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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1915, Page 17

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - February 1, 1915, Winnipeg, Manitoba L Section to 14 Winnipeg monday february Oscott sunday by and manager. Calls. O Exchange All Day and night. And Public 800 mailers building. Zoum 306. No. 1 West a to Canada Lite i Isato Hill. London r c at Tho general poit office n Viz Ian. For transmission through who a blocs at Mill rates. Of Trade Liberty in religion Equality in civil rights. February 1, 1915. Uie 0iyehsity 1va11 lectures la tie first of a series of lectures pan topics arranged by the professor Osborne Spe eded in doing Justice to the Char Ter of Napoleon As Soldier and As the Light and Shade of his Ilc lure were in True proportions. In including the professor courageously moved the words of Robert Ingersoll inspired by contemplation if Napoleon s Tomb. Particularly pleasing was the pro Resaor s reference to Blucher the old Soldier who hated Napoleon it was said be regretted mond Roblou closed the legislature to act As brakes to sir years ago denounced Richard s coach. They gave full the Transfer As illegal and sir Rod rein with has pocket of Money and Back of it a Book of cheques signed in Blank. He has certainly had a High old time of but tie inevitable Day of reckoning is now at hand. Offices to the registration Tho ground that they Kaisell a3o the German emperor has conferred the highest decoration of Tho order of the hed Eagle of Tho fourth class upon Ernst Lissauer the writer of the or chant of poem in which Savage rage against great Britain Burns with venomous intensity. The Cable Dis patches say papers of Ger Many Are overjoyed that Tho self proclaimed Gerent of Golf has thus honoured the author of that characteristic manifestation of Kultur whom Tho Berliner Tage Blatt Halls us hav ing proved himself by it to be one of the greatest men of modern times. A translation of that barbarian chant by Barbara Henderson of new Evor lot Corner the canadians May York which appeared in the new find themselves in they will not fail. Registry f titles on had been fraudulently obtained. If they were justified in action Thoy took five years ago the settlement now suggested by the record is a Gross mis Carriage of Justice. If they were not justified Well. In that event or. Bradbury and sir Rodmond Roblin were plaid no politics at Tho expense of. The town of Selkirk and the per chasers of the Indian hands. That of course is precisely what they were Zovig and now that they have been shown up they ought not to go in whipped by Justice. The fighting in the caucasus now that the Canadian boys Are going into the trenches it is to be hoped that our the English press will restrain their weakness for romancing about the overseas troops. Tho truth will be good1 enough. What Ith an undying hate. F professor Osborne to hut the names of sonic of the chief Lei Man vessels sunk recently by the Rutish Fleet had chanced to be those heroes of the German War of liberation against Napoleon such As no Blucher the Gnei Senan and the "harnliorsl., it Vas Here professor made n incidental reference to the present pointing out the racial is Oriel and temperamental which a aurally should bind the British and Gernian Peoples he called Down Ana Lemas upon those who had brought he Herman people to their present jes. The professor might Here aptly Jevc Given the Bon Mot of or. Bonar do who said that while this was another struggle against Napoleon Ortuna Cly there was no Napoleon. Mention May fittingly be made Here extraordinary Lack of provision tin University authorities allow exist Tor the giving of Tulsi series f Mosi. Interesting War lectures on. He occasion of professor Osborne s Cluro. The Small physics theatre was filled fifteen minutes before the time a laudable the Public but this was done to such an extent that people were finally sitting alongside tha professor behind. The demonstration table. When he entered the theatre lie was obliged to Force his say through a barricade of chairs. If there were any sufficient reason Throe excellent lectures Given so a grudgingly by the professors should York times conveys Well the intensity of the original French und Utis Yian they matter not a blow for blow and a shot for a shot love them not we Hutc them not we hold who Wol Schul and Vouge state we Howe but und Only hate. We Lovo one we hate As one we have one foe und one alone he is known to you England. He crop clip 3 behind the doric