canada representative Edgar .1. Guy Canada life building Toronto. English representative f. W. Large. 29 Lud Erate Hill London e. C. At general Poat office Lindon England for transmission through fee malls in the British. Isles at Inland Revenue rate. Freedom of Trade Liberty in re Ligion Equality in civil rights. Wednesday july 7, 1915. The Telephone shortage. The appraisal of the physical assets of the Telephone system car ried out under instructions from the new Liberal government confirms in a striking manner the claims of the late Liberal opposition in the matter of Telephone administration. This appraisal snows that while the records show an outlay 897.072.00 in Cash upon the Tele phone system the present actual value of the system is Only 504.00, making a shortage of 568.00. Of this amount re presents a payment to the Bell Telephone company is excess of the actual value of the system while the balance is made up of payments for maintenance made out capital which should have been met out of Revenue. It was during the first three years of the operation of the provincial Telephone system that this failure to provide maintenance out of income was the fixed policy of the government. It was during these three years that the provincial treasurer abstracted from the Tele phone funds amounts aggregating under the pretence that they represented legitimate sur pluses from the operation of the system. It is now Plain beyond Dis Pute that the Hoblin government took from the Telephone system the moneys which should have gone Toj maintenance and turned them into j the general Revenue of the province in order to create a fictitious sur plus upon which they could Appeal to the Public for support. The moneys which were thus deflected from their proper up keep of the replaced by capital expenditure with the re sult that when the audit was taken there was revealed a discrepancy Between the actual and the claimed value of the property. It in perhaps Worth recalling that during most of these three years when the Telephone system was administered in Defiance of business rules or. Minister of Public in charge. When he went to Ottawa lie left the system in such shape hat successor was obliged to order a Large increase in the rates. This led to a notable outburst of Public opinion and an investigation followed in which there were revelations of political manipulation to the injury of the system. Since then the Telephone business of the province has been managed by the new commission in a fairly efficient manner and it promises in time to a valuable Public asset. The appraisal will oblige a re statement of the position of the Tele phone system in the Public records of the province. The new statement show the actual value of the system As it stands today and the shortage of will appear j 33 intangible capital on the re cords where it will remain As a re minder of the methods of the Roblin government. It is Jiro posed to wipe out this capital for which there is to show a series of annual instalments. Strictly speak ing the improperly taken from the Telephone revenues by the province should he returned but in Tho present condition of the provincial finances this is not practicable. Explained at great length to the commission that he thought an out Lay of these proportions would be justified if by the withdrawal of the petitions it was made possible for the Roblin government to remain in office. When sir Redmond Goblin made announcement on the Day that the legislature prorogued that a Royal commission would be a. Pointed to look into the charges made by or. Hudson or. Howden notified or. Chambers that the chances of the government pulling through had been Cut in two and he therefore declared that he was not prepared to Advance More than 000 for the purpose of securing the withdrawal of the petitions. On april 14 or. Howden had so he a conversation with or. T. C. Morris at the Royal Alexandra hotel at which or. Morris it is charged stated that any arrange ment made by with or. Cham Bers would be All right. Following this conversation or. Howden instructed or. Newton to take out of the vault arid give it to or. Chambers. The remaining was replaced in the vault subject to or. Newton s orders the understanding upon which the Money was advanced to or. Chambers was that he was to see that the petitions against the conservative members were withdrawn. Conservative solicitors interested in the election petitions reported to or. Howden however that the lib eral solicitors informed them that they had no instructions to with draw petitions. Or. Howden there upon asked or. Chain Bei s to have the necessary instructions and was told that such instructions would Issue. These were the Only Steps taken by or. Howden b the time that the Money was paid Over to or. Chambers and the resignation of the Roblin government to get value for the payment of the towards the end of april when the conservatives