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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 30, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinning it web Obday. Dice Miu 30. 1970 wages far behind profits continued to i e problem before the authorities is to gauge How much further scope there is for relaxation without jeopardizing the of gaining control Over the reference is to recent re Luxation of restraints on spend ing and credit by Federal auth critics. Recd report was written before the dec. 3 feeler Al budget which included plans for a d d i t i o n a 1 govern ii spending to generate productive activity. Referring to the relation be tween wage increases and Busi Ness activity the report says official efforts to revive Busi Ness activity by stimulating Jnore demand for goods and services in 1971 would not necessarily generate bigger pay settlements than the significant advances in the year 1970 May have been n Peak year for wage increases ran Abend by Al most 10 per wage increases May slow even while unemployment Falls after the Early part of 1971. The Recd bases its projection about wages on a study of trends throughout the 1960s. It says that the rate of wage increases in the Early 1960s Lin gered behind the rate of real productive growth and advances in corporate profits by about three years. Wage settlements picked up in Pace after that until 1966, then lagged behind other growth elements again until recently. The Recd says much of the recent discrepancy Between High wage settlements on one hand and slow productive growth with increasing unemployment on the other May be explained by the three year lag phenomenon. The same kind of wage lag might be expected to prevent an Early Cost push in the Case of an acceleration of real the Recd foresees product Ity Pace of growth annually. It forecasts that the Exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar is Likely to Settle Back to about 96 . Had been around 99 cents uncertainties about the rate make predictions on Trade difficult. However it expects Canada to maintain a comfortable sur plus on transactions with the rest of the world although some decline from the record 1970 surplus is expected. The Recd Outlook for Canada is based on some assumptions including one that the government would authorize further relaxation of restraints on spending. That came about after the report was written in the dec. 3 budget. However another Recd As sumption was mistaken. It assumed that the three per cent Federal surcharge on income tax imposed in 1968, would expire on schedule dec. 31, there by releasing additional Cash for private spending. Finance minister e. J. Ben son crossed up the Recd analysts by announcing dec. 3 that the surtax would through 1971. Be extended decision expected on Basque continued Schreyer wants act revoked continued live and business activity Reco vering by the second half of 1971 to a growth rate reaching or slightly exceeding the Capac we rent new apartment furniture Moder Nace furniture 222 made Rittof at Albert i 942-3279 the original act was replaced dec. 3 by the Public order temporary measures act Joth acts however have come for considerable criticism because of their denial of civil rights. The Only reason for the act has now said or. Schreyer. He said the Case should now be brought before the courts and be dealt with there. I Don t see that it the act is needed beyond this Point in automatic transmissions band 3 95 overhaul Dextran Oil it 36 us fed All work guaranteed Central automatics 1268 Strathcona St 783-7408 anytime Fop Quality name furniture at discount prices Sec Lew Over Herf lev j the furniture Mart 166 main St. Lou is the owner manager sales Man shipper receiver and inc janitor is located in the Low rent area. If j9u want to save Money and imy the fest see Law Over head Lou the Forni Tum Mart main strut Mem sign Trade pact Warsaw Router soviet foreign Trade minister Nikolai Pat Olicher and his polish counterpart j a n z Burakiewicz signed tuesday a new five year agreement Between their coun tries and a Trade protocol for 1971. Word of a decision on the sentences being possible tonight came amid a new wave of pro tests overnight in Spain mos of them Church sit ins which added weight to a worldwide outcry Over the severity of the verdicts announced two Days ago by a military court in Burgos. Nine other terrorists received Long prison terms. Informed sources said the f i 1 y of Francisco Javier Larena a 25-year-old University student condemned to death was among those who spent the night inside san Jorge Church in Santurce. The 60 protesters left this As did 60 others who spent a