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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 31, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaIt Winnipeg free mess thursday december 31. 1970 new zealand 1 Bou Ross Stoys level looking closely i at neighbors by Hans Peter Stoffel of Neue Zurcher Zeitung since Captain Cook s land ing 200 years ago new Zea land has maintained very close ties to its British Moth the majority of its immigrants still come from great Britain the United kingdom continues to occupy first place in its foreign Trade statistics and Westminster s attitudes on International problems Are equally weighty i n determining Auckland s foreign policy guidelines. But in conjunction with the discussion of British entry into the common Market and the tangible economic upswing in Southeast Asia new zealand s attention is being drawn voluntarily or of necessity to its nearer neighbors who in the event of a narrowing of the English Market might become new trading partners. London has Given repeated assurances that new Zea land s concerns particularly the question of butter exports to England will be Given great attention in any negotiations Between Westminster and the dec. But in new zealand itself one hears and reads with increasing fre Quency that great Britain has not been asked to join the common Market but has it self requested membership and therefore cannot be expected to pay excessive Atten Tion to special cases such As new zealand s at the decisive moment. When London s dec negotiator Geoffrey Rippon was told by prime minister Holyoake during a recent visit to new zealand that Tion of England s membership in the dec was of decisive importance for new zealand s economic balance a local newspaper remarked that Rippon had been horrible because he had been so Friendly and yet in reality had had nothing substantial to say. The newspaper went on to remark that instead of cling ing to Wishful thinking it would be Wiser to look for new partners particularly among the country s close neighbors in the Pacific area. This desire for increased con tact involves primarily Australia the Pacific islands the More Remote Southeast Asia and Japan. Naturally enough among All nearby territories new zealand has closest contacts with the great continent to the West which is Only about flight hours Distant. These relations arc largely historically based since Australia is also Anglo Saxon in origin. Australia and new zealand Are among the British members of the common wealth nevertheless i t is sometimes astounding How Little they know about one another. New sealanders generally know Australia better than the australians know the shaky Isles so called be cause of new zealand s Many since Australia is frequently the first Stop on the european journey which is almost obligatory for every new Sealander. Moreover the new Zea Landers Are aware that Australia s wages Are higher and that Sydney for example has a Good Deal More to offer culturally and Culina Rily than the Domestic fare. There is a particular desire to improve economic relations Between the two countries while no one seems particularly enthusiastic at the idea of a poli tical Union. As one weekly newspaper put it both parties would be better off living in Good Friendship than in a poor marriage. The flight to the closest islands North of new zealand new Caledonia and Fiji lasts about hours. New Cale Donia is one of the French overseas territories which Are oriented More toward Paris than to the much closer new zealand or Australia. Close ties Are maintained with Fiji which is known to europeans primarily in the context of romantic South sea illusions and with More Distant Tonga and Samoa. French Tahiti lies much farther to the East and crops up primarily in talks about French nuclear tests which Are naturally not very highly appreciated in new Zea land. But aside from regular protests in conjunction with other Pacific nations and similar expressions of disapproval new zealand can do nothing effective against these tests. Until now most new Zea Landers have been familiar with the enchanting South sea islands primarily As vacation spots and As the source of highly valued tropical fruits. But this is liable to change in the near future. Fiji gained its Independence on oct. 10 and has joined the common wealth. New zealand is very much interested in close relations and recently presented Fiji with a gift of army bar Racks for use As buildings in the South Pacific University now being expanded. With its great need for workers and its ample re serves of territory new Zea land attracts a Good Many immigrants. Auckland the country s largest Centre with More than inhabitants is often called polynesia s biggest City with some justification. This immigration from the South sea islands naturally brings its problems since the As the immigrants Are called Are not Welcome to All new Zea Landers. At present there is some excitement Over new zealand s demand for preg Nancy tests for unmarried Samoa women who wish to immigrate. Focus in turbulence mrs. Robert Bourassa raises her husband s hand in Victory after the newly elected Leader of the Quebec liberals led his party to a stunning Victory Over the ruling Union National april 29. Ontario tories look for new priorities by Fred Hamilton Toronto up on Tario s 68-member conserva Tive government entered 1970 with a prediction of a balanced budget and a Promise to build a better society based on tax Reform and new forms of local government. The conservatives end the year in debt about to lose their Leader of nine years and with his potential successors admitting they need new poli cies to meet the Likely issues of a 1971 provincial election. Premier John Robarts 53, will retire at a february