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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 29, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinning Mil miss tuesday Denim air 29, 1970 in iuite8 rot rent unfurnished Tooki age. Moo. Pm. Ste., Fri Dot stove. Broadloom drapes Wash a it Park. Inc. F 175. Set. T con Cord apts. Main St. 339-7133 or Diamond ill Avenue bldg. 943-4444. Sublet 1 8.r Ste. Kil tartan towns or. Polo Park pots. Jan. 1 to. Free rent. 881-4045 Days 888-2753 All. In suites for rent unfurnished 3 pm Ste. With Gar. 772-1 lit. Magnus. 2 rooms. I my. Poss. Rent 145. To. Pm. 331-1340._________ 3 pm. Ste., age. Windows stove fridge drapes Park. 453-2047._________ self cont. 2 . Ste., newly dec. Incl. Fridge Range laundry and Gar., 31 Lipton St., 1125, pm. 7u-u75. _ 2 . Apt in Windsor pm. . Carpet fridge stove. Drapes air cond. Frit washing drying Park and vision. Avail. 1mm. 254-Mu. _ 3 4 pm. Self cont. Stes. 215 midwinter. New modern Apt. Block All services supplied. 1 . Rimmed. Poss. Caretaker suite no. 103 533-5437.________________ Ste., w. To w. Col ored appliances drapes me. Locker room Security doors. 259 Church 589 5487.________________________________ it. Rouge 3 pm. Ste. In fairly new Apt. Blk fridge stove free land. Ficil., Park., rimmed. Poss. Gay Louis apts. 574 Sberna. 589-3833.__________. Sub. Is to. Free rent 2 . Ste. With air cond. Carpet Park. Ige storage within Ste. Cablevision. Call 467 0094.________________________ _ Inkster i. Mcphillips age. 1 . Ste. In newer Block close to shopping 8. Bus no lease req., Avail imm. 888 3515. 4v? pm. Ste., stove s. Fridge. 347 so Moa St. 775-3013._______________ suites for rent furnished january 1st. Possession 52 Corbourn ave., 2nd fir., 4 pm. Partly furn. Ste. Price pm. 774-1737. In. Two. 1 mod. Bach Ste. Suit 2 respectable ladies Only. 394 Assiniboine ave. Noble ., 124 Alfred 2 pm. Self contained modernized parking 174 Highfield St., 3 pm. Apt. Ste., fridge stove. To. Pm. 247-7136. It. Rouge 3 pm. Ste., fridge stove Park. 453-4707, imm. Poss. 2 . Sfe., to. It. Re. 474-4230, Lovely 3 pm. Ste., reas. Priced. Cd. To bus. For info cell 584-7051. 4 pm. Ste for rent fridge stove carpet in . 775-5915 aft. 4 . Sublet 2 . Niento Loc. Pm. 253-1503. Ste., conv0 Bach. Ste., no lease required Poss. Jan. 1, 89j. 942-2821._____________ 2 pm. Furn. Stove Home Ellice. Ste., fridge St. Bet. Sargent 2 pm. Ste., fridge stove hot 1 cold water 3rd floor real Nice -s50 per month 775-6449. Sublet fully furn. Ste. For approx. 4 Metis. To. 584-2208 or 589 2823. 3 pm. Ite. In Block stove fridge priv. Bath. Selkirk at Mcgregor. Apply 190 Mckenzie share 3 . House. Young gent. Phone Dile 774-6031 Days 253-1044 sublet Jan. 1, Tiffany towers t . Ste., carpeting drapes air cond., Pool rent lowered for remainder of lease. To View 214-4194. Sublet 2 . Apt., main floor. St. Sublet age. 2 . Ste. At River Donald. Reduced rent. 475-5463. St. Boniface 3 phone 233-4544, room suite Transcona cozy 4 rm., working people. 222-2347. F. Pm. Look 4 pm. Self cont. Upper Ste. Euclid ave. To. Tenant to pay own lights water i Gas it. Pref 3 or 4 people. 382-4384. Maryland Sargent age. 4 pm. Ste., on in. Fir. In clean quiet warm Home priv. Ent., vacant Jan. 15, pm. 222-2551 or 774-0732.______________ a err Bield 343-5 Mountain 3 rooms imm. Possession 589-8911. Ships agencies limited 100 354 main street___________942-7563 e. Kildonan 4 room suite in Good condition. Includes heat water and Light. Available february 1. Pm. 339-2949.________________ free Jan. Rent no damage de posit reduces rent to age. 1 . Apt. N.e., 3rd fir. Olympic towers. Air cond. 589-3244 aft. 4 . 4 . Justin apts., Fleet Daly. 3rd fir. 452-5097. Age. 5 pm. Adults. Avail. Jan. 15. To. 850 Winnipeg . Sublet Jan. 1. 1 child Welc. Norwood. 233-1831. Ste., 1 1 . Ste. Imm. Poss. Apply Ste. 2-708 Jessie pm. 284-4506. 4 pm. Suite 472 aft. 5, 775-5354 Days. Lipton. 772-3734 pm. Bach. Self-cont., Sher Brook t notre Dame Mth. 775-4852. 3 pm. Ste., 2nd for. Stove and fridge. 418 Stella ave. 774-0480, 832-5269. Poss. Jan. 1, 2 pm. Bach. Ste., 2nd fir., Mth., suit 1 or 2 girls Maryland or. Sargent 475-4433. 3 pm. Ste. With priv. Bathroom fridge stove. Pm. 783-6703, 533 Telfer cd. To Advance . Home St newly dec. Pm. Ste. For gins or married couple. 