similar overnight Vigil in the Church of Santa Maria in nearby Sestayo. Three Hundred doctors and 50 lawyers staged sit ins in their colleges in Barcelona to protest Jie verdicts. Appeals for clemency continued to pour in. But in St. Jean de Luz across the Border in the French Basque country a Basque spokesman said one of the six condemned men had written a letter saying we Hope strongly that clemency will not be accorded. We Are revolutionaries. We wish to die for the dignity of Man and the Liberty of our Basque in a Lipuzcoa province around san Sebastian the Basque Capi Tal workers stayed away from their jobs and off the streets. Six thousand others in adjoining Vizcaya province Fol Lomed suit. In Zamora an estimated persons demonstrated in support of Franco and the my. Civ Continental off tracks final draw of sweep thursday t h e Manitoba s Centennial corporation s final Sweepstake draw of 1970 offering prize Money totalling will be held at 9 . Thursday at the Centennial concert Hall. De Oliverio a Sweepstake spokesman said 11 major prizes will be awarded including one of and 10 of annually for 100 years. Or. Oliverio said the ticket for the prize which will be turned Over to a ticket Holder in a Lump sum will la drawn by mayor Steve Juba of Winnipeg. Making the draws for the 10 other awards will be Winnipeg police chief Norman Stewart fire chief Cam Shewan and members of the Sweepstake Board of directors. The final draw entitled the Good by Centennial Sweepstake will be emceed by Centennial corporation representative Cliff Gardiner and Don Slade of radio station Krc which will broadcast draw results from the concert Hall live. Or. Oliverio said deadline for ticket entries in the million Dollar draw passed tuesday night. World wheat talks set Iga floor prices for almost nine months Only to lose markets. The present grains arrange ment was negotiated in 1967 As part of the protracted Tariff Cut Ting talks named after John f. Kennedy the late . Pres ident. It replaced the old inter National wheat agreement which had been the guiding Trade pact through various ver Sions and revisions since 1949. Continued sask. Plants close continued continued for a 24 or. For Economy models Pius Gas t Mikuc West Home food Stob ii. 737 wow Uttmi am., cd. Pm. 774-jw1 All our Iii is red or slut a lilo Stu acid. Car Antisd Tinor and Imit social Hinds of beef cur t i Arr 1 .29 rent a car r n a r c. O a a 942-3366 Flash cubes everyday Low Price year Money Lack if can them for less Goodall 321 Carlton St. Few Root wring m open House durig the last 2 Days of 1970. The car spokesman said cause of the eight car derail ment is still not known. The super Continental was bound or Montreal from Vancouver. He said the cleanup operation will take considerable time and until it is completed car Rains will use Canadian Pacific railway tracks. A special three car Relief train carried 160 passengers to Ottawa arriving at 11 . The rain pulled out of station or Montreal after the excited group was Given a Quick snack by the car. Conductor Paul Machy of Montreal said no one panicked in he confusion. Pau engers were sent into an observation car and a parlor car to wait for rescuers. Or. Machy said the dining car in which he was Riding bounced off the track and leaned into a Snowbank Tilting to one Side. Tables glasses everything broke away and Slid All Over the he said. It w As a Irene Vien of Sturgeon Falls ont travelling with her 14 year old son Mark said that the last car rolled Over completely dragging the dining car along. The Luggage fell on our ii add but that s about it there were several bumps and everybody fell to the floor. Some were Cut and i think one of the waiters was her sob seemed Calm but said firmly i think it s the last time i m going on a two students Ellen Hagen an 21. And her brother Rob 22, of Seattle wash., were on their Way u Montreal to visit their parents. Rob said the track was straight at the Accident site and the train appeared to be mov ing at 35 Miles an Hoar. It Felt like it was braking badly. The shocks increased and then everything was thrown j around in the dining car. It was quite exciting. I would t have missed it for the or. Steuart also said the Rince Albert Mill in an Effort o help agreed to pay an Addi ional a ton for caustic soda at a Cost of a year. Premier Thatcher has said the government has sent men to Saskatoon to discuss the prob lems of the Plant and if worst comes to the worst the province might have to take Over the Plant operations. Premier Schreyer said that he understood the Saskatoon company had been in Finan Cial difficulties months ago before we filed the he said he had heard that