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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 29, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaPrinted and published except sunday by the fret Proa company limited 300 Carlton Street Winnipeg. Manitoba. R. S. Malone publisher and editor in chief Peter Mclintock Maurice Western extent it editor editor r. H. Shelford general manager Winnipeg free press Western Canada s National newspaper Winnipeg tuesday december Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights protein grading of wheat though Canada in the present crop year is enjoying possibly the greatest wheat sales in history it has been evident for some time especially in the recent lean years that our marketing policy has not been aggressive or imaginative enough. It has failed to take into account both the nature of our Competition and the changing needs of the Market. Especially has this been so with regard to the demand for nigh protein Low maltose wheat. We have continued on the Assumption that Canada produced the Best wheat in the world and that other countries would have to buy it. Protein grading As demanded by Europe especially was considered unnecessary. The result has been that we have had difficulty holding markets except when unusual circumstances As in the current year have alleviated the situation. But we have at last come to realize that changes will have to be made both in our grading system and marketing procedures if we Are to secure our share of world Trade. It was belated recognition of this that led to the draft ing of Bill c-196 which was presented at the last session of Paru Anent. But the Bill which would have introduced of wheat met with Strong opposition and failed to pass. Opponents of the Bill found no fault with protein grading but they feared some of its other implications including the fact that it would have placed control of the Grain Industry in the hands of a few government appointed bureaucrats. Now in revised form As Bill c-175 it has passed the present session of the House and is on its Way to the Senate. The new legislation removes some of the objectionable features of the earlier Bill it provides for example a More Clear Cut definition of the Powers of the Board of Grain but not All the Grain companies feel they Are penalized through the Section that would Stop storage payments in the event of a strike and tile farm groups which have been pressing for protein Gra Dirig Are disappointed that the new grading system is not included in the Bill. There Are Good reasons for the latter decision however. If the grading system were included in the Bill it would mean that any subsequent change or adjustment in the sys tem could be brought about Only of parliament sometimes a slow and complicated process. As matters now stand the new protein grading system will be incorporated in regulations which can be More easily changed. Despite continuing objections from some quarters the new Bill seems to be a step in the right direction designed to help Canadian wheat secure and hold its fair share of the princes precarious purses new Delhi though the v e r d i c t of India s supreme court has Given the purses and privileges of the princely Der a new lease of life there is no mistaking the strength of the demand for their abolition. The supreme court verdict has now Given it a new momentum. Starting As an Issue raised by some Small leftist groups it has gathered in the course of two decades massive sup port cutting across party lines. Today even centrist parties find it difficult to acquiesce in the continuance of these special rights. The Nija Lingappa group of the con g r e s a which after the split was More insistent on their abolition but actually voted against the constitutional amendment Bill brought in the govern ment at the last session of parliament is having a hard time to explain its Volte face. When the purses were negotiated the socialists who had moved out of the Congress a Little earlier and the communists had been pledged to end these anachronistic rights the average congressman was at first not very vocal but As time passed a feeling grew that the special class of citizenship for people belonging to the princely order was unwarranted. Jawaharlal Nehru is on record As having said As Early As 1952, we made cer Tain rapid settlements which world Trade. It is a definite improvement on what was offered at the last session of parliament in Bill c-196. A spectre not without substance rising 10 r 0 n t 0 taxpayers and politicians Are be coming More and More Agi by Greer elections in Indian Indira Gandhi has seized a politically opportune moment to Call a snap election. This of course is the prerogative of a prime minister in every democracy patterned after the British system and however much mrs. Gandhi May deplore the British heritage she is not loth to exploit the system s advantages. While it lasts. Mrs. Gandhi is a consummate politician but she has not inherited the pragmatism of her father the late Jawaharlal Nehru. Like so Many women in politics she is dogmatic and notwithstanding Poland Czechoslovakia and All the other examples persists in her belief