783-4473 aft. 5._____________________________ 3 pm. Ste., partly furn., fridge stove. Avail. Jan. 1, n.e., pm. 582-8017. In duplex for Sale 2 duplexes Norwood or. Bus holy Cross i precious blood p r irate entrances self cont. Stes. These duplexes can be bought with a reas. In. Pint. George Demare agencies 247-7404 ________________247-3079. Kirkfield pm. On Buchanan 4 Mth old split lava duplex for Sale. 4 berms fenced lot it landscaped. Approx. Down pm. Lynn Brown at Rand Ralty co. 453-8520 eve 284-1482. North end Good Side by Side duplex owner purchased new Home. Reasonable Price. Owner carry Mage. Or. Frohlich 589-5351, eggs. J89-7004. Talbot Walnut St. Semi duplex. Oak firs 7 rooms Gas it. Gar. Pm. Rand Ralty co. 453-8520 eve 474-2487. 107 wanted to rent a client has asked us to locate an executive Type furnished 3 . Ste. For the next 4 months. Rental no object. Please Contact. The Smith Agency Ltd. 1202 child bldg. Pm. 942-6565 bus. Family looking for a store with 3-5 . In Back in a respect Able location for March 1 Poss. Reply free press Box 1026, with name address phone no. 2 pm. Ste., completely furn would like female or student preferably. Nicely furn. 2 pm. Ste. Priv ent. Parking or. Arlington Inkster Poss. Jan. 1. Pm. 582-4760. Transferred fully furn. 1 Ste. 419 Stra Brook. Avail now pm. 284-Ojos. Single pm. And 2 pm. Ste. With Bath main fir. Older gent preferred. 57 Furby. 772-3248. 3 pm. Ste. For rent. Priv. Bath fridge stove. Rimmed. Poss. 253-1192. 1 . Ste., sub. Feb. 1st. Vimo. Rent free. Pm. 467-1427 aft. 6. 3 pm. Age. Ste. Everything priv. . Fridge i. Stove. 800 Preston. . 3 pm. Ste. Stove fridge garage. To. Pm. 339-3781. Bannerman ave. Brand new 4 plex. 2 . Stes. 1 . Incl. Stove fridges Park. 8, fac. All stes carpeted. 582-4857. St. Bon., 484 Langevin luxury. 1 8, 2 . ., l incl. Every thing. Pm. 233-1848. 402 Logan 3 pm. In. Flr., Mooer sized fridge stove free cooking free Park., self cent. 947-1855._________ Lyndale apts age. 3 pm. Ste., 3 mins. Dntn., main fir., parking. Ste. 5 11 Lyndale or. 233-1021. Sub. Roslyn Manor Roslyn re. Iga. Pm. Ste. Newly decor., River Loc. Ste. 4a. 475-7093.____ age. 3 pm. Ste., imm. Poss., stove. Rent Ste. 5. Apts., 424 Ell Lee at Maryland. 4 pm. Ste., stove fridge. Clean quiet priv. Ent., Park. 584-7421.________ Mulvey 4 pm. Ste. Incl. Park. Radomsky 453-5533. Sublet Ste. 3 . New Block. Roslyn re. Pm. 453-1308 aft. 4. 105 suites for rent furnished 1 2 pm. Furn. Stes. Apply Ste. 3 317 Carlton. Age. Bach. Ste., cd. To u. Of m pm. Aft. To 452-5385. 4 . Girls or married couple no children 120 Canora St. 525 Gertrude 3 parking. 3 pm. Ste close Hospital. 774-7489. Pm. Furn. Ste. To general sub. Lyndale Apt. 1 1190 or 233-1540. By. Ste. 233 2 . Ste. Furn. 120 Spence. 775 5682. Avail. Jan. 1, 3 . 453-7911 or 453-4829. Aft. 4 . 455 Wellington 3 . In. For. In duplex modernized free Park. 942-2164. 475 Alexander 3 rm., fridge stove Telf-cont., modernized free Park. 943-2443.___________________ immediate Possession Gannon 7 Roslyn re. Bach. Mutual agencies Ltd. 582-2344, eggs. 453-1311.__________ Cheltenham ., 471 landside 4 pm. Modernized vacant main 783-7803. Sub. For Jan. 1st 2 . Ste. Vic. Silver Heights. Call after . 888-8022. Feb7tst 3 pm. Ste. In quiet blk. Ideal for Middle aged widow. 5 min. Downtown bus at door. 247-3014. Belona apartments lit St. Paul ave 1 Block from Arlington. 3 rooms modernized free parking. 772-0090. Sub. 2 . Ste. 1025 Grant on or before feb. 1, red. Athly. Rent Possi ble. Pm. Or 489-3092.______ the wonderful downtown world of place Louis Kiel has furnished suites at and above unfurnished rental. See unfurnished. Phone 942-0571 from 9 5 or 942-1708 from 5 9 Midtown Plaza 59 Donald Street pm. Ste. In centrally located Apt. Block. Elevator service. Park Avail. Also unfurl. Ste. If desired. Pm. 943-9675 9 5 . 943-0077 aft. 6 . 3 pm. S7e. Working people. Pm after5 . 784-1510.________________ 3 pm. Ste. For rent on the Corner by else Ricorda Hosp. 774-9874, 4, 3 2 pm. Stes 3 pm. Dup furn. Pm. Self cont. 453-3443, 542 River. 2 pm. Ste. Avail. Ent. Pm. 786-1220. Jan. 1. Priv. 1 . Ste. 1 Bach. Ste. 445 Marion. 17-5142.____________________ 2 rtt. Ste. Imm. Poss. Maryland Alloway 784-2425 bet. 5 pm. Ste. Furnished. Pm. 589-0234 anytime. 4 pm. Furn. Ste., Crescent Wood Avail. Jan. 1. Pm. Eggs. 284-0447. 2 pm. Ste., fridge stove sink. 417 Maryland pm. 783-5863. 3 pm. Ste. Clean quiet adults imm. Poss. 772-1879 after 5. 3 pm. Ste., sink stove fridge 2nd fir. 812 Bannatyne 2 pm. Ste. S. Of Alloway 772-3984. Broadway 38 2 pm. Ste., furn., private West end gent. Only. 774-5371. East Kildonan new Apt. Avail immediately furn. Stes., w. To w. Carpet in ., All Channel . Antenna broadloom in main Hall 1 ., 1 year lease. Pm. 943 0787 or 667-2626. 