another company had been thinking of extending a loan to inter provincial and had changed its mind. They were looking for an said the Premier and selected the Law suit. He defended the provinces actions in seeking damage since the fishing Industry in Manitoba had suffered because of the closing of lakes due to Mercury pollution. It s Only right we try to recover part of the Money lost. We must take this through the courts so we can have adjudication As to where financial responsibility Mercury pollution in the Saskatchewan River had been traced to the chemical Plant. The new arrangement was much More ambitious. With Canada in the Vanguard of negotiations the specified Price Range for Premium 1 Manitoba in creased by More than 12 per cent with a 40-cent spread retained Between specified floor and ceiling prices. For the first time the canadians succeeded in winning agreement for inclusion of specific prices for other major trading grades of were scheduled in of leaving rates for competing cheats to be arranged with reference to no. 1 Northern. That meant in theory that competitors were bound by minimum and maximum prices with no room for manipulation just As salesmen of Premium Canadian wheat had been for years. The undoing of the grains arrangement was a transformation in world Market conditions Between the time of initial negotiations and the formal inauguration of the pact. Sales boomed in the Middle 1960s, and in 1967 the prevailing Price for no. 1 Northern was pressing against the agreed ceiling. By 1968, production was outstripping demand and there was Strong downward pressure on prices. Events Hurt the traditional exporters the United states Australia and Argen Tina and Canada in particular. New High yielding wheat strains were making traditional importers such As India pakis Tan and Turkey self sufficient. New milling techniques permit Ted flour Mills to substitute More lower Grade wheat for Premium Canadian. Lately the strongest demand has been for coarse grains and Low Grade wheat for livestock feed. France whose soft wheat crops were heavily subsidized under the european economic Community s agricultural policy Cut into traditional Canad an . And australian markets. Russia a major wheat Trade had refused to join the new pact and Many importers declined to sign an agreement that raised prices. The distressed exporters held meetings Between the Summers of 1969 and 1970 in Canberra Washington London and Ottawa. Here last May Canadian ministers held up their 1970 crop reduction program which paid Farmers Cash for planting no wheat on Wheatland As an example of a Way to reduce Stock piling and restore orderly prices. Other governments showed slight practical interest. This year markets have picked up and experts predict world wheat stocks will be reduced for the first time in five years. But a forecast published oct. 28 by the Federal agriculture department cautions that there does not seem to be a reason to expect that the current increase represents any immediate Rene Wal of the trend Back to the High level of exports such As occurred in 1965-66." five weeks have been scheduled for the Geneva talks but nobody is betting just How Long it will take to reach agreement. Extends 1.464 Miles Peru has a Pacific coastline. Auction Sale dec. 31st House sold. Must vacate. 11 rooms furniture and contents. Chesterfield stoves fridges Wain ing machine and numerous Good items to be sold by Public auction thur., dec. 31 at 1 . 443 Furby St. M. Olin. Auctioneer pm. 943-9745 final held Over special offer expires when quota for each spa is reached Don t be disappointed Call Reserve now at All. Area spa s Young scholar. Oxford England up John Nunn. 15-year-old London boy who passed High school mathematics exams at the age of 12, has become the youngest Ever undergraduate at Oxford University. John s father said he was working out quadratic equations when he was six and he used to scare the hell out of till 10 . Tonight Call 956-0810 5894316 190 Smith plact Louis Riel 786-5651 1654 Portage 1415 main 474-1347 2025 Corydon think about this thousands of who r Al ital any Hwier cols will join in9 map results ii the Simpf will now 3 for Row Prim 1. A 50% saving Advance relax with free Coffee and donuts a Host of exciting electronic products to see snowmobile worry rising Toronto cup provincial police alarmed by an increasing Maher of deaths and injuries Fumm mown Feite accidents Are a amino the pm Stop treating the Mac macs Bee toys. The warning of Hun ii Cana Dian fatalities Inead neg eight in daring the Long Gnu Tomb Stef cd. To 1969, so Calm mrs it Csc Bov. 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