that Only a socialist regime patterned As closely As possible after the soviet Model will cure India s ills. It would be futile to pretend that India s ills Are not so grave As to threaten the very life of the country. The Harvest is unpromising investment is at a standstill there Are no jobs and no food. But what is More important for mrs. Gandhi s Pur pose is the political time Factor with the opposition in disarray and badly fragmented. Mrs. Gandhi can thus go to the polls with ardent promises of nationalization and socialism that will usher in the millennium. Meanwhile those in India who feel that what the country needs is More personal initiative and More foreign investment Are at each others throats and will present Little threat to mrs. Gandhi s ambitions. The Pakistan example must have further buoyed up the Indian prime minister. The sweeping Victory of Zulfikar a Bhutto elected on a platform of a new islamic socialism probably persuaded mrs. Gandhi that socialism is in Ascendance All across the Indian subcontinent. That or. Bhutto s socialism demands a War with even a socialist India Over Kashmir and mrs. Gandhi s Brand of socialism would probably put up stiff resistance to any territorial demands by socialist China is beside the Point. At the moment All that matters to mrs. Gandhi is wholesale nationalization As a cure All of the ills that afflict her country and the smashing of All opposition to her schemes. It will be interesting to watch the interplay in All this jockeying for Power. In Pakistan if or. Bhutto has his Way _ still a big question snark it will be China that will act As the country s protector and. Of course China is establishing herself quite firmly on Ceylon where another woman prime minister mrs. Sirima Bandaranaike. Is a firm believer in socialism of the maoist Brand. In India it will be the soviet Union that will protect mrs. Gandhi against the demands of peking provide her with advice on and Arm her somewhat inadequate forces. Thus socialism in its four brands islamic hindu maoist and Brezhnev an promises to provide a Lively time for All concerned. Those however who watch with anxiety the safety of the West s shipping lanes in this area May find Little to cheer them up As they contemplate rated Over what University education is costing the pub Lic Treasury and what it is going to Cost in a few years time if present trends continue. According to the presidents of Ontario s tax assisted universities we May Stop worrying it is a spectre w i t h o u t substance More imagined than bearing in mind the possibility of a Transfer of re sources within the education Al the presidents declare in a submission to the government s advisory com Mittee on University affairs it appears to us that Many recent gloomy statements about society s inability to meet the demand for re sources by the educational sector Are not borne out. The Public s ability to pay is unlikely to be a constraint upon the continuation of present policies and practices into the foreseeable fun the presidents arrive at this reassurance even while predicting that the demand for University places in the province in five years time will be some 30.000 students higher than hitherto expected a projection which if True require some Mil More in capital expand result of holding tuition fees constant the Public trea sury s share of of crating costs will increase from 11.1 per cent at present to 82.5 per cent Over the next ten years. Now say the presidents provincial government re Nues have been increasing at the rate of 16 per cent a year for the last decade. If this trend continues Over the next five years the million on University operating Grants in 1975 76 will be Only 7.8 that year instead of 9.3 per cent at present. Lion Sion now than has been anticipated. Such withe optimism must surely be applauded if justified. Unfortunately there is very Little justification for it. Well aware that the financial crunch is coming the presidents have decided that the Best defence is a Good of Fence. This May be Good poli tics but it hardly justifies a most Unic Hoberly abuse of the statistics in order to construct to their Case. A c c o r d i n g to the presidents. Ontario is providing .5346 million in operating Grants to the universities this fiscal year which is 9.3 per cent of the province s net general revenues. This Fig ure. They say. Will Rise to million in 1973-76, As suming that the economic Council of Canada s estimates of future enrolment if More Likely tax reve Nues go up by c2 per cent a year the percentage of total provincial Revenue allocated to University education would remain at 9.3 per cent in 1975-76." and if things Are really Tough and tax reve Nues increase by Only eight per cent a year University spending would account for 11.2 per cent of taxation an increase which could be achieved by a Transfer of resources following Popula Tion shifts into higher Educa Tion and still provide additional resources fur qualitative improvements at Pri Mary and secondary at one Point in their Brief for example they say. That it appears extrapolate and re Cenit one re cent trend according to on Tario budget papers is that operating Grants to the uni