Grey flood full of envy of Craft of tall Cut off by Waves that Aie thicker than blood come let us sound at Tho judgment i Nee an Outh to swear to face to face an oath of Bronze no wind can shake an oath for our Uona and Tom ill sons to come hear the word in cat the word throughout the fatherland make it heard we will never fore to our hate. We have All but a single hate we love As one we Bate As one we Havo one foe und Only one eng land. In the Captain s Mesa in the banquet Hall Sut feasting the officers one und All like a it Bie blow like the of a sail. One seized hit Glass held High to Hall Sharp snapped like the stroke of a Jud Dei a Pluy spoke three Woida Only to the v u Hose Glass this Thoy had nil but a single hate who was thus known they Hud on foe Ana one alone eng land. Take you the Folk of the Curth in pay with Bard of Gold your ramparts Lay bed Eek the Ocean with Bow on be reckon Well but not Well enough now French und russian they matter not. A blow for u blow a shot for a shot. Light the Battle with Bronze and steel and the time that is coming. Peace will or commencement. In Fiort to accommodate you will we hate with a lasting hate. To will never forego our hate. Hate by water and hate by land. Hate the head and hate of Tho hand hate Hummer and hate of the n. Hate of seventy millions choking Down. We love As one vat hate is one. We Hrubo one foe and one land. The new York times prints also u poem by Beatrice m. Barry in reply to Lissauer s Krench and russian. They matter not mar England Only your with is hot but Belgium is so Small you never mentioned her at or did her save Yuds yawning deep it is announced in a special Cable dispatch from Salisbury Plain that the canadians before being sent to the front will be fitted on4 with eng Lish army boots Tho Canadian made footwear having been found to be unsuitable. This is a poke in Tho Eye to the. In Ihl noun Ulm or 1hi caucasus m ii Beitl pass. Ultra roads passes books o a Reader s notes a world within the world the Crank s on seeing Henry now Olfs name in the honors list of new years is set Forth i verse by or. Punch with his usual Gay but it is Worth recalling at this time that the germans in announcing the defeat of Tho German Squadron off the Falkland. Islands declared that according to their information Tho Bri Tish had lost a Cruiser in the engage ment. They cannot take their medi Cine without a Little Consolation of this nature even though it be wholly imaginary. The German ambassador to the United states has protested that by his interpretation of the Hague convention of 1907, Liy Dro aeroplanes Are warships and As such not exportable to a belligerent nation from the United states. If count von born fit Orff were not built of brass in place of flesh and blood he would not be Able to say the words Hague con vent on without choking to death. The pro German interests in Tho United states Are responsible for both Tho Darla and Wilhelmina ventures by which it is hoped to emitter relations Between the United states and great Britain. This however is a Gamo that two can play. There is nothing to prevent British sympathizers fitting out a ship with food stuffs and conditional contraband consigning it to a russian Baltic port. Has anyone any doubt what would happen to such a ship when it reached the German Waters of the Baltic Winter Campaign a me caucasus Wimch huh proved so disastrous to the turks was unit of Tho general offensive Campaign planned by the germans against the russians. Three army corps numbering 130.000 men with Joo corps in arched Over the Frontier into the caucasus towards the end of Decem Ber the russians after retreating before Tho invaders upon the receipt of reinforcements and Defeated Tho turks in two Arahan the eleventh corps on Tho turkish right got away toward Erzurum with out fatal loss but Tho ninth and tenth corps driven by Tho russian counter attacks against the rugged Mountain a logo in their rear Mot with hideous disaster. This fighting took Planco. In the Snow at an Altitude of near y feet Tho ninth corps was annihilated its commander and All its divisional run reals being captured while of the tenth corps Only scattered fragments escaped the losses must Havo been frightful being increased by Tho wild flip rat of Tho worn out troops through ice and Snow. The eleventh corps since reinforced from or serum has again advanced towards the Frontier and Skir furl Ier South a turkish Force made up largely of irregular kurdish cavalry overran the of Persia Azerbaijan and occupied Tabriz the