leadership convention and will not seek re election to the London North legislature seat he has held since 1951. Three contenders for his Job already have admitted they cannot stand on a 27-year record of conservative government and they need new policies for the issues of the nationalism Protection of the Canadian identity unemployment and a n education system that does t seem to work despite its soaring costs. Education minister William Davis first officially to seek the conservative leadership has said his party lacks a pol icy on nationalism and Cana Dian identity and has mentioned both education and unemployment As areas major concern. Similar state ments have been made by Allan Lawrence minister of mines and Northern affairs and Bert minister of financial and commercial affairs both expected to enter the leadership Campaign Early in the new year. These Are issues certain to be pressed by the Liberal party which now holds 27 legislature seats and the new democratic party which holds 21. The government entered 1970 convinced that the Politi Cal difficulties that developed in the late 1960s could be overcome. Programs introduced since the election in government county school boards regional economic planning and tax caused some voter resentment but this had been overcome with the judicious application of Money for the Relief of per sons who had been Hurt. But in the last six months political conditions changed. The million surplus pre dieted last february had turned into a million Defi Cit in the government s billion budget. There was in creasing concern about the environment in which Ontario residents must live and about foreign economic control which seemed to add to in creasing unemployment. The legislative record of the third session with More than 200 Bills passed was a Good one. Court and judicial sys tems had been reformed. The Public had been Given additional Protection against the Type of commercial Manipula Tion that led to the bankrupt cies of Prudential finance and Atlantic acceptance in the 1960s. Civil rights protections recommended by a Reyal commission had been written into legislation. But the record As Good As it was. Seemed less important in december than the Deci Sions on what had to be done in 1971. Problems for the conserva Tive government were complicated by changes in the. Two opposition parties. A disorganized Liberal caucus had finally been turned into an of f e c t i v e official opposition and the nip was confident under the new and vibrant leadership of Stephen Lewis. The conservative govern ment nearing the end of the 28th legislature had made 1970 a Busy year in Ontario politics. Its need for new policies and the Rise of new political leaders Promise that 1971 will be an exciting one. By Don Macpherson Quebec up a year ago Robert Bourassa was a candidate for the leadership of the Quebec Liberal party a Man hardly known outside provincial political circles. Today the 37-year-old economist is the Leader of a seven month old Quebec Liberal government beset by crises almost since the Day it took office. Or. Bourassa is emerging from the latest and most serious crisis the tension resulting from the terrorist kid napping of British Diplomat James Cross and the abduction and slaying of labor minister Pierre la Porte with essentially the same approach to government As he had before. He has maintained the same set of priorities he held during his successful Leader ship bid and the april 29 Quebec general election Campaign and will continue to maintain them at least through the Early part of 1971. What will happen after that will depend upon the unpredictable forces of Quebec poli tics and How Well or. Bourassa s Young government can control them. The principal priority for or. Bourassa remains the province s economic growth through new private invest ments efficient and Cost cons Cious government and profi table or. Bourassa said in a recent interview with the Ca Nadian press that he thinks it is still too Early to determine How the terrorism crisis has affected his government s Campaign to attract new Pri vate investments to Quebec. It has not head fitted but it is too soon to say whether it will have a serious Impact. Well have to wait and see what the effect will if the effect is serious enough to discourage private investors from setting up shop in Quebec or. Bourassa could eventually find himself in deep political hot water. His approach to government is based upon the belief that a Strong Economy is Neces sary before political social and cultural Progress can be achieved and that private in vestment plays a key part in determining Prosperity. People say i speak Only of economic he said. I Haven t forgotten the rest but As an economist perhaps i have a tendency to speak about economics. There Are people who say i have my nose pressed against the window and All that but if you Don t take care of that problem i Don t see How you can take care of All the others. I Don t say the Only Way to have political Progress is by economic development but certainly without economic development there can never be political until the terrorism crisis or. Bourassa had been fairly successful in attracting new private investments but it was apparently still not enough to reduce substantially the Winter unemployment rate expected to be the highest in years. As a Buffer against unemployment during the cold weather months the govern ment has announced a number of make work pro Grams costing several Hundred million dollars. Most of the programs Are projects whose starting dates have been advanced to bring Relief to the Job situation when it is most needed. The government has also been urging the Federal government Quebec municipalities and private investors to Advance starting dates on