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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - February 27, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press february pages 1724 secret police taped sexual Mph Vurr Quebec threats dismissed As Sabr rattling Filmon fires Back at Bourassa by Zena Olijnyk Manitoba Premier Gary Filmon said Quebec refusal to return to the bargaining table if the Meech Lake Accord int ratified is Sabre at thing that will Hurt Canadian he Premier Robert Bourassa Doest believe the concerns of peo ple right across the country Are legitimate and have a right to be considered just As equally As those of Filmon told reporters Quebec just is not listening to the message there get Ting from the rest of the Filmon made his comments after Bourassa and his constitutional lieu Gil warned that the failure of the Accord would pro Voke a crisis because Quebec will refuse to return to the constitutional negotiating while hoping the Accord will be signed by the june 23 Bourassa announced on the weekend his Liberal party has decided to set up a committee to study Quebec options should the Deal but Filmon said Quebec has reached the Point of desperation where it is issuing threats rather than looking for reasonable Compro in prepared to sit Down and discuss willingly and openly alternatives on Meen he in not prepared to simply Deal with threats and the Type of Sabr rattling Quebec is putting one of three provincial premiers speaking out against the said Meech Lake be ratified simply because Bourassa is issuing the Price is too High to keep the Liberal party in Quebec he noting that Western Canada and Atlantic Canada have serious concerns for Senate Reform and the future distribution of Federal Powers if the present amending formula in the Accord goes along with new Bruns Wick Premier Frank have not endorsed the saying changes Are needed in the area of Senate Reform and the distinct so piety Newfoundland Premier Clyde Wells is threatening to rescind newfoundlands support unless Simi Lar changes Are Filmon is to meet with Remillard when he visits Manitoba later this week along with the group friends of Meech he said yesterday he Hopes it will be an Opportunity to solve the constitutional impasse through but Filmon added the Quebec government is planning for failure of the Accord rather than looking for solutions that will allow Meech Lake to be passed in some amended there taking a very stubborn and intransigent position and saying were planning for it to fail and were telling you what were going to do if it does he As Filmon said Hes concerned the present level of debate is damaging to Canadian i believe things Are not heading in right he As pressure has grown and threats in people Are responding negatively rather than that absolutely no Way to it Region Lizes us and sets us apart rather than bringing us Manitoba nip Leader Gary doer separatism warnings premiers say Filmon not called Bourassaw comments constitutional War All weve done is raise the Rheto Ric in this debate which is very he Manitoba Liberal Las said its unfair for Bourassa to blame Mani to bans if Quebec refuses to Degoti what you do by stepping up Rhet Oric is that you ask peole to dig in their heels rather than to feel Gener Ous and said Jim Carr fort Liberal constitutional affairs by Donald Mckenzie the Canadian press Quebec liberals should Stop Mak ing veiled threats of separatism if the Meech Lake Accord several provincial premiers said in not going to be affected by that in any said newfound land Premier Clyde referring to a comment by Premier Robert Bourassa that he wont go Down on bended knee to English Canada if the Accord is not ratified intact be fore the june 23 at a weekend Liberal party meet several of Bourassaw Cabinet ministers said they Are questioning federalism As the deadline approaches and they believe Quebec has the strength to Cope alone if the party delegates also adopted a Resolution setting up a committee to study Quebec options in the Post Meech Lake a Strong opponent of the is threatening to rescind his provinces i have to look at what would be the Impact of the provisions of the Meech Lake As it on the economic and political future of Newfoundland and he said in Corner in new Brunswick Premier Frank Mckenna appeared More optimistic that the Accord can St Iii be but said Quebec warning is not whether or not its intended to constitute i dont he called on Quebec and All other provinces to Cut out the rhetoric and create a suitable atmosphere for More were operating under the As sumption that when pushed far enough to the will find some Type of accommodation that will be acceptable to the vast in Premier Bill Vander Zalm argued that talk of Quebec separatism cannot help the which he said is doomed in its present i dont think we should be talking theres obviously a danger of this if people Start taking sides on the and people have done i believe we ought to be looking at a Compromise Situa Accord doomed Lowell prime minister Mulroney Meech Lake agreed that the Accord is prob ably doomed and said Quebec Liber als Are being realistic in devising a contingency most people wont give you very Long Odds that Meech Lake is going to be ratified and i think the govern ment of Quebec and the Liberal party of Quebec would be open to reproach if they didst consider All the he Jim Alberta Deputy pre also said Hes not surprised the Bourassa government intends to explore possible political scenarios if the Meech Lake Accord it is not surprising and i consider it a natural he said in an interview from new i dont think Bourassa is i dont think the Accord is in danger because of i think the 2fold 100s Cotton shirt 2fold Loos Cotton May sound a Little High tech to but in this extraordinary fabric has been used for centuries to create classic dress shirts of the finest prize for its coolness and Woven with care by Fine British our 2 fold Loos Cotton is one of the most comfortable shirting you can that Why we construct our 2lold 1 oos Cotton shirt with All the 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optimistic that saner minds will Ontario Premier David Peterson said he takes Bourassa seriously when he threatens that Quebec wont return to the bargaining table if the Meech Lake Accord is Peterson said there is still time to save the agreement but there is a difficult atmosphere in the coun i just Hope that Calm Heads pre Vail and we can find an accommodate Federal fisheries minister Ber Nard Valcourt said he Doest be Lieve Quebec liberals Are As we Are kidding ourselves if we believe they Are just using rhetoric this is not a its a he said the Accord is seen by Many Quebe cers As the Bare Essen if people think we will get que Bec to the bargaining table and have them agree to anything less than they Are fooling meeting a bust for lobby group Montreal up members of the French language lobby group movement Quebec Francais met with Quebec intergovernmental affairs minister Gil Remillard yester Day to complain about Canadas official languages but they left his office disappointed when Remillard remarked that he saw nothing wrong with the passed july Guy president of the lobby complained the official languages act is eating at the spirit of Quebec French Only Law asap plied in he said that Ero Sion is due to an agreement signed under the official languages in which Quebec promises to provide health care in English to Anglo Andre another member of the lobby said the Federal Bill makes it More difficult to apply the Quebec language Bill in the weve worked hard to get the spirit of Bill 101 in the workplace but part of Bill c72s mandate is to bilingual ize business and that a direct Leclerc Bouthillier added if the govern ment truly wants to help minorities it should push for Bill 101 and the fran citation of Quebec and help minorities outside Quebec to sur similar to Soo but Aurele the director general of the federation Des fran co phones hours said in a Telephone interview that the move ments position resembles Sault Maries Resolution declaring itself officially unilingual when the movement Quebec Francais says lets not protect anglophone minority rights in que we dont agree with in a separate meeting with report Remillard said he told Bouthillier he has found nothing wrong with the application of Bill c72 he is Only applied in areas of Federal i asked do you have any Concrete cases that would make me think that because of Bill c72 French is in danger in Quebec and they come up with Remillard the subject of the Meech Lake constitutional which gives Quebec the status of a distinct so was also raised during the meeting with Remillard but Bouthillier gave the Accord Little import whether it is adopted or there will still be a language prob Lem in there will still be a Bill 101 and there will still be a Bill

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