second City of the kingdom. Hostility Between the persians Ana Tho turks is in old and a very Long Story. The turks have twice before taken Tabriz Tho two countries Wero at War Early in the int Century and Tho effects of that particular conflict Havo been Felt to Tho present Day. Only last summer an International commission upon which great Britain was represented was at work delimiting the boundaries Between Persia and Turkey in order to prevent further strife. Turkey has thus entered a Neutral Mussulman country with which she has Long been in antagonism and her instruments have signalized their massacre and spoliation. Tho russians have marched forces into Persia and it is unofficially reported that they have Cap tured Tabriz from the turks. Had no Power on to High seas but that of sheer destruction they Sank every British Phlp they met with its contents. No doubt Neutral shippers have suffered enormous losses by these methods and in due time Germany will hear them Uleie Totore the Grinan if there is a party truce in the Dominion parliament at the com life session As there should be it will j not it is to be hoped mean Protection i for Scal Awag contractors who have or am Ner Sruv Yihua whisper that silence was discreet tried to make undue profits by Dos kor Belgium is waste a. Belgium u honest non fulfilment of their Ollga state of affairs would at least be intelligible. But nothing in the theatre a Small and most i a ventilated place is squared for them neither the in the blood of her sons Ami the i kilns that flit the Little place break of the of the huns. Come let us stand at Tho judgment a Ernon stration table nor the lantern Chimun and belgian race to face. Be used for this course. Twice Many people it is Safe to say de sired to hear professor Osborne s Leo is Tho theatre could normally what can you say Vahai can you do Lial will history say of you Koi even the Hun can Only say that Little Belgium Lay in his. Way. Is their no reckon no i what of the Justice l Belgium one one cry accommodate. Unquestionably. Crowning of every aisle and the tilling j shrieking hoi wrongs inflict of by every foot of floor space with chairs Buai any " Gross breach of the City s ilomcstcat1ii har Laws. It is too much that the steady policy of starving the University and cramp ing its work should extend even to he lectures arranged for the general nubile. A up to Date auditorium As the University undoubtedly pnl3 for its work cannot be acquired Vern Light. But in the meantime some temporary arrangement for the giving popular lectures other than these of the Small physics theatre it least be possible. Ii Kitisin col Kakia. Though the a Mcbride an illegitimate use of its Powers i a dispenser of Public moneys and prevented the return at the i last election of a single Liberal Mem to the British Columbia legislate it 9 hot escaping salutary Creti at the present session. Trio socialist members have Hud some very things to say about attorney Bow scr s remarkable Consec with the Dominion Trust com and now from the ranks of their own followers they Are hearing comments upon their rail policy. Or. Forster the in Ember or Columbia offered an opposition late by just twelve the legislation of last session said quite truly had been absolutely railroaded Tho government s railway policy is a Millstone around its neck that a yet Dro Vui it i the deep Waters popular Wrath. This would be a falter of Little concern however if province itself were riot deeply involved by the reckless plunging of administration. British Columbia u potentially a very Rich province and j111 live Down this spasm of prodigal but for the next Twenty a people Avill to paying i Tho nose for the glorious of sir Richard s career. It serve them right too. They had even sense enough to Send half a opposition members to the 7 you Havo taken Jour toll you have set Jour Seal her women Aie homeless her men arc dead her a Lillien pitifully cry for perchance they will drink with the let ouch Man construe it Asho May. What Bletl it to to lick too have hut one enemy whose work is ? Belgium has but one Woid to Germany take you the pick of your fighting men trained in All warlike arts and then make of them All a human wedge to break and shatter you sacred pledge you May fling Jour treaty lightly by. But that scrap of paper will never Dlo it will go Down t it will survive to Hipo it Eiltz. Eternity. Truly you hate with a lasting hate _ think you you will escape that hate hate by water and Hale by land hate of and hate of the Black and bitter and urd As