wanted in a hurry they borrowed it from or. Chambers and afterwards replaced the Money from the Deposit in the safety Deposit vault. The finally reached or. Horwood or or. Salt via or. Howden and or. Whitla. On May 12 the Roblin govern ment resigned. At that time the originally raised had been disposed of in this manner or. Chambers had had been Given to Salt or Horwood and j the balance had been taken out of the safety Deposit vault by or. New-1 ton and returned through or. How j Den to or. Simpson prior to parture for the front. In return for the which he had received. Or. Chambers had done nothing. The election petitions had not been withdrawn nor had the Liberal solicitors received any instructions to co operate with the conservative j lawyers in securing their drawl. J a few Days subsequent to the change of government or. Cham Bers waited upon or. Howden and tendered the the Pur pose for which the Money had been the War heavy fighting everywhere the fighting la the great War is approaching the maximum in. Violence As the Midsummer period sets in and Over eighty per cent. Ujj the Battle front it is the Austro German forces that Are on the offensive launching furious tacks on both fronts. The Devotion of the German general staff to the traditional prussian theory that in War whether the defence or aggression the one the Iii. To do is to at tack has not been weakened by the events or the Jas eleven months Atid still that mighty War machine with its Centre i out wave after wave of Force East and West against the armies of the allies in a frantic determination by superhuman exertions by incredible sacrifices to heat them Down. These vast operations viewed As a whole give Tilo impression of inexhaustible resources and unquenchable energies. Yet there is a limit to everything even to resources and determination of nation and it is still As Tiue As Ever it was that Germany s plan of Campaign if it does not result in Early decisions is precisely the kind of Campaign that the Allied generals would desire her to wage. All talk about a collapse on the part of Germany when she realizes the magnitude of her task has ceased. The German War lords Long ago abandoned their Rosy dreams of a Short March to Victory Over decadent. Enemies. They now know of that everything they value is at position of Germany in the world the Posi Tion of Prussia in Germany the dominance of the military caste the maintenance of the present form of government so pleasing to the privileged classes. Defeat for those in charge of the War the loss of every thing they value they Are there fore pouring into the conflict every Man they can raise and every gun they can. Man in the Hope of forcing a decision in the summer months that re main. Another Winter s Campaign will put upon their Powers a Strain that they do not like to consider. The big. German offensive is still i directed against involves nothing less than a huge flanking opera Tion the greatest Ever known from the South and from the North with a View to getting behind Warsaw enveloping the russian army and accomplishing a coup that would give the russian Empire a staggering lilo. The strongest attack is from galicia., now reconquered from the South. As the germans Pene trate into Poland the advantages of position of transportation facilities of supplies of. Reserves All favor the russians and there is some reason to Hope that they will Beable to bring the offensive to a Stop. On the Western front the germans have been attempting an offensive on a fairly Large scale along the the Vosges to Gois Sones with Specia violence in the Forest South. And in the Argonne Northeast of Verdun. The last vigorous the germans on the Western front took place alone the failed after three we rfcs of furious lighting chiefly through the resistance of the British including the Canadian expeditionary Force at Ypres. Now the germans prepared to make another trying to and Vance in the neighbourhood of Verdun. This is a sector upon which it is easy to Maszl forces owing to its proximity to Germany. 1c there Are now additional reserves in Germany in. Men aug material ready to be sacrificed it is easy to see that Germany might try the effect of a drive at this the worst it wow relieve the steady French pressure North of Arras. The new Ger Man offensive has now been going on for a week with no results Worth while according to the French reports Bui Paris also reports that the operation is still proceeding1 and has not yet reached its maximum. It is to be assumed that Joffre will Welcome the Opportunity to stand on the defensive and inflict heavy losses upon the attacking forces. The italians Are doing splendidly against the despite an Ever strengthening resistance. Progress is being made in every the Trentino toward Trent in the Carnic alps., where an. Advance is being made towards the important Junction of Tarvis along the Sonzo where. Plava and Tollino