their respective projects to provide additional help in reducing Winter a employ m e n t. In addition to seeking new private investments or. Bourassa has moved to tighten controls Over the prov Ince s purse strings and. Re Duce unnecessary spending. He has also attached importance to what he Calls econ m i c help from the Federal govern ment in meeting Quebec s needs. So far or Bourassa has received some concessions in bargaining with Ottawa but he has not won everything he wants despite the obviously warm relations Between the two governments. Ottawa and the other nine provinces have not yet for Mally accepted or. Bourassa s idea of a Federal stabilization fund to help provinces with High unemployment rates through Grants and Loans out of Federal coffers. H o w e v e a or. Bourassa says the. Million Quebec will receive in Loans Over the next 16 months from the fed eral government allotted in finance minister Benson s december budget shows that Ottawa accepts the stabilization fund idea in principle. All that remains he says is for Quebec and Ottawa to work out a Way so that Quebec does not have to pay Back the leans due in 15 years. Or. Bourassa s More Clear Cut gains in Federal relations have been substantial Aid to Quebec under the regional economic development pro Gram million in equalization payment adjustments and financial help in fighting Winter unemployment another of the Premier s priorities besides economic development is the recognition by business and Industry of French As the province s working language. Or. Bourassa has met Lead ing Quebec businessmen and industrialists to sell them his idea and he says the meet Ings have been successful in that private Enterprise now sees the need to make it pos sible for their employees to use their own language on the Job. However while the Princi ple May have been adopted there Are difficulties in apply ing it in a French speaking province of six million per sons surrounded by almost 250 million English speaking North americans. Or. Bourassa s third priority is social Progress through legislation improving Quebe cers situation in such Fields As health education and welfare. He said he will not allow the terrorism crisis to influence the government s poli cies in this Field but he acknowledged that terrorism and its support in certain parts of Quebec society re veal it confirms what we have been saying that we have to attack the causes of the Dis he said adding however that the Fly terrorist front de liberation do Quebec is not going to con Vinee us we need to concern ourselves with social Progress. V we know it he Points to such legislation As the province s medical care insurance plan which came into effect nov. 1, As an example of the kind of social measures which his govern ment favors As a Means of eliminating inequality in the province. The seven months or. Bourassa has spent in Power have seen Little change in his set of. Priorities. They remain those he presented in the Campaign leading up to the april election. His insistence upon the importance of economic develop ment and the so called bread and butter issues was credited with earning him and his liberals 45 per cent of vote and 72 seats in the 108-seat que Bec National Assembly. The liberals shot up from the 44 seats they held in the former Assembly while the governing Union National plummeted from 55 seats to 17 with 20 per cent of the Over All vote. Two new parties also campaigned with the provincial credit stes taking 12 seats with 12 per cent of the Over All vote. Most of their seats Are in poorer Rural Ridings where dissatisfaction with the old parties and big every thing is High. But it was the separatist parti quebecois under the dynamic leadership of Rene Levesque which Shook Quebec politics taking 23 per cent of the Over All vote second Only to the liberals although it captured Only seven seats. Or. Bourassa clearly re Gards his main opposition As the pm and sees one of his main responsibilities As prov ing to Quebe cers that the fed eral system can work to their advantage. He Row has less than four years according to the que Bec political Calendar to prove his Point with the next provincial elections expected in 1974. By that time or. Boussi wants to have proved that economic development social Progress and cultural growth can be achieved in Quebec under the Federal system. The world ignores the Slaughter in the Sudan the san Rolfe Fht arabs and me be 9 of Tho show h of Roc Terr Ahod. It h of o for Factor it tin of Roeay East con Flat. The on Oviezine events or round tilt turmoil of the Ore Axom ined Here by Slonim Esco Cero editor tit Toronto Hologram. Most of h n h feted1 on Folia a Hod Wiki a professor who has int Down to work of o Canadian Sirr. So whim says tit it Trif of Honor first hand testimony us straggle of negroes Gamut arabs m the swam produced half a Midi statics us Southern say a Mabou Yah f stems to care about a nil strife m die tace Western world in it of mss rarely pay of teatime to it. Africa s Only the russians and the israelis see in intervening on opposite sides. I know Little about the Sudan where the military now rules except that i have nou raised the newspaper Man s dream of chugging slowly in a Houseboat up the Nile to its headwaters. It would probably yield Little to be in Khartoum the capital where foreigners Are prohibited from venturing beyond a 10-mile radius of the City. A few reporters have penetrated the Bush in the Southern provinces but their accounts Are fragmentary. One Man does speak about the forgotten War a the Sudan with authority and first hand testimony. He has just come to one of Canada s amenities As a visit my pro Fessor after six Yean in that a has fou owed Coety us Moody struggle of us african South Sudan against us