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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 28, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press monday dece Hier 28, 1970 pos in n. Vietnam urge end to War new York a two United states prisoners of War in North Vietnam say in an interview with a Csc correspondent filmed Christmas Day that the War should be ended now. A . Defence department spokesman called the televised interview program an enemy propaganda the two prisoners both of whom appeared physically fit also talked about their daily routine and mail privileges in the interview conducted by Csc correspondent Michael a Clear under the supervision of the North vietnamese and Tele Vised in Canada and the . Sunday night. Five other pos were seen at close Range in the film but Only . Navy pilots Walter e. Wilber 40, and Robert j. Sch Weitzer 38, both commanders were allowed to reply to pre submitted questions. Wives of the two men con firmed their identification but declined to comment on the anti War views they expressed. Schweitzer s father Fred sch Weitzer of. Oreland pa., commented if i were Over there i d do anything to get the interviews by Maclear were filmed following a conversation with North vietnamese Premier Pham Van Dong whom he quoted As saying i swear to you these men Are Well Maclear said when he questioned the Premier about . Suspicions that the North Viet namese hold More than the 339 americans whose names they released in Paris last week Dong reacted angrily. The Nixon people Are scoundrels scoundrels to talk like he quoted Dong As say ing. It s they who have no humanitarian feelings by talking like Maclear said Dong told him the list which also included 20 pos the North vietnamese said had died and nine who were released was a full one and the location of the Camp was not disclosed but the new York times reported that a . Official in Washington said it was the Hanoi show place Camp where other journalists have been allowed con trolled visits. Jerry Friedheim a Deputy As sista it defence Secretary said we would of course have no comment on a censored edited enemy propaganda film show ing Only a handful of known prisoners. It is one More example of the refusal of North Vietnam to conduct itself As a civilized signatory of the Geneva convention. Were that convention adhered to there would be impartial inspection and con tact direct with the pos rather than censored films. In addition we continue to be concerned for the prisoners and the missing not just in North Vietnam but also South Vietnam and in addition to Wilber and sch Weixer the five pos pictured at close Range were identified As Lieut. Paul Grodon Brown. Maj. Roger d. Ingvalson and . Edison w. Miller All marines and Lieut. M. L. Gartley and Lieut. William j. Maybe both of the Navy. The interview was broadcast by Abc to and lbs to in the . In the interview Wilber and Schweitzer said they had read a number of books by americans about the War had visited various museums in Hanoi and had discussed the War with other prisoners. I know i be had the deepest discussion i be Ever had in my life with my fellow prisoners Here said Wilber and we be had to really go to the very Core of our feelings on a number of things loyalty what is it where does it lie Schweitzer said i think the answer of course is the War must be ended and it must be stopped now. We be just got to Stop this thing. We be got to admit the facts As they lie and Stop the War and of course we must withdraw our troops to Stop the War. That s the position we have to face. Once we do that the Viet namese can solve their own problems. I m confident of that. If Well Stop the War and get our troops out. That s what we have to do and that s what the big Job i of course said Wilber and i say i m terribly concerned about my country and i feel that the future of our country As Well As Vietnam and Indochina can not be served by the prolongation of this War whatever the reasons that caused it and i Don t feel that it s necessary even to talk Over the old reasons As who was wrong who was right it s been proven As far As i m concerned that this War is bad. It s bad. And it in t going to improve either our situation or the vietnamese or the indochinese people s they be got to be left alone to solve their own we be got our own problems we be got to Wilber said he was shot Down Over Ghean province in june 1968, after 20 missions. Sch Weitzer said he was on his 12th Mission just outside Haiphong when he was shot Down Jan. 5, 1968. They said they receive letters about once a month and Kages about every two months and use a regular form letter i n corresponding with their families. Several times they have visited Hanoi Wilber said including Christmas eve when they at tended Midnight mass at t h c roman Catholic Cathedral a very enjoyable and moving cer this downtown Saint John n.b., Street was typical of the scene in Many areas sunday As the area dug out from its second major storm in three Days. Maritime continued not be slowed until