sin. Take you care lest it you in. T est the hate you boast of he yours alone. And curses like chickens find Roost at Home in Kermant that such a poem As Lissauer s chant of hate should earn for its writer the plaudits of the German decorations from the emperor constitutes a very effective exhibit in support of the charge that for the time being Germany has ceased to to a civilized nation. This is the tribal irrational hate of a people who have relapsed. In their sentiments and actions into barbarism. The War will cure them of this As of other follies they despised the British be tons. Members on both sides of the House should vie with one another in exposing these rascals and insisting upon Justice being done. It ought to be regarded by the Canadian people As an unforgivable offence for a con tractor to make an undue profit or a Public Man of take illegitimate poli tical advantage out of opportunities arising from the War. The figures of the United states Export published on saturday show no falling off in Export Trade to Europe but a very remarkable re distribution of the markets that absorb. Exports to Germany and aus Tria combined fell off contrasting dec., 1914, with dec., 1913, to great Britain they increased and to France the figures speak eloquently of Bri Tish control of the seas. The Block atle of Germany however was not As effective As the figures suggest since the exports to Italy Rose for the month. Most or this excess it is a fair Feuless found its Way Overland to Austria and Germany. The War Day by day1 the sinking of three or four Small British vessels in the Irish sea by a highly dangerous tactics and the do army May suffer heavily. While these operations Are going Forward in the carpathians there will probably be a period of comparative Calm in Poland. From Subj marines acting Commerce have followed Tho same the ship has been destroyed after the Crews were ordered to the boats. It is re ported. However that one of the ship lost in the Irish sea was simply torpedoed without notice. This too was the proceeding followed when the French hos Pital ship was sunk in the Channel. It is in accordance with the statement Inada a month ago to an american journalist by Admiral von Tarp Ltd when to threatened to Send his submarines into Tho British water with orders to sink every ship trying to make a British port. Following Tho crushing defeat in the North sea the germans plan to put this project into operation. That this will add to great Britain s naval problem goes without saying but it will he dealt with no a suit Able manner. The number of German submarines capable of operating in the Atlantic water is limited and at Best they will Only occasionally make a kill ing. It May be necessary to Convoy freight steamers through dangerous Waters with torpedo boat destroyers. These ships Nve the answer to the sub Marine. The has not been a Case since the War opened of a ship guarded by torpedo boat destroyers on Tho Alert being successfully attacked by a sub Marine. The successful Transfer of Bri Tish droops to of nearly half n million without a single transport Beine damaged is proof enough that the sub Marine is relatively harmless when a keen watch for it is being kept by boats equipped to Deal with it. The submarine is a the Clement of Surprise constitutes half Ita effectiveness. If the germans carry out their plan of Torp doing British ships carrying cargoes to and from British ports our american a blends will Havo to pay their share of Tho shot since much of these cargoes will be american owned. That May perhaps incline the United slates government to regard with less Cool unconcern these deliberate breaches by Tho Gennana of All rules of civilized warfare. Slowness with which Tho Bleg of Pizem so is proceeding has moved an american newspaper to say that apparently forts defended by Austro Ger Man artillery cannot to rushed As the germans rushed Mauhee and Antwerp. As matter of fact however Przemysla is invested but is not rus sians Are simply containing it and letting hunger and disease do their work. The desperate attempts by the austrians to Force Tho russians to raise the siege suggests that the condition of the Gar Rison is go Vang Rise to anxiety. There is a considerable austrian army shut up in Przemysla. From 1dog when the "dreadnought1 was launched until 1914 when Tho Queen Elizabeth was Laid Down the weight of the British broadside had grown from ibs. To ibs. Now that naval actions of the War have proved the vital importance of Superior gunfire both in Range and