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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 29, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press Christmas past belated apologies to Job and Jay to for my own oversight in missing the fact that they both scheduled performances of a Christmas Carol Over the holidays i heard and viewed both of them Job s Christmas eve presentation with the late Lionel Barrymore doing Scrooge and Jay s one hour Christmas morning presentation with Alistair Sim Scrooge kindly when he reformed but not miserable enough when he was supposed to be. Have walked with a number of people who viewed the Queen s message and enjoyed the new. Format but were disappointed because there were no shots of the Royal family s Centennial visit to Southern Manitoba included in their 1970 travelogue. Robin Tyler and Pat Harrison the women s liberation put on experts they also believe in whose booking at the Winnipeg inn s stage door winds up new year s eve were Welcome Holiday visitors. Any Mere male in their Good audiences at that spot who wants to engage in a Battle of wits with them had better go More than half prepared they be already demolished a couple of male supremacy advocates who decided to Exchange verbal blows from the ringside tables but they re not angry Young women they re really enjoyable comics who can poke fun at their own sex. They be insisted privately that old Man 1970 is really a bearded lady with a scythe and baby 1971 is a girl child and they be predicted the first 1971 baby in greater Winnipeg will be a girl. But i know they re wrong about Santa Claus really being a woman i know because i had my annual Christmas Day phone Call from him. Don Whitman s comment on his Christmas night cwt sportscast that he d had a Call from a mysterious Santa that Day did t Surprise me. The old gent or a stand in with a Fine sense of timing and humor has called me and no doubt a number of others in newspaper radio and to for the past couple of years. His Call came around noon Christmas Day and with a music Box playing in the background his message was similar to that of a year ago. Hoho Bill just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and Tell you i enjoy your Coffee break and radio comments i be had a Busy night and i m just going to bed All the Best and before i can get out a thank you he s gone. After All these years could there really be a Don Wittman now believes Onee again that there is. Milliard Gunn manager of the Capitol theatre who s featuring a John Wayne shoot pm up Rio Lobo Over the holidays is also boosting another couple of current pictures which he says qualify for the whole family. One is Scrooge a musical with Albert Finney As the mean old miser and also featuring Alec guiness it s at the gaiety. The other is an unknown Quantity to me song of Norway at the Northstar one for Disney fans and i m a certified card Carrier the aristocrats is family fun at the met and Garden City. And can you believe that it was All of 33 years ago that Walt Disney s first full length cartoon feature was turned out Snow White and the seven dwarfs and 1937 Don t seem All that Long ago. There s live entertainment for kids of All Ages twice daily at the Manitoba theatre Centre till Jan. 2 it s pinocchio with 50 roles and it s at . And . Daily. And still time to see you re a Good Man Charlie Brown at the playhouse tonight tomorrow afternoon or evening. And Don t forget Star of Bethlehem at the planetarium. Names and notes congratulations to made Leine Bouchard St. Boniface s gift to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Attila ficzere of the same company who marry Jan. 15 they re both in the Ballet Golden age. Which is part of the Rob Holiday program which opens new year s eve. Thanks to George Farrow of Northwest airlines for the tender Loving care devoted to a shipment of lighter than air Christmas goodies. Happy to hear of the Good Fortune of my favorite link with British music Hall entertainment. Charlie Smith s location of pleasant Liv ing quarters after All these years he d give you his last Penny to help you out and Santa Claus returned the compliment this year. Thanks to Phil Petursson la for the interesting copy of the Beluga ban Ner the newsy Little publication from Churchill Man. Tuesday december 29, 1970 2nd mail registration number 0286 Eaver moving storage phone 786-6o81 Allied Van lines women cabbies lauded by Ritchie Gage women taxi Drivers a fairly rare but competent Breed hold their own among the fender benders and bumper jumpers along the Boulevard of broken Tail lights of Winnipeg traffic. If i could get my hands on 90 women who were Good Drivers i d hire said Bill Mcgarva of Moore s taxi company. De Rice manager of Yel Low taxi has the same opinion about the women Drivers on his staff and said he would hire 20 or 30 More if they were Avail Able. Moore s has six women on staff and yellow has seven and both men agree they have fewer accidents and Are More courteous. They re More regular than the said or. They la stick out a slow Day instead of com ing in and they work a full six Chuck Gawley manager of red Patch taxi says he would hire any woman provided she met the driving standards of his company. We had three or four on staff last fall and found them to be just As Good As the men. We Only have one on staff said or. Gawley. Not Many men would entertain the thought of allow ing their wives to drive a cab. Mrs. Ruby Pinchin 49, has been driving a taxi for 16 years and says people think it s the lowest profession there is on the Job scale. She s a Well spoken cheery woman who is married and has raised four children. She refers to her vocation As Chau Feuring. I d rather be out Here on the move than stuck in an office. I like driving and i like meeting people. You learn a lot about life in Gen eral when you re in Contact with people in the Way we she said in an inter View. Mrs. Pinchin said her husband did t like the idea at first but