3 pm. Ste. In e. Kilo., new 1 Storey Block reas. Rent. Avail imm. Pm. 533-8962 Bat. And 5.___________ St. Bon. Newer Apt. 1 . Ste., drapes imm. Poss. 301 Horace. Pm. Of 453-4437. _ _ newly dec., 4 pm. Ste., priv. Entr., ht., lights 8, water supplied. 589 1422. N. K. 2 . Suite Avail Able Jan. 14. Including Park., laundry air cond., drapes. 338-0151. _ Dubuc Block Provencher and tache 4 . Free Park., 233-5917. _ Avail. For rent i by Ste. On or before Jan. 1 or 1, per to. Incl. Park. 4h Nassau 284-4340. 3 pm. Ste., 2nd for. Priv. Ent. It Bath to. 754 Pritchard. Pm. 772 8891. _ 3 pm. Moo. Up. Duplex Ste. 414 Mckenzie incl. Teat water Gar. Space. I 583-7713. _ Lovely 4 pm. 2 Ste., fridge it stove Waldorf apts., Broadway it landside. Pm. Mt-3000. _ 4 pm. Ste., stove it fridge in Apt. Mock 731 St. Mary s re. Pm. An. 5 23-2782. River Heights area new wifi Rise Apt. Has available a few furn suites 1 or. Lease. 1 . 2 . 3 . S25fi 943-0787 4534397 . Cd. To landside 784-2007. Broadway 179 it. Rouge or. Bus 2 pm. Priv. Ent. It Bathum. 2b4-1884. Ste., 3 pm Ste. Abstainers. No Chil Dren. Pm. 775-4044. 1 . Kit. It . Combined Bath. 1 infant Welc., 772-3742. 2v pm. Ste. Avail. Jan. 1. Quiet Home. 772-9971 evenings. 433 Edison North kind. New Apt. Blk. Spa Cious 1 . Furn. Ste. . Carpeted air-cond., bus Stop in front. Avail immed., Only 943-0787 339-3339 Central location 2 . And Bath to. Hydro include ed1 elevator Linen maw service adults Only. Apply office 181 Broadway Corner of main 2 pm. Ste. 3rd for. Clean quiet it warm i. To bus. 199 Arlington St. _ 2 pm. Ste., sink fridge stove. Clean quiet. Furby. 453-2919. Small suite suit one or. Gen. Hosp. 2 pm. Furn. Ste., 172 landside 783-7545. 3 pm. S te., Avail. Imm. 195 Ethel ._________________________ Bachelor downtown sult Able for 2. Park Avail. 254-9038.__ 3 pm. Furn. Ste. 2nd for. Avail. Jan. 1 pm. 772-7827, 334 Mcgee aft. 5. 108 stores and offices for rent prime office space St. James Bradford St. 2000 it. Of modern air. Cond. Office space. Good location pleasant setting layout can be made to order excellent warehse., showrm., it office facility. Lots of parking truck level loading. Inquire now for fast Poss. Downtown office 283 Portage of size available very reasonable rent in a Good Central location can finally come together. Special feature space incl. 1540 so. It. Of recently renovated office modern 8, Eye catching just per so. It. This is one of a kind. For this plus other space in the area Call now for inspection. 208 Edmonton or. St. Mary Astra bldg. 870 it. Of air cond. Space in this mod. Bldg. Housing professional and business offices. Parking on premises. Imm. Poss. The Smith Agency Ltd. Pm. 942-4565 avg. 475-1771, 452-4469. Paris bldg. 259 Portage ave. Modern units 465 to so. It. 3 High Speed elevators. Janitor service new firs., lighting and modern decor. Completely integrated air conditioning available. Poss. Arranged. Apex agencies Ltd. 209 Paris bldg. 943-2451 warehouse and trackage warehousing by lakev1ew Winnipeg s largest selection of existing space and land for building in All metro ind. Areas with or without trackage available immediately 2275 and 4500 so. It. On St. James St 914 and 942-944 across from stadium Large display windows High traffic area 1875 to so. It. St. James St. At Dublin new building will finish to suit 1040 so. It. Sargent place 1865 Sargent so. It. Inkster Park Avail May 1971 whatever your needs warehousing offices apartments Lakeview can fill them Call 786-3321 apartment blocks for Sale 27 suites 7 years old Large first mortgage at 7 per cent. No terms until fully paid. Mostly 2 bed room stes. Excellent condition. Laundry on each floor. Carpeted Halls. 100 Par cent parking. Excellent investment. Or. Schmidt 589-5351, eggs. 582-1910. Talbot 23 suites 1 year old 2 . Stes. And 1 . Stes. Excellent construction. Steel Joist. Con Crete floors. Carpet in living rooms. Excellent workmanship. Or. Schmidt 589-5351, eggs. 582-1910. Talbot Ralty. 21 suites 9 years old excellent condition. Steel moist. Concrete floor. 2 bedrooms and 1 bedrooms. 7 per cent mortgage. Parquet floors. Good location. Or. Schmidt 589-5351 eggs. 582-1910. Talbot Ralty. Elmwood 10 suites Large paved lot. Double Gar. Gas it. Broadloom in living . Near bus. Full parking. Excellent condition. Or. Maza 33jm947. Talbot Ralty. 589-5351.__ taste. Mod. Apt. Blk. Off St. Mary s re. Exc. Cond. Thru out 100 per cent Park. Very Good terms owner would consider carrying Mage. Eggs. 475-1032. A. I. 6errie t co. 452-1104 fort Rouge newer 14 stes never any vacancies. Will handle. Ideal starter. Or. Schmidt 589 5351 eggs. 582-1910. Talbot Ralty. 