in weight of Metal a great in Terest attaches to the figures Tho Tho first of this class has armament of eight 12-sn. Guns which fire a broadside weighing in All ibs. Tho broadside of the Nep launched in 1911, was composed of ten 12-Inch guns the weight of the broadside Uius being raised to ibs. That of the built in 1912. With no less than ten 13.gin. Guns is ibs. That of the King George of 1913. With ten 13.5ln. Guns. While that of the Quen which was Laid Down in 1914, with he eight 15-ln. Guns reaches Tho enormous weight of 15.600 ibs. Tho Queen Elizabeth broadside exceeds six tons in weight. Imag no a Jolt of that size smashing against Tho deck and superstructure of a hostile ship because his verses aim with one a wearying design at adding Lustre to Tho Fame achieved by Britain on the brine because they fall to satisfy the sex Besolt cd it very Neily makes me cry to see in the Honor list. Because to holds in High respect the Knightly courtesies of War does not Bow Down to intellect and steeps himself in Frol scarfs lore because to bids a play Tho game and not the i do not care to Sec his name included in the Honor list. Because to has not eulogized the operas of Richard Strauss. Or liberally recognized Cir Hardle s courage in Tho House because he s More an errant Knight than pacifist or i feel it is not fair or right to put in the Honor list. Because he has not wreathed with Baya Tho brow of Good sir William Bylas or lavished undiluted Praise upon Tho food of Eim Taco Miles or urged that we should. The cult of the it Nils to with a sick Surprise to and in the Honor list. Has t written odes in Praise of Norman Angell s views or aped the fashionable modes which modern verifiers use because he writes with much restraint and is in style a classicist it very nearly makes to faint to see in Tho Honor list. In one while Al for Abdulh s everlasting Macdonald. Cadbury and i have each no handle to his name. While Handel Booth s Well earned. Is still conspicuously i can t condemn the framing of the Honor list. The last stanza suggests an immediate reason for this pleasant and trenchant reminder of the Tuluo to England of new Liolla poetry. Many admirers of his poetry will be surprised to learn that he could Lake a hand in amiable satire himself and to has written considerable criticism besides several novels. And was he not me editor of the Short lived monthly review when sir Edward Clarke. Icc., told an English audience that genuine literature ceased during Tho reign of Queen Victoria and that Tenny son. Browning and Carlyle. These three were the last of Tho nil that sort of thing Newbolt commented in Good natured you cannot write like Tennyson de ceased you do not sing like Browning in the least. Of Tennyson i Sanction every word Browning i Cut to something like on though. A mind you this immoral to is still quite two thirds i Hope will to for got. He was to poetry a Tom it la not by his novels nor yet by his Cratl slain that sir Henry Newbolt is great in English literature. It is by Hla Salt and racy fighting poetry of which Art Itell Luln citizens claim Job War upset meeting called to Forward movement for maintenance of neutrality. March to the austrian embassy shouting Down with Ger Many and Austria. Sex Tlle most important operations in who theatre of War Are those now being car ried out on an extended front in the carpathians. These mountains running in a wide curve Divide Hungary from Gaj Icia to Tho North and North cart and Bukovina to the East. As mountains they Are not very formidable and the passes through them Are mostly wide valleys with an Altitude of Only some feet this accounts for Tho ease with Willts Iong Dys Tances. A correspondent writes from pres to from British East Africa the forces reports from Holland arc that the three German cruisers which escaped from Tho naval Battle in Tho North sea arc All seriously damaged. With Tho von Dor latin already on the repair list the big Cruiser Squadron of Tho German Navy is out of business for some weeks to come. A raid against the English coast could be made Only by Light cruisers or slow it would toe practically certain to Endon disaster. Tho East roast of Englana is insured against raids from Tho son for Tho remainder of the Winter but the peril from zeppelins re Mains. Chagrin at the defeat of the Cruiser Squadron May indeed Lead to an attempt at revenge by Means of air Craft not much is heard of the War As carried on in East Africa where Tho German and British possessions to Side by Side for Pathan passes Are a