have been captured within the last week. The real. Italian offensive is along the Sonzo what the. Italians Are doing in the Trentino and in the Dolomite Alps is to capture and fortify the passes to prevent an Austria Ger Man offensive taking the main italian army in the rear. Apparently the March on Trieste awaits the fall of Goritz which still resists the italian attack. The most vigorous offensive which the Anglo French forces Are waging at the moment. Is in the Dardanelles where determined attempts to capture the Heights of Ruthia and acht Baba Are proceeding. The area is so limited Here that an Advance of two Miles by the allies would do the trick and Force the Dardanelles making possible a naval attack on. Constantinople. The turks Are Apar Ritly Short of ammunition. A continuously vigorous offensive m this District gives Promise of Large results. Some indication of the extent of the British operations at is afforded by the impressive figures Given to the British House of commons by or. Asci Ith the other Day. Since the beginning of. The Campaign the British casualties at the Dardanelles have exceeded a Reader s notes books Are a finer world within the remarkable Eti Bejeck the remarkable evidence of James h. Howden sex attorney general before the Royal commission in direct examination and Cross examination covered some six hours and. As it was of necessity very discursive it May to advisable to put it in smaller Compass for the information of the Public. J sometime last Winter towards end of february or the beginning of j March or. To Cleu had conferences with one Giorge m. Newton a merchant of this City who is an Aci ivc cons croat Ivy. And Ian chem licit. I spa agent 1 of tins City a Lio is s Liberal j so alleges sikh he could Sctiro Trio withdrawal of acc Roii petitions members. Pro a i Mere wort in continuance in office of the Roblin be no longer served. No advantage was to be gained by the withdrawal of the election petitions at that time because it was already obvious that the new government intended at an Early Date to Appeal to the electors. But although or. Chambers could no longer even pretend to give value for Tho Money entrusted to or. Howden refused to accept the Money. He told the court that he thought there was a political advantage in leaving the Money in. The Possession of or. Chambers. On May 26 or. George m. Newton j you Are her Only citizens and1 we secured the Money from or. Cham Bers. On monday of this Wnuk he transferred the Money to or Harvey Simpson who immediately bought .1 draft and forwarded it to brother or. Simpson in France. Is this Rera Alkabo evidence which we recommend to the careful consideration of the Public Gener ally particularly in connection with the evidence which will be adduced later respecting this transaction by the parties whose names have been mentioned by or. Howden. I. Lascelles Abercrombie one of the later English poets contributes to the times a poem the Lover in War i dislike the term of it in two words or one but Here it is us title to a Fine it of verse i heard1 it in the night when there was. No Souad i say it Bright Bare Frozen found. When All the rest were Blind i knew where visions were and sleep to bless my mind amid uproar and Glare. But now that All the land s Are monstrous with a crime love a great Ansel stands. Looking far beyond time facing eternal Lis lit. With War beneath spurn and fiercer on Sig it doth. Heavenly Beauty Burn. And higher he holds head for the changeless Sun to Crown. The More must tread the bloody madness some we eks Asro i ran across this More striking poem called the and signed a. there is our Cross know too that one who sealed our Symbol with blood vouchsafed the vision that shall never leave those Humble crosses in the wanders mud. And think there rests All hallowed in each grave a lire Given freely for the world he died to save. And far ahead dim tramping generations who never Felt Ana cannot guess our history count nothing less than i motions and Fame forget where grown Lias shall yet remember that the world is free. It is enough. For fils is such poems speak to multitudes of hearts aching with suspense or with the sense of loss. I should not wonder if the average newspaper Reader Lias not read More poetry since the War began to take its toll than he read in Lite before. Professor Gol Lancz of King s College London editor of the Beautiful Temple contributes to a London paper a lament for a student Twenty two who left unfinished . Thesis on Albion s the elizabethan patriotic poem and went off to the trenches wounded and ill he sent Home for copy of he had chalked on in it such smiting such deep an do the wal1 . Trench this refrain from devotional patriotism i the oldest English Lyric door s la not the remembered scent of Engliski air in thawing Fields nor English melodies nor song of English Birds in English skies can make this engl Ancl. All our House is Bare