4 stes. 2 stores Apt. 35 yrs. Old in. Bal. 10 yrs. 8 per cent open Mage. Also 8 Ste. Apt. Pine realty 582-2383. New 15 Ste. Apt. Fully rented i blk. N. Of Portage on Arlington. In. No agents. Days 775-4541, eggs. 775-4098. 112 Revenue and investment property St. James Standard brands Philco Ford Ria Victor and the Bay Are among the Many tenants who occupy warehousing office space at Sherwin Industrial Park Sherwin and Stevenson ads. 3000 so. It. Sprinkle red Avail Able for occupancy now so. It. Available in 4 months units As Small As 2000 so. It. Inkster Park Church and Bunting its. So. March 1971 soft. It. Available units As Small office space for rent 890-892 St. James across from stadium 150 4000 so. It. Air conditioning. Carpeted cleaning services free parking. Lakeview development Ltd. 786-3321 Regent 500 so. It. Available in this High traffic shopping Centre for sublet at very Low rent. Presently finished As offices but Ould be used As a store. Will consider allowing some free ent. For additional information h. 943-5359. 2 . Furn. Ste. Landside parking. 400 Selkirk ave. Poss. 4h-5203. Bach. Ste. Imm. Age. 1 pm. Ste. Stove fridge Jan. Poss. 315 St. Mary s re. Norwood pm. 233-1555. To . Ste., the. Rms. Air cond., Hai Cony swimming Pool 7 mins. Rom Dnton. 254-2134. Imm. Poss. Apt. To sublet. 2 14 a to. Downtown area. Apply 207 or 201 475 bread was. 772-4154._________ 2" rooms main floor. Imm. Poss. Rent apply Ste. A 19 . Pm. Rave Heights age. S pm. Upper dip tax Ste. Sep. Gas heat ret req. Poss. Feb. 1 Wpc. Ralty. Age. 5 pm. Ste., 3 -, fridge stove imm. Pew., 90 Gertie a 7117.____ lgettrwtste., 2 ., fridge stove imm. Poss. 90 Gertie St. 942-7117. 3 pm Ste. Main flr., newly tfacor., fridge store incl. Canora St. Or. Portage. Sublet 1 bed Ftp. Ste Poss. Free rent for 1 me. Rent 217-149 ave. . Pm. 130-250. 1 ilk., Toronto St. Immes Poss. 944-7oj bet. M. Aft t . Age. Fogt. J pm. Of col Ste. Fou Kent. Si4-si1s, 451 Manitoba. St. Iwo Hitz apts., 3 pm. Hew Jam. 1, Park. 943-3751. 4 he. Ste. Stove. Floge in upper Hydee. 447-3419. Free rent for one month Kingsbury apts. W . Jw4831. The courts of St. James. See our and in unfurnished apart ments for amenities. Immediate occupancy. 888-3747. Garry new Apt. Clock 3 pm. Furn., 2nd flr., toilet 45 Furby. 2 age. Rms., fully furn. Ste., main fir., sink garage. 247-w34._______ vacant 2 age. Pm Ste. Fridge stove. 155 37s landside 2 pm. Ste. 2nd fir. 774-7293. 2 pm. Ste 19 Canora. 774-9414, Bat. 4 . 9 .__________________ 3 pm. Ste. Avail. Clean quiet. Spence s. Of Broadway. 772-1145. R t. F kiv13. W very mod., air cond. Close a Pewna 453-1514. And All conveniences l . 2 Avail. Imm. And Jan u also 2vj ., Opp. Univ. Of wpg., Avail imm. And Jan. 1 775-9017 or 5w-5s01. Rms. Mod., clean. Suit 2 lad Sun Valley courts 275 Nassau 1 . 2 Baths carpeted swimming Pool 230. Pm. 474-3173 or 772 9037. 1 pm. Ste., new Apt., Park Avail. Imm. Pecs. 113 Bryce St. 4j2-9722. Rimmed ate Poss., Saigon Apt., 51 Roslyn rd., beautifully turn. Bach. L . Ste. Incl. . Air cond., Park., w. I up to w. Carpet jus 8. Up. No lease re pm. 214.3377 339-4573. . Furby half blk s. Of por 2 pm. Sle. 774.4197. Ste. Very age. Sink i i fridge Mangette. 413 therb roof. I St. Vital. 2 pm. Furn. Bsat. Ste. Milf cont. I it. Anne i re. J pm. Furn. Ste. Avail j imm. 783-4197. 545 Toronto St. Pembina Highway fort Garry n heart of business District 800 so. 4 private and general offices could to subdivided far two tenants imme Diate Possession reasonable rent. Robins it Sucharov Ltd. 403-416 main Street 942-5145 eggs. 334-0912 583 St. Mary s Cor. St. Anne s 20 x 30 suitable for Many types of business imm. Poss. Incl. Heat. Sheps agencies limited 100-356 main Street 942-7563 new c o m p i e x downtown with All facilities built in Busi Ness within the building. Call miss Hartley or or. Segal at 942-0571. Property owned and managed by confederation life Call r. Cheyne or j. Bowie 942-2594 a perfect combination income plus living quarters downtown Revenue Home consisting of 5 pm. Ste. For owner with very attractive kit. Rooms Are All a Good size. Also 3 Bachelor stes., each with built ins. Total Revenue per month. Also single pm. Rented at per month. Extra Bachelor accommodations in basement could be rented if desired. Extensively remodelled. Extra plumbing on 3 firs. This property is a Good investment for a business minded person. Excellent out Side appearance. For further information Call Margret Toomer at 786 5961 or 489-4054. 