Abunku. West of Cracow through which a railway runs to Breslau Tho tarnow.1 a High Mountain pass leading to Tho Valley of the Duniec River East of Cracow then the Duklas a wide Low Valley the Lup Kow through which the railway runs to Przemysla. Giving Access to the Valley moved the san the Zsok. With a railway to move Lemberg and the Vereczky or a Iszkow with a railway line to Styr. These Are Tho passes leading from Hungary to Foro the War. When they found them no longer suitable objects. Tempt they Hegan to hate them. By the time War is Over they will know More about the British and their hate if they choose to persist in it will at least be tempered with a wholesome respect. Politics the Selkirk record wants the St Peter s Reserve matter settled by the simple process of recognizing the Transfer Aud issuing titles to the pre proceeds go to the state. As to German Commerce i l up of German and hungarian German submarine in merely a further Galicia. Apparently Large armies made application of methods of warfare that i mini inn have been resorted to by the germans As Opportunity has offered Ever since the War began. German submarines sunk British merchant ships in the North sea and in the English Channel and they Ulso torpedoed without notice a French Hospital ship in Tho Channel. The Irish sea incidents Are chiefly notable because they reveal a widening area of operations. Only their very newest sub marines can operate so far from Home with any likelihood of being Able to re turn to their base. As the humiliating realisation of their inability to use their big War ships against Grea t Britain comes Home to them the germans will turn More and More to their Sumbur Hies and count upon them for reprisals of sufficient fright fullness to feed their grudge Nga not great Britain. U is Idle to Point out that the Ger mans Are thus violating the canons of sea warfare. They care nothing for the Laws of International morality. Funder the British maritime customs the Captain of a British ship could not even duplicate the feats of the Emden and the Karls Ruhe. He could no More Slop a German ship on the High seas order its Crew into their boats and then sink the ship than he could commit pm race. All the British Captain can do is to con Voy such n ship to a suitable British port and Thero intern 1l. An prize court then disposes of the ship and Ita cargo. Non contraband cargoes owned by neutrals Are their owners or paid for. The ship and. The if condemned arc sold auction and the Avail Abl divided into two main sections one to guard the Uganda railway and one to guard Thimons stretch of fron tier from the sea to Victoria Nyanza approximately 700 Miles. They Wero concentrated on certain vulnerable Points with orders to keep a watch on Tho Bor o engage Tho enemy unless in towards British East Africa. Tho germans made various at tempts to get through and interrupt communications Between Nairobi the capital of the protectorate and the coast. In one Case a party of the enemy succeeded in reaching the railway with a Good Deal of corps Ore trying to break through these 1 blot principally to the four Eastern passes and link up on of the country through which Northern slopes of Tho carpathians pre Paratory to a northward drive against the russians. There is nothing new about these tac tics they have already been twice tried. In october they partially successful to the extent of temporarily raising Tho siege of Przemysla but Lemberg remained in the hands of Tho russians. The rus sians rallied drove austrians through the passes and sent cossacks after them into Hungary. In december an austrian army stiffened by several German corps repeated the attempt. The left Wing of this army got through Tho Tarnow pass and forced the russians to fall Back from Cracow to the Dunajer River where Tho two armies Are still facing one another. Fur ther East the venture failed. A joint at tack by Tho beleaguered Garrison in Przemysla from the North and the invading army from the South by the Duk la pass met with defeat and again the austrians were driven Back into Hun Gary. Again the austrians arc attempt ing this stroke with apparently a greater forces in thelnore Easterly Tho Hope of Clearing Galicia. Re capturing Lemberg and the pressure from Bukovina. Tho russians on their part appear to to strengthening their forces in the Duwa pass Ullh the intention apparently of marching i into Hungary and taking the austrian forces in the flank. Austrians and Tho russians Aro thus trying to out Hank the other by seizing the passes