our lives arc stopped our hearts Are othe Nvere. As homesick travellers whose impatient see. Only aliens for All England lies where you have set your Honor and her care. The earshot of Bugle Calls at morn. Tells England s measure now her tory is in your undistinguished Graves com pressed tour deeds Are All your sleep her rest Are exiles in the place that we were Oer that he triumphed o or this May professor Gol Lawicz s d Irge is not so Lyrica l As the others quoted but it is a Noble tribute to the hero to the eng Lish language and to England herself it is loss of men like these that makes the nation weep. The Best go always the Best from every department of life thine was no pedant s Zeal Tho Mother Tongue taught thee High dictates of thy fatherland. The Call no Patriot heart can. E or with stand Tore thee from lays by ancient poets Sung Well did St thou learn lore to thee Semlear d. Of that Young Warrior who with dragons fought and selfless in better is death than life Wotli self 8th. By w. J. H. Cd do. July be and Sorelie perturb d on read ing in the free press that my Dearie was mention d yesterday before my lord chief Justice Mathers and the other Royall or. Wilson having brought my Dame be fore their lords Apps and thereupon or. With a Levite which he doth use All too frequent lie pro posing that my Diarie As evidence. He should have Bethought that with my daily habitual inter course with the Chiefe men of our party there might be matters in my Diarie which there Dang Erous to have disclose d to the Publick View. And moreover would it not be a thing Moat unjust and scandalous that the journal of a private gentleman should be Vio lat d am. Laid Bare before the eyes of the common Herde in Good truth As now twas with a Rig the prevision that i Surmis d Weekes ago there was Dan Ger of., my being haled before the commission and this morning after Muche debate with myself i re Sylv d. On a course to foil owe. Firster i did Bethink me of taking All of my Diarie that i have Writt since my coming to Winnipeg and burning it As or. Lash did order done with so Many telegrams at Niy lord Rogers solicitation but no 1 would not do that for be Dis honouring to the Pepys family tradition. what f i Estolv d upon in the ends was to putt All my Diarie in s Gladstone Bagg and Deposit it in a Aulne of the Royall Trust company gun with accuracy is a labor of five by six hours under the most favourable circumstances and the concussion from the Florine is so terrible that the 250 men who form part of. The gain team Are provided with special protective Shields for the eyes nose ears and Mouth. The Cost of every round fired is valued at Tho Range attained during the siege of Liege was 13 to 14 Miles. Contrary to general opinion the 42 was not employed for the bombardment of Antwerp. The heaviest Eun used there was the 305-mm. Cun of the 1914 Model first tried in january 1914. The effect of its fire was devastating the belgian forts were Sim ply blown to atoms. This Eun was also used against Liese Nam i and Mau Beuge and proved much service Able than the round which popular terror had spun such a legend. Can also be divided into Bec lpns which Are susceptible of motor transport. The motors used Are of 100 horsepower each capable of dragging a weight of 3c metric tons at the rate of ten Kilometres an hour. The Cater pillar wheels of these motor dragger enable them to travel Over ground impassable traffic. This comparative mobility with great facility in handling and almost equal effectiveness of fire constitutes the superiority of the 30-s-mm. Gun Over the 42 mortar and Ihas Ena blod the germans to use it in the Peculiar Angle to Howden Deal with Hambers continued from Page four in View a civil suit. He wanted to limit the suit to the caissons but or. Hudson would t agree to it. Or. Phippen said that at the consultation Between himself and messes. Wilson Hudson and Tilley he had told or. Wilson that he could let witnesses go Home As they were prepared to. Admit that the Quantity was not in the caissons. He admitted that he a d said he was going to make that statement to the commission next Day. Or. Phippen admitted that the con tract or letter which he had secured Possession of was a most important document put an. Entirely new Tice Mathers he had not desired to sat on and had proposed to or Hudson that they should go together to the chief Justice. Or. Hudson had refused to accompany . They had. Then agreed on. Chief Justice , As head of the profession As a Desir Able person to approach the Mathers commission. Or. Phippen said he thought he suggested chief Justice Howell. He had explained the Situa Tion to chief Justice Howell very much As he explained it in court that Howell said or. Phippen had been willing to approach the Mathers commission provided the lieutenant governor agreed to the step. Then and there chief Justice Howell had telephoned to the Lieut afternoon. Chief