to it after ill this time. The women under regulations of the taxi cab act can work until Sundown but they get their share of the action. People always ask me Why i drive a cab and do i have any trouble with men making passes or propositions. The men Are gentle men and the ladies inquisitive and i Tell them i drive because i like the Job. It s Nice to be on the move. You can get things off your mind when you re driving because your attention is drawn to the things around you. It s she said. Here Are some things mrs. Pinchin has noted a b o it Drivers. She said watch out for elderly people who drive hesitantly and Young men who do things suddenly. She said that to and from work traffic is a lot safer than the daily traffic in the downtown area. People driving Home or to work know the route and the traffic patterns that form during that period and things go smoothly. But downtown people Are Stop Ping to Park or pick up someone and they cause said mrs. Pin Chin. And about women s liberation mrs. Pinchin says a woman should stay Femi nine even if she s doing a Job. You can t go around acting like a Man. I drive a taxi but i m a woman and my husband wears the pants in our fam boys parliament rejects National Church for Canada by Jed Stuart the 49th annual session of the older boys parliament of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario got Down to the nitty Gritty of debate Here monday afternoon As members considered a Bill which advocated the amalgamation of Canada s Christian denominations into one big Church. About 80 Young men Are participating in the Model Parlia ment being held in the Mani Toba legislative., chamber. This year s Premier is Bob William son a second year Law student at the University of Manitoba who has been a member of six previous boys parliaments. Main purpose of the five Day round of parliamentary events is to encourage the Art of debating and much Youthful wit was sharpened during Dis Cussion of the religious affairs Bill monday. Even before the Bill was introduced at the opening session saturday evening the Parlia ment leaders or Cabinet were forced to delete a clause propos ing that censorship be left entirely in the hands of the Church. The clause advocating the is mrs. Ruby Pinchin it one or the women taxi Drivers who have earned the respect of their employers. St. Boniface Hospital plans clinic for teen agers s t. Boniface Hospital Wil open a counselling and medical care clinic for teen agers Thi Spring. The daily out patient clinic will be operated by or. Harold Davies former chief of staff at St. Boniface. In ran interview monday. Or. Davies said the clinic is intended to help 13 to 18-year-Olds with physical and emotional problems. The clinic staff will include four other paediatricians and psychiatric services Are to be coordinated by or. K. M. Ahsanuddin. Snowma patrol fee hike urged and that Community has taken a major step in solving problems with snowmobiles As the Lions club combined with the Churchill snowmobile cars to develop a site for All aspects of the mushrooming sport. Weather report morning bulletin for the Prairie Pravi Fucci Fht with Tom Fentum Kcjr of fac Bytow in Smithem Mamma mtg m the m .4-3dt n the Alberta Fath ii. A weak in Watt Tow of cos a Witt will a Clow form the 4m my fhe next 24 and came a few amt Tunon in re them stif Mir Mistr Are expect in the Eastern in Rin. With change and Otto Way use indicate exceeded hic by Arlene Billinkoff transportation minister Joe Borowski of Manitoba wants to see a snowmobile patrol is and May introduce legislation to raise Money for financing such a patrol. Mobile accidents and fatalities Between now and the coming session in Laic february or Early he will then take some Beds May be made available for Young psychiatric patients although the clinic Wil not Deal with serious emotional disturbances or. Davies said. The service will be aimed Al the Young person who is without serious illness and insufficiently disturbed to qualify for Psychia tric care. The clinic will treat problems such As obesity pimples Stom Ach ache and headaches the things that make kids feel in adequate and unpopular. The Small problems and the big emotional or. Davies said his earlier sex Prience with a similar Success ill but Short lived clinic two ago at St. Boniface hos ital proved the need for an adolescent clinic which teen agers could Contact privately after initial referral through parents school counsellors or other doctors. Teen agers Are not very pop ular in doctors or. Davies said. Many came to the the results of uie study to a from Cabinet which will determine disrupted by divorce or Al whether the snowmobile patrol co holism he said. Ter views about a half hour Long. The paediatrician said. Although medicare provides a doctor with a counselling Fen slightly higher than a medical consultation fee the difference does not pay him for the time taken from other or. Davies said. Or. Davies said he expected medicare fees could support the new clinic. He closed his Origi Nal pc medicare clinic in 1968 after one and a half years be cause no funds were available for additional staff needed to accommodate the flow of teen agers. I have to admit i Felt a ittle guilty about stopping Hirt headlines boat show Jan. 12 to 17 trumpet player Al Hirt will headline the stage show at the mid Canada spoils and travel show Jan. 12 to 17 in the Winnipeg Arena. Also appearing will be co median Harry King Cole the Elkin Sisters three dancers and the sensational Leighs a husband and wife aerialist team per forming 50 feet above the ground. About 75 exhibits featuring year round sports and recreation will be on Dis play at the show sponsored by the tourist and Conven Tion association of Mani Toba. Tickets will be available at the door. Stablish meet of a National Chris Tian Church in Canada was deleted As a result of some times spirited debate As was a clause calling for compulsory religious teaching in the Public schools. The parliament will be prorogued wednesday night after the election of a speaker pre Mier Deputy Premier and Deputy speaker for next year s ses Sion. Meanwhile members will con s i d e r Bills advocating such policies As the Export of arms by Canada to South Africa for the purpose of maintaining apartheid in that country. J Canadian support for the arabs in their current struggle against Israel. The Banning of All Chemi Cal and biological warfare re search in Canada. 