destroyers which make this possible. These Are arid they had to pass and their sufferings from Lack of water they surrendered to the first patrol Thoy came across and were captured with All the dynamite be fore they were Able to do any Aiu armoured train patrol. Tho Uganda railway. From the Golden books. Peace after War. By Ilobert Underwood Johnson written apropos of the civil War what is diviner than the peace of foes to conquers not who does not conquer or thinks the shining wheels of heaven wait on his forgiving. Dimmer the Laurel shows on brows that Darken and War won re pose is but a truce when heroes abdicate to Huss unfabllng1 those of elder Date whose every Corse a fiercer Warrior Rose. O be that saved the land a yes and be that mourned its saving neither need forget the Price our destiny did of both de Mand toil want wounds prison and the lonely of tears at Home. Of look on these. And yet before the human fall you Quick your hand and fighting Temer Alro Are familiar Amples and the vital praised by principal Peterson in his address on poetry in the school in Winnipeg some seven years ago. Or. George Sampson the distinguished Romany critic said the other Day that Newbolt could sing the song of defeat More nobly than the rest of the singing men could chant of Victory. And to quoted this Well known stanza from the school poem As this Strong Singer s message to ills to set the cause above renown. To Lovo the game beyond the prize to Honor while you strike Down. The foe that comes with fearless eyes to count Tho life of Battle Good and dear the land that gave you birth. And dearer yet the brotherhood that binds Tho Brave of All the v Rome Jan. With used bayonets had to be called out Lorduy to re establish order at in meeting which had been organized by senators members of the chamber deputies anal other prominent Persona with Tho purpose of Forward lieu a movement favor of Italy maintaining in Tho War. A Large number of persons monthly republicans who arc against Tho maintenance of neutrality gathered at the ent Runco of Tho Hall and in a Ltd of Tho efforts of Tho police attacked Tho Neutra lists. Deputy Bruno Bol Mouth Leader of Tho Neutra lists had his Ems boxed and some one spat in his Jaco. To defended himself with his Cunt. During the disorder cries of shame Prince von Buelow has bought you you supporters of Rose from who Oil Neutral Lith. Finding that the police could not properly handle the situation troops were culled out and restored order. After this incident Tho its attempted to approach the austrian embassy crying1, Down with Down with loner live and Livo the the troops again had to to called upon Illa pc so the crowds. W. Agitation for strike. Florence Italy today it tempted to create disturbances with Tho object of torn my a general a trick. Tho movement to in generally believed is condemned by a majority of. The people. Strong of police and troops were culled out and they succeeded in maintaining order All Tho Mills arc being watched by the cavalry. Trouble Over Price of Broad. Caltano Secta Sicily Ders in consequence of the list in the Price of bread continued today. In Home communities who of North of wheat sup plies decided to distribute them lit the Normal Price. Milan buys american Milan Italy Tan. Municipal Ity has succeeded in buying in America a Quantity of wheat sufficient for the population. The Grain Svall to at municipal Mills and Tho flour will to made into bread by co workers. The Price in this Way will be maintained it almost the Normal Price. Servian Prince visiting Italy. Athens via London Jan. Corgo of scr la an ived narc yesterday and left in Tho evening for Italy Whoie he will recuperate from wounds to received in Battle. During his stay Here King Constantino conferred upon the grand cordon of the order of the Savior. Cruiser to leave Durazzo. Rome Jan. Cruiser Holic which recently was sent to Turazza been ordered to in nip there Ca Ita presence is no longer required. If the English Schoolboy or the school boy throughout the Empire knows that stanza in his heart is no fear of decadence. Or. Sampson compares new Bolt and Kipling in this matter of Noble Verso. You will never find in Newbolt a note of boastful Ness in Victory for its own in Kipling s Imperial purple there is More than a full portion of prussian and i believe he is right even in the recessional there is one note that jars horribly. And you Nevor could say of As of Newbolt that he has the Nelson touch if i Wero a Young Man under the compulsion of tie Muse. I should make make new Bolt