Arab Norlyk. Ufa court Ftp Emmot be in us he is us Shourot of Mucu of us material m uns article. Has news v amt the Macks of Vatu re for the first time in More than a decade of conflict the negroes have United m their struggle against the so called arabs racially a mixture of nubian Arab and they Point to the 1956 Sudan Ese census which revealed that Only 39 per cent of the population was Arab in Ori Gin although 50 per cent claimed arabic As their Mother Tongue. My informant has Evi Duske that even these figures Bear Arab Bias. Since the negroes Are the majority they want majority i determining govern ment policy. Yet the Arab minority has font Noel the economic and social development of the country m of last 15 years. Us present government Nimey continues the policy of forced Blanari nation and Arabi Zatima int minced by former military regimes especially m the free sanity to Guasti a of Natili. Eyes of sgt suck a and Southern students forced to take examinations in Ara Bic though they were More comfortable in English the language of their schools. While All this seems like a holy War by the moslem and Arab oriented northerners against the predominantly Christian southerners it is Only part of a wider Canvas. In an attempt to subjugate us Southern Region the sudanese army burned scores of villages held hundreds of women As concubines enlisted the far forced labor squads Aad seat South Ern politicians to be jailed in the mirth. Us inhibit met of the gut Ted villages often flee into the Bush to Blu secret communities where they Plant Cas Sava beam and Sweet Pota toes Bonf tag to Karma of crops before they Are discovered by the a Raftary. Sem Tuma Mack captives Are tortured to reveal the location of these Forest Vil Lages wbk Are burned and us nut destroyed. If us Vilagy agree to they Are a night of Slaughter in Juba the capital of the Southern province of equatorial. A Mission teacher tells of another night of terror in Wau the capital of bar Al Ghazal province when sol Diers broke up a wedding party lined up 56 men and shot them. The arabs deny these accounts and dispute us figures of atrocities but us fact remains according to my in Formant that few negro fam Ilies in us South can claim that they have a touched by bloodshed. Free Lance american re Porter David Tobison who spent More than a month in talk Southern Sudan Bush last summer says that most of us half Millen casualties Are not due to atrocities or it to attacks the Arab northerners get russian arms but to the absence As with us in fated mis reef ago Rich such As us roman Cattilini Caritas strive to Stem us tide Hrish port pity but most mry and isolation us i Ower task a fear by us. Fee new iib11 Maurja Africa i m tews word in Fern Many of the Arab reprisals against Bush villages. By 1sct, the negro move ment developed into an underground Mack Power organization which spread to All parts of the Sudan and even infiltrated the police and the army. This african Sudan association planned a coup in Khar Toum for May 1969, but was circumvented in the grab for Power by a group of army officers under Jafra Nimery who overthrew the regime of Mohammed mag mob instead and still governs the country. About 90 members of us Asa now Are in prison but its most influential Leader anglican priest Philip Abbas Haboush and a few follow ers escaped and now Are working from bases s Boring countries to Aid the in the South. Puneky has just catered into an agreement with the leaders of Egypt and Libya to work toward a tripartite federation. The three Canti Gums slates could a toning rim farce in of mid dle East and even on the iffy it Libya has fee Egypt a a Toffee Ami Mif Tasy Asfe attacks m to Matt feed m e i r y s hand against the Blacks is strengthened. While the Way to full Tripar Tite Unity is strewn with obstacles the proposed new federation docs pose a potential Long Range threat to Israel and to other Arab states particularly the conservative monarchies. Nimery m company with presidents Sadat of Egypt and Sadafi of Libya pro fesses Arab socialism. This in turn has brought him sup port from the soviet Union and East Germany. The russians and the East germans now have a role in us training of the army and secret police and egyptian army and air Force units Are stationed in the Sudan. The egyptians have also built a military Academy on the out skirts of Khartoum. These International Cross currents have brought Israel into the sudanese Mil War. The israelis Send arms to the Southern negroes Anri Iwider help in ofter ways to Rivman Macks. It has always been israeli policy to outflank us Arab league Sudan is a member on Raugh us of Stales Afri Ca. At us present time. Is vhf Mrkalj on and Iwami newbry one tit Arac trial african Republic. Congo. Kinshasa. Uganda Kenya end Ethiopia. It is in Israel s interest to commit egyptian troops More deeply in the Sudan. Sudanese army units now arc helping in the defence of the Arab Side of the Suez canal. More egyptians and sudanese tied up in the fight against the Southern rebels Means less pressure from the car Side of Suez. Another interesting aspect of the sudanese War is that the neighbouring states Are non committal toward it As with the trouble bet top Nigeria and Biafra us organization of african states is diffident about a movement tout would serve the further frag mentation of the african continent the negro Stales play the conflict Down to mtg their own Mack Brethren Are involved simply because by fear it night set an Exa Pute to dissident fat Tom in own territories. But the free vat Ference is not so envy m grasp. To most people it the of a flt j West us Conan n Remote Regam of Funy we asks. Tace a my better huh Rhioa of us Belem own. The israelis aum

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