114 bus. Opportunities go in the restaurant business for the first Day of the new year right now. Day time restaurant for Salt. Turnover per Day. Open 4 . 7 . Pm. Right now or. Rocco 774-2m9. Money to invest please Don t phone us. We your ability to work to build a second business with full time potential. Appointment phone 214-5309. Full Price Only photo studio. Ideal Loc. 15 yrs. Est. Bus. Or. Peters 589-5351, eggs. 832-0092. Talbot Ralty. Give away Beauty parlor. Only fully equip. 8 dryers. Air cond. Or. Peters 589-5351, eggs. 832-0092. Talbot Ralty. 2 trucks for tract transporting 7341. Sale with con Mobile Homes. 774 lower shop located in Busy area of it. Rouge. Good volume 3 or. Lease. Pm. 775-1244.______________ _ 1 body shop in Wawa Ontario. For More information write to or. J. Chizick 474 Selkirk ave. Mpg. 4. Restaurant business for Sale concern. Main 942-9580.___ i t. Truck and messenger con tract 533-4913. Grocery store rent. 452-8538. a store 5 pm. Cott. Title. I Cash. 582-5229. For Sale or Clear Barber shop for 1474. Sale. Pm. 957 115 mortgages mortgage Money for 1st and 2nd mortgages. Please Call for particulars d. A. Zadarla realty Ltd. 786-4541 or eggs. 452-5051. Money to loan on first and second mortgages at reasonable rate of interest. Telephone y. 0. Misciuch 943 0414. Investment property 10 Brand new Side by Side duplexes with full 10 per cent depreciation allowance. Located in desirable rental area in Crestview. Close to schools bus and shopping. 3 8. 4 . Units from 1120 to 1230 so. It. Per half Ivi to 2 a terms. Deluxe units available immediately with Only Down. May be purchased As a Complete package or individually. For full details Call or. R. J. Kocian broker 837-8000 or 888-8339 eggs. Mortgages purchased we will Purchase existing mortgages. Patrick agencies Ltd. 2003 Portage ave. 837-1344 or 832-3286. 12 suburban property Charleswood treed Yard open fireplace luxurious suburban living can be yours in this extra spacious 3 . Bungalow with Many Many extras. Check these features 8 compare for value attached Dale. Gar. Enclosed Patio 20 x 10. Heavily treed Yard 100 x 174. Sunken ., Brick fireplace. Carpeted family pm. 15 x 12. A shaped rec. Pm. 2 Complete Baths. M.. 16 x 12, Broad loomed. To View please Call Wilma Somer Ville 889-2403 or Riverside realty. Trades Welcome Charleswood new 3 . Bung with attached Gar., Ige. Kit., dining area Ige. 40 x 200 lot actual appraised value owner builder will take save on this one. No gimmicks approx. In. To one Nha Mage. Or owner will take Back to second Mage. To qualified buyer at 9 per cent. First Mage. Approx. . This one must be seen. Approx. 2 was. Poss. Call Al 888-1288 or 889-2376 Fotta Tetbury bedroom ranch style Home approx 80 Miles Southeast of Winnipeg. Home is fully equipped with hot and cold running wafer huge Kitchen and built in garage. Many extras. Situated on two acres of treed land along main Highway. Must be seen to be appreciated. Asking Down remainder at 4 per cent. Pm. 4319. Lorette Man Beautiful 4 room Bungalow 3 Large bed rooms. Feature Wall in l shaped or or full plumbing sewers Gas heat. Please Call 775-2513 or. Fluet avg. 253-9986 Sherbrook realty. 1 St. And 2 and Mages. No inspection fee Panama financial corp. 563 notre Dame. 774-3455. Mortgages purchased Hart agencies. 207-457 main St. 942-3169. Money for 1st 2nd Mort gages. Mortgages purchased. 942-2166. 121 property wanted 14vj acres for Sale in very Good location. Close to new Garden City shopping Centre. Pm. 338-9614. 113 Industrial and commercial property 1448 Erin-1500 soft 443 Kensington-1500 soft 1116 Sanford-1200 soft 1122 Sanford-1500 soft pm 16-394 Berry 600 soft for particulars apply Bonita land 1110 Sanford 786-4894 Days warehouse space Large or Small High or Low ceiling Grade or truck level trackage or not East West North or South single or multiple Storey. To serve your needs Contact Aronovitch Leipsic limited u7 Lombard Avenue 954-0440 car 522 notre pm. 942-2166. Dame 114 bus. Opportunities own a profitable Koa Campground become a successful member of Koa largest International system of deluxe family campgrounds. Cash in on the booming Leisure recreation Field. Modest investment brings instant Cash flow and Strong earnings. Proven operating methods. Choice Canadian areas still available. Write Koa Canada Ltd., dept. W. 414 sixth ave. . Calgary 1, Alberta for Tret information. Reason. Rent for Avail. Pre Mises. Healed warehouse or storage space. Protective sprinkler system Dnton. Loc. Freight elevator indoor Load ing Dock Mth. To Mth. Tenancy. Trackage Avail if required. Only 75c per so. It. Per annul up to so. It. Pm. Anytime 284-4450.