Justice i , i a a a in a Lulu .v7117jjj1u1.i.cu la Luton the great building of the Bank of tenant a Over nor and. Chief Justice in still politics As conceived by James h. Howden is just one degree lower than burglary and to think that Manitoba once had a narrow Ore ape from having James h. Howden As a judge. Yesterday s evidence by the distinguished visitors from the East makes it More than Ever apparent that such life As there is in the full Erton charges lurks in the Allega Tion that there was a corrupt a rougement by which the election petitions were to be withdrawn. The cabled reports of the Pessi mistic views of the campaigns Apapito of the censorious ones t think that much of the English verse inspired by the War is wonder fully Good. It is rare for the contemporary review to publish a poetic piece. Here is one by Mildred Huxley to Golden use her own significantly musical eng land s deathless they need no Dirge for springtime fills All tilings tribute unto them the music of Tho daffodils shall be a Soldier s rec Quiem among a Hills. Blow Golden trumpets mournfully. For All the Golden youth that s fled. For ail the shattered dreams that where god has Laid the dead under an alien sky. But blow triumphant music too. Across the world from sea to sea. Because the heart of youth was True. Because our England proved to be even greater than we an d this from the Spectator to the memory of a. B. By a. Probably a sister i Bow my head o brother brother brother but May not grudge you that we re a to me. Should any one lament when this our Mother mourns Tor so Many sons on land and sen god of the love that makes two lives As one r a Moil give also strength to see that eng Psar lug in the London daily mail , be done. And the London times should be let it be done Yea Down to the last ii air. I Owdens read in the Light of the fact that lord northcliffe has set heart of frightening or cajoling the a Ili critics of great Britain Aito a conscription. He won t be be Seta hand ill is i ant very scrupulous about the Way j by which he gets it. A Tittle. Up to the fullness All sacrifice. Our dead feared this alone to give too Little. Then shall the living murmur at the Price the hands withdrawn from ours to the plow so m f Raugh t. Not thy courage though Oliy ilium d thy Trench with Mystic the Hope that solar d in plight our oldest Scop whose song is wrought on Britain s Golden scroll. O greater need prouder Fame would St thou no in Albion s England in enshrined thy the Bookman. From the Golden books. Beyond the veil. Lampman seem the1 heroic of hot great unto the Livin dead How sacred solemn How grown How vast and vague As they surely tread the shadowy confines of the dim unknown 1 for they have met the monster that we dread. Have Learned the secret not to mortal shown. E Enas Gigantic shadows on the Wall the spirit of the daunted child amaze. So on us thoughts of the departed fall and with phantasm fill our gloomy gaze. Awe and deep lend the living and Hope and ecstasy the borrowed while fitful fancy the full form divines and All is what imagination dreams. War ads in the times. From the London times april 28. Requires four Niclaes by three inches to cover wound and expedite return to duty Opportunity for unselfish Patriot. Box a 377r the times. April 30. S Montreal Busy All morning with my writing and then Worthe to the Clu Tabe to luncheon wearing my Pearl Gray clothes and Strawe Hatt and there with my neck Tye of most delicate Ray and my Pearl pin. Therein. And i did carry my glad Stone Bagg Ami n it my Diarte but at the Clubbe f was carefully not to leave it out of my hands neither in the with drawing Roome or the Hall and especially Neare the Hatt Racke but did Ake it into the dining Roome and putt it chaire and Teape my Foote on. It without ceasing. And Snag by must Needes come Linde me on a sudden and Clapp no 011 the shoulder saying have you fifty thousand in the bag a Sam hat you do mount Guarde on and therewith made As if to seize he Bagg. And he did take me Alto Gether so unawares As my curs d 11. Lucke would have it that the Shocke of. It made me Spille the whisky and soda that was then at try Lippes and near. Halfe the Glasse Ull went upon my Collar and neck be and my Waiste Coate Hirte and it tricks d in upon my Cheste and Middle giving me the Coldo tickles. And sore vex d i was and rat d diag by roundly. For roughness in so plumping upon me. Lud thereupon recovering my goods Humour i did Tell what was in by Gladstone and after i had Gott me a Reslie Collar and Tye my Hirte drying full Soone with the irate of my he Wente with lie to the Bank of Montreal. And i was Righte Gladd when i. Had Trade arrangements with. Or. Todd the manager Tho Royall Trust company and Mewe that my Diarie was securely bestow d in one f vaults. And in the Bank Aid meet or. Macgachen who doth Ever Delight to banter me upon my putting a Guinea on the plate at All saints one lord