tuesday but i would think that by Mon Day night things will be fairly in Nova Scotia a highways department spokesman said it probably would be wednesday before some of the roads Are opened. As the second storm moved i saturday civic officials in Saint John and Moncton in new Brunswick and a Erst n.s., and Nova Scotia s Lunenburg county declared states of emergency As they battled to keep roads cleared. Lurvey decision fire club Snow Lake Man. Staff Power line study Victoria up resources minister Ray Williston of Brit ish Columbia reports that . Hydro and Power authority is studying the feasibility of a Power transmission line linking the peace River with Northern Vancouver Island. A fire which destroyed the Snow Lake Curling club shortly after 1 . Sunday has seriously crippled Winter sport in the area an ramp spokes Man said monday. Two men in the building at the time of the fire were not injured but damage was estimated at police said the fire broke out in a French Frier in the Kitchen area of the club s restaurant and spread through the three year old building which also contained a licensed lounge and recreation area. The spokesman said one of the men working in the conces Sion area tried to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher. The Volunteer fire department had the fire contained by 6 . But could not save the building. Snow Lake is East of flin flan in Northern Manitoba. Joseph Guay Liberal my for St. Boniface has asked the fed eral government to either Start enforcing the Law calling for the death penalty for killing a policeman or Amend it. In a Telegram to prime min ister Trudeau and Justice min ister John or Ghay said he questioned a Cabinet decision last week to commute the death sentence of Clifford Wickett Lurvey who had been sentenced to hang Jan. 7 for killing St. Boniface policeman Leonard Shakespeare in 1969. Lurvey was convicted March 12, 1970, of capital murder in connection with the slaying and was subsequently turned Down in his appeals to the higher courts. Many have requested that i ask the Federal Cabinet to indicate to canadians the reason for this commutation and also what guidelines or criteria the Cabinet follows in cases of this said or. Guay. Everyone in the St. Boniface constituency and in Canada had understood that the murder of a to 1 i c e m an is punishable by added the Liberal Bencher. Or. Guay said he was firmly opposed to capital punishment for any crime however the criminal code docs provide for death in cases such As this and i believe the Law should been forced or the code ramp in Amherst asked Sun Day night that motorists keep off the trans Canada Highway in the area until Snow Clearing operations were completed. Heavy Drifting in the area was expected to Lessen As winds abated overnight. For a while Early sunday ramp were still using Snow mobiles to patrol a six mile Sec Tion of Highway Between sack Ville n.b., and the Nova so t i a n e w Brunswick Border. They picked up eight stranded motorists bringing to 24 the number rescued on that Section of Road since Christmas eve. Air Canada flights and Cana Dian National railways trains returned to Normal scheduling sunday night after being hampered by the storm. Many flights were cancelled during the storm and trains were run Ning behind schedule. The ferry service from Cape tormenting .n.b., to Borden p.e.i., also had been cancelled because of High winds but resumed sunday afternoon. Moncton has received 89.4 inches of Snow so far this month. Its previous full month record for december was 59.9 inches in 1964. Summerside p.e.i., with 77.5 inches Fredericton with 73.4 inches Truro n.s., with 59.5 inches Halifax with 41.5 inches. Greenwood n. S., with 68.2 inches and Charlottetown with 88.9 inches have All surpassed december snowfall records. Artefact found Hughton. Sask. Up an Indian Medicine wheel has been found near Hughton in West Central Saskatchewan. The Boulder monuments built Long ago were constructed to commemorate great leaders to Mark Battles and a few Are associated with romantic Trage Dies. Six Medicine wheels and 20 other Boulder effigies have men found in Saskatchewan. Holiday _ travel needs met Toronto up Good weather Over the weekend in Central Canada enabled major transportation companies t o keep the Stream of Holiday travellers moving smoothly. Air Canada which added a total of 504 extra flights for the Christmas season said All flights sunday were on time except those from the snowbound maritime which were 20 min utes late on the average. A up air spokesman said their flights All were on sched ule. Road conditions were Good enabling major bus lines to 6ope with record numbers of travellers. A Gray coach lines spokesman said every Avail Able piece of equipment was on the Road Over the weekend. Voyageur colonial Ltd. Re ported a total of Passen Gers leaving Toronto for Ottawa and Montreal on Christmas eve alone and estimated sunday night s total would be about the same. Canadian National railways said every available passenger car was in service. About