___________ Conner bldg. Notre Dame at landside. It. Or portion. Ground floor High ceiling heeled heavy Load no Low insurance. 942-2144. Space Avail. In new building or warehouse or Light Industry com plete with offices. 9434143. Furniture pad for Sale. At Clearing prices. Landau quilting 144 Princess. 942-4877. So. It. Suitable for manufacturing warehouse. For any other Noff Metis Call 947-0245. Manufacturing space Avail. 5000 i. 12000 so. It. Pm. 947-0245. Apartment blocks for Sale space for a professional group 700 feet shared services secretarial Etc. The graphic group 773 8131. For Sale thriving to Joe shop in Rural Al Berta town. Will sell with or without Stock and equipment please Send enquiries to Box 932 free press. Business opportune by in Calgary this is an exceptional Opportunity to in Vest in a data processing input Centre. We have Good established accounts. We require a working partner who is willing to invest Twenty five thousand dollars and Start As business administrator. Salary draw to be thousand per year. Other business concerns enables us to release 40 per cent of the company to the Quali fied investor. Enquiries must be submit by december 29. 1970. Box 132 free press. Look mistakes Are made if you Haven t asked us you Haven t had the Benefit of Winnipeg s larger residential sales organization. We have a now service. Pm. Our Large sales Force does All the things other firms do Only Call us now for guaranteed Purchase free Market value intercity Transfer experience dependable service 8375844 837-5844 Campbell Lane Haliburton Selling your Home we will buy sell or Trade Why worry about Selling your Home we must have Homes for our Many buyers. Cash is no problem As we do our own financing. For fast courteous ser vice Call us for reliable appraisals. Mckague. Sigmar Ltd. South Dale office 256-4356 St. Vital office 233-2431 Central office 774-1746 eggs. 253-1979 or 284-0285 Charleswood my. Poss. Acre lot attractive 5 pm. 3 . Bungalow on a Lovely Ige. Lot 75x26-, located close to school bus. To View please pm. Keith Dent 832-0243, Riverside realty 888-3156. Charleswood Cathcart St., new 3 . Bung., . Corlon Bsat. Ige. Lot. Full Price approx. In. J172. .t. Pm. 837 1912, Norman Beck realty 832-2900. Stonewall 3 ., 5 or. Old Cus Tom built Home with . And finished bsmt., elec. Heat Ige. Lot. 536 third St. West. Full Price rent pm. Owner 1-344-5489. St. Rita 131 acres 222-9540. 124 2 . Bung. Farmlands for Sale approx. Is my. E. On Hwy. 15. Total of 120 acres. Good drainage. Very Little Stone per acre. Farmer re tiring. Pm. 589-2138. Dairy farm cd. To City age. Milk contract. Cons City Bung in Trade. Pine realty 582-2383. 127 . Property estate Sale 5 acre Blueberry farm 3 bedroom House other buildings. Nets Little work residential potential 33383 Holland ave., Abbotsford . 138 houses for Sale City thinking of Selling we urgently require family and Revenue property for Cash buyers we sell buy and Trade All types of properties we do our own financing we also pay Cash in 48 hours for appraisal Call us at West end office 774-4521 Crestview office 088-5093 Fargo realty Ltd. 24 hour . Service Moma and papa Cash buys you a new Brick apartment built on piles broadloom or. By s l Halls. Cer tile 8, vanities in bathrooms. Coloured stoves and fridges pm 9j2-5249. extra Cash earn up to each month part cleaning offices. Or earn or More working full time. Company supplies on the Joe training insurance administration financial assistance. Small investment required. Listings requested for courteous prompt service pick up your phone and talk Over your real estate requirements with our competent sales staff. Phone Days 942-3221. Eggs. Miss Donna Dowling or mrs. S. Newman 254-3430. Allan Killam t Mckay St James Assiniboia River Heights 2 or 3 by. Bung with Large modern Kitchen. Garage preferred but not essential. My client has substantial Down payment. Bob rumble 832-0552 Hearth a Home Ltd 888-1755 Campbell Lane Haliburton Ltd. Transferred in Quick Possession on a newer 3 . Bung with garage. Well located close to ail schools shopping Centre Etc. Only Cash of one excellent . Mage. To View Call mrs. Mclntyre 837 5844 or eggs. 452-1684. St. James s2500 Down South of Portage this Well located 3 . Family Home Complete with garage full bsmt., Gas heat Etc. Beautifully lands. Ige. Lot. Must be seen to appreciate. Pyms. Like rent. Call or. Isbister 837-5844 or 837-4818. Perfection located on in the new Grace Hospital area. Priced below Cost sj9.500. Mage. At per cent. .t. Beaut. 