s Day last july twas a year ago this and Aske me Why i do it not oftener. And so we do Chaffe each other he being of the Vestrie of All Saint were i do love the Parson Well or. Louckes. But he doth not Knowe that Tho Guinea i putt on the plate was by Way of a. Pine i impose d on myself in accordance with the practice of my the great diarist which i have Ever follow a in punishing my Selfe for my wrong doings and my failures in. Keeping my Goode resolutions. The whole night before i did Fine Myse Jfe that Guinea i had spent in gaming at the Churchille Clubbe. But of that neither or. Macgachen nor or. Louckes knows aught failure of the 42-cm. Guns. A correspond Lent in Roumania sends the following to the daily chronicle was an austrian siege artillery officer who had spent several months in Antwerp and then been drafted to the Eastern front for the preparation of the May Advance. What he did not know about the monster guns the Ger mans havoc a in this War is not Worth knowing. Bit by bit i wormed some of the facts out of . The Only places where Tho German 42-cm. Used were Liege and Namur they Only Fred a few shots and they turned out to by a costly comparative failure. The 42 is a mortar to adjust its pieces that require twelve railway wagons for transport a minimum of 24 hours is required. The Cement foundation on which the huge fabric is placed must be at least eight metres deep. The total weight of the mortar is about 50 tons to this must. However be added of the base which is reckoned at Between 37 and 38 tons. The actual gun is Short which is of course the characteristic of All mortars. Wishes to thank the j it is almost exactly five meters. The numerous persons whose offers of skin weight of the Shell three Quad would suffer Only if the Furrow faltered he appreciates. He almost regrets ters of a ton. And standing upright it is now. inability to accept More than one three feet High. To Lay. This monster Mathers but both had been away from their office. Or. Phippen had then gone to see sir Rodmond and had told what had been done. A Little later he had repeated statement in the presence of or. Montague. He had not mentioned these negotiations to anyone else up to the present hour. He had t even told All to or. Kelly treating the matter As a professional secret. Kelly up in the or Phippen told of meeting oily and acquainting with the arrangement made. He showed Sivelly the statement which or. Hudson Hud insisted should be included in sir Redmond s resignation. Kelly went up in the and. Said it was t True. After a while lie was pacified and gave a grudging assent to tic statement to be included in the Resig nation letter. It was the understand ing said the witness that in View of the arrangements the commission would make an interim report but would be practically dead unless some unforeseen circumstances arose. Or. Phippen said he next saw sir body Ond Roblin. Questioned by commissioner gait or Phippen said chief Justice How Ell told that the lieutenant governor approved of the arrange ment As did also chief Justice Mathers. Sir Rodmond came to or. Ship Cen s room the witness said and he told what had transpired and of the difficulty of getting Kelly to consent. Sir Rodmond told not to close the arrangement until he sir Rodmond had seen or. Is Orris. In the meantime or. Hudson had seen or. Phippen. Or. Phippen that sir Rodmond later called up and told everything was All right. Or. Phippen then went to the club and saw or. Hudson who was in company with t. H. Johnson. Or. Phippen said he drafted two identical copies of the statement to lie included in the resignation letter. Or. Hudson was not ready to agree until he had seen or. Norris. Everything arranged. Or. Phippen be again had trouble Kelly who win cd tar to to Ottawa. I wanted to keep Here until the affair was closed. Kelly went on an Early train. Sunday or. Hudson called up and told everything was arranged. Or. Hudson wanted the Resigna Tion of tile Goveri unsent in before the commission was called off. Sir Rod mond wanted to Call in following before he resigned a matter of Courtesy or. Phippen then told of How the face on the matter. Or. Phippen went on to say that it was the United wish that every thing in the negotiations would be approved by the commission. Original had been destroyed. The exhibit 7, or. Phippen said was a copy of the draft of what was. To be included in the resignation i letter and so was the slip which he had Given to sir Rodmond. Tho original he had kept and it Nad been torn up. Or. Phippen declared it was Tho understanding that the interim re port of the Royal commission would be its final report and that it would be practically dead. The Only conditions under which it would be re Vived would be if the government investigation re scaled something which would necessitate such action. Or Phippen said he did not re member or. Hudson mentioning to that the consent of the Royal