persons were booked for trips from Toronto to Montreal Sun Day and the westbound total was expected to be the same. A in spokesman said rail passenger traffic has been t i c u 1 a r 1 y heavy across the Prairies and in the maritime. Several extra trains were scheduled. The Canadian Pacific rail Way added no extra trains and few if any extra cars to its ser vice a spokesman said. Sunday was a Normal he added. Storms hit t Europe London a Snow and icy winds sunday turned Europe s White Christmas into one of the coldest holidays on record. In Britain blizzards closed roads and delayed trains and planes. The weather Bureau said it was the coldest Mas in parts of Britain since 1938. Similar reports came in from Italy in the South to Sweden in the North. In Northern Italy heavy Snow hit Milan and Turin for the first time this season. Temperatures dropped to 10 degrees below Zero in some Northern resorts. It was warmer in Southern Italy but heavy Rains caused minor floods near Rome and floods hit Sicily. In Stockholm the tempera Ture dropped sunday to 22, making it the coldest Christmas season since 1961. A thick Blanket of Snow covered most of Sweden. Freezing weather and Snow also hit Denmark during the weekend. Snow fell on Spain s normally sunny Eastern coast on the Mediterranean the first recorded there for Many years. In the Northern half of the country Snow and freezing temperatures dominated. France suffered its first cold snap of the year with freezing temperatures in Paris during the weekend. A Lack of Snow in the Alps and at other French ski resorts ended sunday when a heavy snowfall cloaked virtually All of Southern France. Passes through the pyrenees were blocked and in some areas the government s emergency plan went into effect to Rescue Snow bound motorists and restore Power lines scottish ski resorts also suffered a Lack of Snow while the n o r m a 1 by warmer areas of Southern England were covered with it. Yugoslavia was recovering from a Christmas blizzard As temperatures Rose above Freez ing for the first time since the holidays began. Four canadians win blizzards belted 50 of eng land s 52 counties. Three boxing Day horse race meetings were cancelled and 10 soccer matches were snowed out. Goes under London ont. Up the operator of a 60-year-old meat Market Here has filed an assignment in bankruptcy because of Competition from super Market discount prices. With Christmas coming i found it was cheaper to buy turkeys at the Chain stores than from the said Samuel la p o w i c a owner of Papowich meat Market the business was founded by his father in 1910. Enough is he said. By the Canadian press a 61-year-old computer technician who has just entered retirement was one of four canadians who won today on the Irish hospitals sweepstakes based on the sweeps hurdles at fairy House Ireland. Norman h. Chappell of Toronto who retired this week from ism Canada Ltd. And who has been buying sweepstakes tickets for 40 years confirmed he had been unofficially advised of his win on first place finisher persion War then stepped aside to let his wife describe his reaction. It s so big i have to make an Effort to remain Cool and. In my right said mrs. Chappell. We re not used to this kind of my husband has just retired this week so we be yet to make any plans. We were not built up to it at the Chappells have one son 16-year-old Tom a Grade 11 student. Two other Toronto residents mrs. Ann Marco and William sheines and c. L. Gregson of new Westminster ., also held winning tickets on persian War. Four canadians also won each with tickets on second place Lockyer Sleigh and seven won each with tickets on irishman who finished third. In new Westminster 23 year old Carol Gregson and her husband Garry 26, just Shook when they Learned they had won mrs. Gregson a dental Laboratory assistant said she tossed and turned All night in anticipation of the race. She had no plans for the Money but added Well think of mrs. Gregson was one of two major prize winners in British Columbia. Feen Young of Merritt ., won he said the win really has t struck Home but that he probably will use part of the Money to take a hol iday after having bad his to the Grindstone for so Long at the service station he owns. The Youngs have five children. I used the Nom de plume Carolyn borrowed from his 19-year-old finance Carolyn Curry of Van Couver. Miss Curry was on hand to help celebrate the win As she is spending the holidays with the Murray. Victor Leingartner of Vine land station ont., said his win was exactly what i the 49-year-old Barber married and with three daughters living at Home plans to buy a House. Sleep walk Edinburgh Cdr. Ian Oswald an expert on sleep recommends a brisk walk u the Best prescription for Insom Nia. He ainu that sleeping pills and whisky Nightcap de Prive the body of natural sleep but that Between two and seven Miles walking every Day would ensure a perfect night s rest. Holiday death toll hits 66 Dot emf tvs to dust aft in Voct by the Canadian press at least 06 persons died in accidents across