4 or. Old 2 Storey rm., 4 ., with 2 open fireplaces 8, 4 Bathams. Dale att d. Gar. With Remote control doors rec. Pm. With wet plus prof. Bit. Ladies sewing laundry area. Exquisite drapes 8, by dam. Included. You must see this Call Cliff Boyd 837-5721 or mrs. Isaacs 942-5419 or 837-5844 Moo Down i excellent starter Home for Young coup i in. Age. Fenced lot. New plumbing 8 wiring. Gas heat. .t. Approx. I to View Call mrs c. J. Colson 837-5144 Days or 837-1141 make a new year Resolution to see the Home that will fill All your needs. 4 bdrms., Baths family room rec. Pm. Oble. Garage. Al Loca Tion in of. James. Loaded with extras. Stove fridge Freezer Washer dryer and Many More. Why not see it today Call or. Wilkinson 837-5844 or after 5 Call 889-1015. Bannerman sacrifice just off main Street. 5 pm. Bung. 2 bdrms., Ige. . 8. . Open fire place stall Shower in extra Bath. Dale att o. Gar., covered Patio Many fruit Trees. Good terms i must m sold. Call mrs. Isaacs or Cliff Boyd 837 5721 or j Crestview St. James 4 rm., 3 . Rancher with sunken in drapery air cond. Comprised of u one by stes located in West end. Please for rent 406 close to general Hospital. Donald Street i 775-2513. Block North of Portage 9713. 340 so. It. Of office space in modern of Styfs or Hirtle avg. 489 24 stes Why i we pay Cash almost immediate i i j 11 t Vemi Radii my or Iii t by. Homes wanted in All parts l dishwasher. Pond. Pm. Oft m.. Drive 40 it. Let. Good . 4v. Per Mage. And . Call mrs. Borlase 132-4942 or 837-5844. Dishes utensils will accommodate up to 4 people. S9v to. Includes All utilities. Garrick hotel Garry St. 943 7172.______________________________ imm. Poss. But pay rent from 1st. Age. 1 . Set. Penguin Alv 174 Mayfair. I blk. From main St. Or. Mid town Kruge. Rant pm. 8m-3492 for appoint View. William returns on your investment. Please Call. Moving Call us first for your mr7 Hunchak avg. 775-2710. Carpeted bed sitting pm. T effect furniture requirements it can sign shop specializing in 3 _ magnetic and permanent of pm. Ben Loban i Type plastic sign. Comes completely i Loban realty j equipped with the latest in forming machinery plus a full inventory spot Cash of plastics letters inks and All Neces for your Home anywhere in Winnipeg i sary tools. Ideal for Man and wife or suburbs acreage team. No experience necessary. Will Call full Price write Box 987 n 7aharia a Faith Winnipeg free press or Call 416 920-1 a or 755-4774. _ _.s7f lady or couple. Supply you with we or used furniture furn. Duplex 3 . Cory-1 of All dec Rihem your Don at Daly duplex 4 Ste., fort Rouge. Sharpe Block 40 of Appelle lot. 3 pm. Turn. Ste., stove a fridge pass. Jan. 1st. Exchange realty co. Ltd. Ste. Or. Bay. 4b-7w. 2 pm. Ste. Fridge and stove. Working girl. Cd. To bus Etc. 772-3241. 4 pm. Furn. Ste., Perth i. Aft. 4. ., with 2 pm. Ste. In clean quiet Home i parking. 713-1317. Immediate Possession. Large 2m room fully fun Rishad including stove 4 fridge. Private Tarn. Clew to Zaions. Coffer fan St. Rea rant. Its Eirts in duplex for Sale Good investments age. 1 . Ste. Penguin apts. 174 1 my. From main St. Or. Very Midtown Bridge. Rent pm. 1. Poss St. James Assiniboia mar a 47mh7. Each unit incl. 7 . Wife up. ., roommates apply roommates unlimited 777 kit., 4 .% and 2 a to new Type condition. New listing. S42.000. Welcome. Cunningham Ltd., 1707 ehtolavt., pm. Apparel Mart building 15 Ade met i office 100 Square met with Pir Apo Trutty the Possession. Mutual agencies. Sr-2m4. Cash Cash Here s another Good buy Cash to one open mortgage Back to the Vendor. Aim by stes All self storing windows Gas heat. Lockers Large laundry room. Close Down town. Over 15 per cent re turn on Cash invested. Call or. Hirtle avg. 489-97i3. Stes. 17 stes. Brick built by one of the bet Fer twi dirs. All steel and Concrete. All j stes have one by equip with drapes. J parquet floors vanities cer tile Mth rooms. Drop Dom nails. All rented 8, leased located on Nice quiet Street in Transcona 4550 shop 2700 office latal setup for woodworking it Walwork or Auto body shop. Acres of land priced to sell. Will consider lease to Sui Tawe party. For More info Call har vey Hill 222-1949. Fairhaven realty 774-2413. Pm. Ti445al air Cono. Office space 377 Henderson Hwy. Located on 2nd fir. 4io so. N. Office Ita heat air Cand. 1 Park. Incl. In ,21. I if we at Sci a Low rental of we per m. Of Range. Call 77s-2513 or. Hirtle Hurtig bldg. Portage ave. Bet. Smith i. Gerry. Office 11? it. A twin is partitioned Inte 2 private of general office 4 Stock room. Very Rpp Souble rent. Scute we or any profession. To View pm. Office s Pace clubs. Rinks hotels lunch restaurants Etc. Add to your profit t your labor i Cost with our fast portable pizza even. To rentals no charge. We Supply pizza t deliver other fast foods to follow. 