commission had not been Octal of a. Or. Wilson had tried to explain to that there was a variance in the wording of the actual resignation and the wording he or. Phippen had drafted. Ivor. Wilson could not explain it to Bis satisfaction. Or. Phippen again said he had got the double Cross. Or. Phippen told also1 of sir Hugh Mcdonald saying to . Jock Early you re depriving us of our bread and or. Phippen said he mentioned the report of the for election pro tests to or. Wilson. Or. Wilson wanted to get it before the Royal commission. Or. Phippen said hear Gued with Liim not to do so. The he came Back was the Lisl lie bad heard this Money. was the Only report about Money he had heard. Before commission. W. N. Tilley was then called. To or. Fullerton he told of assisting As counsel for Kelly. He entered into ail explanation of the arrange ments made for the resignation of the government. He understood that if the arrangement was made he commission would actually cease not to be revived under any consideration. He did t remember anything about the commission being revived if unforeseen circumstances arose us my. Phippen had stated. Or. Tilley understood that when the interim report was made the commission would never Convene Ueall. If he had thought the com a lesion was to go on be would never have been a party to the arrangement. He had been present when the slip to be included in the resignation letter had been handed to sir Rodmond. Of that occasion sir Rodmond made no objection what Ever. There was no suggestion that Kelly was to come before the com Mission and plead guilty or that the government was to plead guilty. Concluded on sunday morning. To or. Pitblado the witness admitted. That the interview at which be was present had not concluded the arrangements. It was not concluded Elfo the strange adventures of Howden who could have imagined that the Job of attorney general in the Rob Cabinet such Charlie Chaplin adventure and Romance or that Tho commonplace stodgy or. Howden As we thought per formed such extraordinary stunts As he has related under examination before the Royal commission that is sitting in. The court House stunts that we had All believed to belong to moving picture films rather than to real Lite sex sky Pilot the lever from the Swift curent Herald editor jail Bery has sold the Milestone mail and will resume the ministry. He will gained sufficient insight into human nature Dur neg jigs experience to Tell most any congregation where it is headed for. How Robert Louis Stevenson in unceasing quest for die adventurous and the romantic under the Dull humdrum outer seeming of Ordinary life would have delighted in the Howden narrative of strata gems and spoils of conspiratorial interviews of words spoken out of the Side of Mouth words full of meaning though the Ordinary per son would see nothing in them of the finding of Gladstone bags stuffed with in cold Cash hanging casually on a hat rack like Ripe fruit on. The tree asking you to pick it and other such wonders in the midst of this our life in. Prosaic Winnipeg virility is undeniably an est Nilal of a summer landscape. From tie Arawana news in. The Kikiloi n Mercury that season of gaiety exuberance of life and animation by our inexorable and instruct Ress nature Lias again begun and like the poet can ejaculate Tifi summer i know by the Blue of the sky. By the Trees deeper Given As beneath them i for truly virility is the redeeming Fea Ture of every Landau up. Tis strange tis passing i is wonderful tis very wonderful and pondering Over it All we dozed and we dreamed that were listen ing to or. Howden continuing Story before the Royal commission. In the most Mattoy of fact Way to was saying in our and j. Was on my Way that portent. He admitted that they had to know that the commission would that they would Stop or in fact that they would approve. The com Mission would have to approve of the the witness could not say that he knew the commission Bud approved of stopping. He never wont before the commission to get its approval. Or. Tilley said he had done Noth ing he considered wrong. There was nothing improper in the arrange ment and no Money had been considered at All. The commission sits morning 10.30. It 10 in the henceforward instead of with lowing moustaches and lie wore n. Wide brimmed hat pulled Well Doivan Over eyes. I did not recognize at the time. As he brushed against me he hissed in Iny ear. Follow my " hastened on. Past the Industrial Bureau and alone water Street towards the River. I followed keeping my on Light Active Ilg Ruro As he seeded on Way with never a look behind. To the River Bank near the City Plant to paused and looked hastily Over shoulder to make sure that 1 had followed . Then he plus cd looking backward the free press was founded in 3872. Into the lied. Slimming to the Bank i leaped into a j boat 1 saw against the Bank two Fellows at the oars. Tossing them coins