halve by i past Why Tiff pres dents should assume they will go up by Only 80 per cent Over the next six is not easy to follow. At another they estimate the in crease in University salaries and other costs at 5.5 per cent a year they then Tell the government they really need a nine per. Cent increase for the coming year instead of the 4.8 per cent which the government has tentatively set. Most questionable of All. However is their selection of the operating Grants As the sum total of what the Provin Cial government spends on universities. When student Aid capital Cost financing and various other Grants Are added in the Ontario total this year is million. Which is 11.3 per cent of net provincial Revenue and about 22 per cent higher than the figure the presidents would Ike to leave with the Public. And this again is Only part of what the government is spending on All forms of the taxpayers and the politicians and which has caused the commission on Post secondary education to be formed to find out if Possi ble what in the world Are we going to do about it. The universities Are entitled no doubt to fight for their place in the Sun but it is really not very helpful or realistic be cause the government is Beiring import Ned for Money on All sides and if it puts the lid on As it surely must the universities Are going to have to take their lumps along with everyone else. Birthdays mrs. Ruby Riddell. Swan River Manitoba born High Bluff Manitoba. Dec. 29, 1888. Mrs. Frej Baker. Brandon born Brandon Hills. Dec. 29.1889. By i. C. Nig before prime minister Indira Gandhi dissolved parliament last sunday the supreme court had ruled against her new Law depriving India s princes of the special privileges granted them when India was Given her Independence. The question of the princes purses will be an Issue in the election Campaign. Financially o r otherwise were hardly fair. But this was the Price we had decided to pay for a Quick Settle ment of a very difficult and vital later he again said i am afraid we shall have to suffer for that generosity for a Long time to the privy purses were fixed under a formula which provided that the former ruler of a stale with an average annual Revenue of one and a half million rupees would get an annual privy purse of rupees. A ceiling was. Fixed at one million rupees but. There were As Many As 11 cases where the ceiling was waived. The beneficiaries included the former rulers of travancore Mysore Hydera bad. Baroda Gwalior and Kashmir. The radicals in the Congress persuaded the Congress leadership to de Clare that not Only the Privi Leges but privy purses also were inconsistent with the concept of democracy. This s h t crystallized at the Congress session in Delhi in 1969 when it asked for the scrapping of the purses along with privileges like duty free imports immunity from civil proceedings and special number plates for the princes cars. The leadership continued however to hesitate about taking the plea of Legal constitutional and International difficulties. But the radicals Strong pres sure. From party platforms the Issue went to parliament in the same year in which a non official Resolution was introduced asking the govern ment to take All necessary Steps both executive and to Complete the abolition of purses. The Reso Lution was Defeated but Only after or. Y. B. Chavan. Then in charge of Home affairs intervened to say that the government s objection was to a specific deadline. Me promised however to com plete negotiations with the princes by the end of the year. Talks were held in keeping with the Promise but no solution emerged. This led to renewed opposition pressure. The Raja Sabha adopted in december 1969 a Resolution asking the government to take All Legal and other Steps for the abolition of privy purses and privileges of sex rulers before the presentation of the next the government was still opposed to a dead line but in the situation obtaining after the Congress split when of All the Najalin Gappa group of congressmen became most vociferous for their abolition the govern ment had no Choice but to give in. In May this year or. Chavan introduced in the lok Sabha a Constitution Amend ment Bill to abolish both privy purses and privileges. On september 1, the prime minister moved the Bill for consideration. On the follow ing Day it was passed by the House by a comfortable majority. It was taken up two Days later by the Raja Sabha where it was rejected by a fraction of a vote. The same night the Union Cabinet decided to de recognize former rulers which meant automatic abolition of purses and privileges. It was issued in the form of a presidential order on september 7. While a controversy raged on the propriety of the presidential order writ petitions were filed before the supreme court on behalf of the former rulers challenging the Validity of the order. The supreme court s judgment thus Marks the end of a chapter but As any one can see. It will serve also As the starting Point of another. The government As the prime minister said remains committed to the abolition of purses and privileges by constitutional Means. But though the princes have won the Case they Are in a conciliatory mood. In. Like