0 compulsory National ser vice by canadians aged from 16 to 30 for two years in either the Canadian armed forces or a Canadian equivalent of the . Peace corps. Although the Bills tend to be extremist in nature with a View to encouraging Strong debate past Model parliaments have endorsed such resolutions As the lowering of the voting and drinking Ages to 18, and the drafting of legislation similar to the War measures act. Tom Easton a St. James Assiniboia teacher and president of the older boys parliament committee Points out that the parliaments have attracted a number of Young men who subsequently entered Public life. Enrolment for the session costs and most of the Young men Are sent by Church groups. The members Are billeted in the St. James Assiniboia Myca and their activities when not in parliament Range from attend ing seminars on current affairs .0 swimming. Two Cabinet members this year Are Brothers Trevor and Bob Axworthy. They Are follow ing in the footsteps of their older Brothers Tom and Lloyd Axworthy the latter being director of Urban studies at the University of Winnipeg who first attended the older boys parliament 16 years ago. He said but if i had for Sakyn my practice i would have had to have the paediatrician said he will now give up his 23-year private practice to attend to the clinic which in the past was an exceptionally time consuming undertaking. Zuken will fight for nip chairmen Alderman Joseph Zuken said tuesday he will oppose any at tempt by the greater Winnipeg election committee to unseat any of the three new demo cratic party chairmen of Winnipeg civic committees at City Council s inaugural meeting Jan. 4. In an interview. Aid. Zuken said he has heard from the kids Don t just come various sources that if the it they Call you up its election committee can stifle Ike living your life like you re j dissension within its own ranks it will attempt to replace at he said the teen Ager coming least two of three nip commit and the licence fee increase those Young people without to the clinic will first receive a Tec chairman. Be some in an interview tuesday in arc necessary the legislative building or. Borowski said there is a Good Chance 7 he will introduce changes to the snowmobile acl in the coming session which would double or triple the present licence fees. Licens ing of snowmobiles with us accompanying fee was introduced by the government this whiter. He said that in View of the rising fatalities across the country because of snowmobile accidents the increase May be i predicted a 50 per cent increase in fatalities. It looks like a conservative is the minister said he would to get co operation in the matter from the other Prairie provinces. He said he was made especially aware of the situation this past weekend when a neighbor at his Home near j Lasauce. Man., nearly collided with a group of obviously half drink snowmobiles. H o w these Guys Don t gel kitted i know. They Rev those machines up to 70 Miles a he envisages a snowmobile j psf Rol of about 12 men to begin i with. They worm concentrate on areas Wick a Are favorite j spate Sacic As sly a Wert and Lasalle. 1 Maia Fommo sack a Force i Casl is of be i redeeming talents or academic j private interview and a Aid. Zuken is the communist at the rate we re going l or Success tended to have j Cal Check up and would perhaps j Alderman for Ward 3. Council s i a there s a Good Chance there la i problems. Some talked about later participate in Small group inaugural meeting is held each i m1c wuu1u and chairmen to the various civic committees and civic representatives on certain boards and commissions. According to Aid. Zuken the election committee s caucus May propose a slate of candidates in which Aid. Alan c. Wade of the nip would be replaced by Aid. Leonard h. C1 a y d o n endorsed by the Gwen As chairman of Public works committee and am. Joseph Cropo Gwen would re place Aid. Gordon c. Fines nip. As chairman of Parks and recreation committee. Other proposed changes not in suicide. Such patients need in j session to discuss social topics. January to appoint members or. Sam us i place to raise tin Mamy is is mkt mesh my Hultti if wre lose or Vav Sibi swi 1c to -33.5 w a 5k Wui Jtj elude Aid. June Westbury Gwen health committee chairman replacing Aid. Cropo and Aid. Robert Taft Gwen replacing Aid. Paul Para Shin Gwen As chairman of the powerful finance committee said Aid. Zuken. It will Likely be proposed that Aid. Robert Steen Gwen who recently took Over the chair Manship of Utility and person Nel committee on the death of Aid. J. Gurzon Harvey Gwen continue in the Post. Aid. Zuken said he thinks the proposal to appoint Aid. Taft As j finance committee chairman is j the result of a desire by Aid. J Para Shin to step Down. Aid. Zuken said any move to unseat nip chairmen would i be dirty Pool in any year but j particularly in 1971, the final year of Council in its present the provincial government has proposed an entirely new municipal government setup for greater Winnipeg with a target Date of Jan. 1, 1972, for putting it into effect some members of the Gwen caucus want to remove Only one nip chairman oms causing us disagreement in caucus am. Zaken said. Am. Lloyd Stimson former of the Maffi tote new democratic party holds us to third nip committee a Feria of the Votow Rex committee. There is we wove to it Staa am. Sam in Fca Aseh is huf he Mew is a wimm grit Itce cow Muttee new of taif acc j0wc. It ask cog for my femurs Ami fit Wal Peg get

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