from my purse 1 said to them j keep von Strong swimmer in Lioy Bein to their without delay. I rowed to across the red in forty years a8o today-1875. J Wako of he mysterious Man who general elections took place in que j accosted me and made me follow . As fun j lie breasted the Waves gallantly show i Ilia he Milf a. Powerful swimmer. When touched the St. Boniface Shore he Shook Tho water from garb and in u. Low. Penc rating voice called to to to join . The two rowers with Quick strokes. Bee. The local government trained by a. Small majority. Winnipeg orangemen will hold Celebration on the u Ali in Armstrong s Groove on the North Side of Tho Tassinl Boine River one Milt from the City. Thirty five years Abo v general Sherman was escorted to the St. Boniface station by a of Tho Winnipeg troop of caul re be fore leaving Winnipeg Gen. Sherman visited St. John s College the of commission was adjourned. The i old fort Douglas St. Mary s Academy statement read by or. Wilson at and the institutions at St. Boniface that time was drawn without ship Pei s seeing it. The adjourn ment was made for a week. Or. I Phippin left the Case with Kenneth Mckenzie was Pelotto Reform candidate for chief Justice Howell to see that it was carried out and he himself went East. He was soon called to come Back. He called or. Hudson up immediately Oil return and Why the arrangement had t gone through. Or. Hudson told to see or. Wilson. Or. Wilson Tolj that the arrangement could not be carried out As far As the commis Sion was concerned because of u. Change in the letter of resignation. Or. Phippen thought Lici had a cart the double Cross in the matter. Or. Phippen said he had heard nothing about any trouble with the commission. Explains Telegram. Or. Phippen made a statement about the Telegram from Ottawa that he was to work on the and that Tilley would take the Case. The Only justification for that Telegram was that he Tad not expected to take Active charge before the commission of Kelly s Case he had not been in private practice and did t wish to Start it again. He had had to take charge because or. Tilley had not arrived. His View that whole settlement was fair and above Board and might have been published abroad. Thirty years ago h. G. has succeeded Horace Mcdougall As agent of various Railroad and Steamboat lines. Swept me to where in was and step pud ashore and throwing Money dismissed limn. Then 1 Najj proach cd mysterious stranger. As j Drew near the Moon shone of of a. Moment silvering hi., wet figure against the blackness of night. turned disclosing Joe i exclaimed in men. He in my of r to Are and immediately he ran up the Bank and followed Alica suddenly 4f and then we awoke and j a members of the Halifax battalion i Howden left in our dream run pet to leave Moose jaw for Winnipeg ing lip i to River Hank at Thi this i of or. Joe Hornier. Twenty five years j Tho Winnipeg bicycle club had a run but was our dream to Selkirk on saturday. Among those wonderful Fhaid or taking part in the trip were messes. An in More s Storr Arni stage. Moncton. Wrigley. Logan Caa ba3 now that adventure Arr and Romance Are gone out of the world a that a lot Bugge five material e. L. Drewry purchased Tho South writers like Oppenheim and other co no Torii of thrilling tales Are missing by not being Here a Winni it e and How worried redone Hemington a. Famous . Would by Over and Julian Kalph writer connected East Corner of main streets a frontage of for and Alexander 10 feet on with Harper s weekly arc in Winni both the Peg on their to Alaska. Twenty years ago Rev. Joseph Hoeg has completed seventh year As pastor of St. Andrew s Church. I i once Able commissions everything proper and fair Tlle Brydon rink being fitted up As to or. Pitblado the witness a that the whole arrangement proper. He thought it was absolutely honest and fair and won a nut have asked Cliplef Justice Howell to do anything that was t fair and honest. Or. Phippen said be was not a party to any sinister arrangement he had instigated the affair. To did t think or. Kelly could get i fair trial and even today be did t think Kelly could get n. Fair trial he was honest and open and Frank in what he had done. To or. Pitblado the witness tort of interviews with or. Hudson. Or. Phippen he had no Tion of smothering the investigation before the Royal commis Ioir. A had a Spring poet still at Sartje a rom Trio Lyndhurst news in the Young. Sank. Herald when asked by n whether Boro us Boro or in r hog. D Draco birthday congratulations to h i i Ion. 7_ Kenneth Winnipeg i bom Hows Shire Scotland Walter Ross j Dauphin a born ill i without sic latin a land miui., 1ssc. Might from uni Loii comes d in of the i in. Ring is a if want to w. K. Mon Rutalj Hamilton. F. W. Wii in is i. July Jamis born a i Ciufu 3v-7. Or. .1. O. Toltl .lor.don, out., 1suo. Born i i a coins i ii this column. K us Oil Vii

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