the bourbons they know the rising temper of the peo ple. They Are therefore not averse to a fresh dialogue with the government to Settle the Issue amicably they say. Earlier the prime minister was also of the same View. She does not like the abrupt and drastic change which the communists arc clamouring for. Today s scripture i will both Lay me Down in peace and sleep for thou. Lord Only makes me dwell in safety. Psalm 4 8. The Symington probes a War on secrecy so what is everybody higher education including worried about there May not Only the universities but be legitimate grounds for the Community colleges of questioning University education the presidents Ana Leann ology. Me schools of tuning the teach ledge but society s colleges and so on. Capacity to pay is not one the government a them and ought not to be for these expenditures Factor in determining the commission on Post tonal education has would that it were produces the grand before the bogeyman of of exclusive denuded taxpayer is Federal monies which is Al Laid at rest however 20 per cent of net should be pointed out that provincial Revenue and the University to a spectre As one have been rather want to come. To say the least in is this kind of Money of facts and which is worrying or Ashington one of w the most impressive achievements of the expiring 91st Congress was never on the legislative Calendar but it can have More Impact on government than Many Bills Flora Lewis military preparedness a Hawk. Two years of sifting Evi Dence first hand across the made Law. It was the work of sen. Symington s subcommittee on foreign commit ments. The Symington com Mittee began As a the Eye of sen. Glare in William Fulbright chairman of the committee on foreign relations As he repented the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and puzzled How on Earth the . Bogged itself in Vietnam and elsewhere without any advice and precious Little j Potomac from the Pentagon transformed him into an Ada Mant critic of the ways of an establishment to which he had belonged. He found that the size of the defence Bud get was not just a reflection of How much More defence the country had come to need but of an appetite gone crazily out of control. Especially he found and disclosed that secrecy was the key tool in constructing a spiral of waste and foreign consent from the Senate. Commitment in Ever mount Mink the political Jungle spreading across the subcontinent and the Indian Ocean. Per year and that As a Are Correct that at inflation per cent Mink Coats May still be a luxury item for most people but they Are no More so than with no one anxious to get into the Mink business there is no one they can sell to. At first the prospects of j ing cycles. The a n investigation into the i War in Laos the Enigma of american policy j base failure were for a Windy exercise a lot of Wiuff and puff that could t blow Down a House of political science term papers let alone the Pentagon. But through happenstance and Luck the sub committee i. On an a american american in Ethiopia with attached promises that could involve the . In helping Haile Selassie put Down re Bellion the Sidy for the allies in Vietnam these careful official secrets not been kept from the state department on re ports on the Philippines and Korea he found the administration so avid to censor that they left virtually nothing Worth publishing. That led to an impasse Over the report on Laos. Sen. Symington re fused to put out a completely sterilized version of executive hearings. The state department backed Down and new guidelines for secrecy were set. Altogether the subcommittee completed ten reports each with its sensational revelations its sturdy documentation and each with gaps concealing facts the administration still won t Trust to the Public. They were on Korea the Philippines Taiwan. Thailand Laos Greece and the three what win or. Stanfield say now As an old song almost the three wanted terrorists Are in custody. Tucey were taken in a 104 39-foot a Tel ate toed Witt fear i noise Hart at Taeff Nave a few a population area of about two Only editor in Quebec 10 print and a Hau million. The Poniti their first grandiose comm j sick business. Over the past i cans failed to take or even niotes. Now he is Campaign demand action when the f or the the luxury under today s conditions of trying to maintain a Mink ranch. The fact is that despite tinned High prices for the by the import of j by p 0 w c r 5 i Al prices Ferotti in tip they the j dec face Over How Proa i which Ted it to solid j enemy. They knew inquiry instead of diatribe. There really is no other but it is not Only the Mink j fruitful Way to confront the breeders who Are suffering j dilemma of executive versus from a depressed Market. If legislative division of the con i present conditions continue War making and foreign poli leaders can in papers of the Fly were revealed to them Over a year ago. Made ado Stoat noticing tin later team Jet wit jmmr9 19mm? and or. Of those held for Fly connections. No doubt there a Fol appear in is a leh Tiky Exposi fion of what of coat be done or. La pore have keen a and a Stock

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