Canada during the Christmas Holiday period 40 in traffic. Canadian press Survey from 6 . Local times thurs Day to Midnight sunday also showed 12 died in fires 10 in snowmobile mishaps and four in other accidents. The Canada safety Council bad predicted that 45 persons would die in traffic accidents across the country during the Holiday period which ends at Midnight tonight. During the similar period last year 73 per sons died in in traffic. Ontario led this year s count with 27 eleven died on roads 10 in fires and there were six snowmobile fatalities. Eleven persons died on que roads while four others were killed in snowmobile accidents and one in a fire. A Man was found asphyxiated in his car and another was found dead on a Snowbank. In British Columbia 10 died in Road accidents and one per son in a fire. New Brunswick reported five in traffic and one from exposure. Alberta had four deaths three in traffic and one in a i shooting Accident. One person died on Mani t o b a s roads while Newfoundland Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan were fatality free. The Survey does not include Industrial accidents known suicides or slayings. George Follett 56, of Sarnia ont., who has been out of work since suffering a stroke two years ago also Well i m going to put a bathroom and toilet in the was his comment when asked what he planned to do with his winnings. He and his wife Katherine 47, who remained at her Job at a Sarnia department store today despite the news live in a Small cottage outside the City. The House now boasts Only an outhouse and inside plumbing was one of or. Follett s first considerations. He also said he wants to remodel the cottage buy a House for his married daughter Gwendolyn 24, and a Garden tractor for his youngest son Ron 15. The Follett s have one other son 23-year-old David. The other winners of were Lloyd f. Dorr of mount Hope ont., and Tom Murray of London ont. Or. Murray a 22-year-old adult student at Central second Ary school in London said he had no immediate plans for the Money. His ticket was purchased by his Mother who also bought one for herself and another for her husband. Tom Wolfson Reward offered Toronto up the family of Abraham Jacob Wolfson offered a Reward sunday for information on the whereabouts of the 65-year-old South african businessman. Or. Wolfson came Here dec. 1 from port Elizabeth South Africa to arrange the Sale of an apartment building he owns. He was last seen dec. 16 Leav ing the office of his lawyer Herbert Fruitman. The Reward was announced by or. Wolfson s son in Law Harold Rabkin who arrived saturday from Cape to own. Or. Rabkin said in an inter vew there is no indication of foul he said he plans to remain in Toronto for about 10 Days and wants any information on or. Wolfson Given to police. Or. Rabkin denied reports that his father in Law is a millionaire and said he would t even describe him As police have been unable to find any Trace of the missing Man and said a search of his rented apartment showed no sign of a struggle. Or Wolfson s wife convalescing in a Cape town Hospital from a stroke has not been in. Formed of his disappearance or. Rabkin said. Que. Eight want talk with pm Montreal up a group of eight influential Quebec businessmen has sent a Telegram to prime minister Trudeau in sisting that he meet with them soon to discuss the repealing of Antiterrorist legislation and the. Granting of bail to persons arrested and held under the War measures act in response to an earlier Tele Gram for the group the prime minister suggested a meeting with Justice minister John Turner and solicitor general j. P. Goyer. In the second Telegram sent saturday Guy Rocher a University of Montreal professor said the committee of eight wants to discuss political issues which concern your govern ment and not Only the minister of hockey team in air drama Toronto up a Char-1 tired from Millard air failed to tired 3 aircraft carrying the saute Ste. Marie canadians hockey team made an Emer gency belly Landing at Toronto International Airport sunday night after experiencing fiorites with its Dif none of the hockey players or Crew of four was injured. The Only damage came when Jim berth a for d with the canadians ripped Che seat ent of his come Down for Landing. Millan Lair president Carl Mil lard said the plane came to Toronto to be near the firm s hangar for servicing. A spokesman for air traffic control at the Airport said Pilot Norm Bern chaff made a he Antim Job Al Landing. Or. Of Laid said the enter casings of the Landing gear were damaged aed the ends of the jars of the co to erasers in jumping to me Nan i Gines were beat. Way after the plane Slid to a Stop. Fast fits i Fth to liter the time at us air cwt pm Turc wac 4rwl vhf co by Al Wei Wei tvs Niomi tit Ilijin do Jucs few my vhf Avni w5 after mag s3 pkwy or. Booth said the players cheered of Fly when the plane landed safely. Metre worry he Stafl. Were almost Szefc so Stoma is when Barf of we a Tifei Arami Ami

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