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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 28, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg nil press monday december 28, 1970 daily crossword across 1. Having wings 5. City of Light to Suzette 11. Mountain Ridge 12. Cancel As a space Mission 13. Kind of closet 14. Negative prefix 15. Fish egg s 17. Macaw 18. Sculpture and such 19. Head appendage 20. Make lace 21. Lunar or solar 23. Roman statesman 24. Musical group of nine 26. Provide food 27. Ass Everate 28. Gist 29. Fiber knot 30. Face Slang 31. Slugger s Wood 34. Make mistakes 35. Hostelry 36. Cakes and 37. Hackneyed 39. Sociologist Havelock 41. Expressed without words 43. Foe 44. Esau to Jacob Down 3. Bower american Soprano 2wds. S. After mar. 4. Fall Back 5. More pallid 6. Or. Onassis 7. Italian Soprano 2wds. 8. Repeat 8. Muskie for one 10. Miracle site 16. Lifeboat item 22. Poetical adverb 23. Jalopy 24. Miss fab Ray 25. Spread like wild fire 26. Join 2s. Prison Slang 14 27 21 44 daily How to work it is Longfellow one letter simply stands for another. In this Sample a 19 used for the three l a x for the two o a Etc. Single letters apostrophes the length and formation of the words Are All hints. Each Day the code letters Are different. A cryptogram quotation mud we Dew e x 0 f a Obj Nojd Rucj Zow Abb Ywe Fqy a a Xci a food cd Abb Zub Wev a a Xci . saturday s crypt quote who lives without being foolish on occasion is not As Wise As he Roche Foucault 0 1970. Kins features Syndicate Goren on Bride by Charles h. Goren by tilt Tran my answers to Bridge quiz q. Side Vulner Able and As South you hold the bidding has proceeded West North East sooth 1 0 Dale. Pass what do you bid have avenge hand Alfh cards 10 Points and Flat card suit which make Fame prospects very Bright opposite take out double. The method of convey inc this bit of information to bid ont Mort thin meet airy. The proper fall la two Spades. Q. South vulnerable you hold oaj1i73 the bidding has proceeded Smth West North East 10 pass l v pass 20 pass pass what do you bid now Ratt to four hearts it clearly indicated. Holding three Trumps to an Honor and Short wit there pm be no doubt As to this Choice. A bid of three no Trump merely Beautt you have Touchy stoppers in All the suits would be highly improper. Q. Vulnerable and As dealer you hold oak4 what is your opening bid the wealth of High cards an opening bid of two hearts i not r 11 fractionally Short of the pre oar Choice is for bid of two no Trump. If partner has nothing he ii permitted to but if it has Hare smattering of High card at myth he will him to three. Q. 4-you Are South East West vulnerable and you hold vakc5 ok943 the bidding has proceeded North East 10 what do you bid cannot be much i that will have a very flue play for game but there May be Richer stakes available. Against the Advent Diamond con tract it is reason Silt to Esti mate that you will win five tricks three m High cards and in Trumps. If partner can win the expected three you will score a plus of 500 Points which is More than the value of your game. Double. Q. South vulnerable you hold oa53 the bidding has proceeded North East South weit 1 pass 2 it pass 3 a pass what do you bid now has shown a preference for Spades Over no Trump and very Likely has a six card suit. Since you have Only one Diamond stopper and partner May be Short in that suit we recommend a raise to four Spades. Vulnerable and As South you hold 4kq94 a Kyj okq193 the bidding has proceeded South West North East l 0 pass 1v pass what do you bid now is at the moment Only one pertinent Factor and that la the number of met held by partner. If it has three a grand slam can hardly be missed. If he has two. A Small slam should be a virtual cinch. If he has but one. Five should be Safe and if he has none i la be sur prised. The recommended Call is a Blackwood bid of four no Trump. Q. Vulnerable and As South you hold Oki 7 3 41143 the bidding has proceeded West North East sort. 14 pass 10 pass int pass what do you bid now partner hat doubled and then bid no to map hand Mutt be at least As Good As opening one no Trump bid. Yea have eight Points and should. Therefore raise to two no Trump. Q. Vulnerable and As South you bold 4akq1k2 Oki 4aj1c-2 the bidding has proceeded East Seth 3v what do you bid recommend the natural bid of few Spain. If partner has Ever be Little you should be Able to Snake it and sorely Yam would not expect to be More than one trick. A Mere Everean of three Spades would be inadequate. Saturday s answers Anwer 30. Devout Ness 32. Prospective citizen 33. Trial run l spouse 40. Statute history today sir James Douglas saved British Columbia by Bob Bowman although British Columbia is most famous for its great lumber and fishing industries it was Gold mining that stimulated its development. Fur trading attracted the first settlers and when the Hudson s Bay company and the North West company combined in 1821 it was fortunate that an 18-year-old boy James Douglas was included in the Deal. He was sent West of the Rockies in 1826 and was Active in the fur Trade from fort St. James in the North to present Day state of Oregon in the South. He saw the american expansion that drove British traders from Oregon and knew that the . Would get the entire Pacific coast if Bri Tain did not take action. He was appointed governor of the new Colony of Vancouver Island in 1851 just As the first