s poetry my own and so be sure of a Noble influence in Tho formative period. The Boorjian. Looking backward Fres founded to 1872 questions about the War the free press will answer questions about matters to do with the War. To As far As information is the Darla. Decla. A steamship belonging to the Hamburg american line in the port of when the War Broko out und remained there to avoid capture by the British cruisers. It was recently announced that the Ducal had forty years ago the russian Czar has congeal ulsted the Prince of Montenegro on the peaceful settlement of the turkish difficulties. The Manitoba club it is Sild has d. Devlin s new House on Thistle Street. Been purchased by Edward n. Brel Tung. Of Marquette mich., and new York City. Or. Breitung has been identified As Edward Nucklas Breitung mining Engineer partner of Breitung and co. Ltd., and of e. N. Breitung and co., of Marquette director of the Irto Hawk Silver and Copper co., the Beaver Iron com Pany the Arctic Iron company and associated with other activities. The Darla loaded with a cargo of Cotton is about to sail for Rotterdam. V the British govern ment has announced that when the Daclan reaches the High seas it will be taken lit charge and conveyed to a British port until its Case is passed upon at a British prize court. Tho decision of the court will de Pend upon whether or not Tho Transfer can be shown to be Bona fide. The cargo not being contraband will be paid for by the British government or forwarded to its destination by another vessel. And the. The distinguished service order was founded in 1880 for naval and military officers exclusively. A commis Sion holders who have been honorable mentioned in despatches As having distinguished themselves tit action Are Eli Gible for membership. The Victoria Cioara was designed primarily for the rank and flip and non commissioned officers but it is held by All grades up to Field marshals and admirals of the Fleet. Ave Rhone be Low officers rank who wins the Cross is entitled to a pension of with for every clasp and in increase to in Case of disablement from wounds or 111 health. Thirty five years ago c. J. Whellams who is now on his Way to Karl red to bring it a party in april to bring their to rapid City at the rate of per head. Lord beacons fled is suffering from an attack of gout. Thirty years ago application has been made at Ottawa for letters Patent by the Herald com Pany of Montreal and Winnipeg with a capital of. S. L. Budson of Stony Mountain is now the senior Penitentiary Warden of the Dominion. Tie Junior conservatives of Winnipeg have organized an association for the province. Y Twenty five years ago the Prince Edward Island government was sustained at the Ottawa elections by a majority of two. James Campbell was nil Van a warm Send off by his Winnipeg friends on Leav ing for rat Portage. Twenty years ago Ward Mcallister a Well known society Leader of now York City is dead. The chinese forts of Wal Siam vet and the chinese Fleet have been captured by the japanese. The Victoria hockey team of Winnipeg woo their first match at Ottawa last night. 5 to 2. About prize courts. The British Filic court Jilm ply Miralta arises matters the High court of the Imad need is empowered to Deal arising from the seizure of enemy ships. After a lapse of Tlsty years the court was reconstituted lust August. Sir Samuel Evans presided Over it. Originally the lord High dealt with Tho disposition of seized Ali Mph hut in Lime the work was turned Over to a court. In the Napoleonic Days Tho prize court under judge Slowell was in existence for Over Twenty years and dealt with numberless. Since the abolition of Privateering a scope of Tho court has been much reduced. Each of the self governing dominions a i its own admiralty court which nets a Prozo court in times of War. An Appeal lies from All the prize courts in Tho to the judicial committee of the i Ivy Council. The declaration of London provided for an International prize court to serve the subscribing to the do Cla Tallon but this International arrange ment is not yet eff cued. The proposition Lias been made in the London nation that great Britain and the United states should create an International Arlzo court to Deal with cases arising from detention or seizure or american cargoes or ships. J birthday congratulations to Clara butt vocalist born Rou thwack Sussex. Eng., prof. S. A. Bedford Sussex eng., 1851. Born g. B. Mccready. Born Donaghadee county Down Ireland 1882

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