452-7391 or write Bueckert pizza 192 b. Chester avs. Mpg. 9._____ Howes needed Norwood. St. Boniface. Windsor Park. Is your Home for we have clients who Are lacking for Homes in these areas. For an evaluation on your Home phone 775-2513 or. Fluet avg. 253 99m Sherbrook realty. Charleswood j rimmed. Poss. I your Opportunity for savings 14so so. It. 3 . Bung with film. 8, Exra i plug. In Bsat. Asking Price of is Eves 452-50511 of offers. Drive by 7 Royal re. It Call for inspection or. Skuzak i37-sm4 or m-1480. Sherbrook realty 775 2513 218 Sherbrook St open sublet 4 1 . Ste fully l oct. 1. 77444t2 after s3b. I coking i ptas. Rates Model i when you can build t West Elmwood new bet. Unit incl. S pm. 2 . J unit one pm. 3 . Unit Gosa in i vestment possibility. Own s5mn for rent. Fir., suit far Sar investment property 10 arund new Side by sme duplexes with garage and body shop. Gener Ai motor Agency. Imperial Oil products have boats motors trailers and onry Abc Vav in Iown will take and terms. Owner has other interests Pine fads garage Pine music studio for situated in Western Canada s newest and est mall Twenty minutes from own acreage wanted for Hunting fishing camping. Properties without buildings purchased for recreational uses in Manitoba and Ontario. H. M. Dignam corporation Ltd., 15 blow East Toronto i 1 have 2 Cash buyers require 1 family Home for Young couple and 1 Revenue property for farm couple. For fast action Call Al Pas Tricia 447-3105 fac go i will pay Cash for houses in Watier repair. No waiting for or. At Holbrook agencies i Cash Down. Realty j Westwood rimmed. Poss. This Home has Fust been reduced 8 must be sold. Owner is leaving 71th of december. Lovely 4 level split. Custom it. By Epp. 4 Good sized . 2 Ful Baths. A shaped . 8. . Leading to Lovely kit. Beaut lands. And fenced. Age. Per cent Mage. For More info Call mrs. Danylchuk m-3007 res or St. James Nice starter Home close to Portage. J comfortable living pm. Kit. With cpbds., 2 Good sized Erms. Gas Low Cash Down. Please can or. Hurl 137-5844 or b2-474i West Silver Heights j exclusive listing i Apt. Vat own. Yetoy Fram cram Carp. Ltd. Newly painted 7 . Ste trans Canara Motel caretakers at 703 Wood-1 unas Avail at i Lawn jams vim 74 Hargrave. The Smith Agency Ltd. Pm. 9494545 475-1771. I signal or commercial Riipinen Pau. Vator service. Best location. 9474245. To schools bus and i shopping. 3 t 4 . Units from 1170 j of 1738 so. It. Per Hon 1v the 2 a terms. Tjon or 1s1 Louth retired Farmer needs 4 4 pm. Space. 400 so. It. Loc. 3421 is rape ave. Can be seen i of 5, thru Friday. Apply Pas of Complete package or for Small or Large office proves full can or. R. J. Keciyan 837-Gqoo or 3, . Or phone 934. 7772 1 of 9 or 487-1375 after . Home in Good cond. T cd. To bus., Kos sack agencies 037-1814. I fiesta rant terrific setup in wanted immediately j Cha Crown Winnipeg. Win it pea j clean Home for Wasfi. In with As we j2jjoo Cash powr. J _ your credit i Olour Avail it ref cml wkly nil hey Raffes ., Phenes. Car new Art. Suite 112s. 711 j h7-Jk. At s steel. Ster sep. Investment property j files. Gas free Park. 10 band near sme by Side air Letb Wah of a 9ft cow local in rent area in cow Mol is. I i mrm. Fern a t73i so. N. Per Ken Worms. J sublet m so. It. 2nd for. Air Canel. On Grahem bet me Bay room office 74 or. Elevator j 13 a ewer 1 and 2 . Stes. In Good rental area. You can Nave this year. Please Call Bill 247-7331 Marion realty 247 in Printer s Opportunity a a Nice for m inti Vidal a a croup of or Poteshen to tote to Caa g. Barren Basil realty i i Law. 33k347. A rewire any area. 4mrw Sunset Rufy let me sell your Home 774-1hs, broker thru out. 14 x 11 kit. Has Wail own Ned ipod. Space plus eating area. Stone r word tront add of this immaculate Home. Wei lances a. Was Side drive. Priced at for Forther info. De Gerlit 83v off or o9-s033 Gnu nut j store to let coh. Roadway s i _ _ my . New. . Ltd 417 Emy my 432-7w1 Par ont. A. W May i Mao emt Orr Salon of flub. T Rrt of cd woes tors Awo i teens Storc. Hift. M. For ice we fat invest to protect ag.w8st station let. Cor or in pm South of Rutt Oft cant

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