Gold was discovered in Queen Charlotte islands. Then came the Gold strikes along Fraser and Thomp son Rivers and prospectors came pouring in from the . And other parts of the world. Douglas did not wait for instructions from Britain. Dec. 28, 1857, he issued an edict that All mines belonged to the Crown. He also took Steps to preserve order. If there had been fighting among the miners or Between the miners and the Indi ans As had happened in the ., the americans would have moved in troops to protect their citizens and they probably would never have left. British Columbia would be part of the . Today. Douglas would have gone further. He would have captured the territory As far South As the Columbia River and made it the Boundary be tween what is now Canada and the . By coincidence it was also dec. 28, but in 1861, that he wrote to Britain asking for troops so he could capture the territory which would have been relatively easy. The British government rejected his plan. Douglas received a Well deserved Knighthood. He saved British Columbia for Canada. Other events dec. 38 1602 merchants of Rouen and St. Malo received Royal instructions to develop fur Trade and colonization of Canada 1720 British lords of Trade urged that acadians be removed from Nova Scotia 1859 newspaper nor Wester was first issued at red River 1876 province of Quebec created a new department of education Dennis the menace the aunt Heum Horoscope by Francis Drake f a Iff 11 look in Section in which your birthday comes and find Whit your Outlook is according to the stars Fer Teeth to. A Tummy March 21 be april x Aries you May find yourself giving All thought to big jobs forgetting the Little tasks which Are significant. Consider care fully. Am til 21 Way Al Taero head the suggestions of lesser lights As Well As Fukae of top notches. You might find some unexpected gems Wisdom. May a h june 21 were you Are Nof certain of your course take time to gather More facts. Be sure you Are not following mind Mads or ill in formed people. Juni la july purposeful in All undertakings now. Dont go off in tangents or you who find yourself floundering in a maelstrom of activities that Lead to nowhere. July is the Ai Hist a Lea cer Tain tensions should Fie lessened now. Do not let Pride or disappointment keep Yoo from continued Strong capable Effort. Never fan prey of disillusionment. 2s a a Good oat in which to display your ingenuity and an Arouri competence. Properly exercised even your most minor a fens and efforts who h sept Cwm a of Tower u u you erg Aniie a Good and Analyse an Otto Anions Carmely before Yso act two a Fol have it font Fonow trends now soiled to you. Bored then Sertl not is amiss. Re evaluate your objectives and the manner in which you have been pursuing them. A slight change of method May be your answer. Nov Mur 2 be i camber 2 unexpected interruptions May slow you Down a bit but if you co ordinate As you shove you will find the Means to straighten everything out satisfactorily. Do Simbir b m january at Capricorn some misleading influences prevail now so be careful of your involvements with people and situations. Avoid anxiety or undue suspicion. January 21 h february if unusual situations will Cah for Fleim life it saw Dan shifts i circumstances should not you from continuing your Pursuit of mean goals. February 21 m March 2t in him you Niay need a Little extra push to put Over new projects now but with your innate ingenuity and know flow you should be note to overcome minor obstacles. You born today Are a person endowed with great Sens if Rufly goad judg ment and a Fine intellect. Self reliant and industrious you can attain any Heights on which you have set your mind. You have extra Ordinary business acumen and would Mam to logical and of Yective in Yew thinking Yoac Aow also mane a Greet Access m Fau Niham my Low Sta View vim i arts new j4xk son 17m for w. E. Cad Jii Cui Altu brain twisters tumbleweeds this Plack Feather 60es to our new 1w Crafty cloak an1 Cutter Kins 0 cryptic Stellar insidious name you Indian of the month Coo that spy talk Wasj people suspect i m a spa amp it la Kerry Drake sup Penly Iery hears a Sharp and a Vail of pow perv Snow appears in his i funny Switzerland pm sir Arthur Conan Porte. Whose Sherlock was a 5oop private Harp to remember that i m Here that a lot residents hoping i break neck smitty too suppose Vitul fluff w40w-i i l Abner then so we re Borrin professor stran6el.ump, Vou professor this aint no i is stick lip Areth diamonds in his f Root Fosdick s in his j i f growing Sac to Tom Nolai Normal size. J Gil Thorp Many of these tote coach Andrew wedding today Promise to be faithful to you Good times and a Honor Goj by Day of fun Friday Foster n0u00 mtr fir a to rvm0fr my. M sett ten cau0p-tp on stage hot to but you is that foul do up while still Jaskey for Pia we. My ma6azine has you re form a me to Holski of this Story a800t there no Story with and we be Cor a Andy Caw i m poppin1 Uptown Alujn Gasser i whole shop out like y did last can1see Wati Rincye Appart Tox caused by Bon transformations Transfer i one into letter at a time each time fanning a Good it wry. Fit in us desired word is Rwy Dowl. For Taw he 5. Scot to free in eight Steps. Blue to Chip eight Steps. Vav0015ver Steps oms love. Tone s039g. To "5 Aii Fui to sol s is it Twat l Good to Texe w six 2. ?1la y to Jull in 5. Ijoma to Star Strei Jiso

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